These Clever Things Are Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon Now

Share-worthy items people are loving.

by Christina X. Wood
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When an item skyrockets in popularity on Amazon, it’s usually because someone bought it, loved it, and then gushed about it to anyone who would listen — and now that person loves it, too.

Oftentimes, it’s the clever items that become worthy of sharing. The products below are unique, completely share-worthy, and are getting more and more popular on Amazon each day — complete with glowing reviews and ratings so high that you’ll want to press “Add to Cart” fast.


This Flower Lip Balm That Creates A Custom Color

This flower lip balm looks like a clear gloss but melds with your pH to create a perfectly customized shade right on your lips. There is a real flower embedded in the balm that makes it super unique and pretty. It comes with a pink, purple, or blue flower and each one works the same way to create your personal shade.


These Cable Protectors That Save Expensive Charger Cords

These clever cable protectors bolster and strengthen the cords you use daily so they don’t fray. They are easy to put on, won’t interfere with using your gear, and look fun. They are especially helpful for protecting expensive laptop chargers but, at this price for eight of them, you can install them on all your chargers and save yourself the hassle of replacing worn-out ones.


A Wireless Charger So You Never Have To Fumble With Plugs

Life is full of irritants but that nightly struggle to get a tiny plug into a little port on your phone is one you can easily eliminate. Plug this wireless charger in once and thereafter you have only to drop your phone on the pad, note the green perimeter light that indicates it is connected, and move on. The light goes off after a few seconds so you can sleep.


This Body Brush That Helps Prevent Bumps & Razor Burn

If bumpy and irritated skin proves an issue for you, use this exfoliating body brush to gently exfoliate where you shaved or waxed. Thanks to its surface covered in small bristles, it helps encourage smoother, softer skin.

“I don't know how I ever shaved without this,” said one reviewer. “I have sensitive skin that's prone to razor burn and ingrown hairs. [... It] gives the closest smoothest shave.”


The Face Cleanser Infused With Vitamin E

Skip harsh chemicals that can cause your skin to feel stripped and irritated. This vitamin E facial cleanser taps the power of botanicals, colloidal oatmeal, rice bran, and jojoba to gently remove makeup, oil, and dirt, leaving your skin soft, clean, and healthy.

“My skin and face feel calmer and less inflamed,” said one reviewer. “My face also seems to feel very noticeably softer and smoother since I began using this cleanser.”


This Facial Scrub That Smells Like Cake & Helps Brighten Dark Spots

Let turmeric, cinnamon, manuka honey, chamomile, and lemon treat your skin while you also enjoy the yummy smell and taste of this skin-brightening face scrub. Use it daily to buff your skin without chemicals or harsh abrasives. It promises to slowly fade dark spots, too.

“I have tried black soap, aloe, vitamin c serums, and more and have not seen much improvement in my skin,” reported one reviewer. “I used this product for a week straight and saw significant fading in my dark spots.”


The Cult-Favorite Brush Designed Not To Hurt Or Rip Out Hair

This is the hairbrush you need if you want tangle-free hair and don’t want to go through pain and suffering to get there. The flexible, cone-shaped bristles pull through wet or dry hair without ripping or tearing it out.

This clever detangling brush has nearly 50,000 five-star reviews and people are saying things like, “game changer,” and “best brush ever.”


This Matte Lipstick That Feels Like A Gloss

If you love both the balm-like feeling of a lip gloss and the muted look of matte lipstick, this liquid matte lipstick from The Lip Bar is your have-it-all solution. It applies like a gloss and dries like a soft matte. It won’t dry your lips like many matte lipsticks, either, because it hydrates with jojoba oil and vitamin E. There are 11 luscious shades.


The Nipple Covers That Look Great & Feel Comfy

When your garment won’t allow for a bra, these reusable nipple covers make it possible. The silicone material is flexible and comfortable and grips on to completely cover your nipples. Choose the color that matches your skin color and be free.

“I can’t believe how amazing these are!! They just kinda suction right on with no ring, no visibility, and NO HURTING! [...] Finally no more bras!” said one reviewer.


This Bling For Your Sneakers

Just because you have no patience for shoes that aren’t as comfortable as sneakers doesn’t mean that you have to give up on style. Just add a little bling to your favorite kicks. These shoelace charms snap onto the laces of your athletic shoes making them so fancy. This is a pack of 12 so you can do all your shoes or all your laces.


The Clock That Wakes You Up & Rolls Around The Room

Being able to sleep through anything is a blessing. Until you have to be somewhere in the morning and no alarm clock will wake you. If this is you, meet this alarm clock on wheels. It will leap off the bedside table, run all over the room, start a fight with the cat, and wake you with its wild antics. It also has a super loud alarm if you need the digital equivalent of a dog fight in the room to wake up. Once you find it and stop the cacophony, you will be awake.


A Rechargeable Light-Up Collar For Your Pup

Give your pet an edge after dark with this rechargeable LED dog collar. People and cars will be able to see your pup and it looks super cute. Bright lights make it easier to find and keep track of your dog on hikes, too. Just plug it into a USB port to charge it up and it will keep right on lighting for eight hours. It’s waterproof and comes in 10 colors.


This Foot File That’s Pretty & Effective

Make a pedicure part of your self-care routine with this glass foot file that is pretty, easy to hold, and lets you buff away calluses, and rough, dry skin in the shower or when your feet are dry. It’s easy to clean, too.

“This is by far the best foot file I have ever used,” said one reviewer. “It is easy to hold and smoothly removes [...] dry skin so easily.”


The Hydrating Hair Tonic That Smells Like Fruit

Spray this leave-in tonic onto your hair and let it soak up the delicious, berry-and-juice-scented hydration and you go about your day. It helps stimulate your scalp to encourage hair growth and detangles your hair, too.

“This hydrates the hair without drenching it,” said one reviewer. “And, the oils give your hair sheen without looking oily. I like the subtle fruity, berry smell too.”


This Coconut Oil You Can Use In So Many Ways

Whether you use it as a moisturizer, as a carrier for applying essential oils to your skin, as a base for lip balms or other products, or as a massage oil, this fractionated coconut oil is odorless, colorless, absorbs easily into the skin, and won’t stain clothing. Over 24,000 people gave it five stars.


The LED Pucks That Can Solve Your Lighting Problems

Fix lighting anywhere in your home with these easy-to-install LED lights that come with a remote. They are battery-operated so you don’t have to worry about outlets or running wires. They peel and stick, or you can install them with the included screws. Put them anywhere from cupboards to stair risers to closets. You can tap the light to turn them on and off and set them to turn off automatically after you use them.


The Complete Sewing Kit You Can Take Anywhere

The biggest secret to being able to sew on a button or fix a drooping hem is knowing where your sewing tools are. If you aren’t a serious sewing hobbyist, that means keeping this inexpensive and tiny sewing kit in a dresser drawer or somewhere else is so handy. It has everything you need from scissors, needles, and thread to spare buttons, threaders, measuring tape, and a thimble. And you can toss it in your suitcase when you travel.


This Pretty, Inside-Out Umbrella That’s So Clever

Upgrade your umbrella to this smart, modern version of the classic rain protection. When closed it is reversed with the wet part inside so that the water drips in a contained way. The C-shaped handle hooks over your arm so you can use both hands while carrying it. The bright interior colors feel like you are walking under a piece of art.


A Bath Pillow For Super Comfy Relaxation

Is there anything more relaxing than a long soak in a hot tub? Yes — a soak in a tub that has this comfy bath pillow suctioned securely under your head, neck, and shoulders. The soft fabric feels lovely against your skin. It's breathable so you never feel like you are sticking to plastic. It even comes with a washing bag so you can easily keep it as clean as you like.


This Journal To Encourage Strength & Vision

Write your dreams, to-do list, or lecture notes in this beautiful Be Rooted spirit journal and elevate your stationery to reflect who you are. Each one has a graphic image of a gorgeous, strong woman to inspire you.

“The cover is a very heavy weight cardboard and has a soft, almost velvet-like feel to it,” said one reviewer. “The cover illustration is well printed in bold colors with stylized graphics and an inspirational message.” To boot, this journal is from a small business that’s minority-owned.


This Weird Back Device That Feels So Good

Add this spine massager to your home gym for recovery days because it makes giving yourself a deep-pressure treatment super easy. A series of ball shapes are connected together in precisely the shape to fit on either side of your spine, letting you quickly target those important areas simply by lying on it. Turn it sideways for a deep tissue massage to the lower back or shoulders.


The Popcorn Popper That’s A Game Changer For Snacks

With this silicone microwave popcorn popper (and some popcorn kernels) in your kitchen, a tasty snack is always only a few minutes away. Just put the kernels and oil (or no oil) in the well at the bottom and microwave it for a couple of minutes. Then add your own flavorings. This snack is not only tasty but also healthy, with none of the preservatives of bag popcorn or the mess and oiliness of making fresh popcorn in a pan.


This Meat Thermometer That People Are Raving About

Stop estimating when it comes to your grilled or roasted meats. Get a precise answer by inserting the probe of this digital meat thermometer and consulting the chart printed on the side. It will tell you if it’s ready to eat, medium rare, and whatever else you want to know. It does low and high temperatures so you can use it to measure almost anything.

“I freaking love this thermometer!!” said one reviewer. “I set an alarm in it so [that when] the meat temperature is above where I set, it starts beeping to let me know.” They also like that the “back is magnetic so you can stick it to the side of the fridge or the range hood above the stove.”


The Stick-On Fix For Your Drafty Doors

Spend $10 and 10 minutes and stop letting your heat or air conditioner escape to the great outdoors. You can save so much money. This insulated door draft stopper sticks to the bottom of your door, stopping that draft (also dirt, bugs, and sound) from traveling through the gap under it. Choose the color that matches your door — there are five options — and it practically disappears from view.


This Pot Strainer For Easier Pasta Nights

Take the hassle out of pasta prep by skipping the dangerous, scalded-by-steam, strain-through-a-colander step that’s usually required to get water out of the pot. Instead, snap this pot strainer onto the edge and safely tip the water out and into the sink. Reviewers love it and gave it nearly 20,000 five-star reviews.

“How have I lived my life without this?” asked more than one. It comes in four colors.


A Big Set Of Pretty Satin Scrunchies

Update your go-to top knot or ponytail hairstyle with these gorgeous satin scrunchies in six elegant, muted colors. The soft satin promises to be gentle on your hair and the neutral color palette will go with just about any outfit.

“I really like how soft they are and they just slide off your hair without pulling!” said one reviewer.


The Coffee Canister That Helps Keep Beans & Grounds Fresh

Store your coffee beans in this stainless steel coffee canister that seals out all the air so they stay as fresh as possible. It's designed to sit out on your counter, with a silicone base for a soft landing on hard surfaces, four colors to match your decor, and a scoop that hangs ready in the holster. There is even a date dial so you can track how long the beans have been stored.


These Side-Sleeper Pillows That Are Like Living In A Hotel

Sleep every night like you are vacationing in a deluxe hotel by resting your head on this side sleeper pillow. It has a luxurious 300-thread cotton cover, a luscious down alternative filling, and a fluffy, head-supporting loft that will not fall flat.

“My husband and I first slept on these pillows at Excalibur in Vegas,” said one reviewer. “We knew we had to find them and order them when we got home! [...] Our perfect pillow search is over!!”


These Stickers That Tell You When To Reapply Sunscreen

Don’t take any chances with the sun. Stick one of these UV stickers for sunscreen on an exposed piece of skin and it will change colors to remind you when it’s time to reapply. Cover the patch with sunscreen and it will absorb it at the same rate as your skin. It turns from purple to clear when that sunscreen is no longer working.


This Trick For Making Hot Beverages Cold Fast

When your wine is warm or you long for iced coffee but it’s just brewed hot, pull out this beverage cooler and pour your drink of choice into it before you sip. In one minute, your hot coffee will be cold enough to drink iced and your warm white wine will be chilled. Just store this HyperChiller in the freezer and it will be always ready.


The Weasel That Helps Clear Your Drain Clogs

When the shower water starts to pool around your feet, skip that expensive call to a plumber by stocking up on this drain weasel. Just attach one of the five wands to the rotating handle and snake it into your drain, turning the handle. The barbed wand will gather up all the hair so you can pull it out and clear the drain. Over 17,000 people said, “Five stars!”


The Toiletry Bag You Don’t Have To Unpack

Simplify and streamline your next trip by carting your personal care items in this hanging toiletry bag. It eliminates the need to unpack completely. Just hang it in the bathroom and everything you need is at the ready, organized into the zippered mesh pockets or standing in the roomy bottom compartments. It stands on its own on a counter, too.


These Cute Scrubbers That Are Better Than Your Sponge

If you have a love/hate relationship with that green scouring pad sponge in your kitchen, these reusable scrubs are ready to be your new favorite. They are cotton cloths with a hardened surface that scrubs dishes clean but is safe on nonstick pans, your delicate glass cooktop, and all the dishes. Colorful, cute, and washable, these will last for ages and make cleaning up prettier.


This Pillow That Makes Any Seat Comfy Enough For A Nap

Take a nap — or just get cozy with a book — by wrapping this infinity pillow around you. It conforms to your body position and the seat you are in so you can comfortably rest your head. Just twist and wrap it in the way that suits the moment and chill.

“This pillow is fantastic for travel and at home,” said one reviewer. “I bought it for a 12-hour flight and a road trip and used it in the airplane, car, and hotel. [...] You can twist it differently to help you sleep, dampen sounds and light, or even warm you.”


This Griddle Hack For Making Perfect Eggs & Pancakes

Create the perfect pancake. Serve eggs that look like they came from a hotel kitchen. Make several omelets at once on one skillet. These griddle rings are the trick that makes it all easy. Just set one — or more — on the skillet, drop your eggs or batter into the ring size of your choice, and everything cooks in a perfect circle. There are four of them in three sizes for various applications.


The Coffee Pods You Can Fill & Use Again & Again

If you love the ease of your coffee maker but don’t love disposable pods, these reusable coffee pods will make that machine perfect. Fill them with your own ground coffee and use them just like the disposables — reduced waste, ahoy. You can also choose exactly the coffee blend you want.

“It’s so easy and takes very little time,” said one reviewer. “I can fill [them] with my favorite freshly ground beans and the coffee tastes better than with pods that sit on a shelf for who knows how long?”


This Pink Shoe Cleaner That Makes Sneakers Like New Again

When your shoes look old and dingy, it might be time to get a new pair — or you can spend a couple minutes with this shoe cleaner kit and make them look fresh and new again. All it takes is a few drops and some water to find out. The kit will last for years and clean so many shoes.

“This is basically the magic eraser for shoes,” said one reviewer. “They look brand new aside from the laces, if I bleach/replace those it’ll be like a new pair of shoes.”


The Masher That Makes Fast Work Of Potatoes & Guacamole

Make fast work of mashing potatoes or mixing avocados for guacamole with this clever scoop-and-smash avocado tool. Four firm blades smash and mix quickly and with little effort on your part. One spatula blade scrapes down the side of the bowl. It works just as well for ground beef, egg salad, and more.


These Covers For The Fridge Handles So You Don’t Have To Wipe Them

Dress up your refrigerator with these linen-textured refrigerator handle covers and not only will your kitchen look cute but you can stop constantly wiping down those handles. Install them by wrapping them around the handles and pressing the hook and loop material. They don’t show fingerprints and clean up in the washing machine. This is five pieces so you can do the oven and dishwasher to match.


The Little Container That Helps Keep Pasta Fresh

If you don’t finish an entire package of spaghetti, it can be a pain to store. This airtight container solves that problem. Just drop your dry pasta in it, push the button on the lid to activate the airtight seal, and store the remainder indefinitely. This clever container is part of a collection that solves all your kitchen storage problems, large and small, with a variety of clear, stacking, and nesting storage containers. There are 15 sizes.


This Freezable Snack Box That’s Neater Than Ice Packs

Instead of filling up your lunchbox with an ice brick, pop this freezable snack box with built-in coolants into the freezer overnight and everything you put inside it will stay cold. The small size is perfect for snacks and it will keep them cold for hours. It comes in 12 designs and has a clip so you can easily attach it to another bag.


A Set Of Quick-Dry Towels That Are Perfect For The Gym

These quick-dry towels pack up small so they are perfect for your gym bag, camping, or travel. They even come with their own carry bag. This is a set of three towels so you can use one to mop your brow while working out, another as a hair towel, and the large one as a bath towel. They are said to dry three times faster than standard towels and are super gentle on your skin.


The Foot Peel Masks That Smell Like Lavender

Give yourself an effective at-home pedicure by wearing one of these foot peel masks for an hour while you relax. About a week later, the dead outer layer of your feet will begin to shed like a snake shedding its skin, revealing the soft, like-new feet that are below it.

“This has definitely been a strange experience,” said one reviewer. “But my feet haven’t been this smooth and new looking in years.”


A Gooseneck Kettle So You Can Make Perfect Pour-Over

If you want a maximum tasty cup of brewed coffee, a pour-over brew is it. You do need some basic equipment. This gooseneck kettle with a built-in thermometer is one essential piece. It allows you to pour hot water that is precisely the right temperature slowly over your fresh grounds with the long, gooseneck pour spout. It works on any stovetop and also makes a chic tea kettle.


The Cutest Ladle To Swim In Your Soup

How can you resist this adorable Nessie ladle? Not only does it look adorable in your kitchen or standing in the soup pot (or on the counter) but it’s a great ladle, too. It’s easy to grip and is dishwasher-safe for ease.

“Love Nessie,” said one reviewer. “She’s both a quirky fun addition to my kitchen and very functional. Holds up well to heat, can take a beating, and just overall a very good quality product.”


A Trunk Organizer That’s So Helpful

Bring order and control to the trunk of your car so that every trip to the store is easier and your just-purchased goods won’t toss around back there. The big, roomy compartments of this car trunk organizer are perfect for grocery bags, gym bags and tools, or individual items. The many pockets hold the things you like to keep stored in the car, and the straps secure to the interior so it doesn’t slide around.


This Water Bottle With The Best Sipping Lid Ever

Just when you thought you didn’t need another water bottle, along comes this 32-ounce FreeSip insulated stainless steel bottle with the best sipping lid ever. The cover snaps closed so it won’t leak. Push the button, though, and the top snaps up revealing a dual sipping spout with a wide mouth swig section and a built-in straw. You can sip however you like. There’s a carry loop on the top, too.


A Milk Frother For Yummy Beverages At Home

There’s no need to leave the house for a café-style coffee drink. Just dip this handheld milk frother into your milk of choice and push the big button on the top. It creates that yummy froth — hot or cold — in seconds. It comes in 45 colors, has its own cute stand so you can store it on the counter, and gets five stars from over 73,000 fans.

“I love this so much. I use it multiple times a day. Making my protein shake, foam for my coffee, hot cocoa at night I use it all the time to create a yummy drink,” said one reviewer.


These Slim Velvet Hangers For A Roomier Closet

Make more room in the closet — and possibly reduce the irritation in your life — by standardizing with these slim velvet hangers that take up less room. The hook spins 360 degrees so you can hang everything in the right direction. The grippy texture stops slippery items from dropping to the floor. Also, it looks so nice to have all your hangers match. This is a box of 50 and they come in eight colors.


The Extra-Long Oven Mitts That Help Prevent Burns

Protect your hands and your arms with these long oven mitts that have a silicone palm. The extra layer of protection keeps the heat away from your hands, even if you lift very hot pans and carry them across the kitchen. And the long length helps prevent those common arm burns from touching oven parts as you put pans in or take them out. They come in 12 colors.

“These Oven Mitts have saved arms from burns more times [than] I know,” said one reviewer.