These Cheap Upgrades Make Any Home Look Much Better In Just A Few Seconds

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These Cheap Upgrades Make Any Home Look Much Better In Just A Few Seconds

If the only thing that comes to mind when you think of home upgrades is expensive remodeling projects, then think again. Making your space more livable doesn’t have to be a huge financial or time commitment. Sometimes the easiest way to bring new life into your surroundings is by upgrading some of the storage systems and basic, everyday essentials around the house. And while Amazon Prime Day sales are technically over, you can still score some major discounts on a number of products listed below.

Feel like your living room has been looking a little drab lately? Instead of doling out tons of cash to redo the whole space, think about just getting some new throw pillow covers or adding a new vase to bring in fresh spark. Upgrading small details and simple home decor can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and vibe of a room.

So, browse through this list of affordable upgrades to instantly makeover any home and see what catches your eye.


These Glass Canisters That Will Bring Tidy Uniformity To Your Pantry Shelves

Create the coordinated and uniform pantry of your dreams with the help of these glass storage canisters. You’ll always know what’s inside thanks to the clear glass. They come in various sizes, so you’re able to put all kinds of goodies in there from pasta and rice to cookies and candy. The airtight seal created by the lid will help keep your food fresher for longer, too.


14% Off This Set Of Luxurious Cooling Pillows

These cooling pillows from Beckham Hotel Collection will make you feel like you’re sleeping in the most luxurious of hotels — talk about dreamy! The gel-filled pillows provide plush yet gently firm support whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper. And best of all, they won't scrunch or lose their shape as you sleep. The pillows are machine washable, so they’ll look and feel good as new for a long time.


An Elegant Towel Hook That Will Bring A Modern Touch To Your Bathroom

Take a chance on a change and swap out your old, boring hooks with these wall-mounted double ended hooks. The sleek metal look makes it a perfect addition to the bathroom hardware. There are two hooks that extend in opposite directions, making it great for towels, loofas, robes, and more.


This Shoe Rack That Hangs Over The Door & Clears Up Floor Space

Clean the clutter from your closet and bedroom floor with the help of this over-the-door shoe organizer. With 24 slots, you can store up to 12 pairs of shoes in an easy to see and reach place. Installation is super easy as well — as you simply have to hang the hooks over the top ledge of the door and you’re good to go.


30% Off This 2-Pack Of Smooth Satin Pillowcases

These polyester satin pillowcases from Love’s cabin will look amazing on any bed in your home — they have a gorgeous lustrous appearance and come in a range of color options — and best yet, they are super gentle on the skin and hair while you sleep. The ultra-soft pillowcases are wrinkle-resistant, zipper-free, and machine washable for your ease. And for less than $6 for a pair, how could you say no?

Choose from standard, queen, king, and body size options.


These Adhesive Pads That Help Ensure Your Rug Stays In Place

Your favorite area rugs will always lay perfectly flat and flush to the floor when you stick these adhesive rug grippers into the corners. It’s great for making sure you and your friends and family never end up tripping over pesky, curled up corners. Not only that, but it helps keep the rug securely in place, so there’s no need to worry about it sliding around the floor when you’re vacuuming, either.


34% Off These Motion-Activated Lights For Closets Or Under Cabinets

Perfect for closets or underneath cabinets, these LED lights from VYANLIGHT feature a motion sensor that’ll allow them turn on automatically when movement is detected within 9 feet. And they’ll turn off on their own, too, when no motion is detected for 20 seconds. Installation of this pick is a total breeze — the lights attach to a magnetic strip with an adhesive backing... just peel and stick, and you’re ready to go! Each of the three light bars offers up to 50,000 hours of illumination before the four AAA batteries need to be replaced.


A Sleek Rack For Hand Towels That Brings In A Fresh, New Style

This stainless steel towel bar rack provides a quick and easy solution to add a modern twist to your bathroom aesthetics. It’s the perfect size to hang your hand towels so they can fully dry after washing your hands (hello, hygiene!). You can easily install it to your bathroom wall in a few minutes with some basic tools, too. There are different color finishes so you can find one that matches your current setup.


These Remote-Control LED Lights Perfect For Easy Spotlighting

These LED light pucks are the perfect way to add extra illumination in parts of the house that aren’t well lit, or when you don’t want to turn on the overhead. They’re great for kitchen counter lighting, as you can peel-and-stick (or use included screws) to install them in just a few minutes underneath cabinets. Or if you have closets or stairs with subpar lighting, these are a great solution to help with that as well.


39% Off This Handy Mosquito Repeller

Mosquitos can be a total buzzkill when relaxing outdoors. Luckily, this mosquito repeller from Thermacell creates a 15-foot zone of protection against these pests. Without DEET sprays or harsh smells, the repellent boasts an EPA-reviewed formula (the repellent is actually on a small mat that lasts four hours or so before needing to be replaced). And it’s powered by a 12-hour fuel cartridge. Utilize this mosquito repellent on your patio, deck, or near your pool — wherever you need it outdoors!

Choose from a variety of color options (some of which have a super chic metal finish), including bronze, sage, linen, and citrus. This pick automatically comes with a 1 year warranty, though if you register the product the warranty will be extended to 2 years.


A 10-Pack Of Wooden Hangers Made For Skirts, Suits & Pants

Swapping out old plastic hangers and replacing them with these sleek wooden hangers instantly creates a more pleasing aesthetic inside any closet. They have a smooth, polished finish on beautiful lacquered wood with two sturdy metal clips on each end of the hanger. You can also turn the hook whichever way you want for easy hanging thanks to its swivel design.


A Pair Of Chic Throw Pillow Covers For An Instant Vibe & Style Change

These classic jacquard pillow covers make it easy to update your couch decor without having to replace everything. Between the different color options available, you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your taste. They are super plush and soft to the touch, while being so high-quality that they will last for years through normal wear and tear.


18% Off This Wall Outlet Extender

If you struggle with taming cord clutter, you need this wall outlet extender from Mifaso in your life. With nine different slots (including five USB outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port), the product can simultaneously charge multiple devices. And you can utilize the small shelf to hold everything. Another plus? The product has a handy LED light, allowing for better visibility; it can be manually turned on and off, or be set to automatically do so.


An Organizer For All Your Makeup Brushes So Your Vanity Is Finally Tidy

Keep your bathroom vanity neat and tidy by using this makeup brush organizer to hold all your tools and essentials. It’s divided into six different sections, giving you more than enough space for your different brushes, and even lipsticks, eye tools, skin products, and more. If you don’t want to leave it sitting out on your vanity, it’s small enough to fit under your sink or inside a drawer.


This Padded Mat That Protects The Surface Of Your Desk

Protect the surface of your office desk in style with this padded desk mat. No matter if the surface wood, glass, plastic, or something else, keeping it free from scratches and other damage is now super easy. It doesn’t just protect the surface of your desk, though; it also helps secure your laptop in place while you’re working.


A Cute Ceramic Pot For Your Plants With An Art Deco Vibe

This midcentury potted plant stand brings the stylish functionality you’ve been looking for when it comes to displaying your favorite house plant friends. The bamboo base has four legs that hold and support the ceramic pot from sitting directly on the table or window ledge. With a simple white finish and a few geometric patterns on the pot, it will blend in well throughout your house.


This Pair Of Floating Glass Shelves To Help Keep Your Vanity Top Clear

There are endless possibilities for how and where you can end up using these floating glass shelves. The glass and metal design has a very modern and minimalistic vibe. You can install them with some screws in just a few minutes and then they’re ready to be utilized. They are incredibly sturdy as well; each shelf is capable of supporting up to 11 pounds.


A Crocheted Bath Mat That Adds A Classic, Vintage Touch To Your Bathroom

You’re going to love this reversible, crocheted bath mat for a variety of reasons. The fact it’s reversible is one of the main things people love about it — you get two rugs in one design. And even though the material is designed to efficiently soak up excess water from your feet after getting out of the shower, it doesn’t sacrifice softness.


These Sheer Decorative Curtains That Have A Breezy, Elegant Feel

You can add a touch of elegant softness to any room with these sheer panel window curtains. While they don’t completely block out sunlight, they do help minimize the amount of direct light that enters the room and can help regulate the temperature. Hanging these around your windows will also bring you much-wanted privacy, with style.


This Mini Trash Can With A Foot-Step Perfect For Tight Spaces

This tiny lidded trash can is the perfect size to fit discreetly in your bathroom or bedroom. Now you can toss your trash away immediately instead of letting in pile up on your beside table or having to constantly walk it to a different room to throw out. There is a sturdy lid that you can quickly and easily pop open using the push pedal with your foot.


A Storage Bag That Slides Under The Bed & Holds Out-Of-Season Clothes

The amount of extra storage you get from using these underbed organizing bags will make you very happy with this purchase. These are great if you don’t have a ton of closet options around your house, or just want to utilize a space more effectively. Put your clothes in there that are currently out-of-season, or use them for seasonal bedding. Keep everything inside clean and safe thanks to the zip-close top.


This Hanging Shelf Organizer Perfect For Those Hard-To-Hang Closet Items

Create additional vertical storage space in your closet with this hanging shelf organizer. It is supported with a double hanger at the top to help evenly displace the weight of the items inside. With five different shelving spaces, there is more than enough room to hold purses, hats, sweaters, and other clothing items you may not typically put on hangers.


A Streamlined Storage Box Made To Keep Wires & Cords Out Of Sight

The convenient simplicity this cable management box provides in keeping that mess of cords and cables out of sight will make you want to have one in every room. Along the sides and on one end of the box, there are different slots cut out for the different cords and cables to fit through. The box itself is also large enough to fit a burly power strip inside of it. Put the lid on top when you’re done and poof, that wire jumble is gone.


A Set Of Glass Apothecary Jars To Neatly Hold Your Hygiene Necessities

Using apothecary jars is a simple way to get an updated and uniform look in your bathroom. You get a set of three in this set. The jars are made from a tempered plastic that looks exactly like glass for a high-end finish, and comes with an elegant wooden lid. They are the perfect size to hold items like cotton balls, Q-tips, hair ties, and more.


This Sleek Sink Organizer That Holds Sponges, Soap, & Brushes

Keeping the area around your kitchen sink tidy and organized doesn’t have to be a hassle. Check out this steel kitchen sink caddy with plenty of space to hold everything you want it to. There is a space specifically meant for your sponge, dish soap, and even hand towel or rag, as well as a scrubbing brush or scouring pad. The stainless steel material will maintain its quality for years and won’t rust.


A Slotted Storage Rack Perfect For Holding Pans & Lids For More Efficient Cabinets

The insides of cabinets and cupboards can be some of the most difficult places to keep neat and tidy. Going forward, make your life easier by using this slotted wire rack to hold space-hogging items like pans, lids, and cutting boards in place. And because they’re propped up individually, it makes it way easier for you to grab that item and get it out to start using.


An Expandable Organizational Tray To Spruce Up Your Kitchen Drawers

Having an organizational tray is the tool we all need for that random kitchen junk drawer in our house. Made from a high-quality and durable bamboo, this one can be expanded if needed so you make it fit your organizational needs to cull any size junk drawer. It’s also a great way to keep all of your cutlery separated.


This Tiered Spice Rack That Arranges Your Most-Used Cooking Ingredients

These two-tiered spice racks will transform the way you cook thanks to their remarkable organizational effectiveness. The two racks are slightly different heights, which makes it so they can seamlessly slide together, if that’s how you want to use them. Each one is designed with three small shelves to hold all of your most used spices so you can quickly and easily grab them while cooking.


A Wall-Mounted Appliance Holder Perfect For Keeping Brooms & Mops Off The Floor

Stop getting irritated at how much floor and closet space household cleaning tools like brooms and mops take up by switching to a wall-mounted holding rack to store said items. You get three nonslip grippers that are perfect for holding onto the handles of your brooms and mops. It also comes with four hooks, which can be used to hang dustpans, towels, feather dusters, and more.


A Rotating Utensil Holder So You Can See & Grab What You Need

Quickly and easily grab whatever cooking tool you need thanks to the convenient design of this rotating utensil holder. It is divided into three separate slots, which gives you the ability to organize the utensils by category, or how often you use them. It’s also made out of stainless steel, which allows you to clean it easily as needed.


These Plastic Storage Bins That Make Organizing Your Fridge Super Easy

Keeping the inside of your refrigerator neat and storefront-like has never been easier than with the help of these plastic storage bins. You get a total of eight bins, each with a set of cut out handles on the ends. Put your fruits and veggies in there, use them to hold canned drinks, and arrange your favorite snacks in an easy-to-reach spot.


A Chic Toilet Paper Holder That Makes It Beyond Easy To Replace The Empty Roll

Never struggle with popping off the empty cardboard roll with this sleek brass rod toilet paper holder. This wall-holder has a single arm sticking out from it. It doesn’t move up or down. There is a small round stopper at the end to keep the roll from flying off, but that’s still small enough you can pull off the empty roll with no hassle when it needs replaced.


This 3-Pack Of Candle Holders That Brings A Pop Of Sophistication To Any Room

Candles and candle holders are easy ways to add a pop of style to any room without going overboard. This three-pack of metal candle holders will look great on your fireplace mantel, coffee table, or lining a windowsill. They have a cut-out metal center that looks different on each holder due to the varying heights of each one.


A Simple Ceramic Vase That Matches Any Home Aesthetic

This minimalist ceramic vase keeps the flowers it holds as the main focal point. The vase has a slightly wider bottom and then tapers off to be small up at the top. It does a great job highlighting any floral arrangement as the simple coloring and design are meant to play a supporting role. Set it on your kitchen counter, fireplace mantel, or dining room table because every room deserves some flowers.


A Woven Basket That Neatly Holds Random Household Knickknacks

These woven baskets bring a natural feel to your home decor elements while providing functional storage. They are nesting baskets, so when you’re not using them, just stack them inside each other for a compact storage option. Each one is created from 100% natural cotton rope that holds its shape and will last for years to come.


A Tiered Under-Sink Organizer That Can Be Adjusted To Fit Your Needs

You can never underestimate the convenience of having a tidy area underneath your sink, whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen. This two-tiered rack gives you more than enough space to organize all of the different items you keep down there. If needed, you can adjust the height of the shelves to give you more storage space.


These Wire Metal Baskets That Make Great Storage For Fruits & Vegetables

These metal wire baskets are a great option for versatile storage all around the house. They’re the perfect size to set on your kitchen counters to hold different vegetables or fruits. And because of their versatile style, they would also be great storage bins for the bathroom or to hang on the wall by the front door for the mail.


This Wicker Storage Basket That Fits On The Back Of The Toilet

Maximize the usefulness of the space on the back of your toilet tank with the help of this wicker farmhouse basket. It’s the perfect spot to store extra toilet paper, some air freshener, hand towels, and other bathroom necessities. The woven hyacinth material is supported by a metal frame, so you can rest assured this basket is durable.


This Bathroom Organizer That Holds All Your Toothbrushing Accessories

Tidy up your bathroom vanity in no time when you starting using this countertop organizer to hold your hygiene products. It’s got a section to hold your toothbrush, another one for your toothpaste, and even a small area to hold dental floss and a small bottle of mouth wash. The plastic material makes it easy to keep clean.


These Glass Coffee Mugs That Will Turn Your Morning Routine Into An Elegant Affair

This six-pack of glass coffee mugs will transform the way you go about your routine each morning. Their beautiful and elegant design will make you want to actually slow down, take a seat somewhere peaceful in your home, and sip your coffee without feeling rushed. One of the best features of these mugs is that your fingers won’t get burned on the handle thanks to its cool-touch technology.


A Bamboo Plant Stand That Will Get Large Pots Off The Floor

You get a two-for-one deal in the design of this bamboo potted plant stand. This is the perfect size for your larger indoor plants that are in need of some extra space to continue to grow. They also look great next to your entertainment system, fireplaces, beds, and more.


This Lazy Susan That Is Perfect To Use On The Kitchen Counter Or In Your Pantry

The potential ways you can decide to use this bamboo lazy Susan are endless. You can easily use this in your pantry, on your kitchen counter, or kitchen table. Set different spices like salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar on it if it’s at the table or on the counter. For the pantry, it’s a great tool to be able to easily reach a wide variety of items thanks to the rotational tray.


An Old-School Nightlight To Add Extra Illumination In A Unique Way

Nightlights don’t have to look like something that you would have used back when you were a little kid. For instance, take these vintage Edison bulb plug-in lights that have a very rustic feel. One of the biggest advantages this nightlight has over others is the long-lasting LED bulb it’s equipped with. The frame is made to last forever, so you never have to spend money replacing it.


An Affordable Marble Mortar & Pestle To Grind Spices Fresh At Home

Quickly and easily get fresh ground spices to punch up the flavor of your favorite recipes with this marble mortar and pestle set. Once you’ve finished grinding up your spices inside the mortar, you simply have to wipe it clean with a damp towel and let it air dry before using again. After using it a few times, you’ll never want to go back to using pre-ground spices again.


This 4-Pack Of Super-Absorbent Towels That Make The Perfect Kitchen Companion

These waffle-textured dish towels are super absorbent and will become your go-to kitchen towels. They’re made from 100% cotton, so you can rest assured they will last for years. Each one measures 17 by 25 inches, so they are more than big enough to help tackle any and all messes that may come your way in the kitchen.