These Clever Little Touches Make Your Home Sexier & Cooler For Under $35

Non-budget-breaking picks to the rescue.

Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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If you’re feeling the desire to zhuzh up your home, don’t be under the impression that the endeavor will bankrupt you. All the evidence you need is on this list of clever little touches that make your home cooler for under $35.

Even the smallest or most subtle additions can make all the difference. For example, swapping out existing cutlery for a rose gold silverware set or decanting wine using what looks like a modern art piece will bring so much more beauty into your daily experience. Just watch as patio lights made with vintage globes and your very own satin pillowcase make your place feel properly zhuzhed – all without the stiff price tag.


These Himalayan Candle Holders That Emit A Soft Pink Glow

Sometimes all it takes is a small detail to elevate your space. These Himalayan candle holders are the perfect example because when lit with tea lights, they give off a warm glow that brings a soft vibe to any room. The holders are made with the same Himalayan salt crystal that you normally see in lamp form and therefore have that characteristic natural, handcrafted look that’s completely unique. Two holders come in every set.


An Underbed Light That’s Motion Sensitive

Subtle accent lighting can have a huge effect on how your room feels and that’s exactly what this clever bed light does for you. It comes as a strip of warm white LEDs and uses a peel-off self-adhesive to easily stick to any surface; in this case the underside of your bed frame. The lights will turn on automatically when detecting movement and turn off within your choice of a range between 30 seconds to 6 minutes. Additionally, install this light strip wherever you’d like a touch of warm lighting from under cabinets to closets to along stairways.


These Mason Jar Sconces That Add Tasteful Farmhouse Charm

With over 33,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, these mason jar sconces are beloved for their ability to add rustic charm. They come in a pair and are made with two mason jars set against a weathered gray wooden backboard using brown twine and come complete with built-in, battery-operated fairy lights and removable faux hydrangeas in off-white. Choose between two other wood finishes (rustic brown and antique gray) and simply set it and forget it, thanks to a convenient six-hour timer.


A Satin Pillowcase For Sumptuous Sleep

Sleeping like a member of the royal family doesn’t require a royal fortune. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous satin pillowcase that will provide silky slumber for less than $20. It comes in both a standard and king size and is made from soft material that’s kind to both skin and hair. Available in beautiful solid colors such as blush or silver, it is also available in chic patterns like leopard and sunset tie dye.


This Bamboo Bathtub Tray That Brings The Spa Home

This ingenious bamboo bath tray instantly transforms your everyday tub into a spa-worthy experience. It’s fully waterproof and features nonslip silicone underneath so as to remain secure. Adjust it to your desired length and store anything from books to towels to candles. It even has special slots for your phone and a glass of bubbly, in addition to a waterproof book holder to prop up your tablet for binging favorite shows.


A High-Pressure Shower Head That Mimics Soft Rainfall

Greatly upgrade your daily life with a simple addition of this rainfall shower head that uses a special air intake system to make it feel like you’re bathing in soft rain. It provides high water pressure that actually uses less water and is made with a brass swivel head to easily adjust the angle of the flow. Constructed of chrome-plated ABS plastic, it includes a stainless steel back and is a cinch to install without the need for any tools.


These Shower Steamers That Come In 6 Different Soothing Scents

Simply unwrap one of these shower steamers, place it on your shower floor, and wait as the steam releases the soothing scent. Each pack comes with a choice among six scent options ranging from watermelon to grapefruit to a peony and pear combination to help you relax and wash the day away. The steamers won’t leave any stains or cause slickness and are made with natural essential oils for a restorative aromatherapy experience that clocks in under $20.


A Pack Of Motion Sensor Lights That Are Battery Operated

Tastefully illuminate previously hard-to-see areas using these motion sensor lights that conveniently use batteries to operate. Three come in every pack and can be placed wherever you need extra light such as in cabinets, closets, garage workshops, or bathrooms, using included self-adhesive or screws. They’re weather and moisture-resistant and will conveniently turn on when they detect motion within 10 feet.


These Stemless Champagne Flutes With Near-Perfect Ratings

Prepare for “oohs” and “ahhs” the next time you whip out these elegant stemless champagne flutes to serve your bubbly. They have a near-perfect 4.8-star rating and are crafted with premium glass in a contemporary style that will make a serious impact on any table. Every set includes six glasses with an 8-ounce capacity and, though they may look pricey AF, prepare for your own “ooh” and “ahh” as they will only set you back $35.


These Patio Lights Made With Vintage-Style Edison Bulbs

There’s nothing like the feel of lounging under a sparkly firmament, and that’s just what these budget-friendly patio lights with over 54,000 reviews accomplish. They’re made with special Edison bulbs in a globe shape so as to lend a classic vintage look. And though the bulbs may appear delicate, they’re actually extremely sturdy, being IP44 waterproof and able to withstand all manner of weather from rain to frost to wind.


A Set Of Satin Sheets In Luxurious Color Options

Treat your bedroom like the sanctuary it is by spending a mere $28 on these satin sheets that come in rich colors such as burgundy, gold, and midnight blue. Available in sizes ranging from twin to California king, each set comes with one flat sheet, one deep pocket fitted sheet, and two standard pillowcases. Machine wash these wrinkle and stain-resistant sheets in cold water with a fast tumble dry on low to finish.


This TV Backlight That Provides Multi-Color Ambiance

On top of improving your at-home cinema experience, this TV backlight also creates colorful atmospheric scenes with the touch of a button. The LED strip installs easily to the back of your TV using self-adhesive and simply plugs into your TV’s USB for power. When you turn them on, the heightened contrast allows for more vivid colors as well as less eye strain. But what’s even more fun is the ability to select from 15 colors (as well as 10 brightness levels) to create an immediately vibrant look.


A Red Wine Decanter With A Shape That Allows For Perfect Aeration

The artistic shape of this stunning red wine decanter isn’t just for looks — it serves a purpose as well by providing your wine with as much chance for aeration as possible as it makes its way down. When the wine hits both sides of the curved, narrow entry, the air is mixed in and the aromas and flavors can then be more fully released. Made from hand-blown crystal glass, the beautiful U-shape allows for easy pouring that will be a pleasure to perform as well as observe.


These Ice Cube Molds In The Shape Of Perfect Spheres

For cocktails that you’d prefer to remain strong as you sip, opt for these ice cube molds that create large, slow-melting spheres. Each pack comes with four molds that are made of easy-release silicone that’s soft, flexible, and BPA-free. Choose between black or gray and pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A Softly Glowing Moon Lamp For Your Bedside Table

Add tasteful allure to your bedside table with this beautiful moon lamp gently set in a slightly abstract ceramic hand. The moon is 3D printed using detailed NASA photos via satellite to provide an incredibly accurate depiction. It’s powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and a small smart button that allows you to change between a warmer or cooler white as well as to adjust the brightness according to your needs.


This Cardi B Poster That Adds Spicy Decor

Any fans of the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj song “WAP” will be obsessed with this poster that displays the word and its humorous definition in simple yet bold black and white. The 12-by-16-inch poster is printed on quality archival paper and comes unframed for only $15 or in your choice of a black or natural frame if you prefer. In addition to the 12-by-16, you also have a choice of two larger sizes as well (16-by-20 or 24-by-36 inches), but no matter what size you end up going with, this poster will be sure to add some spicy fun to any wall.


A Faux Sheepskin Rug For Serious Softness Underfoot

Sometimes just sensing a little softness under your feet can make a huge difference in how a room feels. This faux sheepskin rug offers softness in spades with its luxurious texture and extra-thick pile. It features a nonslip suede backing and is offered in 17 different sizes to perfectly complement your space. Choose from over 20 shades such as a natural-looking beige, disco-age purple, or simple black.


This Fashion Print That’ll Add Style & Conversation

Make a statement when you hang this fashion print in the living room, office, or, maybe better yet, the bathroom. It’s printed on cotton canvas material and comes unframed, measuring 16-by-20 inches. Made with fade-resistant inks and waterproof material, this poster will thrive as a constant conversation piece, in addition to adding impactful style through its minimalist black and white aesthetic.


A Set Of Flameless Candles To Set The Mood

Easily and safely create a candlelit ambiance using these flameless candles that are controlled via a handy remote. Every set comes with nine candles of varying heights which are powered by two AA batteries each (not included). The candles are made with a realistic wax-like material and feature a choice between a steady or flickering flame for even more authenticity.


This Dried Flower Bouquet That Offers Tons Of Decor Possibilities

Create a large and impressive arrangement from this dried flower bouquet or break it down into smaller pieces to add charming decor throughout your home. The bouquet includes an ample mixture of dried pampas grass, reed grass, and bunny tails, all in beautifully soft neutral shades spanning from white to brown to blush. They require zero maintenance or watering yet will provide stylish decor for years to come — all at a reasonable under-$20 price tag.


A Cocktail Shaker Set Made Of Sleek Stainless Steel

There’s nothing cooler than having the ability to whip up a Manhattan or Negroni on demand — all you need is this elegant cocktail shaker set at the ready. It’s made of gleaming stainless steel and comes with 14 pieces including a shaker, strainer, jigger, and bar spoon. The food-grade steel resists fingerprint smudges and is shatterproof in addition to being dishwasher safe.


This Bath Pillow That Will Make You Never Want To Leave The Tub

Take that relaxation only a bath can bring up a notch by introducing this bath pillow into the mix. It’s constructed of waterproof material and 2 inches of thick plush foam that softly support your head, neck, and shoulders. Seven suction cups keep it securely in place and it comes in two sizes and four colors.


A Privacy Window Film That Lets In Soft Diffused Light

Keep prying eyes away while still allowing soft light to filter in when you put up this privacy window film. It installs easily using water and static electricity and removes just as quickly without leaving any residue. As an added bonus, the film will block 96% of UV rays, thereby keeping your room warm in winter and cool in summer. Choose from lots of size options and reuse it again and again depending on your needs.


This Shag Area Rug Perfect For Laidback Lounging

Sofas are wonderful, but sometimes there’s nothing more inviting than a full horizontal lounge on the floor. For those moments, do yourself a favor and grab one of these shag area rugs that are designed for exactly that. It’s made of hypoallergenic and non-shedding polyester and features a nonslip backing with a sponge mid-layer for an ultra-comfy footfall. Choose from five sizes and over 20 available colors.


A Set Of Vanity Mirror Lights For A Vintage Hollywood Look

If you don’t happen to own a retro illuminated vanity from the 1950s, just feast your eyes on these vanity mirror lights that give you the next best thing. The LED lights use self-adhesive to mount to your existing mirror and come with a smart touch dimmer to adjust the brightness. An included power adaptor allows you to plug them in for a never-ending supply of illumination to get your makeup just right every time.


This Modern Silverware Set In A Chic Rose Gold Finish

Simply swapping out your tired silverware for a more stylish version can do wonders for making your daily life feel that much more luxe. Take this stainless steel silverware set, for example, that’s designed with a modern abstract flair and that features a beautiful rose gold finish. It comes with four complete settings that include dinner knives, dinner forks, dinner spoons, coffee/tea spoons, and dessert/fruit spoons. Lay them flat in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A Glam Digital Alarm Clock With A Gold Mirror Surface

This glamorous digital alarm clock serves as another way to elevate your bedside table game. It’s made in a gold finish and features a mirror surface to display the time (also, it can actually be used as a mirror). The clock is completely silent and offers three different brightness levels so as to not cause any distractions during sleep. As an added bonus, it provides you with two USB ports for charging other devices.


This Decorative Mirror Tray That Displays Anything With Style

No one would ever guess this quite expensive-looking decorative mirror tray actually clocks in under $25. Its chic gold details and polished surface give off luxe vibes and will make anything displayed within it look like a million bucks. It has over 5,000 reviews with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating and can be used to store anything from perfumes to jewelry to decor. And if gold is not your finish of choice, you also have the option of silver, rose gold, and smokey black.


A Pair Of Sheer Window Curtains That Lend Softness

Instantly add softness to any room when you put up these sheer window curtains that gently filter in light. Two panels come in a set and are offered in over 10 different sizes to suit your particular dimensions. They install easily using the rod pockets at the top and can be machine washed in cold water to keep them in lasting shape. In addition to neutral white, they’re also available in 16 other shades.


These Popular Pillow Covers Made In Luscious Velvet

If you’re looking for a way to add some more lush touches to your living room, the answer is these well-reviewed pillow covers. They’re popular with over 70,000 reviews and are beloved for their soft velvet material that comes in rich hues such as gold, coral red, and dark blue. The zipper is cleverly hidden and they are available in a choice of 12 size options to suit what you have on hand.


A Bamboo Cheese Board With Hidden Utensil Compartments

A fully stocked cheese and charcuterie display is a thing of beauty and this bamboo cheese board does one better by including chic, matching utensils. Featuring an genius hidden compartment, it provides you with four different stainless steel tools perfect for serving all manner of cheese, meat, or fruit. The warmth of the bamboo creates a stunning display and the odor and stain-resistant material will last you throughout many cocktail hours.


These Velvet Hangers To Coordinate Your Closet

Not only are these velvet hangers an incredible deal at 50 for $26, but they also come in lots of pretty colors (like gray, pink, or purple) that will make your closet look aesthetically coordinated. They can each hold up to 10 pounds yet they still maintain a slim profile so as to make room for more clothing. Clearly a fan favorite with over 82,000 reviews and a high 4.8-star rating, the velvet texture of these hangers will keep your clothes off the floor and neatly hung.


An Incandescent Edison Bulb That Creates Perfect Mood Lighting

For incredibly soft mood lighting, look no further than these vintage incandescent Edison bulbs. Four come in every pack and feature that classic squirrel filament within a clear teardrop-shaped glass. The bulbs emit a warm white light and are even dimmable, so you can dial in the perfect amount of light at any time. And though they might appear fragile, they’re actually durable enough to have a lifespan averaging 20,000 hours.


These Bookends Made Of Natural Agate Stone

Effortlessly draw attention to your book collection when you store tomes using these bookends made of intriguing and totally unique agate stone. The stone is dyed teal as a pop of color with each end acting as a matching half of a perfect whole. Choose from four different weights ranging from 2 to 8 pounds and use the included self-adhesive bumpers to keep the bookends secure.


A Pack Of Candle Tins In An Adorable Zebra Design

If you’re an avid candle maker, you’ll love these candle tins that feature a chic black and white zebra motif. The 8-ounce tins come in a healthy pack of 24 for less than $20 but have multiple uses apart from candle making. Use them to store jewelry or hair accessories and add a bit of flair to your dresser top. Pop some in the bathroom for organizing any accessories or put them to use in the office to store supplies while providing major style.


This Memory Foam Bath Mat That’s A Treat For Feet

Make every step out of the shower or bath that much more enjoyable with this bath mat made with thick plush memory foam. The absorbent material dries quickly and PVC dots underneath help to keep it securely in place. It comes in six different sizes as well as in over 20 vibrant colors such as fuschia (pictured above), teal, or lime.


A Magical Flames Packet That Transforms Ordinary Fire Into A Bewitching Display

It’s already extremely cool to have access to a fire pit or fireplace, but there’s one thing you can do to really top that experience. Toss one of these unopened magical flames packets into any wood-burning fire and watch as it turns ordinary fire into fantastical blue flames. Each pack comes with 12 packets for only $11 and ensures a long-lasting mystical evening.


This Scented Candle Set In An Elegant Gold Jar

Light up one of these scented candles and feel the relaxing fragrance of fresh persimmon lull you into a tranquil state. The candle is made from natural soy wax that will burn for a long-lasting 45 hours and is housed in a beautiful gold jar that doubles as decor. Choose from many other enticing scents such as wild lavender, lilac and rose, or lemongrass basil.


A Fleece Throw That’s Lined With Plush Sherpa

Cue up the cozy, be it on the couch, bed, or armchair, with this sherpa-lined fleece throw blanket. It’s available in a choice between a stylish ribbed design or a waffle pattern and comes in lots of color options such as aquamarine, mango, and red dahlia. Conveniently machine wash it on the cold cycle and hang it to air dry.


This Stylish Seville Rack As Minimalist Storage

Designed as a piece of minimalist decor, this chic magazine rack is perfect for stylishly storing all your magazines, newspapers, or records. The wires are spaced in such a way as to keep items secure while allowing you to clearly see the contents. And though you’d assume this functional piece might belong in a high-design store with prices to match, in reality, it will only set you back $19.


A Tissue Box Cover Made Of Tasteful Faux Leather

Instantly remove small eyesores in the form of branded boxes with this ingenious tissue box cover that’s made of elegant faux leather. It easily slips over any square 5-by-5-by-5-inch box and transforms it into decor that fits seamlessly into your room’s aesthetic. Choose from 13 gorgeously muted shades such as dry rose, camel, cocoa brown, or mint.


This Electric Wine Opener That Does All The Work For You

This beautifully and cleverly designed electric wine opener works to shrink the time gap between you and that glass of wine. All that’s required is four AA batteries, the twist of the built-in foil cutter, and a press of a button. The opener automatically extracts the cork within seconds, then releases it into your hand within another few seconds. Plus, the sleek black housing will look fabulous on any countertop.


A Heated Lotion Dispenser For Deeper Hydration

If you’ve ever had a facial, you’ll remember that time is set aside to steam the face and open the pores. That’s exactly the idea behind this clever heated lotion dispenser which warms your favorite body or hand lotion within minutes so as to provide deeper hydration. The 16-ounce dispenser is small enough to be completely portable and plugs into any outlet to function. Simply depress the pump to distribute deliciously warm lotion into your hands.


This Laser Star Projector That Allows You To Live Within Colorful Nebulae

Hang out with friends under a star-studded sky or drift away to ever-changing nebulae with this laser star projector that brings cool astronomical vibes. Connect the projector to your device to play music or relaxing meditation sounds against the backdrop of a colorful cloud. No doubt, the idea of mood lighting will be brought to new levels in this Hubble Telescope-like world. It can also be used as a simple night light.


An Artistic Set Of Vases To Complement Pampas or Flowers

Instead of making just a bouquet of flowers your centerpiece, create an even more gorgeous focal point in any room with this whimsically artistic set of vases. The round shape is unexpected, so they feel and look like art, but they’re also super practical and can hold Pampas grass, reed, succulents, and flowers. They have a high 4.7-star rating and come in two sizes and two colors: white or black.