These Clever Things Significantly Upgrade The Inside & Outside Of Your Home For Under $35 On Amazon

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by Mackenzie Edwards and Lisa Fogarty

Every time you consider giving your home a glow-up, you probably also think cha-ching — because upgrades usually come with a hefty price tag. But that isn’t always the case. These clever things significantly upgrade the inside and outside of your home for under $35 on Amazon. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a neglected yard or add creative storage to a cramped room, you really can do it without blowing your budget (no, really).

Sometimes all it takes is attention to detail and a few smart swaps. Even if an outdoor bathroom and shower are way too costly, a solar-powered shower bag is a genius solution that provides a little luxury in your everyday life. Upgrading your glassware and serving sets are little changes that can make you feel more pride in your home, whether you’re having guests over or just treating yourself to a cocktail and special meal.


A Stunning Glass Kettle That’s Stovetop Approved

Make tea at home with this stunning teapot that has a built-in infuser. The 33-ounce glass kettle can make hot or iced tea with loose leaf tea — so no need for bags. It has a heat-resistant handle and no-drip spout, plus it looks elegant on your countertop. This one can be used on the stovetop like a normal kettle.


The Fire Packets That Create Color-Changing Flames

Turn your backyard into a magical experience with these colorful fire packets. Throw one of the 12 provided pouches into the fire unopened, and watch as the flames morph into a magical, rainbow-colored display. The sealed pouches keep everyone safe from any chemicals — and you even use them inside.


These Modern And Chic Salt And Pepper Grinders

Here’s a quick and easy upgrade to your kitchen or dining table: new salt and pepper shakers. Pour your grocery-store-bought grinders or bulk seasonings into these modern grinders. The shakers come with a stand to keep the set together. Choose among three coarseness settings to achieve the perfect meal.


The Glass Containers For Serving And Storing Sauces

These glass food containers make your fridge look (and ultimately smell) better. They have hinged, locking lids that are grooved so they stack easily — meaning you can store more in less space. This smaller, 4-ounce size is ideal for dips and sauces. They’re made with BPA-free borosilicate glass that is resistant to cold and heat — including the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. This pack of six has earned nearly 5,000 reviews.


A Set Of Tempered Glass Coffee Mugs That Look Modern

Elevate your coffee game with this set of glass coffee mugs. Not only are they practical — thermal shock resistant, made of tempered glass — but they’re beautiful for hot and cold drinks. The medium-size coffee mugs have a convenient handle and beautiful transparent design that’s effortlessly modern. They even have a weighted bottom to keep spills at bay.


This Shockingly Affordable Duvet Set To Update Your Bed

Swapping duvet covers is an easy way to update a bedroom while staying under budget. Many comforters can be inserted into a duvet cover, completely transforming your existing aesthetic. This budget-friendly option comes with a duvet cover and two pillowcases for less than $15. One reviewer noted, “Although the fabric is very light-weight, it is tightly woven and not see-through so anyone concerned about colors or patterns on their comforter showing through would not have a problem.”


An Over-The-Door Organizer Made For Purses

Keep your favorite handbags safe and secure in designated storage space. This closet purse organizer can hold six bags on a single hanger. The double-sided organizer features transparent pockets so you can see all of your bags at once. They can also be used for clothes, shoes, or other accessories.


This Wireless, Easy-To-Install Modern Doorbell

Outdated doorbells are the first thing people notice when arriving at your home, but rewiring a new one can be a pain. That’s why shoppers love this wireless doorbell. It’s waterproof, battery-powered, and works up to 1000 feet away. Just mount the bell outside your door and place the receiver anywhere in your home. It comes in a variety of colors and has earned more than 30,000 reviews.


The Hotel-Inspired Pillow Covers For Only $12

New pillowcases can refresh an entire bed and make your space feel clean — and this pack is under $15. The set comes with two microfiber pillowcases that are designed with 1500 thread count microfiber that’s silky-soft, moisture-resistant, and comfortable year-round. Choose from 12 colors and two sizes: standard/queen or king.


A Cooling Mattress Pad That Defends Against Stains

This dual-purpose cover keeps your mattress protected from stains and keeps you cool all night long. The plush mattress pad is made of machine-washable cotton and bamboo — which is easy to clean and helps regulate your body temperature. It has deep pockets that fit an 18-inch mattress and ensure the pad doesn’t move an inch. Choose from six sizes starting at only $24.


This Memory Foam Seat Cushion For Your Home Office

If you work from home, you need this seat cushion for your desk. The U-shaped cushion is made of memory foam, has a non-slip back, and comes with a machine-washable cover. The seat’s ergonomic shape can improve your posture and relieve tailbone, sciatic, and lower back pain while supporting circulation. Get one for your home office, gaming chair, or car seat on long drives.


A French Press And Frother Coffee Set For At-Home Lattes

Skip the long lines at your coffee shop and make an Insta-worthy latte right at home. This set includes a French press and a milk frother that transforms milk into light and fluffy foam. It includes a convenient stand to store your frother on your counter or coffee station. The portable glass French press brews a delicious cup of coffee and looks pretty on your coffee bar.


The Garden Sprayer That’s Hand-Pumped And Portable

Make tending to your flowers a lot easier with this garden pump spray. It holds a half-gallon and is pressurized for a continuous spray. Adjust the nozzle to control water pressure from a light mist to a continuous spray. This lightweight bottle beats lugging the hose all around the yard. Fill this up and easily care for your plants everywhere in the garden.


These Motion-Sensor Lights That Cost Less Than You Think

Custom lighting right where you need is rarely only $20 — and this pick is conveniently motion-activated, to boot. The wireless lights can be mounted to surfaces using 3M tape or screws (both of which are included). They run on batteries (which aren't included) and detect light and motion up to 10 feet away, to illuminate any dark space in your home, the minute you open a door.


A No-Drip Syrup Dispenser That Prevents Messy Spills

Not only is this no-drip syrup dispenser super-sweet (pun intended) and aesthetic with a honeycomb design, but it’s also practical: you can dress up your waffles and pancakes without dripping sticky syrup on counters. The dispenser holds 1 cup of syrup or honey and has a button that you push or pull back on to release and then stop it from dispensing.


These S-Shaped Shelves For A Stylish Storage Option

You don’t have to cram every single knickknack you own onto your bookshelf. Mount these two S-shaped shelves on the wall and free up major storage, while looking unique and stylish. The floating shelves come in five colors and provide the ideal space for vases, books, and artwork.


A Set Of Stemless Champagne Flutes That Are Easier To Hold

It’s going to be so much easier for guests to mingle at your next party when you serve bubbly in these stemless champagne flutes. The best-selling set of 24 flutes is shatterproof and boasts more than 10,000 reviews. They come in two styles: heavy duty or regular.


The Gloves That Resist Cuts When You’re Prepping Food

If you’re used to yelling “ouch!” every time you slice and dice a vegetable, you need these cut-resistant gloves in your life. The gloves have a cut-resistant level of 5, which means they’re as strong as possible and will keep you safe whether you wear them to prep food or engage in DIY projects. Choose from five sizes.


An Attractive Bamboo Paper Towel Holder

Bet you didn’t know that you can even upgrade your paper towel holder? Swap yours for this attractive and durable bamboo holder that mounts to the wall with included hardware. The holder frees up counter space and gives a sweet rustic farmhouse look to your space.


A Genius Way To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Bird Feeder

Your backyard could be such a calming oasis — if not for those pesky squirrels that keep getting into the bird feeder and disrupting your winged friends. This pest stopper wraps around the pole of your feeder and prevents squirrels, raccoons, and other animals from stealing bird food. Unlike similar products, this one doesn’t require that you take the feeder down first — assembling it is a breezy, tool-free experience.


This Fun Inflatable Bowling Set For Backyard Parties

Just when your guests thought the fun was over, pull out this inflatable bowling set and give them a reason to hang around longer. The set comes with six bowling pins and a bowl — all of which are easily inflatable via one air chamber. A repair patch kit is included to ensure this set stays functional and the best part? You can deflate them and store them anywhere in between uses.


The Tape That Keeps Rugs From Curling Up

Little details make all of the difference in your home. Unfortunately, the same rule applies if those details are contributing to an unsightly appearance. Curled-up rugs can make rooms look messy — this rug corner gripper tape is all you need to secure them to hard floors. The pack comes with eight pieces of corner tape that adhere to any flooring.


A Genius Way To Customize Margaritas

Everyone has their favorite way of enjoying a margarita, so why not make prepping them easy and convenient? This three-tier bar glass rimmer has compartments for sugar, salt, and lime juice — all of the essentials needed to jazz up that cocktail. The compartments are labeled and using them is as easy as turning your glass over and dipping it into each. Guests will be amazed at their impressive (and delicious) drinks.


These Pads That Bring The Volume Down On Your Washer And Dryer

If your entire home shakes when your washing machine enters the speed cycle, snag these washer and dryer quiet pads, place them beneath the legs of your appliances, and reviewers say you’ll notice an incredible difference: silence for once. The rubber-coated stainless steel plates can also keep appliances from slipping and they come in packs of four or eight.


A Solar-Powered Fountain Pump For A Bird Bath

Invite the birds to your backyard by creating an oasis with this $12 solar-powered birdbath fountain. It fits in most birdbaths and comes with a built-in battery that’s charged by the sun and pumps water through six nozzles. It charges even on cloudy days to keep water pumping.


This Crystal-Covered Jewelry Box For Practicality With A Bit Of Bling

Keep your accessories clutter contained in style with this pretty crystal-covered jewelry box. The elegant box is the perfect size for holding onto jewelry, hair clips, or even office supplies (because why not?). But all you’ll see is a sparkling piece of decor that elevates your bedroom or office. The highly rated pick is also available in gray diamond or pure silver if you prefer a more minimalist look.


The Edison Bulb String Lights That Transform Outdoor Spaces

If your backyard is lacking a little atmosphere — add string lights. Just a few strands of lights can completely transform an outdoor space. These affordable outdoor lights measure 25 feet and are made with 25 glass Edison bulbs for a warm glow. You’re provided with spare bulbs and fuses, but fear not, even if one bulb burns out, the rest remain lit. Decorate your space with one or several of these to create a truly magical outdoor atmosphere.


A Retro-Inspired Beverage Cooler

So your fridge is already packed to the gills and you can’t fit another thing inside of it? This mini fridge offers additional storage but it’s also stylish — its retro-inspired flair will only add pizzazz to your bedroom, dorm room, or basement. The 4-liter fridge has a removable shelf so you can customize it to your needs. It comes in four neutral and fun colors: white, mint, pink, or red.


An Easy Inflatable Serving Bar For Outdoor Parties

Create easy-going party vibes with this four-pack of inflatable ice serving bar coolers that you can blow up in minutes by mouth or using a pump (which isn’t included.) The low-maintenance tray accommodates ice, beer, soda, champagne, and even appetizers that require a constant chill. You can bring these anywhere and they’ll shave off tons of after-party clean-up time when you simply wipe them clean, deflate them, and store them anywhere.


These Planters For Your Home Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs saves you money while filling your home with fresh aromas. But cluttering your countertops with planters can look messy. Here’s an elegant solution: this three-pack herb planter set that features water filling ports and water-absorbent strings to ensure the ideal conditions to keep your herbs growing strong and beautiful. Mount these to your window for a sweet aesthetic that will also save you money on groceries.


The Rainfall Shower Head Upgrade For A Spa-Like Experience

The fastest and most affordable way to give your bathroom a spa upgrade is by simply swapping your current shower head for a luxury rainfall shower head. This pick, which boasts more than 15,000 reviews, features an extra-large 9-inch head and accompanying handheld shower head with push-button flow control. It offers a high-power rain flow and has a sleek chrome finish.


A Shark Tank-Approved Portable Campfire For Evening Fun

This fun portable campfire, which was featured on Shark Tank, gives you the benefit of a fire pit without the hassle of having to install a fire pit in your backyard. The eco-conscious pick is made from recycled soy wax and recycled paper briquettes and will burn for up to three hours. Keep it in your yard for parties and then take it on the road to create cozy vibes on your next camping trip or beach picnic.


These In-Ground Lights That Are Solar-Powered

Make your backyard path more visible with additional lighting. These solar light discs look modern and sleek — and best of all, an eight-pack costs less than $30. The disk lights are attached to stakes that stick into the ground and disappear to create a seamless look. They’re even waterproof, and the warm white lights will run for eight hours after a full charge from the sun.


The Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Bugs Out

Enjoy the breeze without bugs with the help of this magnetic screen door. It attaches to your door frame with a magnetic opening in the center that easily separates hands-free so you (or your pets) can go in and out freely. After each exit, the doors find their way back to each other, thanks to the strong magnets. It’s earned more than 52,000 reviews.


An Aromatherapy Soap Set Made With Nourishing Essential Oils

Washing your hands doesn’t have to be a drying and irritating experience. This set of aromatherapy hand soaps nourishes your skin with a plant-based formula and essential oils and is free of harsh chemicals. The set of three liquid hand soaps come in four different scents such as aloe, eucalyptus, and lavender, and is also available in a foaming soap option.


This Pop-Up Privacy Pod For Quick Changes

So maybe building an outdoor guest house or cabana is out of budget — that doesn’t mean you can’t provide yourself and your guests the gift of outdoor privacy. For less than $30, this pop-up privacy pod gives you a convenient space to change clothing after the pool or take shelter from the storm on a camping trip. It has a water-resistant coating and folds down quickly, so you can store it anywhere. This popular pick has more than 21,000 reviews.


The Mesh Food Covers That Keep Pests Away

Warmer weather brings ants, flies, and bees who are looking for food. Before you plan your next BBQ, make sure to snag a pack of these mesh food covers. These covers will keep pests away from your delicious plates. The screens open like umbrellas to fit over plates and bowls and then collapse for easy storage.


An Elegant Tissue Box That’s Clear And Minimalist

Tissues are a bathroom necessity, but store-bought boxes don’t always fit in well with your decor. This minimalist tissue box cover is transparent and elegant and you can easily refill it with tissues as you go. Reviewers said it fits tissues perfectly and can also be repurposed to hold items like disposable masks.


The Patio Light That Clamps Around An Umbrella

Add overhead lighting to your outdoor space with this cordless LED light. The battery-powered light features three different brightness settings and is designed to attach around the umbrella’s pole. It has adjustable grips to accommodate different-sized umbrellas. Now you can have extra lighting without having to run additional electrical.


This Cord Organizer That Makes Appliances Look Neat And Tidy

There’s just no good way to wrap cords around appliances and make them look elegant. This cord organizer saves the look of your kitchen by providing a place to secure two and three-prong cord plugs. “Ingenious and so practical,” one reviewer raved. “It was exactly what I was hoping to find when I searched for ways to manage a lighted mirror cord that was getting to be a real nuisance. The steps to apply it were straightforward and simple. It has worked like a charm. [...].”


A Durable Hammock To Utilize Your Outdoor Space

Utilize your outdoor space by hanging hammocks or additional seating. This versatile nylon hammock is lightweight and easy to set up quickly — perfect for spontaneous backyard hangs. This set comes with two D-shaped carabiners, two 9-foot talon straps, and a storage bag. The hammock itself is made of soft yet durable parachute nylon and features triple interlocking stitching that holds up to 400 pounds. Choose from 12 colors.


The Picture Light That Turns Your Room Into An Art Gallery

Illuminate your favorite artwork and make it a focal point in your room with these wireless picture lights. The lights are easy to mount with the included hardware and can be adjusted to direct the light where you want it. You can even control their brightness setting with a dimmable touch switch.


A Solar-Powered Shower Bag For Backyard Showers

It’s easy to envy those few lucky people who actually have showers built into their backyards. Just because that option is out of your budget doesn’t mean you can’t find genius alternative solutions like this solar shower bag. The bag can carry up to 5 gallons of water and comes with a hose, shower head, and a water tap. Let the sun heat up your water before cleaning yourself off anywhere — whether you use it after the pool in your backyard or on camping and beach trips. Choose from 10 colors.


This Bidet Attachment To Update Your Bathroom

You can create a luxurious, spa-like bathroom without spending a ton of money. Here’s a tip: add a bidet attachment. Not only does this bidet attachment not require any special tools for installation, but many reviewers were able to get the job done in just a few short minutes. The water pressure is easily adjustable using the small knob on the side — and unlike some bidets, this one is designed to fit onto any standard-sized toilet.


The Torchlights That Are Solar-Powered

Light up your next backyard party with these fun solar-powered torchlights. It looks like a traditional flame tiki torch, however, it consists of 99 flickering, waterproof LED bulbs that give the look of a real flame. The torch is made of ultra-durable plastic, and the battery fully charges after eight hours in the sun (and will run for 10 hours). It also has a stake on the end so you can stick it into the ground wherever you need light.