These Cheap Things With Near-Perfect Reviews Will Finally Declutter Your Home

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No matter how clean and organized you may be, clutter can still sneak up on you. One moment your vanity is the definition of tidy — the next, it’s become a jumbled mess of palettes and makeup brushes. (And don’t get me started on how those kitchen cabinets are overflowing with spice bottles and cans). Luckily, there are tons of cheap things available on Amazon with near-perfect reviews that will finally declutter your home.

From sleek acrylic organizers to space-saving shelves, this list is chock-full of organizational solutions for nearly any type of cluttered space. And since I’ve also made sure that each item has near-perfect reviews, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the product you’re looking at is worth the buy — because hundreds (if not thousands) of reviewers have awarded everything either four or five stars. So what are you waiting for? Your home isn’t going to declutter itself — keep scrolling for more.


A Laundry Detergent Holder That’s Angled For Easy Dispensing

This laundry detergent holder provides an ingenious solution to cabinets filled with heavy, messy, and sticky bottles. Place the detergent bottle on the holder, which sits at an angle on top of the laundry machine or a shelf. The liquid will pour out easily and any drips will be contained in the included tray below for easy cleanup. It’s proven a laundry room game changer with over 3,000 reviews and a high 4.8-star rating.


These Clear Drawer Organizers That Divide Items Into Neat Compartments

Tidy up your junk drawer with these tray dividers that organize your keys, spare change, and other miscellaneous items that usually end up in a hard-to-find-anything mess. They’re made of plastic and are perfect for desk drawers, vanities, or closets. This pack of 25 comes with four different-sized trays to fit makeup, hand sanitizer, and more. The smaller compartments make it easy to create your own configuration to best suit your drawer and your belongings. Just wipe them down with a wet cloth when they need to be cleaned.


A Set Of Pizza Slice Containers For Efficient Leftover Storage

Instead of letting that huge pizza box take up precious real estate in the fridge, opt for these pizza slice containers that keep slices fresh for days. Each set contains six containers and costs less than $30 — and each container can store up to three slices. The BPA-free plastic can be popped in the microwave for easy reheating and they are safe in the freezer and dishwasher.


An Egg Shelf To Store Up To 18 Eggs

Do you get overwhelmed by clutter every time you open your refrigerator door? Check out this secret weapon for neatly storing eggs: It is a fridge egg drawer that slides onto your existing shelf to give you additional storage underneath. It’s adjustable — to fit your fridge shelves— plus it has a smooth track design that makes opening the drawers seamless. One drawer can hold about 18 eggs, so you’ll free up major room in your fridge.


The Pots And Pans Organizer You Can Position In Three Ways

Free up cabinet space while de-cluttering all of your pots and pans, plus their lids, with this secret weapon: an adjustable pot holder that has earned 6,300 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. You can position it in three ways: as a vertical, horizontal, or double-sided organizer. Use it to store up to nine frying pans, griddles, and saucepans of various sizes.


A Recipe Organizer That Includes Matching Recipe Cards

This gorgeous recipe organizer will make that stack of haphazard cooking instructions instantly navigable, legible, and beautifully presented. It features 50 matching recipe cards with accompanying clear sleeves and dividers for each course (appetizer, entree, dessert, etc.) so you’ll quickly be able to search for any recipe. On top of having an aesthetically appealing design, every part of this 4.8-star rated organizer is spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about storing it on the counter while you cook up a storm.


These Storage Baskets In Beautiful Rainbow Colors

Add a dose of cheerful color while you organize using these rainbow-colored storage baskets. They’re made of sturdy plastic and every pack comes with 12 baskets in six bright colors. Use them for clever color-coded organization in the craft room, pantry, or even in the bathroom, while spending less than $15.


A Spinning Vanity Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

This rotating makeup organizer has room for all of your beauty supplies, plus it rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to find what you need. It's made of acrylic, which is easy to wipe down. It features multiple levels of storage in varying sizes to hold smaller items like nail polish or larger bottles. The shelves are fully adjustable so you can customize it to suit your needs.


This Lipgloss Holder With 27 Compartments

Instead of struggling to locate that one precise shade of red lipstick amongst a chaotic sea of reds, use this lip gloss holder to instantly see everything you have in your collection. It’s garnered a high 4.8-star rating for its ability to store up to 27 lip glosses and is made of a durable and clear acrylic material. You can also use it to organize anything from mascara to tubes of concealer to eyebrow gels.


A Rotating Cabinet Turntable For Toiletries

This lazy Susan can be used to store anything from snacks to office supplies. The clear, BPA-free plastic is shatter-resistant and features five divided compartments. Its 360-degree rotation makes it easy to grab exactly what you need. It has versatile deep compartments that make it a cinch to organize your toiletries, food in the fridge, or desk supplies.


The Clear Shoe Storage Boxes That Organize & Let You See What You Have

These storage boxes are made specifically for shoes and will store them neatly so that you don’t have piles of sneakers and boots all over the closet floor. The durable plastic bins feature ventilation holds and are transparent to quickly identify which pair you’re looking for. This set comes with 10 boxes that collapse flat when not in use.


A Soap Dispenser Set That Comes With A Protective Tray

Tired of wiping up soap bottle marks on your kitchen sink? This soap dispenser set is a smart solution, as each order includes a protective tray that helps keep your counters clean. The dispenser also injects the ideal amount of soap directly into your sponge, helping prevent waste — and you also get a second dispenser for hand soap, so it’s a great money-saver.


This Stackable Rack Displays And Stores Wine Bottles

With a transparent acrylic frame that’s sure to blend into any decor style, this rack is a stylish way to put wine bottles on display. Each level holds up to five bottles — and you can even stack additional racks on top for added storage space. It’s also BPA-free, as well as shatter-resistant.


These Foldable Fabric Storage Cubes You Can Stack And Store

Whether your shelves look messy or you’d like to organize your closets, these storage cubes are a solid pick. They come in 10 different shades, making it easy to coordinate them with the colors in your home. Plus, they fold down when you aren’t using them, so you can stash them away in cramped homes.


An Expandable Lid Organizer That Tidies Up That Tupperware Cabinet

This lid organizer is exactly what your kitchen storage is missing. For less than $30, solve your organization woes by storing lids in between these five adjustable dividers. They hold round and square lids up to 9-inches wide. The organizer is made of BPA-free plastic and has earned more than 31,000 ratings.


These Small Containers That Are Perfect For Packing Liquids

Salad dressing, dips, ketchup — regardless of what you’re packing for lunch, these small containers that come in a pack of four will help keep them safe inside your bag. The silicone lid is easy to pull off, yet it still provides a tight seal that won’t leak. And since these are made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about rust. The reusable containers are safe to pop into the dishwasher and freezer.


An Organizer That Holds Up To 93 Batteries

Every home has at least one drawer that’s filled with loose batteries, so why not use this organizer to keep them neatly contained and see exactly how many you have? It can hold up to 93 batteries with space for slim AAAs, chunky Ds, and everything in between. Each order also includes a battery tester — just in case a few are low on juice.


These Bamboo Boxes That Let You Store Baggies In Style

Instead of keeping your food baggies in the crummy cardboard boxes they came in, why not transfer them into these sleek bamboo containers? They can be arranged inside your drawers however you like — and each order comes with four compartments that fit quart, gallon, snack, and sandwich bags.


A Caddy With Space For Nearly Any Cleaning Tool

Spray bottles, scrubbers, wipes — this caddy has space for all sorts of cleaning supplies. An adjustable shoulder strap lets you wear it around your waist for easy access when cleaning up around the house, and there’s even a small handle that lets you carry it like a toolbox if that’s what you prefer. Choose from three sizes, as well as eight colors.


This Sleeve That Helps Hide Unsightly Cables

Got a ton of wires hanging out underneath your television or behind your computer? Consider this sleeve a must-have. It helps hide those cables so that your space looks cleaner — and since it’s made from flexible neoprene, it can even expand to fit up to 10 cables depending on their size. Choose from two colors: black or beige.


A Silverware Caddy That Looks Great On Counters

If you don’t have drawer space to store your silverware, consider putting it on display using this caddy. Not only is each cup made from durable and sleek stainless steel, but the sturdy bamboo base is also a stylish touch that’s sure to please. It’s incredibly lightweight — so you shouldn’t have any trouble moving it from the kitchen to the dining room if needed. And the popular pick has earned an impressive 4.7-star rating.


These Space-Saving Hangers Made With Nonslip Clips

Running out of room in your closet? These hangers can help open up some extra room, as each one provides enough space to hold up to four pairs of pants, skirts, shirts, and more. The clips are tipped with nonslip rubber to keep your garments from falling off — and they can even be slid left and right to accommodate narrower clothes as needed.


An Under-The-Bed Organizer For Gift Wrap Tubes

Your collection of gift wrap tubes doesn’t have to take up space in a closet — instead, place them inside this organizer and then slide it underneath your bed. It’s large enough to hold up to 20 rolls, and even features extra space where you can store tape, scissors, ribbon, or any other gift-wrapping accessories you might have.


This Vertical Rack That Can Store Up To 5 Balls

Don’t clutter up a shelf in your garage with sports balls — instead, keep them inside this rack. The vertical design allows you to easily hang it up to help save space, while flexible bungee cables make it easy to pull the balls out whenever you want to play. This best-selling pick has a high 4.7-star rating with more than 7,000 reviews.


These Platforms That Let You Stack Mugs To Save Space

Mugs can take up a ton of space, making these platforms a smart investment. They let you stack mugs on top of each other, helping you make the most of your cabinet space — and the legs can even be adjusted to fit mugs of nearly any size. Choose from three colors: black, blue, or orange.


The Basket Bins That Are Surprisingly Versatile

Whether your home office is cluttered with supplies or you need somewhere to keep fruit in your kitchen, these stacked baskets are a solid pick. The versatile baskets fit into tight corners to help you maximize your available space and feature four tiers and a bottom plate. Choose from two colors: black or white.


A Decorative Tin That Can Hold Up To 200 Photos

Not only is this decorative tin a cute addition to any shelf, but it also comes with 200 sleeves to help protect your favorite 4-by-6-inch photos from damage. Sturdy dividers help you keep your pictures organized — and many reviewers also wrote about how it works great for storing recipe cards.


These Racks For Storing Sockets Of Nearly Any Shape Or Size

There’s nothing wrong with letting your sockets roam loose in a toolbox — but if you’re looking for a way to organize them, these racks are a total game-changer. Their extra-large bases keep them from tipping over, while a color-coordinated system helps you find the exact socket you’re looking for. “I like the different colored holders and how the posts are labeled,” wrote one reviewer. “It makes grabbing the socket you need easy.”


A Rolling Tiered Cart That Fits Into Tight Space

With a slim profile and convenient easy-glide wheels on the bottom, this rolling cart is a smart way to store items in areas with tight spaces. It features four tiered shelves (which are all removable) that give you tons of room to store cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and more. This smart pick has more than 15,000 reviews and comes in white, gray, and black.


These Clamps That Help You Organize Brooms, Mops, & More

Not only do these clamps come with double-sided adhesive that allows for easy installation, but they also provide a waterproof, nonslip grip that can hold onto everything from brooms to umbrellas to toilet brushes. They come in a pack of four and one reviewer confirmed they are long-lasting and so much stronger than they look: “I followed the directions and cleaned the surface, let it dry, stuck them up on the wall and waited a day...and it has been months and they are still on the wall! I have had so many failures with other products like these but I really needed to have a space for my broom and wet mop...I have even hung my ironing board on it and it held up! Definitely a way to help stay organized!”


A Hanging Organizer That Can Hold Up To 24 Pairs Of Leggings

Instead of cluttering up your shelves with stacks of leggings, why not save some space and keep them inside this hanging organizer instead? There’s enough space for up to 24 pairs, and each compartment is made from transparent PVC that helps shield your leggings from dust and lets you see the color and style you want to wear that day. Choose from three colors: gray, black, or purple.


This Desktop Organizer That You Can Use For Nearly Anything

Office supplies, skincare, makeup tools — this organizer is so versatile that you can use it to store nearly anything. It features four compartments to help you keep everything separated, and its sleek, minimalist style is sure to look good wherever you put it. Choose from three shades: white/tan, white/pink, or white/gray.


An Organizer For Your Many Makeup Palettes

With eight spacious compartments that can fit palettes of nearly any shape or size, this organizer is a must-have — especially if your vanity is starting to look a little cluttered. Its acrylic construction makes it especially resistant to shattering and a breeze to wipe clean. You can even orient it horizontally or vertically. It boasts a near-perfect 4.8-star rating.


These Shelves That Add Tons Of Storage Space To Your Cabinets

Add these shelves to your cabinets and you can nearly double the amount of storage space you have. Each one is made from tough steel, with a plastic coating that helps prevent rust — and their neutral style is sure to mesh with your kitchen decor. Use them to store spices, mugs, and more. Choose from sets of two, four, or six (shown here) and two finishes: black or white.


The Vacuum Storage Bags That Save Space In Your Home And In Luggage

These vacuum storage bags allow you to pack even more seasonal items within them to keep them protected from mild and mildew. They come with a convenient travel-sized hand pump and are available in five sizes. With more than 28,000 reviews, these have become a cult-favorite inexpensive solution for better organization. One reviewer even raved about how great they are for maximizing space in luggage: “The suction is strong and it gave me so much free space in my suitcase, it was unbelievable. I was able to re-use on [the] return flight home.”