These Cheap Things Are So Brilliant You'll Wish They Were Invented Sooner

Upgrade your routine with budget-friendly buys.

We all have our own routines and ways we go about doing certain tasks — chores around the house, how we keep everything organized and clean in office space. Some of us may be more rigid about these methods than others, and that’s totally fine! We all have our unique quirks that make us special as individuals, even when it comes to routine.

Even though we have certain customs we like to follow, I imagine most of us have been in the middle of doing something, then wished and wondered about an easier or quicker way to get it done. This list of ingenious Amazon products are proven time savers, incredibly helpful, and will make you feel like you hit that jackpot with their reasonable and accessible price points.

This list literally has a bit of everything on it — a little something for everyone, if you will. So whether you consider yourself a master chef, a fashion and beauty connoisseur, or a champion of organization, you’re going to love how the items on this list transform and revolutionize the way you go about your daily routine. Even if you don’t find something for yourself, you might find the perfect gift for a family member or friend. Let the accolades roll in.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A Weighted Blanket For Soothing Sleep

You may fall in love with the sensation of ultimate relaxation this premium quality weighted blanket provides. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the whole blanket, so you’ll always feel its restful effects. Small pockets are sewn into a square pattern filled with glass beads to help maintain the even, comfy, sumptuous weight distribution. When the blanket is on you, it mimics being wrapped in a gentle but firm (and soft) embrace.


This Small-But-Extensive Magic Bullet Blender

Make delicious smoothies and more in a few short, hassle-free moments with this 11-piece Magic Bullet blender. You get three different sized blending cups to start creating tasty blended concoctions. Aside from smoothies, this powerful blender can whip up your favorite fresh dips and sauces for primo snacking in no time. The blending cup even comes with a lid so you can take your smoothies to go.


These Cooling & Hydrating Undereye Patches

Your eye area will get a dose of revitalizing refreshment with these undereye hydrogel patches. They’re infused with aloe leaf juice and coconut oil, and as an added bonus, are vegan and cruelty-free so you can feel good about looking your best. Each patch is secured in its own tray slot where it is kept hydrated by the rejuvenating eye serum. Enjoy the refreshment by wearing under your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes — the brand encourages selfies.


This Perfectly Phone-Sized Shelf For Power Outlets

You’ll love the additional (and unconventional, but convenient) storage this power outlet mini shelf offers. While this mini contraption may not be something you ever thought about needing in your home, you’ll be surprised at just how handy it is. Rest your phone on a secure surface while it stays in sight, and if needed, you can also charge it at the same time with that close proximity to the outlet.


An Exfoliating Brush That Leaves Your Face & Body Glowing

Integrate deep, gentle cleansing into your daily skin care routine with the help of this silicone exfoliating brush. Gently scrub in small circular motions and watch as dead and dry skin cells slough off, leaving behind softer and smoother skin. It’s also effective at preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps.


These Kitchen Trash Bags That Are Compostable

You can feel all that carbon footprint-reducing goodness by swapping out your old garbage bags with these compostable trash bags. Even though these bags are eco-friendly, they are heavy duty and will be able to handle your normal trash loads around the house. Each bag is capable of holding six gallons of waste and you get a total of 50 bags in the roll.


A Bundle Of Reusable, Cotton Makeup Remover Pads That Cut Back On Waste

Take your makeup off with ease, all while cutting back on tossing disposable products, when you start using these reusable cotton pads. They will work with all of your beauty products without compromising the quality of the pads themselves. There are 18 pads in the pack, so you can easily get through a whole week and more before needing to run them through the laundry (they come with their own laundry bag, too).


This Hands-Free Lid Gripper To Help Open Jars

You’ll never need to ask a strong-handed friend to open jars again with the help of this super grip lid opener. The device simply attaches to the underside of a cabinet with three screws, and it’s ready to be go. It’s perfect for people with less grip strength and anyone with arthritis, as well as people just looking for an easier and simpler way to get at the pickles.


An Elegant Glass Jug With Spout For Easy Party Drinks

Make giant batches of your favorite drinks for gatherings and parties with this large square mason jar drink dispenser. It holds a total of 80 ounces, making it a perfect party beverage receptacle. The pour spout is easy to use as well, and is a conveniently simple way for all your guests to keep their cups filled. It also comes with a lid to ensure your party drink stays fresh.


This Duster For Blinds That Gets In The Cracks

Designed with three individual wand blades, this microfiber blind duster easily grabs and traps dust and other dirt particles while you’re cleaning. You get a total of five cleaning cloths for the device, so you can rotate them through your cleaning schedule. This dusting brush clamps down on the top and bottom side of the blind, so in one swipe you grab all that tricky dirt and dust.


A Magnified Makeup Mirror With Illuminating Lights

You can get that cat-eye liner looking perfectly flawless with the help of this magnified vanity mirror. The ring light on the outside illuminates your face to help ensure you have perfectly blended makeup every single time. With an option to use the magnified side, you can do precise eyebrow-plucking and fine details.


This Beautiful & Sleek Honey Jar With Dipper

Your kitchen countertops (and honey divvying) get an instant upgrade with this glass honey jar with dipper. Serving honey will now feel like an elegant task and you just may put honey on everything to show off your new kitchen delight. The glass jar holds up to 14 ounces of liquid honey, so go ahead and load it up with your favorite honey.


A Folding Armrest Table To Hold Your Drinks In Easy Reach

Keep your cups and mugs secured and nearby with this folding armrest table. The flexible sides of the table conform to the armrest of your sofa or chair to keep it stable while you’re using it. It’s made from 100% natural bamboo and the whole thing is coated in a durable material to prolong to lifespan of the table from everyday wear and tear.


A Digital Alarm Clock That Gently Wakes You With Sunrise Light

This sunrise digital alarm clock is going to transform the way you wake up each morning. Instead of a loud horn blaring to shock you awake, this alarm clock gradually wakes you up as it slowly increases the amount of light radiating from the face of the clock. When the alarm sounds, the light has reached 100% brightness. It mimics how the natural light from the sunrise would wake you up in nature.


This Fabric Spray That Helps Release Wrinkles & Creases

Keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh for weeks on end with the help of this fabric spray crease release. The biggest benefit you get from this power spray is the fact you don’t need the assistance of an iron to get rid of those pesky wrinkles and creases. Even better, it’s cruelty-free and has never been tested on animals, so you can rest easy about using this product.


These Super Soft, High-Waisted Fashion Leggings

Style these high-waisted fashion leggings a variety of ways and everyone will be loving the outfits of the day you come up with (while you’re comfy af). There are over 25 color options available, and you’re going to want to buy them all. The leggings come in a full and capri length to suit the look you’re going for. Not only are they fashionable, but they’re also so incredibly soft you’ll never want to take them off.


A Quick-Drying Hair Turban For When You Get Out Of The Shower

Wrap your wet hair up in this microfiber towel and soak up all the excess water as you go about your post-shower routine. It works well with all kinds of hair — long, curly, short, fine, thick, thin, wavy, and more. You’ll love how using this hair towel lessens the time you spend with a hair dryer, which also reduces the amount of heat damage you end up exposing your hair to.


These Exfoliating Peel Masks That Leave Feet Silky Smooth

Your feet are going to love feeling revived thanks to these exfoliating foot peel mask. After you’ve used these, your feet will look and feel like you just walked out of the salon with a fresh pedicure (minus the nail polish). There is no scrubbing required either! Your callouses and other rough skin patches will come off on their own after using the feet masks.


This Slow-Burning Soy Candle That Smells Like Fresh Linen

Enjoy the smell of freshly washed linen when you light this hand-poured soy wax candle. The brand, Lulu Candles, is made right here in the USA. Each wick is 100% organic cotton which helps with the slow and controlled burn that makes your candle’s lifespan last longer. These candles are the perfect gift for friends, or a great way to treat yourself.


A Nonslip Welcome Mat For Indoor & Outdoor Use

One of the biggest advantages this nonslip welcome mat has over its counterparts is the fact that it’s machine washable for easy cleaning. The top surface of the mat is made from a poly mesh material that traps and locks in dirt and grime from the bottom of shoes before people enter your home. It’s also a weatherproof material, so it can withstand all types of potential destruction.


This Magnetic Strip For Tidy, Easy Access To Kitchen Utensils

Keep all of your most-used kitchen utensils in easy reach with this useful magnetic steel knife strip. The strip itself is easily installed with two screws to secure it in place. Place the metal ends of your kitchen utensils against the strip, and voila, they’re magnetically held in place. There are three sizes of the strip available, depending on how large or small your kitchen is and how many tools you use.


A Lightweight Quilted Comforter To Upgrade Your Bedding

You’re going to love how soft and lightweight this down quilter comforter is while you’re falling asleep in bed. The box stitching pattern is on both sides of the comforter, so it’s reversible and always right side up. It’s available in your normal bed sizes — twin, full, queen, and king — as well as seven color choices. It’s a down alternative, so if feathers don’t mesh well with you, then this comforter is a perfect find.


These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Made Specifically For Glass & Screens

Help keep the screens of your smart phones and laptops smudge-free and super clean when you use these microfiber cleaning cloths. They are also perfect for your reading and sunglasses, camera lens, and TV screens. You can reuse them time and again, so they cut down on paper towel waste, which also prevents scratches on lens and other surfaces.


This Bagel Guillotine Slicer That Makes Cutting Them Easy

With one swift and easy motion, you can neatly cut your bagel with this Original Bagel Guillotine slicer. All you have to do it put the bagel in the base to hold it steady, and then press down on the handle section that has the slicing blade attached. You’ll get a perfectly sliced bagel every time. It also cuts down on excess crumbs while cutting and is small enough to keep on the counter or store in a cabinet.


A Travel Pack Of Dental Floss To Clean Your Teeth Anywhere

Never worry about having food stuck in your teeth while out with friends or on a date with these handy-dandy traveling floss picks. They are designed for easy gripping and make it easy to maneuver inside your mouth. If you don’t want to worry about taking around a toothbrush and toothpaste with you while out and about, these to-go flossing picks are the perfect solution to a fresher mouth.


This Set Of 2 Hypoallergenic Premium Gel Pillows

Your head is going to feel like it’s floating on a cloud when you use these premium gel pillows. Their cotton covering keeps them from trapping dust and other dirt particles floating in the air, which is great for people who are allergy-prone. They also make great leg pillows for those who are side sleepers for extra support of the legs and spine while sleeping.


These Reusable, Organic Cotton Food Wrappers

Keep your food fresh and take it with you without creating excess waste by swapping plastic bags with these organic cotton food wraps. The wraps themselves are coated with bees wax and are a food- and eco-friendly material. Each pack comes with three different sizes of food wrapper, and there are four pattern options available to choose from.


A Laundry Guard To Keep Items From Falling Behind The Machines

Small articles of clothing like socks, underwear, and bras won’t disappear behind the washer and dryer anymore with the help of this plastic laundry guard. In just a few minutes, this laundry guard can be set up and ready to use. It is also designed to fit across most front-loading washer and dryer duos, but it can also be set up to use for a single machine.


This Affordable Mortar & Pestle Made From White Marble

Grind up fresh herbs and spices in style with this white marble mortar and pestle. If you love to cook but haven’t integrated the use of a mortar and pestle into your recipes, you’re missing out on freshness (and fun). There’s nothing like adding freshly ground herbs and spice to level up the flavor profile of your favorite dishes.


This Skin Brightening Serum That Helps Renew Your Face

You’ll love the way this skin brightening serum helps bring out the radiance of your face. It’s formulated with ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that help with evening out skin tone, adding moisture and hydration, and creating an overall brighter complexion. This serum works with all skin types.


A Set Of 3 Big, Reusable Canvas Grocery Totes

Step back that carbon footprint with these three canvas grocery shopping bags. The bags have individual bottle sleeve holders for wine, too. Each has the same dimensions as a traditional paper bag you would find at the supermarket — 14.5x13x8 inches. The straps are extra wide, which allows you to not worry about them ripping or tearing while they’re full.


A Ring Light That Clips To Your Phone For The Perfect Selfie

Capture the perfect angle and lighting in your selfies (or otheries) with this clip-on ring light. No matter if you’re inside, outside, or if it’s morning or evening, ideal lighting for your photos and videos will never be a hassle again. The light clips directly to your phone for convenience and is super easy to use. Everyone is going to want to know your secret for such enviable lighting in all your photos.


These Banana Clip Hair Claws That Are Incredibly Versatile

You’ll be surprised at how many styles you can create using these banana clip hair claws. Each two-pack of clips comes in fun and modern patterns to add a little punch to your outfit that day. The claws are made from acrylic resin and alloy, so they’re incredibly durable and will last through years of use. They are super versatile as well — wear them for a food date, out running errands, or even while exercising.


This Sleek Storage Box That Keeps Cords Hidden & Out Of The Way

Once you start using this cable management box you’re going to wonder how you’ve gone so long without having it around. It’s great for an office desk or entertainment center to keep all those nests of cables organized and out of sight. There are two sizes, large and small, as well as two colors, black and white, available to meet your needs.


A Collapsible Popcorn Maker That’s Also Dishwasher Safe

This silicone collapsible popcorn maker is in incredibly efficient way to make yourself a delicious snack. Say goodbye to prepackaged bags and hello to customization. When you’re not using your popcorn popper, it collapses down to just over 2 inches in height, ensuring it won’t take up unnecessary storage space in your cabinets. There are over 20 color options available, too.


This Elegant Bamboo Bath Mat With Nonslip Grip

Upgrade your bathroom decor with this sleek bamboo bath mat. You don’t have to worry about slipping and falling from wet feet on a slick surface with this multiuse mat. It’s designed with slats in between each plank to allow it to dry quickly. It is encouraged to wipe the surface of the mat clean after each time you use it for a prolonged lifespan.


A Mini Cast Iron Skillet Made By Lodge

This mini cast iron skillet is the perfect size for cooking eggs and other small portions of food. One of the biggest benefits of using a cast iron skillet when cooking is the fact that it not only retains heat efficiently, but heats evenly across the entire cooking surface. The more you use your skillet, the more it will grow its flavor profile.


This Monthly Planner That Makes It Easy To Track Your Schedule

Use this at-a-glance monthly calendar help you make the most of your 2022 and accomplish those goals you set. Each month of the year is accounted for and lets you easily mark all of the important dates you need to keep track of throughout the year. The paper is leak proof, so whatever type of pens or markers you use for planning won’t bleed through the pages.


A Leather Desk Pad That Upgrades Your Work Environment

This sleek and modern leather desk pad is the upgrade your office desk needed that you didn’t even realize (until now). Its nonslip surface will keep your keyboard, phone, writing pads, and more from sliding around your desk. It is available in 10 color options, so find something that works with your current office decor or spruce it up as an accent piece.


A Security Camera With Built-In Spotlight For Added Precaution

Feel confident in knowing the outside of your home is being watched by you with this security camera with built-in spotlight. Whenever the camera senses motion, the spotlight will automatically turn on. You will receive an alert to the app on your phone whenever the camera detects motion. It is even equipped with an audio feature for you to communicate with whoever is outside.


This Tea Stand That Organizes Up To 80 Bags

Tea lovers are going to be raving about the usefulness this tea stand organizer adds to their daily ritual. The clean bins that hold the tea bags can be removed whenever they need to be cleaned. You can wash the holding tray by hand or pop everything in the dishwasher for convenience. Put in a variety of tea bags, or load them all up with your favorite flavor. They’ll all be easy to see and grab.


A Citrus Squeezer With A Base That Collects The Juice

Lose the seeds and keep the liquid of your oranges, lemons, and limes thanks to this citrus juicer with base. Since the juicing device fits securely as a lid on top of the plastic base, you don’t have to worry about anything slipping out of your hands while squeezing that citrus. The lid also helps filter out pulps and seeds, giving you pristine juice.


These Blue Light Glasses That Help Protect Eyes From Strain

These blue light glasses are thought to be effective at preventing eye strain and fatigue, which is helpful for the long term health of eyes. They are great to wear any time and when doing a variety of activities. If you work at a computer all day, these would be an excellent work accessory. They’re also great for video game fanatics.


This Phone Mount For The Car That Clips Onto The Vent

This car phone mount is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones. The phone mount clips directly into any of your car’s vents, making it easy to see the screen when using things like navigation. It has sturdy arms on the side that securely hold onto your phone while driving around town. You also have the ability to rotate the mount 360 degrees if needed.


An Insulated Travel Tumbler Perfect For Hot Or Cold Bevs

Keep your hot coffee or cold water the temperature it should be for hours on end when you use this eco-friendly insulated travel tumbler. Take it with you everywhere, too, as it has a slim, easy-to-tote design. Hot beverages will stay warm for up to six hours, while cold ones will stay chilled up to 12. It’s leakproof, shatterproof, and comes in seven different colors.