These Cheap Things Trending On Amazon Are Actually Effing Amazing

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by Madison Barber

Think about some of the best products you’ve collected over the years — whether it’s a makeup brush your bestie told you you needed to buy or an organization tool that transformed your cluttered space into the Pinterest-approved room of your dreams, these items often change your life for the better, making it easier or simply way more fun.

What if I told you that there’s a place on the Internet where you can find these amazing, life-altering products in an instant? This magical land is more commonly known as Amazon, where great quality products that come in a massive inventory and at affordable prices make it the special place that it is. And thanks to me, I can let you know which of these amazing products are trending right now, and why you need to add a few (or more!) to your virtual cart, ASAP.

From this veggie spiralizer that produces delicious zucchini noodles, to these washable cotton rounds that are oh-so-soft and better for the planet (and your wallet — so long disposable drugstore rounds!), to a hidden storage rack for your everyday hot tools, Amazon has it all. I found 40 of the products you need right now — it’ll feel impossible to add just one to your cart.


This Salad Chopper That Gives You Your Favorite Chopped Greens In Seconds

Craving a chopped salad from your favorite restaurant, but don’t want to spend the money? You don’t have to when you have this mezzaluna salad chopper handy in your kitchen. This knife rocks back and forth, quickly chopping and slicing your go-to greens for a delicious chopped salad whenever you want it. It’s also dishwasher safe and comes with a protective cover for the blade.


A Pour Over Coffee Maker That Produces A Better Brew

Did you know that using this pour-over coffee maker can actually give you a better-tasting cup of Joe in the morning? It’s true! This glass carafe coffee maker comes with a stainless steel mesh filter that prevents any clumpy grounds from escaping into your mug, giving you the smoothest brew ever. It produces up to two cups at a time and even has a cool-touch grip that prevents any burns.


A Veggie Spiralizer So You Can Create Zoodles, Garnishes & More

Whether you’re looking for an easy weeknight dinner option or just want to make your favorite garnishes look way better, you need this veggie spiralizer in your life. This gadget produces noodle-shaped vegetables in just a few minutes and even has dual-sided blades for creating either thick or thin spirals. Make sure you use this tool with veggies two and a half inches or smaller in diameter for the best results.


These Potholders With Amazing Heat Resistance

Traditional pot holders have some heat resistance, but nothing like these options. The silicone construction of these proves they’re superior when handling hot dishes or steam, and the divided pocket design gives you a way better grip when holding steaming stove lids or pulling out anything from the oven.


A Detangling Hairbrush That Works On Every Hair Type

It’s rare to find a hairbrush that actually works on all hair types, which is why this Crave Naturals detangling brush is so impressive. Use it on wet or dry hair, no matter if your strands are coily or pin-straight, and the cone-shaped plastic bristles will gently separate your tangles without ripping or pulling.

  • Available colors: 6


This Set Of Reusable Lids That Make Food Storage Simple

Whether you’re saving leftovers from lunch or need a way to transport a dish over to a party, these reusable lids are the way to go. This set comes with seven lids ranging in diameter from three to 12 inches, each providing an airtight closure to whatever dish you’re covering (so no leaks, ever). Just throw them in the dishwasher when they need a good clean.


A Genius Utensil Rest That’s Easy To Clean

Don’t mess up your countertops with sauce and oil stains — use this utensil rest instead. This silicone rest has four compartments to keep your cooking utensils upright while you’re cooking and is constructed with non-slip grips so your spoons and spatulas won’t fall off. Plus, the rest is dishwasher-safe, so stains are the last thing you have to worry about.

  • Available colors: 34


A Dish Drying Rack That Doesn’t Take Up Space

Dish drying racks are necessary for some kitchens, but they often take up way too much space on the counter. This roll-up dish drying rack rests over your sink basin to save space, making it especially ideal for smaller kitchens. Just unroll it when you need to let dishes air dry, and roll it back up when not in use. The stainless steel construction is even rust-proof and prevents any of your dishes from slipping and sliding.


These Glass Containers To Assist With Meal Prep & Leftovers Storage

Whether you rely on meal prep throughout the week or find yourself saving leftovers often, you need this set of glass food storage containers. Each of these three containers has a 28-ounce capacity that’s ideal for storing full meals, and the borosilicate glass design is way easier to clean than plastic — it’s even dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Each container comes with a matching airtight lid that prevents leaks or smells in your fridge.


An Avocado Slicer That’s Quick & Efficient

Love avocado toast in the morning but hate how long it takes to slice up an avocado? You need this three-in-one avocado slicer — it cuts your avocado in half, removes the pit, and sections the inside off into perfect slices that are sure to make a perfectly Instagrammable breakfast. It has a comfortable, non-slip grip so you won’t accidentally slice yourself, and it’s even okay to throw into the dishwasher.


This Colorful Kitchen Knife Set That Even Comes With A Cutting Board

Whether you’re a novice chef or totally experienced in the kitchen, you can benefit from having this knife and cutting board set around. This set comes with five essential, stainless-steel kitchen knives, including a bread knife, slicing knife, paring knife, and utility knife, as well as a cutting board with convenient, soft-grip handles on the side. Each knife comes with its own sheath to keep them safe in storage, and you even get a sharpener in your order to keep each of your new knives in tip-top shape.

  • Available color combinations: 2


This Jigger That Helps You Create The Perfect Cocktails

If you’re the friend who’s always concocting delicious drinks for your group, this measuring jigger is something you need in your arsenal of mixology tools. This stainless steel jigger has both ounce and tablespoon measurement markings included on the inside that won’t ever fade, making it simple to measure out the ingredients for all your favorite cocktails.


A Popcorn Popper That You Can Reuse Again & Again

You’ll never need to buy pre-packaged microwavable popcorn bags again when you have this popcorn popper handy in the kitchen. This popping bowl is made from microwave-safe silicone that produces delicious, perfectly-cooked (never burnt) popcorn in just two to three minutes. Just add the correct amount of kernels to the measurement line and watch them pop away! Your bowl is collapsible, too, making for easy storage when you’re not using it.

  • Available colors: 9


This Headband That You Need While Doing Your Skincare & Makeup Routines

If you apply makeup or skincare products on a regular basis, you know the struggle of trying to keep your hair out of your face during the process. These headbands are super soft and easily keep your hair back thanks to their thick and stretchy design. Plus, the fuzzy bow detailing makes them way cuter than your average headband from the drugstore.

  • Available color combinations: 8


These Foot Peel Masks That Give You Baby Soft Feet

Tired of having dry, cracked heels and feet that make you never want to slip on a pair of sandals? You need to try these foot peel masks, which give you the baby-soft feet of your dreams in just up to 14 days. Place these masks over your feet (you can wear them like a pair of socks), keep them on for an hour, and watch as the dead skin magically peels off your feet in the following two weeks.


These Adhesive Lights That Illuminate Any Space

These little LED lights will save you more money on your electric bills than you ever thought possible, and they’re so easy to stick everywhere in your home. These lights come in a pack of three and with heavy-duty adhesive tape and screws, either of which you can use to stick these under your cabinets, next to your bathroom mirror — whichever space needs a little illumination. You’ll never need to turn on your overhead lights again.


These Reusable Cotton Rounds That Are Soft & Sustainable

It’s time to quit re-buying disposable cotton rounds from the drugstore and invest in these reusable cotton pads instead. Whether you use them to apply facial toner or remove makeup, these reusable bamboo cotton rounds can do the trick, and are actually way softer than the ones you usually buy. This pack of 20 even comes with a mesh laundry bag that makes washing them again and again super easy.


These Insulated Grocery Bags That Can Fit Your Whole Haul

You won’t have to stress about transporting refrigerated grocery items on hot summer days when you have these insulated grocery bags. This set of two bags is essential for trips to the supermarket, and can even be used to store cold food or drink items for picnics, beach days, or any other activity out in the sun. They stand upright on their own, have a sturdy zipper, and the large size ensures you can fit your whole grocery haul with no problem.


A Travel Makeup Brush Case That Rolls Up For Convenience

If your makeup brush collection is extensive, this roll-up case will make storing all of them a breeze. This carrying case has 15 compartments for storing brushes of all shapes and sizes, and easily rolls up and ties to close in order to save space when storing it in your suitcase. There’s also a built-in clear compartment inside that can act as extra storage for your sponges or cosmetics.


A Milk Frother That Upgrades Your At-Home Lattes & Cappuccinos

You won’t need to spend a fortune on fancy lattes and cappuccinos from an overpriced café when you have this milk frother in your at-home coffee station. This milk frother creates delicious foam in just 15 seconds using its stainless steel wand, and the silicone handle is super easy and comfortable to grip. It even comes with its own stand, so it’ll look great positioned next to your coffee maker.

  • Available colors: 3


This Lunch Container With Stackable Compartments

This stackable lunch container is so convenient, it may just convince you to bring lunch from home to the office every day instead of ordering out. This container has a 54-ounce bowl, with room to fit a four-compartment storage tray on top that’s great for everything from salad toppings to little snacks. It even comes with a three-ounce dressing or dip container — there’s truly no better lunch container worth investing in than this one.


A Set Of Clear Bins That Keeps Your Fridge Neat & Tidy

Make the interior of your fridge look Pinterest-level organized with these clear organizer bins. This set of eight storage bins is ideal for keeping everything from your favorite soda cans to all of your produce items neat and tidy inside your fridge, making it easy to find what you’re looking for whenever you open it up. Each bin is 12.5 inches long, so they’ll fit inside most standard-sized fridges.


These Wine Bottle Sealers That Won’t Leak

Keep your expensive (and beloved cheap bottles) wine as fresh as possible with these stainless steel wine stoppers that you can reuse whenever you pop open a new bottle. With a stainless steel shaft, nothing can harm the contents of your bottle nor will any liquid leak out, and you can trust that it won’t ever break off inside your bottle.


This Gel That Helps Remove Stubborn Foot Calluses

Remedy your uncomfortable calluses with this callus-removing gel, which has been named the #1 reviewed callus remover solution on Amazon. It doesn’t matter how old your calluses are — with this and the help of a pumice stone, they’ll be gone. This formula is so powerful that you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing gloves while using it.


An Eyelash Curler That Gives You Voluminous Lashes That Last

Sometimes just using mascara is not enough to give you the long, voluminous lashes that you want, which is why this lash curler is a staple in your makeup kit. With ergonomic handles, a stainless-steel construction that’s made to last, and comfortable curling pads that won’t tug on your delicate eyelashes, this curler will give you a curl and lift that no mascara on the market can achieve — one that actually lasts all day, too.

  • Available colors: 4


This Compact Mirror With A Built-In Light

This compact mirror is a purse or travel essential, especially if you’re someone that is constantly doing little touch-ups throughout the day. This mirror has a small, three-and-a-half-inch diameter, so it’s ideal for bringing on the go. It even comes with a built-in LED light that ensures you’re reapplying your lipstick in the best possible lighting, even if you’re in the corner of a dark bar.

  • Available colors: 5


A Mini Trash Can For Your Desktop

If your workspace is tiny and you don’t have the space for a regular-sized trash can, this desktop can should do. Made from brushed stainless steel that looks super sleek and is fingerprint-resistant, this one-and-a-half-liter trash can is great for disposing crumpled meeting notes and granola bar wrappers from lunch without forcing you to get out of your desk chair.


These Microfiber Hair Wraps That Are Gentle On Your Wet Locks

Did you know that traditional cotton towels can damage your wet hair? If you’re constantly throwing your hair up in a towel after a shower, switch to these microfiber towels instead. Not only is microfiber way gentler on your post-shower strands, but it’s actually more absorbent, allowing your hair to dry way quicker and make it look frizz-free.


A Set Of Tweezers With Varying Tip Types

Tweezers are one of those beauty products that you always need around the house, so make sure you have a few good pairs of them on hand for your plucking needs. Each in this set of five tweezers comes with different tip types, so you can ensure whatever you’re plucking can be removed precisely and effectively. They’re all made from premium-grade stainless steel, so these tweezers won’t harm your skin and are made to last you forever.


A Clip-On Light So You Can Read In The Dark

If you love to curl up with a good book before bed but don’t want the overhead light to disturb your partner or roommate, you’ll love this clip-on book light. This mini light has a flexible light that lets you adjust to the position you need, and the LED light has a 25-hour run time that’s perfect for avid readers. Batteries are included in your order, so you can start using your light right away.


This Strainer Basket That Sits Over Your Sink

While a strainer is essential in the kitchen, most tend to take up space in the cabinet. Not this one, though — this strainer comes in a narrow basket form, with handles that rest over the sides of your sink basin. Not only can you strain the water from your food hands-free, but the over-the-sink design ensures easy access to your sink when you need to rinse off produce. It even expands to properly fit your sink.


A Derma Roller That Gives You The Even, Glowy Skin Of Your Dreams

If your skin struggles with scarring or persistent, visible texture, this derma roller can help give you the smooth, rejuvenated complexion of your dreams. These 0.25-millimeter microneedles feel like a luxe massage over your face (don’t worry, they don’t hurt!), and help to gently exfoliate your skin and give it a whole new glow — it even helps your serums absorb better into your skin. One reviewer calls this derma roller an “amazing little device.”


This Tiered Pan Organizer That Can Fit In Your Cabinet

Storing your pots and pans can be one of the most aggravating kitchen organization tasks, which is why this tiered organizer is such a must-have in any kitchen. This organizer can be situated vertically or horizontally either on your countertop or inside a larger cabinet, and the tiers keep your pots and pans from ever banging into each other. With a weight capacity of 50 pounds and five compartments that fit pots and pans big or small, this is an organization staple in any kitchen.


A Portable Charger That Works Incredibly Quickly

A portable charger is undoubtedly a travel essential, but not all of the options out there do their job like this one does. This portable charger is perfectly compact and has an unbeatable charging speed that recharges a dead smartphone from zero to 78% in just one hour. It also has three charging outputs, so you can juice up a few devices at once.


A Set Of Wax Paper Bags That Keep Your Cheese Fresh

If you’re a cheese lover like me, you know how much of a struggle it is to save your favorites in your fridge. These wax paper bags are made to store even your stinkiest and gooiest bries and goat cheeses, maintaining their freshness for way longer than regular plastic bags would. Manufactured in France, you know these bags are the real deal.


These Chic Apothecary Jars That Work As Small Storage

Not only are these mini apothecary jars great for storing your smaller essentials in your bathroom, like cotton balls or Q-tips, but they double as adorable decor for your space as well. Each of the jars in this pack of two has a 15-ounce capacity and is totally clear, so you know which item is stored in each. Aesthetically pleasing and functional? Sign me up!


These Flexible Ice Cube Trays Made For Easy Release

Ice trays are a freezer essential if you don’t have an ice maker, but it can be tricky to actually remove your ice cubes from the tray sometimes. These trays are super flexible, so they’re guaranteed to release your cubes in seconds, and the raised exterior keeps water from spilling out of the compartments when you’re refilling your tray. And, you get not one, but four of these trays in your order.

  • Available colors: 5


This No-Fuss Storage For Your Go-To Hot Tools

Storing hot tools can be tricky — they’re often clunky and have long plugs that are a pain to roll up. This styling tool storage rack is the perfect solution to this pesky organization problem, given it hangs right on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door and has three built-in compartments with the perfect diameter for propping up your hot tools and styling brushes.


A Meat Thermometer That Gives You An Instant Read

It’s time to stop guessing when your meat is properly cooked and invest in this meat thermometer instead. This digital thermometer has tons of cool features, like an instant temperature read, a backlight, and different buttons that allow you to see your temperature in different units. It’s even waterproof, so you can wash it in the sink with no fear of it getting damaged.


A Touch-Up Spray For Concealing Your Natural Root Color

You don’t need to spend a fortune at the salon all the time to touch up your roots when you have this convenient touch-up spray. This root concealer comes in eight different shades that mimic a natural hair color, from auburn to dark brown, and it only takes about three minutes to fully dry. Your touch-ups couldn’t be simpler or more cost-efficient. The long, flat nozzle also makes it easier to aim directly onto your roots, so you can have the most precise coloring on your strands with no mess.