These Cheap Things With Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews Will Organize The Sh*t Out Of Your House

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by Rachel Bar-Gadda

If your home has begun to feel like the site of a daily tornado, you could probably use a few organizing hacks to get your place back into shape. Feeling both overwhelmed with the number of products out there and also loathe to spend any precious money? You’re in luck. These cheap things with near-perfect Amazon reviews will organize the sh*t out of your house.

Whether you’re looking to organize your bathroom so it’s a bastion of calm or transform your kitchen into a place of cooking efficiency, there are highly rated, yet affordable products for the job. It can be as easy as using amber glass soap dispensers to add functionality and rustic style to your bathroom’s look, or a beautiful bamboo salt box that keeps things fresh with a magnetic rotating lid. Nested mixing bowls won’t take up additional cabinet space or you can upgrade your spice game with gorgeous minimalist spice labels that have a high 4.6-star rating.

Organization can be easy, inexpensive, and, best of all (as these high ratings prove) can work wonders. Goodbye tornado, hello tranquility.


These Cable Management Boxes That Keep Chaotic Cords Hidden

Instantly clean up floors and desk spaces crowded with cords using these cable management boxes that come in in a pack of three different sizes. Store chargers, adapters, and entire powerstrips inside these boxes that have convenient non-slip bottoms. With over 2,000 reviews and a high 4.5-star rating, they come in two stylish colors, white and matte black, and feature a chic wooden top that will only add to your home’s aesthetic.

One Review: “This is exactly what I was looking for!! With so many electronic devices, we had cords EVERYWHERE and it just looked tacky. This is sturdy, easy to use, and with 3 different sizes, we are able to use them at different places around the house. Highly recommend!”


A Simple Yet Versatile Monitor Stand For An Organized Desk

Not only does this monitor stand offer a more ergonomic work experience, but it also includes a phone holder, fits a full-sized keyboard underneath, and even has a cable management hub along the side. It comes in chic black and has a high 4.6-star rating, with many reviewers raving about its ease of assembly, which they say takes mere minutes. Your desk will look instantly tidied up not to mention it can help make work-from-home set-ups that much more efficient.

One Review: “Happy camper here. My desk is more organized (less cluttered feeling) with the extra space underneath and my monitor is now at the appropriate height. Win!”


These Nested Mixing Bowls That Come In Gorgeous Colors

Add some serious style plus function to your kitchen with these nested mixing bowls that store in an organized fashion and come in over 20 beautiful colors in gorgeous gradients to match any kitchen’s look. Clearly popular, these bowls have over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. They come in a set of six bowls of different sizes for organized prepping, with each including its own lid. They’re made of BPA-free plastic that is safe for the microwave as well as in the dishwasher.

One Review: “I love everything about these bowls. The sizes are ideal: from small to gigantic and they all have lids. The best part about the bowls is easy storage: they sit together and the lids stay in place.”


A Storage Cart With A Slim Profile

This storage cart has the perfect slim profile to take full advantage of those tiny spaces in your bathroom or kitchen that often go unused. It measures only 5.1 inches in width and has three tiers of shelves to hold anything from bathroom necessities to cleaning supplies to cooking ingredients. It comes in black, white, or gray and has earned over 15,000 five-star reviews for its fantastic functionality.

One Review: “This has transformed the way my bathroom looks in the best way, I have nothing on my floor and the top of my toilet anymore and it really just makes everything look 10 times cleaner!! I wish I would have bought this sooner, it literally will do wonders for whatever it is you need to keep clean and organized.”


This Grout Pen That Effortlessly Tidies Up Your Bathroom Tiles

Use this grout pen that has over 6,000 reviews to tidy up tiles and instantly brighten the look of your entire bathroom. It comes in either a narrow tip or wide tip and uses a totally non-toxic and water-based formula. Simply wash and dry the grout, shake the pen, prime the tip, then lightly color the grout lines with the pen. Let it dry and voilà, you’ll feel like you have a brand new bathroom having only spent a mere $12.

One Review: “I do a lot of home projects but easily bringing life back into the bathroom tiles for less than $20 has probably been the most rewarding. Cleaning and brightening the bathroom tiles by restoring the grout changes the whole appearance of the room. I can't believe the impact. It looks new!”


A Sink Caddy That Organizes Your Dishwashing Game

Transform the space around your sink from a haphazard collection of soap and sponges to a cleanly contained area for dishwashing efficiency. This sink caddy looks great with its sleek, fingerprint-proof stainless steel finish and includes separate compartments for soap, sponges, and dishwashing brushes. A specially-designed slope base even allows water to drain and keep sponges fresh. It has over 9,000 reviews with a high 4.7-star rating and is beloved for its clean look and easy washability.

One Review: “It is great looking, holds multiple cleaning items, drains easily, and keeps my sink organized and clean. Love, love, love!!!!”


These Wire Shelf Dividers That Instantly Bring Order To Disorganized Closets

If things are such a mess that you can’t sense where sweaters end and blouses begin, you will rejoice at these extremely simple but effective wire shelf dividers that come in a pack of eight. They hook onto your wire shelving to offer you organized compartments for all your clothes. With over 2,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, people are obsessed with how easy they are to install and how quickly their closet becomes an organized paradise.

One Review: “Wire shelf dividers in my closet are exactly what I didn’t know I absolutely needed! The clothes on the top shelf of my closet sat in sad, fallen-over piles for years. The dividers installed very easily and in minutes I had completely reorganized the top shelf.”


A Popular Outlet Extender That Includes USB Ports

Get a ton more functionality out of your regular outlet by using this outlet extender with over 54,000 reviews that operates as a versatile three-sided powerstrip. It includes six well-spaced outlets as well as two USB ports for good measure. It also features surge protection and a handy, smart nightlight that goes on from dusk till dawn automatically.

One Review: “This device, with its wider spaced outlets, two outlets on each side, and built-in nightlight is a godsend! It has turned what looked like a ‘Frankenstein’ monster of cords into a neat and organized dream.”


A Clear Cosmetics Organizer That Has 16 Compartments

Your dresser, vanity, or bathroom countertop will look perfectly put together when you store all your jewelry and beauty products in this cosmetics organizer that comes with 16 compartments and a high 4.7-star rating. There are places for necklaces and earrings, and slots perfectly devised for lipsticks and eye makeup. See exactly what’s where thanks to the stylish and transparent acrylic material.

One Review: “SOOOO happy!!! This is so organized and cute.”


These Amber Glass Soap Dispensers To Add Organized Charm To Your Sink

Give your kitchen or bathroom sink an organized look in a charming farmhouse style with these amber glass soap dispensers. They’re made of durable glass and a stainless steel pump that won’t drip and is resistant to rust and corrosion. They can hold up to an ample 16 ounces and, with over 4,000 five-star reviews, still will only set you back $16 for the pair.

One Review: “Love these glass jars as soap kitchen dispensers! Gives a nice clean and organized look to my countertop.”


An Under Sink Organizer With 2 Tiers

Whip that space beneath the sink into ordered shape with this stylishly minimalist under-sink organizer that offers you two tiers for maximum tidiness. It comes in either black or white and can be used to store all manner of cleaning supplies or bathroom accessories. Specially designed drainage holes sit on the bottom tier of this highly rated organizer and help to circulate air and prevent moldy surfaces.

One Review: “This is a wonderful organizer below my kitchen sink and bathroom sinks [...] It’s silly, but I’m so proud of my cabinet space now. I wouldn’t mind visitors coming in and seeing what’s under my sink! I couldn’t say that before!”


This Bathroom Accessories Set For A Pulled-Together Look

There’s nothing that says “organized and stylish” more than a bathroom with accessories that match. This bathroom accessories set does exactly that by including a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, toothbrush cup, toilet brush holder, and trash can, all in exactly the same finish and all for only $24. Choose from an assortment of colors from black to white to gray.

One Review: “I’ve been using these for a few months now and they have been great. Sturdy and easy to clean. Looks beautiful and elegant. Great bang for your buck.”


A Set Of Storage Containers For An Organized Pantry

These storage containers have over 24,000 reviews on Amazon and are beloved for their ability to instantly organize a chaotic pantry. Each set comes with 15 BPA-free plastic, stackable containers with four different sizes included (tall, large, medium, and small). They feature airtight lids to keep ingredients fresh and even come with 24 reusable labels.

One Review: “​​These storage containers are great! They're sturdy and hold way more than it appears. The labels made my baking cabinet look 100% better organized than ever before — I would buy them again and definitely recommend them!”


This Cotton Rope Storage Basket That Doubles As Decor

If you’re searching for something to help store away clutter, opt for this stylish cotton rope storage basket with a high 4.7-star rating that you won’t mind having in the corner of your living room or bedroom. It comes in three different patterns, all in combinations of neutral shades. Two handles on either side make it easy to transport and it can even be collapsed down flat when not in use.

One Review: “I love the woven basket look! [...] It matches any decor with the neutral color scheme and is well made.”


These Kitchen Counter Basket Organizers With Bamboo Tops

Kitchen counter organization doesn’t have to be practical but clunky or unstylish. This set of two basket organizers is perfect for storing produce, K-cup coffee pods, and more — plus they feature aesthetically pleasing metal frames with eco-friendly bamboo covers. The multi-tasking baskets boast a 4.7-star rating and can stack one on top of the other to take up less space.

One Review: “Can hold a ten-pound bag of potatoes. High quality basket and top board. easy to put together. I like the board on top so can put things on top as well.”


These Closet Organizers That Utilize Vertical Space

If your closet is stuffed to the brim, yet you can’t bear to part with any precious item of clothing, try these closet organizers that use vertical space. They come in a pack of six for only $14 and each organizer has nine vertical holes from which to hang any type of clothing from blouses to pants. The hook can swivel 360 degrees and, as a bonus, a built-in slide rail allows you to use the organizer in a vertical or horizontal orientation depending on your needs.

One Review: “Very happy and wish I had these sooner. So much organization [...] and so much space saved. I ordered another 2 packs for our other closets!”


A Set Of Refrigerator Bins To Keep Food Organized & Easily Accessible

Make it easy as can be to grab a fresh bell pepper or that can of soda by using these budget-friendly refrigerator bins with over 3,000 five-star reviews to neatly organize all your foodstuffs. Each set comes with five wide and five narrow BPA-free plastic bins that are also conveniently stackable. They’re perfect for other areas around the house such as the pantry or bathroom, with handles that allow them to be easily moved and a non-slip bottom to keep items in place.

One Review: “These work great in both my pantry and my refrigerator, as well as my linen closet. They keep everything contained and organized which is a must [...]. They are made from a very sturdy and a nice, crystal clear material. Definitely recommend!


These Spice Labels That Elevate Storage With A Minimalist Aesthetic

If you love storing spices in your own glass jars, you will adore these spice labels that will make you feel like you own your own boutique spice company. It comes with 162 pre-printed labels of the most common spices (in addition to 24 expiration date labels and three blank labels) that can be adhered to either round or rectangular jars. The labels are both waterproof and removable in case you want to reuse that jar for something else in the future. Over 2,000 ratings and a high 4.6-star rating speak to their popularity for creating a beautifully put-together spice collection.

One Review: “Literally made my cabinets go from looking cluttered to organized and fancy! [...] Love the quality [...] the font is easy to read, and the adhesion worked great on the glass spice jars. I highly recommend these labels if you’re looking for that clean and minimalist look!”


A Sleek Decanter To Organize Your Beverage Cabinet

You don’t need to own your own yacht to be able to display your beverage collection with style. This glass decanter costs less than $20 and can make even bottom-shelf liquor look like it clocks in at a much higher price tag. It’s constructed of Italian-crafted glass and comes complete with a beautifully designed geometric stopper. Over 4,000 five-star reviews prove that this decanter is no secret when it comes to upgrading your home bar game.

One Review: “I’ve had my eye on a decanter at a local specialty store that looks and feels identical to this one at double the price. I was so pleased to find this affordable alternative!”


This Hanging Closet Organizer With 5 Shelves Of Storage

This hanging closet organizer with over 13,000 reviews on Amazon is a perfect solution for dressers overflowing with surplus clothing. It takes advantage of vertical closet space to offer you five additional shelves on which to store sweaters, shirts, and even accessories. The organizer comes in four colors (black, white, gray, and java) and includes six small mesh pockets along the sides that are perfect for smaller items.

One Review: “I was surprised with how much I could fit in here [...] Did exactly what I wanted. The clothes are not all bunched together anymore and the whole room is so much nicer and less cluttered looking.”


A Tool Organizer That Helps You Neatly Store Home Equipment

If finding that rake or mop feels like an Indiana Jones expedition through a jungle of home equipment, you need this tool organizer that will neatly store them on the wall for easy access. It has four spring-loaded slots that will hold up to 5 pounds and four metal hooks that hold up to 10 pounds. Mount it to your wall with the included hardware and use it for anything from cleaning to gardening tools. This headache-saving organizer has over 17,000 reviews with a near-perfect 4.6-star rating, yet will still only cost you $12.

One Review: “My husband had it on the wall in no time flat and we had our traveling mops, brooms, and dustpans out of the way in one place. Such a low-cost solution, I feel like one of those online influencers who organize their soup cans.”


An Oil & Vinegar Dispenser That’s Simple Yet Elegant

Give your oil and vinegar storage an upgrade by displaying them in a simple, elegant, and affordable dispenser. This cruet has over 3,000 five-star reviews and a high 4.7-star rating and will hold up to a generous 16 ounces. It even has a slightly green tint that calls to mind a vintage aesthetic. The stainless steel pourer allows you to dispense with precision, even in the heat of a cooking frenzy.

One Review: “I love it! It feels so good in my hand, looks tidy on my counter tray and it dispenses just the amount I want without making any mess.”


These Glass Meal Prep Containers That Help Organize Meal Planning

These glass meal prep containers that come in a pack of three will help get your meal planning in healthy order week to week. They’ve garnered over 4,000 reviews with a high 4.7-star rating and are loved for their extreme versatility — they’re safe in the freezer, fridge, microwave, or oven. They each include a lid that locks down for an airtight seal and every component can be washed in the dishwasher for a thorough clean-up.

One Review: “Great size, terrific packaging. Love these dishes for helping me meal plan throughout my week for lunches and dinners.”


An Organizer For Pots And Pans That Spruces Up Cabinets Fast

Admit it: your pots and pants are just crawling one on top of the other in your cabinet with no rhyme or reason to them. This popular pots and pans organizer gives them all a place to rest so that you can find what you need when you need it. The rack features eight adjustable tiers and can be assembled in one of three ways to suit your space. This pick is a best-seller with more than 5,000 reviews.

One Review: “[...] Big fan. I like organization and things having a very particular spot. I also don’t like having to nest pots and pans because of that *tiny* inconvenience of having to heft all of them out to find the obscure pot you need. This pan organizer seems to solve all of that. [...]”


These Wooden Baskets For An Organized Farmhouse-Inspired Look

Use these nested wooden baskets to tidy up literally any room in your house from your pantry to your bathroom to your living room. They come in three different sizes from small to large and are made with gorgeous Acacia wood in a design that would be at home in any charming, rustic farmhouse. At $25 for the entire set, not only do you get an affordable option for storage but a portion of sales is also donated to reforestation efforts.

One Review: “This is exactly what I needed to have my pantry better organized. The wood is beautiful and the sizes are perfect! Highly recommended.”


A Sleek Set Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools For An Organized Kitchen

Make your kitchen that much more streamlined aesthetically and functionally with this set of stainless steel kitchen tools. Along with a stainless steel utensil holder, 10 different tools are included in the set including a ladle, whisk, tongs, potato masher, and a square slotted turner. These tools have over 13,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating for their organized look and versatility in the kitchen.

One Review: “ Each piece of the set is sturdy and well made and for the price, it's an unbelievable deal. These will last for years to come.”


A Pack Of Vacuum Storage Bags To Make The Most Of Storage Space

Squeeze every inch out of that precious closet space with these vacuum storage bags that compress bedding or clothing into under half their original size. With over 27,000 reviews, these bags hook up easily to any vacuum or can be used with the included pump. The reusable bags are puncture-resistant and will protect your items from unwanted moisture and dust for days to come.

One Review: “I love these storage bags. Easy to use with your vacuum cleaner. I now have space in my closet and it’s organized!”


These Floating Shelves That Make Storage Look Good

Instead of storing your treasured items in a haphazard way, mount these floating shelves to give them a properly organized display. They come in a set of three with each a different size and are available in several different finishes from matte to a more rustic look as well as colors such as turquoise. They have over 11,000 five-star reviews and are loved for their affordable price and easy installation with the help of included hardware.

One Review: “Love these shelves – they are perfect for small spaces and really hold a lot to help you get organized. Super easy to hang and they're very pretty as well as sturdy.”


A Mixing Bowl Set That Includes Measuring Cups & Spoons

Transform your kitchen into a clean, mean, organized cooking machine with this mixing bowl set that even includes measuring cups and spoons yet only costs $24. The entire set is made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel and comes with three different-sized mixing bowls, four measuring cups, four measuring spoons, and even a whisk. And as a bonus, all components nest together to save you valuable cabinet space.

One Review: “One of the best, and most inexpensive kitchen purchases I've ever made [...] This set has seen daily use since purchase last year without any issues.”


A Set Of Stainless Steel Canisters With A Window To See The Contents

Get that rice, pasta, and polenta looking gorgeously organized with this set of matching stainless steel canisters that include a clear window to indicate what’s inside. Made of glass with a stainless steel sleeve, they come in four different sizes to store a variety of items and feature an airtight lid to keep things fresh. With over 4,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, these affordable canisters will make ingredients easily accessible, not to mention beautifully organized.

One Review: “My kitchen looks sleek, classy, and well organized. I loved these!”


This Bamboo Drawer Organizer That’s Fully Expandable

If your utensil drawers are looking more and more like the dreaded junk drawer, you need this bamboo drawer organizer that’s conveniently expandable. Made with water-resistant organic bamboo, it fits most standard drawers and comes with three compartments that easily stretch to five if needed. Perfect for storing cutlery as well as kitchen tools, this organizer with a high 4.6-star rating will whip any messy drawer into an aesthetically pleasing shape.

One Review: “This organizer works so nicely and offers such a refined look to my kitchen drawer that I should have made this move years ago. It's almost like a small kitchen remodel for only a few dollars and makes me grin each time I open the drawer.”


A Set Of Furniture Pads That Keep Floors Looking Sharp

You might say that a stylish-looking home starts from the ground up and these furniture pads do just that by slipping under furniture to keep floors looking good. They’re made of a solid felt core with anti-slip rubber and require no adhesive to work. On top of protecting all kinds of floor surfaces, they help to keep furniture in place and all at a budget-friendly price.

One Review: “I really like these furniture grippers. There is no glue, so it does not ruin your floor or furniture, but the rubber and friction cause your furniture to stay put. Simple, clever solution to furniture sliding on smooth floors.”


This Colander Set That Collapses Down For Compact Storage

Streamline your kitchen storage by fitting more in less space with this colander set that conveniently collapses down to a mere 2 inches in height. This two-pack includes 3-quart and 2-quart colanders and each is made of BPA-free silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The large handles make them easy to maneuver so you can wash vegetables or drain pasta with ease.

One Review: “I love these. We all need more cabinet space, and the fact that you get two of these and they snap together in storage to take up just an inch or so of space is great!”


A Bamboo Bath Mat For A Spa-Like Bathroom

This bamboo bath mat will upgrade any bathroom to spa-level vibes for a beautiful, orderly look at an affordable price. It features three protective coats to prevent mold and mildew from forming. The slatted design keeps air flowing and non-slip gaskets keep it safely in place.

One Review: “This is such a boon to a dry bathroom floor. No soggy moldy mat, no slipping! The best idea ever for safe, clean floors.”


This Bamboo Salt Box With A Magnetic Rotating Lid

Keep your kitchen organized and food tasting fabulous with this bamboo salt box that features a magnetic rotating lid for sealed-in freshness. This box that has over 4,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating can also be used to store all kinds of herbs and spices as well. You won’t mind having it on your countertop due to its warm, natural design and, additionally, it’s easy to keep clean with mild soap and warm water.

One Review: “This works and adds some decorative ambiance. It is very well made, has a clever lid design, and makes me happy I bought it every time I look at it. Well done, someone!”


A Universal Doormat To Keep Your Home Dirt-Free

Eliminating extraneous dirt and dust can do wonders for making your home feel that much more put together. This universal doormat with over 14,000 five-star reviews does just that by trapping all that debris from your shoes using soft polypropylene fiber as you enter or exit your home, no matter what the season. It features a non-slip bottom and is available in two sizes as well as seven neutral shades to seamlessly match your home’s look.

One Review: “It gets the job done and I have seen a HUGE improvement to the amount of water, mud, and pine needles (bane of my bare feet) being dragged into the house.”


An Electric Fly Swatter In The Shape Of A Racket

Get in your forehand practice and keep your home bug-free at the same time with this ingenious electric fly swatter racket. It includes a 4,000-volt grid that quickly eliminates flies, mosquitos, and gnats, to name a few. An indicator light, activation button, and triple-layer mesh protect you and tell you when the racket is ready to zap. Conveniently recharge it via a USB cable. This popular pick has more than 20,000 reviews.

One Review: “Got it as a gift. It really works! Clever product.”


This Foldable Bed Tray Table Made With Bamboo

Conduct all business from the best seat in the house – the bed. This bed tray table with over 4,000 five-star reviews makes relaxed breakfasts, work sessions, and movie nights all possible. It’s made of bamboo and can be washed with soap and water. Handles allow for easy portability and the legs can be folded in so that the mini table can function as a tray if needed.

One Review: “I love snacking in bed and watching movies. It helps me organize my snacks and drinks so they don’t disappear in the covers or spill on my blankets! My own little table to snack on in bed, it’s so cute!”


This Fabric Cleaner That Gives Upholstery New Life

If visible stains on your sofa make your home feel less than put-together, grab this fabric cleaner that will rid your upholstery of old and new stains. Spray the stain, wait for one to five minutes, then blot to remove. Not only can this powerful cleaner get rid of the toughest of stains on anything from sofas to carpets to clothes, but it also prevents stains from forming in the future by repelling both grime and dirt.

One Review: “When I bought a white couch, I knew it would be high-maintenance. This cleaner has made it possible for me to keep my couch stain-free and crisply white on several occasions.”


This Wooden Cheese Board For Elegant Displays

Display that prized gorgonzola in all its glory with this gorgeous wooden cheese board made from elegant Acacia wood. It has a comfortable handle for easy transport, not to mention it will look beautiful in any kitchen when not in use. At a mere $16, this cheese board has garnered a high 4.7-star rating for its beauty and durability and will give your charcuterie game a seriously organized and appealing look.

One Review: “Love the wood grain and the size of the board. The finish was perfect which makes for a great presentation of cheese and prosciutto and other tapas meats for entertaining.”