These Cheap, Highly Rated Products On Amazon Are Shockingly Similar To Expensive Ones

Fancy without the high price tag.

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Instead of splurging on name-brand items mostly for, well, their name, save yourself the money thanks to these cheap but highly rated products on Amazon that are shockingly similar to expensive ones. I’ve searched for the ultimate budget-friendly product alternatives, and they’re so good — like, over 200,000 five-star reviews good — you’re gonna want to keep reading. From skincare to kitchen gadgets and smart-home items, get the best of the best while giving your credit card a break.


A Compact Electric Coffee Grinder That Looks Sleek & Delivers The Perfect Grind

Instead of splurging on a pricey appliance, get this affordable and highly rated electric coffee grinder that looks sleek and offers a variety of coarseness grinding levels. Making coffee at home will save you a ton of money in the long run, and this shockingly efficient grinder makes it easy to brew the perfect cup at home. It has a clear lid so you can see how fine the coffee is, and it’s simple to operate with just the press of a button.


These Smart Light Bulbs That Have Voice, Color, Brightness & Music Control Features

Replace old-school light bulbs with a set of these smart bulbs that have a ton of cool features. You can sync them with your other smart devices to control their color, brightness, and more with a handy remote. The dimmable light bulbs last for up to 20,000 hours, and you can switch them off with the voice control feature. The app allows you to set a timer or schedule the lights to turn on remotely.


This Sugar Lip Scrub That Feels Like A Luxurious (Read: Expensive) Treatment

Use this luxurious-feeling but wallet-friendly sugar lip scrub to give your lips an exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin and boosts hydration. It’s made with kukui oil, island cane brown sugar, and shea butter to relieve dryness and moisturize the lips for year-round smoothness. The scrub comes highly recommended with an overall 4.6-star Amazon rating from more than 4,000 shoppers. If your lips could use a refreshing treatment, this under-$20 jar provides exactly that.


An Electric Milk Frother So You Can Make A Barista-Level Cup Of Coffee At Home

Make a deliciously foamy cup of coffee every morning using this cheap but seriously powerful handheld milk frother. Whip up — literally — your favorite caffeinated beverage directly in a mug within seconds and simply rinse off the frother when done. It’s easy to use, takes much less effort than whipping foam by hand, and you can also use it for a number of other tasks, from whipping eggs to making tasty cocktails.


This Facial Cleanser That Minimizes Breakouts & Reduces Oil Accumulation

Good skincare can be incredibly expensive, which is why this highly rated glycolic acid facial cleanser is such a great find. Made with coconut milk, honey, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E, it deeply cleanses to remove dead skin cells and reduce oil accumulation. This leads to fewer breakouts and a more even skin tone, as well as fresh, glowing skin in as little as three minutes.


A Wireless Doorbell You Can Personalize With Over 50 Chimes & Multiple Colors

Install this wireless doorbell and customize it with one of the 50 available chimes and multiple color options. The set includes a transmitter button and two receiver units, each of which can be set up with a different chime so you know exactly which door guests are coming in through. The doorbell has an adjustable volume and can also be turned off completely, and it comes with a battery that has a three-year life span.


This Snap-On Strainer With Over 23,000 Perfect Ratings

If you’re constantly sustaining burns from draining hot pasta water, get this snap-on strainer that fits on any sized pot. It’s made from flexible silicone and has two heavy-duty clips that keep it in place, and once you’re done, it folds down for space-saving storage. The strainer’s built-in spout makes it efficient and easy to use — and helps minimize messes, saving you lots of cleanup time.


A Bamboo Cheese Board For A Fancy DIY Charcuterie Spread

Enjoy a fancy wine and cheese night at home using this bamboo cheese board that comes with four stainless steel serving utensils. It’s designed with deep grooves for fruit or crackers and a pull-out drawer to store the included utensils. The premium bamboo not only looks nice, but it’s scratch-, odor-, and stain-resistant, and you can easily clean the board with warm, soapy water.


These 24K Gold Eye Masks That Reduce Puffiness & Boost Hydration

Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with these 24K gold eye masks that’ll leave your under-eye area refreshed and rejuvenated. Suitable for all skin types, they help reduce puffiness, tighten skin, and boost hydration. Pop the eye masks in the fridge for an extra cooling effect, then apply them under your eyes for up to 20 minutes. And if you’re traveling, take them with you — the masks come individually packaged by the pair, so you can easily throw a set in your makeup bag for a refreshing post-flight treatment.


This Microfiber Towel You Can Take To The Gym Or The Beach

Use this microfiber towel at the gym or the beach, and you’ll love how soft and quick-drying it is. Instead of splashing out on an expensive version of this accessory, get this popular Amazon one for under $20; you won’t regret it. The towels come in a set of four and are available in blue, green, and gray; they’re also odor-resistant and take up very little space in your bag.


A Car Phone Mount So You Always Have An Unobstructed View Of Your GPS

Clip this car phone mount on your air vent so you always have an unobstructed view of your GPS. This universal mount fits any size phone and unlike other fiddly holders, you can operate it with just one hand. The highly rated Amazon favorite has a locking mechanism that keeps your phone securely in place, even on the bumpiest of rides, and it rotates 360 degrees so you can tilt it to provide the best view for safe driving.


These Wireless Stair Lights That’ll Instantly Elevate Your Home

Illuminate your stairs for added safety, save money on electric bills, and usher in a sleek look with these cheap wireless LED stair lights. The battery-operated motion-sensor lights provide up to 125 hours of light, and they detect motion from up to 10 feet away, automatically turning off after 30 seconds of no motion to conserve energy. The three-piece set comes with mounting hardware as well as strong adhesive tape, giving you two secure mounting options.


A Bidet Attachment For A Bathroom Upgrade Without A Pricey Renovation

Upgrade your bathroom without the cost of a full-on renovation thanks to this bidet attachment that fits on most standard-size toilets. It’s easy to install and features a compact design with a side-control dial that allows you to adjust water pressure and temperature. The non-electric attachment is made from durable plastic to prevent any rust and ensure easy maintenance.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit That’s Way Cheaper Than A New Appliance

Invest in this cheap dryer vent cleaner kit and you’ll save yourself the hassle and cost of having to purchase a new appliance earlier than planned. It removes lint buildup, which reduces drying time and potentially helps prevent a fire hazard. The hose’s long length ensures a deep clean and allows you to get to hard-to-reach places, and the included adapter fits most standard vacuum hoses for quick and easy use.


A Water Flosser That’ll Make You Feel Like You Just Got Your Teeth Cleaned... Every Day

Boost your oral hygiene with this cheap but highly rated — as in 5,000+ five-star Amazon reviews — water flosser. It’s designed to improve gum health, remove plaque, and clean around braces through the powerful water pressure that’s five times more effective than regular string floss. The rechargeable flosser works for up to eight hours after a full charge; it has a waterproof design and quiet operation.


These LED Backlight Strips To Upgrade Your Old TV

Improve your viewing experience and upgrade your old TV with these LED backlight strips. You can adjust the lights’ brightness and color using the provided remote. Not only will they reduce eye strain, the LED lights will boost color richness and contrast for an improved picture. The strips are flexible for easy installation and can be attached to the back of your TV using heavy-duty 3M adhesive tape for secure adhesion.


These Packing Cubes To Organize Your Suitcase & Protect Your Clothes

Fit more in your suitcase and keep clothes from excessive wrinkling by using this five-piece packing cube set. The sturdy-but-flexible cubes have a breathable mesh top and a zippered closure to keep items secure. They are lightweight so they won’t weight down your luggage, and they have a water-resistant coating for extra protection. The set also includes a laundry bag for dirty clothes for an added travel convenience.


A Furniture Repair Kit To Hide Scuffs & Scratches

Use this low-cost furniture repair kit to hid scuffs and scratches on wood pieces and avoid the high cost of replacing items. The set includes six touch-up markers and wax sticks, ranging from a light oak tone to black, and a sharpener to keep the sticks sharp. For a quick touch-up, simply use the marker or wax stick over the damaged spot, let it dry, and see the difference in just seconds. It’s no wonder the kit has garnered more than 14,000 perfect ratings, you’ll be amazed at how well these cheap markers work.


A Popcorn Popper For Movie Theater-Level Popcorn In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Listen to the 28,000+ reviewers who gave this popcorn popper an overall 4.6-star rating, and get this collapsible silicone bowl that makes movie theater-level microwave popcorn. It’s super easy to use — just add the kernels, ~pop~ it in the microwave for up to three minutes, and your favorite savory snack is ready. If you’re thinking there’s no way you have space for yet another kitchen gadget, the bowl collapses for space-saving storage.


This Ice Shaver So You Can Customize Your Ice

Whether you want to chop, cut, or grind ice, this ice shaver does it all. The chrome-plated appliance allows you to choose the size, texture, and shape of your ice, has a large capacity to hold ice cubes, and comes with a handy scoop. Its nonslip rubber legs keep it in place and prevent shifting while you rotate the handle to make the desired ice cubes. Get this cheap-but-versatile shaver to make tasty cocktails, serve perfectly chilled lemonade, and so much more.


These Reusable Lids That Are Flexible & Stretchy

Get these silicone lids that are flexible and stretchable, which means you can use them on a variety of pots, bowls, and food storage containers. The set includes reusable silicone lids in six different sizes, and they are safe to use in the refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. The lids adhere well to any container and have a leakproof seal to prevent messes.


This Popular Touchless Soap Dispenser For A Cheap Sink Upgrade

Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen sink with this automatic soap dispenser. The touchless feature makes it more hygienic, and its large capacity means you won’t constantly have to replace a small soap bottle. It has a sleek, modern design, is easy to refill, and has gained over 5,000 positive reviews for a solid 4.5-star rating.


A Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack That Saves A Ton Of Space

Save space with this roll-up dish drying rack that doesn’t take up any valuable countertop real estate and can be rolled up for easy storage. The stainless steel rods have silicone-covered ends to prevent the rack from shifting, and in addition to using it for drying dishes, you can also use this cheap, handy item for drying off rinsed fruit, as a cookie cooling rack, or to create an additional work surface in your kitchen.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Makes A Delicious Cup & Saves You Money

Save money on all those trips to the coffee shop, and get this cold brew coffee maker that has a whopping 44,000+ perfect Amazon ratings. The pitcher makes four servings and has a built-in fine mesh strainer to keep grounds out. The lid provides insulation while the coffee brews in the refrigerator for 24 hours, and the carafe’s silicone handle makes it easy to pour and adds to its modern design.


This Mini Air Fryer & Instant Pot Combo Appliance With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

Get this mini air fryer and instant pot combo appliance, and it’ll be the only way you cook a meal from here on out. It’s a convenient way to cook a quick, healthy meal at home, and besides air frying, the two-quart pot also bakes, reheats, and roasts, giving you a ton of options in one small, under-$50 appliance. You can easily program it with the one-touch display and discover lots of tasty recipes through the accompanying app.


A Hair Dryer Brush For A Salon-Style Blowout Anytime You Want

Skip the expensive salon blowout and style your own locks with this hair dryer brush that dries, straightens, curls, and volumizes all in one. It has three heat and speed settings and rotates 360 degrees to save you time and provide an even distribution of heat throughout your hair. The brush has a cool-touch tip to prevent burns and tufted bristles for comfort and enhanced volume.


These Collapsible Food Storage Containers That Save Space & Prolong Freshness

Store leftovers in these silicone food storage containers that are stackable to save space in the fridge and collapsible for easy cabinet storage. The four-piece set is microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe and has an air vent valve that needs to be pulled up when you’re reheating food. The snap buckles ensure a tight seal to prolong your leftovers’ freshness and prevent leakage so you have fewer messes to clean up.


These Blue-Light Blocking Glasses For A Stylish Accessory That Helps Prevent Eye Strain

If you spend hours on end working on your computer, minimize eye strain with a pair of these blue-light blocking glasses. The set includes two different designs — and there are multiple to choose from — and each pair is ultra-lightweight for comfortable all-day wear. They are intended to block up to 95% of potentially harmful blue light, which can result in fewer headaches, less sensitivity to light, and better sleep.


A Neck Reading Light With An Overall 4.7-Star Rating From Over 94,000 (!!!) Customers

You know a product has to be good when it’s got more than 90,000 positive reviews, which is the case with this cool neck reading light. The bendable arms give it flexibility and comfort, and you can choose from three colors and six brightness levels, so you can read just one more chapter, no matter how late it is. If you’re wondering how often you need to replace the batteries, there’s no need — the light is rechargeable for ultimate convenience.


A Luxe Satin Pillow Case That Promotes Smooth Hair & Skin

These highly rated satin pillowcases will instantly dress up your bed, but they’ll also benefit your hair and skin. They have a cooling effect, and the soft fabric prevents hair from snagging and getting frizzy, instead promoting a beautiful, silky-smooth shine. The pillowcases have a similar effect on your skin, helping your complexion to maintain moisture because of the limited friction. They have an invisible zippered closing and are available in multiple colors and patterns.


This 40-Ounce Tumbler That’s Cheaper (But Just As Effective) As Name Brands

Get the same look and lasting insulation but without the ridiculous price tag when you purchase this stainless steel tumbler. It has a 40-ounce capacity and an easy-to-hold handle, and comes with a twist-top vacuum seal top, as well as a straw. The leakproof design prevents spills and messes in your bag or car, and the tumbler has a slender bottom in order to fit inside most standard cup holders.


A Bluetooth Tracker For Anyone Who Constantly Loses Their Keys

If you’re always running late because you can’t find your keys, this cheap bluetooth tracker will be a game-changer. It connects with an app on your phone so you can easily track whatever item you’ve lost, and it works in up to a 250-foot radius. The little tracker is lightweight and waterproof, and its battery lasts for up to three years.


This Food Sealer Machine That Prevents Waste & Keeps Food Fresher For Longer

Use this vacuum sealer machine to prevent food waste and store food in a way that keeps it fresher for eight times as long. This clever machine works in just 10 seconds to create a tight seal, and it has a wet and dry mode so you can preserve everything from cured meats to chopped veggies. Included with the machine is an air suction hose and vacuum bags, as well as a detailed tutorial for how to use this seriously useful kitchen product.


These Vacuum Seal Bags That’ll Create Up To 80% Extra Storage Space

Maximize storage space in your closet by purchasing these cheap vacuum seal bags that’ll create up to 80% more space. The 20-pack includes jumbo, large, medium, small, and travel roll-up bags, as well as a hand pump so you can store a variety of items such as bulky bedding or out-of-season clothes. Each bag is waterproof and has a double zipper, not only keeping air out but also protecting your belongings from dust, moisture, and pests.


These Magnetic Spice Racks For A Chic Storage Solution

Every small kitchen can benefit from a set of these magnetic spice racks you can stick on the side of your fridge to add extra storage space in a stylish way. The minimalist design gives the shelves an uncluttered feel that looks way more expensive than they actually are, and the metal construction ensures they are sturdy enough to hold up to 12 spice or condiment bottles. The super-strong magnets keep the shelves securely attached to the fridge at all times, and if you’re looking for a different color option, they also come in red, white, and matte black.


A Luxury Sheet Set That’ll Give Your Bedroom A Boutique Hotel Vibe

Give your bed — and sleep quality — an affordable but valuable makeover with this luxury sheet set that has an overall 4.5-star rating from 245,000 reviewers and counting. It’s made from cooling microfiber, and a queen-size set includes a flat and fitted sheet and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet has a deep pocket design that can accomodate a 16-inch deep mattress, and the soft, breathable feel and budget price tag will make these sheets an instant favorite.


A Microwavable Heating Pad To Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain

Find relief from neck and shoulder pain with the help of this microwavable heating pad. The extra-long weighted pad is filled with millet, flaxseed, and clay beads for maximum heat and moisture retention, and it’s wrapped in a soft fleece material for ultimate comfort. It applies gentle pressure that you can adjust with the two handles. In addition to using it for heat therapy, you can also pop it in the freezer overnight and use it cold.


This Smart Reusable Notebook That Elevates Note Taking To A Whole New Level

Save space and money by replacing old school notebooks with this uber-popular smart reusable notebook. The way it works is you write on composite-polyester paper pages that have a QR code in the corner, which you scan through a phone app to save the notes on your phone. Then, you can erase the notebook page, write on it again, and keep all your notes safely stored on your phone. The reusable notebook includes lined and dot-gridded pages, as well as a weekly planner, monthly calendar, and more.


This Pesticide-Free TrapStik That Lures Wasps & Other Insects Without Any Chemicals

Eliminate wasps and other insects with the help of this TrapStik that attracts them with its multi-dimensional shape and bright color. A great alternative to sprays and chemicals, this pesticide-free option is also designed with special guards to protect birds and other small animals. To use the TrapStik, remove the cardboard to expose the adhesive, clip on the provided bird guards, and hang it up.


A Magnetic Screen Door So You Can Enjoy Fresh Air Without Inviting In All The Mosquitos

Attach this magnetic screen door onto your porch or patio door, and enjoy all the fresh air you want without inviting mosquitos and other insects in. This cheap product will make a world of difference and it’s easy to install with just a couple of metal thumbtacks that are included. The fine mesh allows for good air circulation but keeps bugs out, and the center of the screen door is lined with 26 super-strong magnets for hands-free opening and automatic closing.