These Clever Things Solve All Sorts Of Pain-In-The Ass Problems You Deal With Daily

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Life is full of problems, but it’s often those small, daily annoyances that irk the most. Like when your purse is so disorganized that you can’t find what you need, or when your household is always fighting over the phone charger. Luckily, Amazon has tons of genius products that help solve these regular frustrations.

If you struggle with organization, then there are plenty of tools to help, like this expandable bamboo utensil drawer that keeps your kitchen neat. Or this TV remote organizer so you never have to dig through the couch cushions again. These hanging shelves add extra space to your closet and can hold shoes or other accessories.

And then there are those pain-in-the-ass problems that are so random, you didn’t even know there was a solution for them. These elastic bed sheet holders keep your fitted sheets from slipping off the bed. These rubber door stoppers actually stick to the floor, so they don’t slide around. Seriously, you don’t have to deal with these little problems anymore because the fixes are so simple — and often really affordable, too. Win-win.

A clever product in your home can go a long way in making your life easier, especially when it corrects something that’s been bugging you every day. So keep reading for dozens of helpful, genius ways to organize and improve your home.

Problem: Not Having Anywhere To Put Your Phone While Working Out

Solution: These Leggings That Have Pockets

It’s always a struggle to know where to put your phone or house keys while working out. These leggings have built-in pockets on each leg so you have a secure place to store your essentials. The high-waisted leggings are made from a buttery-soft fabric and have over 50,000 positive reviews. “Stretchy, so soft, and so comfy for all day wear!” raved one shopper.

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available colors: 45

Problem: Mosquitoes & Other Bugs Interrupting Your BBQ

Solution: This Mosquito Net That Keeps Pests Out

Insects are one of the most annoying parts about summer, especially when they interrupt a perfectly good party. This canopy mosquito net is made from a fine mesh that prevents even the tiniest of bugs from coming through. The net is big enough to comfortably fit over a large outdoor space and protect you and your guests.

Problem: Not Enough Outlets To Charge Your Devices

Solution: This Charging Station With 6 Ports

A good charger is a hot commodity in most homes. This charging station has six ports, so you’ll have a surplus of cords to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices. The station has three USB and three USB-C charging ports with plastic dividers between each to keep your devices upright.

Problem: No Place To Dry Dishes

Solution: This Silicone Dish Drying Mat That’s Dishwasher-Safe

Arranging your dishes in a drying rack can be like playing a game of Jenga. This silicone drying mat eliminates the need for stacking, and at 24 by 18 inches it’s big enough to hold basically all your dishes. The mat is conveniently dishwasher-safe, and you can roll it up for easy storage.

Problem: Running Out Of Mop Pads

Solution: This Mop With Washable & Reusable Pads

Buying those disposable mop pads can feel like throwing away money. This mop comes with reusable microfiber pads that are easy to throw in the washing machine in between cleanings. They can be used on wet or dry floors, and the microfiber is great at picking up dust and dirt.

Problem: Not Being Able To Find Utensils

Solution: This Drawer Organizer That Keeps Your Tools Neat

If you don’t have a way to organizers the drawers in your kitchen, they’ll probably end up a mess. This bamboo drawer organizer is perfect for managing your silverware, utensils, and miscellaneous kitchen items. The organizer is expandable, too, so you can adjust the number of slots depending on the size of your drawer.

Problem: Having Wrinkly Clothes

Solution: This Portable Steamer That Smoothes Out Wrinkles Easily

It’s always a bummer to pull out your favorite shirt and see that it’s wrinkled. This portable steamer makes it easy to remove the wrinkles without having to break out the ironing board. The steamer weighs less than two pounds, so it’s easy to take with you while traveling. It heats up in one minute and automatically shuts off when it runs out of water.

Problem: No Way To Store Leftovers

Solution: These Storage Containers With An Airtight Seal

Keep your leftovers and meal-prepped food fresh with these storage containers that are airtight and leakproof. The containers are dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe, so they fit all your storage needs. Plus, they’re stackable so they’re easy to store in the cabinet or fridge.

Problem: Not Being Able To Find Your Shoes

Solution: This Three-Tier Shoe Rack That Gives Each Pair A Home

If you misplace your shoes around the house, keep them organized with this bamboo shoe rack. The rack is the perfect size for putting by your front door and can hold about nine pairs. The rack is easy to assemble and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The rack can also double as a bench so you can sit on it to tie your shoes.

Problem: Not Having Enough Light To Do Your Makeup

Solution: A Magnification Mirror With Built-In LED Lights

If you do your makeup every morning, then you know the importance of good lighting. This mirror has built-in LED lights, so you can see exactly what you’re doing. The mirror also has three panels and magnification, and it’s lightweight so you can throw it in your bag while traveling.

Problem: Not Having Enough Light In Your Kitchen

Solution: These Under-Cabinet Lights That Turn On With A Tap

Installing a new light fixture is a pain, but these LED lights are easy to attach under your cabinets with adhesive or screws. The lights turn on and off with just a tap, so they’re easy to use. They’re battery-operated and come with a remote so you can control them from the other side of the room. They can also be used on your stairs, in a closet, or wherever else you need some additional lighting.

Problem: Doors Not Staying Open When You Need Them To

Solution: These Rubber Doors Stoppers That Don’t Slip

These rubber door stoppers are handy because unlike traditional wooden stoppers, they are nonslip and won’t move around. They even come with a clip so you can stack door stoppers together for extra height. They work on hardwood, linoleum, carpet, and other common types of flooring.

Problem: Nowhere To Put Your Purse In The Car

Solution: A Purse Holder That Keeps It From Falling

There never seems to be a good place to put your purse in the car. This pocket organizer attaches to your headrests with a carabiner clip and is super easy to install. It has a pocket so it can hold smaller items like your sunglasses or an umbrella, and your purse can rest gently on it like a hammock.

Problem: Not Knowing When Meat Is Done Cooking

Solution: This Instant-Read Meat Thermometer

A good meat thermometer is crucial for cooking and grilling. This instant-read thermometer quickly displays a digital temperature reading, so you don’t have to guess. It’s magnetic, so you can keep it right on your fridge or grill, and it’s also useful for measuring accurate temperatures during deep frying, baking, and other kitchen tasks.

Problem: Clothes Slipping Off Hangers

Solution: These Velvet Hangers That Grip Fabric

Traditional hangers are made from a smooth and slippery plastic that doesn’t hold onto clothes very well. These velvet hangers grip your clothing, so it stays in place much better. They come in a pack of 20 and also come in fun, bright colors. They also have a bar for hanging ties or scarves.

Problem: Your Hair Feels Dry & Damaged

Solution: This Deeply Moisturizing Hair Mask

If your hair is dry and damaged, give it a hydrating boost with this conditioning mask made with keratin and coconut oil to give hair shine and smoothness. The mask can be used once a week to moisturize hair and help reduce frizz and split ends. “This product wasn’t greasy, smelled great and left my hair so smooth after I used it,” wrote one reviewer.

Problem: A Closet That’s Too Cluttered

Solution: This Hanging Organizer With Drawers & Shelves

This hanging closet organizer makes the most of your space with multiple shelves, drawers, and pockets for organizing clothes, shoes, or accessories. The five drawers can be rearranged into different configurations in the organizer or leave them out completely for more shelving.

Problem: TV Isn’t Bright Enough

Solution: Some LED Lights That Add Backlighting To Your TV

If your TV setting is feeling a little dull, brighten it up with this set of LED lights. Designed to wrap around the back of your TV, these lights create a more vivid TV-viewing experience by enhancing the contrast of the screen. They come with a remote so you can adjust the brightness level and switch between a variety of colors to set a fun mood.

Problem: Water Getting Warm Throughout The Day

Solution: An Insulated Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cold For Hours

Keep your drinks at the ideal temperature with this insulated bottle. Made from stainless steel, this water bottle will keep your coffee or tea hot for up to nine hours, and keep ice water cold for up to 18, but many reviewers report it’s actually much longer. “I had ice water in it and there was still ice in it 36 hours later,” wrote one shopper.

Problem: No Room For Spices In The Pantry

Solution: This Over-The-Door Organizer With 24 Pockets

Having a well-stocked spice cabinet is essential for any home cook, but it’s easy to run out of space. This over-the-door organizer has 24 pockets, so it’s perfect for holding all the spices that don’t fit in your cabinet or pantry. It can also be used to other pantry items or cleaning supplies. It has three stainless steel hooks that can be adjusted to fit over different spaces.

Problem: Not Enough Room To Store Pots & Pans

Solution: An Organizer That Makes It Easy To Stack Pots

Putting away pots and pans can be super annoying if you don’t have a great system. Get this organizer rack and it’s easy to keep your tools organized. This rack comes with eight tiers, which can be adjusted based on the height of your pans. It can be used vertically to stack pots and pans, or horizontally to organize lids.

Problem: Bugs Getting Into The House

Solution: This Magnetic Mesh Screen To Keep Them Out

When the weather’s nice, you may want to keep the door to the house open, but doing so can let critters in. This magnetic screen door lets you have the best of both worlds. Made from a heavy-duty mesh with a magnetic closure, this screen lets you easily go in and out without letting in bugs or debris from outside.

Problem: Not Enough Outlets

Solution: This Surge Protector With Rotating Outlets

If you’re always running out of outlet space, then this surge protector with six outlets will be a lifesaver. The six outlets also rotate, which solves the problem of plugs that take up too much space and cover other outlets. Unlike some bulky surge protectors, this one has a slim profile so it fits behind furniture.

Problem: Unwanted Odors In The House

Solution: These Charcoal Air-Purifying Bags

Keep your space smelling fresh with these air-purifying bags. Each bag is filled with bamboo charcoal that deodorizes the air without using strong-smelling air fresheners. The bags are also small, so they can be tucked in just about anywhere without taking much room at all. They’re also easy to take with you while traveling.

Problem: Nowhere To Hang Your Pants In The Closet

Solution: These S-Shaped Hangers To Store Multiple Pairs

Instantly expand the size of your closet with these S-shaped hangers that are perfect for holding pants. Each stainless steel hanger has a series of curves that can hold up to five pairs of pants, but they can also be used for scarves, towels, and other garments. The hangers come in a pack of three and are rust-resistant.

Problem: Room Too Bright To Sleep In

Solution: These Blackout Shades That Are Easy To Install

Try these blackout paper shades for an easy an affordable solution to a room that’s too bright. The shades can be trimmed to fit your window size and are easily installed with an adhesive. It comes with clips so you can adjust the height of the shade and let sunlight in only when you want.

Problem: Carpet Keeps Sliding Out Of Place

Solution: This Double-Sided Tape That Helps It Stay Put

If your rug or carpet is always moving around, then this carpet tape can help keep it in place. The double-sided tape has a strong adhesive and is designed to stick to the material on your rugs. It also won’t leave residue on the floor or on your rug if you decide to move things around. “Nothing is slipping, this tape is the real deal,” wrote one reviewer.

Problem: Running Out Of Paper Towels

Solution: These Bamboo Towels That Are Reusable

These reusable bamboo towels will help save your wallet and the environment. These towels are designed to take the place of paper towels, except they’re reusable and conveniently machine-washable. Each roll comes with 20 sheets and replaces 60 traditional paper towel rolls. They’re thick, strong, and biodegradable.

Problem: Not Being Able To Find Your Remote

Solution: This Holder That Keeps Your Remotes In One Place

Remotes are always getting lost between couch cushions, but not anymore. This remote holder can fit up to four remotes, and they give them a home so you won’t keep losing them. It doesn’t require any tools to install and attaches to your wall with strong adhesive strips. It also has vents in the bottom of the container to prevent dust from collecting.

Problem: Bedsheets Keep Slipping Off

Solution: These Straps That Keep The Sheets Firmly In Place

Fitted bedsheets are a fickle beast, often slipping out of place. This bed sheet holder helps keep them from moving around and makes for a tighter-fitting sheet. Each strap has metal clips that clip onto the sheet in three different places. One reviewer described them as “very easy to use and very easy to install.”

Problem: Not Getting All The Toothpaste Out Of The Tube

Solution: This Squeezer That Pushes Out Every Last Drop

Every tube of toothpaste reaches a point in its life where it can no longer be squeezed by hand. This tube squeezer device fits over the nearly-empty tube and helps you get out every last drop. It also works for other products that come in tubes, like lotion or makeup.

Problem: Nowhere To Put Drinks On The Couch

Solution: This Cup Holder Pillow That Prevents Spills

There’s finally a solution to not having somewhere to put your drinks while hanging on the couch. This cupholder pillow has three slots for holding your cup or bottle. The pillow has a flat bottom and is sturdy enough that it won’t fall over even if you move around the couch. It’s filled with foam that helps keeps the drinks insulated.

Problem: Soap Slipping Around The Tub

Solution: This Soap Sleeve That Makes It Easier To Hold

Make your soap easier to hold with this exfoliating mesh pouch to store it in. The pouch is designed to hold your soap with a drawstring that keeps it in place. The mesh sleeve helps lather and exfoliate your skin, much like a loofah. It’s especially handy for when the bar of soap gets too small to hold comfortably.

Problem: Dropping Food In The Gap Next To The Stove

Solution: These Silicone Covers That Close The Gap

Every time I drop food or a utensil in the gap next to the stove, it’s a big pain to fish it out. These silicone stove gap covers are a lifesaver for that situation. The heat-resistant covers are roughly 2 feet long and the silicone material grips the counter so it stays in place. They wipe clean easily but are also dishwasher-safe.

Problem: Can’t Find Your Wallet

Solution: This Slim Bluetooth Tracker That Helps You Locate It

I’m always moving my wallet between coats and purses, which means I never know where my wallet is. This slim Bluetooth tracker is the size of the a credit card so it can fit perfectly in your wallet. The tracker connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and once you set it up with your smartphone, it’ll make it so easy to find your wallet every time.

Problem: Can’t Find Anything In Your Purse

Solution: This Purse Organizer Insert With Tons Of Pockets

If you have one of those purses that’s full of way too much stuff, try this purse organizer. The insert is made from a soft felt material and features 13 pockets to organize all your small items. The insert also has a pocket that can be detached and used as a standalone wallet. It comes in 18 colors and several different sizes. Plus, this makes it really easy to switch between purses.

Problem: Coffee Gets Cold Before You Can Finish

Solution: This Mug Warmer That Keeps It At The Right Temp

Keep your coffee from getting too cool with this mug warmer. The compact device is small enough to fit on your desk or counter without taking up too much space. It warms up your beverage in less than two minutes and keeps it at the ideal temperature until the last sip.

Problem: Sauce Dripping On The Counter

Solution: This Utensil Holder With A Drip Pad

A spoon rest is handy, but this utensil rest goes a step further with slots to hold your spatulas and other tools. The silicone holder has a drip pad, so any liquid from your cooking will collect there instead of on your counter. It is dishwasher-safe and comes in 26 fun colors.

Problem: Not Being Able To Reach Your Phone While It’s Charging

Solution: This 10-Foot Charging Cord

Sometimes you need to use your phone and charge it at the same time, which can be annoying if your charging cord is short. This charging cord is 10 feet long and is threaded to be extra durable so it won’t break or fray, even with repeated bending. It also won’t tangle or get knotted.

Problem: Stale Snacks

Solution: This Mini Bag Sealer That Keeps Your Snacks Fresh

Keep your favorite snacks from going stale with this mini bag sealer. The compact device heats up the packaging so it can melt together, providing a tighter seal than just using a chip clip. The device is small enough that you can throw it in your bag to bring on trips or even take to work.

Problem: Butter Is Difficult To Spread

Solution: This Clever Knife That Even Works On Cold Butter

Trying to spread cold butter on toast usually ends up with a torn-up piece of bread. This stainless steel butter knife is design to making spreading butter — cold or room temperature — easier. With small holes, the knife breaks up butter into small ribbons that are much easier to spread. It also has a serrated edge like a traditional butter knife.

Problem: Can’t Find Your Lip Balm

Solution: This Nifty Holder That Clips To Your Keychain

If you like having lip balm on hand but tend to misplace it, you need these tiny holders that hug your favorite tube and conveniently clip onto your keychain or bag. The holders come in a pack of three and you can choose from 10 different colors.