These Cheap Things Are Awesome Because They Save You From Having To Buy Expensive Stuff You Need

Avoid costly bills and reoccurring purchases.

Written by Veronika Kero
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Sometimes, a small one-time purchase can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs or reoccurring buys. For instance, a pack of reusable cleaning cloths can save you so much cash on paper towels, while a washable makeup remover can help you save on disposable ones.

There are tons of cheap, handy tools and ingenious products on Amazon that can help cut down on your everyday costs. Keep scrolling to see the greatest money-saving secrets reviewers are raving about.


A Pack Of Dishcloths That Can Be Reused 100 Times

These reusable dishcloths can be used up to 100 times each, making each one equivalent to about 15 rolls of paper towels. Even better, they can soak up 20 times their weight in liquid and can be used wet for streak-free wipes or dry to scrub away grime. Made from a cotton and cellulose blend, they’re safe to use on a variety of surfaces including marble, glass, wood, and tile.


These Silicone Shoelaces That Are Easy To Keep Clean

Instead of buying new laces anytime yours get too dirty, snap in these silicone shoelaces that can be wiped clean. The stretchy material provides great compression while also conforming to your foot for a flexible fit. They’re completely waterproof and have been tested to withstand 10,000 stretches. Each of the 26 colors is available in both adult and kid sizes.


A Bag Sealer To Keep Food Fresh

Instead of letting chips and crackers get stale in an open container, use this bag sealer to extend freshness. By clamping the hot tool down on nearly any bag, it will create five sealing lines in just one second, helping you prevent food waste and keeping your pantry free of crumbs and pests. The device is just under seven inches long and comes with a clear case for storage.


A Set Of Wool Dryer Balls Instead Of Dryer Sheets

Without these wool dryer balls, your machine might have to work a lot harder to make sure that nothing comes out damp. By bouncing around and separating clothes, the balls let air better circulate so that you can use less energy for each load. They can also help reduce static and wrinkles, making them a natural alternative to fabric softeners (and a longer-lasting alternative to disposable dryer sheets). Plus, they’re completely unscented, so they can be used even if you have sensitive skin.


This Knife Sharpener That Will Keep You From Buying A New Set

Use this knife sharpener to revive your dull knives rather than running out to grab a new set. It has a suction cup base that can securely and safely attach to your countertop. The 20-degree angle restores sharpness to both sides of any blade — including serrated knives. It doesn’t require electricity to use, and because it’s as small as a bottle opener, it won’t take up much storage space.


A Set Of Mini Spatulas To Use Every Last Drop Of Product

The most unexpected way that you’re losing money is by throwing out your bottles and jars before they’re actually empty. By using this set of silicone mini spatulas, you’ll be able to get out every last drop — from cosmetics to food. The pack comes with four flexible pieces in three different sizes that can easily swipe corners and sides. The larger pieces can be used for sauces and the smaller pieces work well for eye creams and nail polishes.


These Meal Prep Containers So You Can Avoid Ordering Out

Not having anything planned for lunch or dinner makes it easier to fall into the trap of ordering out; use these meal prep containers to have your own delicious creations ready to go. This pack comes with 10 containers and lids, both of which can stack neatly atop each other and be put in the microwave. They create a tight seal so that up to four cups of your favorite food remains fresh in the fridge or freezer. Each BPA-free container can be reused up to 10 times, so you’ll have enough for weeks on end.


These Reusable Coffee Pods That Let You Use Regular Grounds

With stainless steel mesh walls and BPA-free plastic, these reusable coffee pods can brew any medium-grind coffee you choose instead of buying pricey disposable pods. The included scooper has a built-in funnel so you can easily transfer ground coffee without making a mess or wasting any coffee. Pop it into one of the many compatible machines (check the listing to verify yours works) and sip away.


This Power Scrubber For An At-Home Car Wash

Quickly give your car the wash that you would typically pay for with this power scrubber. You don’t need any batteries or an outlet nearby — just attach it to any hose and it will scrub grime, dirt, and dust away in just minutes. It comes with two different brushes, one for more delicate surfaces and another for heavy-duty jobs. It’s the perfect thing to get your headlights and rims shining like new.


These Freshness Savers That Help Prevent Keep Produce Fresh Longer

Keep these freshness-saver balls around to avoid throwing out delicious produce. By absorbing the ethylene gas that fruits and veggies release, the balls slow down the process of decay, making the food last longer. Each packet lasts for three months and can make your healthy snacks last up to three times longer than they typically would. One reviewer wrote, “I was skeptical but these really do make a difference.”


This Nasal Cleaner That Saves You From Buying Pricey Allergy Medications

Allergy medication often comes with a hefty price tag. This Zicam nasal cleaner can cleanse, protect, and soothe your pollen-plagued nose and ease congestion. The quick, mess-free swabs use cooling menthol and eucalyptus to offer a solution to nasal discomfort. Reviewer Darlene wrote, “[They] work great for sinus congestion. I use at night and sleep better.”


These Furniture Leg Socks That Keep Your Floors Looking New

Made of elastic knit polyester fibers, these furniture leg socks are able to stretch over the legs of chairs, couches, desks, and more. They easily glide on the floor to keep your floors free of scratches, helping you avoid costly home repairs. This pack comes with 24 pieces and is available in five different colors to blend in with your furniture and decor.


A Hardwood Floor Mop With 5 Reusable Pads

Stop paying for disposable dust and mop heads with this hard floor mop. The five absorbent, reusable microfiber heads can be used wet or dry for dusting or mopping. The steel handle extends to 60 inches tall, and because the head of the mop rotates 360 degrees, it’s easy to reach into corners and underneath furniture. Use the tool on anything from hardwood to tile and throw the pads in the washing machine when they need to be refreshed.


This Fan-Favorite Foot Peel Mask For Salon-Worthy Smoothness

Avoid paying for pricey pedicures by using this foot peel mask that has over 49,000 five-star reviews. Made with a blend of fruit acids and extracts, the sock-like masks break down dead skin cells to reveal baby-smooth heels within six to 11 days. Cracks and dryness will be a thing of the past as you watch your calluses slowly disappear.


This Tumbler You Can Brew & Tote Your Own Tea In

Equipped with a stainless steel infuser and strainer, this bamboo tumbler can be used to brew your own loose teas from the comfort of your home. You won’t be overpaying for a cup from a café and you’ll be able to enjoy your hot or cold drink for even longer thanks to its double-walled interior that regulates temperature. There’s also a fruit-infusing version of the tumbler.


A Milk Frother To Make Fancy Drinks At Home

Brewing your coffee at home doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring black cup each morning. This milk frother makes it easy to create the same impressive drinks that a barista would. In just 15 seconds, it whips up the perfect foam for your latte or blends your matcha to a smooth liquid. The frother can also be used to mix protein shakes and even eggs. And because it can stand upright, it’s easy to store right on the countertop and keep clean.


An Upholstery Repair Kit To Maintain Your Furniture

Don’t let one little rip convince you to shop for a whole new couch. Instead, use this upholstery repair kit to sew up any tears yourself. It comes with two spools of thread that are made from a strong bonded three-ply nylon. It’s made to hold up in any weather so it can be used to fix tents and coats, as well as your indoor furniture. It comes with seven hand needles of different shapes and sizes to match the piece you’re working on.


This Neck Massager To Skip High Spa Bills

Why pay hundreds of dollars at the spa when you can use this neck massager to give yourself a Japanese-style shiatsu right at home? The device has eight kneading nodes that work to relieve pain from even hard-to-reach muscles. Their intensity and direction can be adjusted and they can also be heated to apply a gentle and soothing warmth. Just wrap it around your neck and keep it in place by placing your hands in the ergonomic loops.


This Moldable Glue So You Don’t Have To Replace Things Around The House

Whether it’s a broken vase, a ripped charging cable, or a leaky faucet, this moldable glue can help with nearly any home repair you have in mind. You won’t have to pay a professional or throw away your beloved knick-knacks. Instead, you can use this strong silicone formula to fix household items. And since it’s heat- and cold-resistant — and weatherproof — it can be used nearly anywhere.


A Reusable Water Bottle That Works For Hot & Cold Drinks

To save money (and help save the planet), switch over from disposable bottles and cups to this stainless steel water bottle. Its double walls can keep hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cool for up to 24. Its durable construction is completely shatterproof and it comes with three leakproof lids. There are 25-, 32-, and 64-ounce options available in the same listing in a range of colors.


This Pet Hair Remover So You Don’t Need To Keep Buying Lint Removers

Why repeatedly buy disposable lint and fur rollers when you can buy this eco-friendly and money-saving pet hair remover? Simply roll it over any surface to collect lint and hair in its back chamber. It won’t snag or tug so you can feel comfortable using it on everything — even your favorite sweater. Just press the button to empty it right into the trash without getting your hands dirty.


This Lumbar Support Pillow That Can Upgrade Any Chair

Instead of dishing out hundreds of dollars for a specialized chair, add this lumbar support pillow to one you already have. The two adjustable straps can wrap around any chair back that is up to 32 inches wide. It’s made with high-density memory foam that’s firm but responsive, and its ergonomic shape curves to match the natural curve of your spine. Plus, the removable cover is made of a breathable mesh that can be washed.


A Drain Snake That Helps You Avoid Calling A Plumber

Use this drain snake to remove hair and other blockages to avoid an expensive visit from the plumber. It’s made of sturdy plastic with sharp ridges at the bottom end to easily snag any gunk that may be causing issues. At 22 inches long, it’s able to reach deep inside drains to ensure that you can reach most clogs.


These $10 Gliding Discs For An At-Home Workout

Instead of loading up on expensive (and bulky) fitness gear, add these workout gliding discs to your daily regime. You’ll be able to use your own body weight to challenge yourself each day. Each of the two discs in this pack has a smooth and foam side so they can be used on any surface, including carpet, tile, and wood. The set comes with a paper guide offering exercise suggestions, as well as access to workout videos, and two downloadable PDF books.


A Pack Of Silicone Lids To Replace Aluminum Foil & Plastic Wrap

Instead of constantly purchasing aluminum foil and plastic wrap, reach for these stretchy silicone lids the next time you’re saving leftovers. This seven-pack comes in various sizes that can stretch and create an airtight seal over any bowl, pot, or pan ranging from four to 12 inches wide. They can be placed in the microwave, oven (up to 350 Fahrenheit), freezer, and dishwasher.


This Cleaning Putty For At-Home Car Detailing

This cleaning putty can clean your car vents, cup holders, and dashboard simply by pressing the gel into or onto any dirty surface. It can also be used on your dusty keyboard, fan, or drawer corners, getting into every little corner and crevice. Even better, it costs less than $10, has a light lavender scent, and won’t leave behind any stickiness.


These Elegant Cloth Napkins That Can Be Reused Over & Over

Made with a cotton and polyester blend, these cloth napkins can withstand countless uses, saving money on disposable napkins and paper towels. They have a luxurious feel that’ll make you and your guests feel like you’re dining in a fancy hotel. They come in 39 different colors and patterns (including a few holiday options) to match any kind of home decor.


This Kombucha-Brewing Kit So You Can Stop Buying It At The Store

In addition to the tea and liquid starter, this kombucha brewing kit comes with everything you need to brew a batch of kombucha, like a temperature gauge and muslin cover. Plus, it comes with a one-gallon glass jar for brewing and storage. It comes with clear instructions and the brand even guarantees that your first batch will ferment or they’ll send a replacement starter. Making just one batch can save cash compared to storebought and the savings grow as you brew more.


A Pour-Over Coffee Maker That Lets You Skip The Coffeeshop

Instead of waiting in line and paying $5 for a small cup, brew up to 10 ounces at home with this pour-over coffee maker. It’s made with a laser-cut stainless steel filter that keeps grounds out while allowing their delicious flavors to flow into the glass container below. Each part is BPA-free and it features a cool-touch collar and top grip for comfortable pouring. There are also 14- and 27-ounce versions in the same listing to make multiple cups at once.


A Makeup Remover Towel To Save Money On Disposable Wipes & Liquid Remover

Instead of spending money on wipes, liquid removers, and cotton pads, take off your makeup with just water and this makeup remover towel. The microfiber cloth is dual-sided so you can erase with one and exfoliate with the other. The millions of hair-like fibers work to trap even waterproof makeup and clear your pores of dirt and oil as well. One cloth can last up to five years.


These Wine Stoppers To Keep Expensive Bottles From Going Bad Quickly

With a built-in pump, these wine stoppers increase pressure to create a 100% leakproof and airtight seal. The flexible silicone means it can be used for any size bottle and the strong side panels are made of high-quality stainless steel. All you have to do is press the button on top until you feel resistance. Your champagne and sparkling wine will retain their freshness for much longer and you don’t need to buy another bottle.


This Beauty Sponge That Won’t Waste Product

This highly rated beauty sponge won’t absorb your expensive foundations and concealers like brushes do, saving you money without even trying. Its simple design can be used to gently bounce and blend liquid, cream, and even powder makeup onto your skin. It allows for a seamless application without any streaks and it’ll all take just a few seconds.


These Smart Light Bulbs To Help You Save Energy

These smart light bulbs can be controlled hands-free through Alexa and Google Assistant or from the free easy-to-use app. This not only makes coming into the house with your hands full a lot easier but it can also help you save a ton of energy — you can even set them on a timer (or sync them to music for fun). Each bulb is 810 lumens bright, lasts for 20,000 hours, and should last over two years with normal use.


This Indoor Herb Garden For Free & Fresh Ingredients

If you enjoy using fresh herbs, pick up this herb garden starter kit to avoid paying for them every time you cook. It comes with four nutrient-rich soil discs that ensure that the seeds you plant inside (basil, cilantro, parsley, and thyme) will flourish. You can keep track of them with the included wooden markers and keep your plants in tip-top shape with the shears. You’ll have fresh herbs that you can incorporate into your cooking in as few as 10 days.


A Luggage Scale To Avoid Being Overcharged At The Airport

To avoid an expensive surprise at the airport, make sure you have this luggage scale at home. It has a highly accurate sensor that can weigh up to 110 pounds and a thermometer to display the bag’s temperature as well. All you have to do is wrap the braided belt around your bag’s handle and lift. And because it’s so compact, you can bring it on your trip as well.


A Shoe Cleaner Kit So You Can Keep Your Pair For Longer

This shoe-cleaner kit will keep your shoes looking brand new so that you don’t have to buy a new pair. To keep sneakers, boots, and sandals shining, scrub away the outside using the included brush and cleaner. The deodorizing pine-scented spray ensures the inside smells just as good as the outside looks.


A Water Flosser So You Can Stop Buying Floss

Instead of constantly repurchasing regular floss, make a one-time purchase of this water flosser — it’s five times more effective and 90% quicker too. The powerful jet directs water between teeth to dislodge food and plaque, all while massaging the gums. A single charge provides weeks of use and the device automatically shuts off after two minutes so you don’t waste power or water.


These Dry-Erase Calendars That Can Be Reused Every Year

Pick up this set of dry-erase calendars to avoid buying new ones each year. It comes with three different sheets — monthly, weekly, and daily — and six fine-tip markers so you have everything you need to jot down doctor’s appointments and make shopping lists. The strong magnetic backing will keep them in place so you can focus on staying organized and on track.


Some Thermal Blackout Curtains To Help Reduce Energy Use

These blackout curtains not only block up to 99% of UV rays but also create a thermal barrier to regulate temperature to reduce energy use. Unlike many thermal curtains, the backside of the material is white, not black, and the noise-reducing material is also machine washable. The curtains hang from rod pockets and are available in four different lengths and 22 different colors. Note this listing is for a single panel.


This Sewing Kit So You Can Avoid Shopping Sprees

When your top gets caught on your jacket zipper, you don’t need to run out for a new one right away. Fix any small tears with this sewing kit instead. It comes with 38 different thread colors, 40 pearl pins, scissors, a measuring tape, and even a magnifying glass. You’ll have everything you need for a quick repair and it all comes neatly packed in a zippered carrying case.


These Durable Food Storage Bags That Can Be Reused

Unlike disposable bags, these reusable food storage bags are beneficial to both the environment and your wallet. They’re made of food-grade PVC- and BPA-free PEVA that is thick enough to prevent freezer burn. Each bag has a double-lock zipper that prevents leaks by creating an airtight seal and they are handwash only. This pack comes with six one-gallon bags but other sizes are available in the listing.


This Electric Toothbrush That Comes With Enough Brush Heads For 2 Years

This electric toothbrush starts saving you money right away by coming with eight extra brush heads that should last you two years. The toothbrush moves with 42,000 sonic vibrations to remove plaque for deep cleaning. It has three intensity levels and 15 different brush modes, and a single charge will power 60 days of normal use.


This iPhone Screen Protector To Avoid Costly Repairs

Made of tempered glass, this iPhone screen protector will keep your phone safe from scratches and cracks. Plus, at just .33 millimeters thick, it is nearly invisible on your phone. It’s compatible with the iPhone 14, 13, and 13 Pro. Use the unique alignment tool to make sure everything is centered and place the screen protector correctly. The entire application can be done in less than one minute.


A Silicone Body Brush Instead Of Disposable Loofahs

Unlike loofahs that have to be constantly repurchased, this body brush can be used for up to six months and it can be properly cleaned between uses. Its silicone bristles are gentle but firm enough to buff away dead skin and unclog pores. By working the ergonomic brush in circular motions, it can also help reduce and prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.


This Duster With A Washable Microfiber Head

You don’t need a cleaning service or to constantly buy disposable dusters to keep your home looking good. All you need to wipe off ceiling fans and tall bookshelves is this washable duster. It has an extendable handle that can reach up to 47 inches long and a microfiber head that can be detached and washed for reuse.