These Clever Things Under $30 Make Your Home Much More Comfortable

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It’s normal to become so used to your everyday routine that you don’t realize how much better it can actually be. It’s probably become second nature to strain your back when reaching up for those boxes without the proper step stool or waste time searching for the pepper when you could find it in one spin with a rotating spice rack. You don’t think twice about any of it but you should.

There are countless ways to mold your home to better fit your needs without remodeling. The kind of additions I’m talking about can be put in your Amazon cart and used within minutes of delivery.

I’ve put together a list of Amazon products that’ll fulfill every wish you’ve had about your home whether you knew it or not. For example, I think it’s safe to say that we all lose the remote in the bed sheets, which the transform into a maze as you look. Sure, you may have become used to searching around for a few minutes to find it — but instead, you can keep everything in place with a bedside caddy. And it doesn’t stop there.

Clear up some space to make more room for comfort with genius tools like vacuum storage bags or give yourself the comfort of being able to see even in the dark with motion sensor lights. The opportunities are endless. By the time you get through this list, you’ll be spending more time actually enjoying your home instead of fixing it.


This Cooling Blanket Made Of Bamboo Fibers

Say goodbye to night sweats and hello to this cooling blanket. Made of 100% bamboo fiber, it’s able to better absorb moisture and provide air thanks to the material’s porous and hollow structure. Add this to your cart now to enjoy its lightweight comfort all summer long.


A Step Stool That Can Hold Up To 300 Pounds

Whether your little ones need some help reaching the sink or you don’t want to strain your back trying to grab something from the top shelf in the garage, this step stool will be sure to come in handy. With non-slip surfaces on both the top and bottom, you can feel safe using it to gain an extra 11 inches. And since it can hold up to 300 pounds, you don’t have to think twice about reaching for that heavy box. The carrying handle and foldable design both make it easy to transport and store when not being used.


This Foldable Ottoman That Opens For Storage

In between using this ottoman as a footrest or an extra seat around the coffee table, you can also use it as storage. Lift its removable cover and you’ll have a 17 by 14-inch space that can withstand up to 440 pounds. While the bottom is tough and durable, the top is filled with a thick sponge to assure that it’s still comfortable to rest on. The ottoman is easy to assemble and can be folded down flat to fit anywhere.


A Cushioned Kitchen Mat That Gives You Ergonomic Support

Cooking for the whole family or washing dishes after can not only take a toll on your hands but your feet as well. Give yourself some comfortable ground to stand on with this cushioned kitchen mat that can reduce pressure brought on your joints. The extra-thick gel mat has a non-skid bottom and beveled edges that prevent tripping so you can feel safe placing it in the bathroom or even the kids’ playroom. It’s also easy to wipe clean as it repels any liquids that might spill.


These Memory Foam Chair Cushions With Non-Slip Bottoms

For a chair cushion that you can use both indoors and outdoors, this affordable two-pack is a great option. These memory-foam-filled cushions feature piped edging and a soft microfiber top that’ll keep your chairs comfy and looking good. Unlike many other chair cushions, you don’t have to tie these to your chair to make sure they stay in place. Their non-slip backing does that for you. Choose from 43 different styles to spruce up your decor.


A Laptop Stand That Can Prevent Neck Pain

Spend less time trying to massage the pain out of your neck and more time productively working by simply adding a laptop stand to your desk. This aluminum stand can hold any laptop from 10 to 15.6 inches and will raise your model 6 inches so that it is more at eye level to prevent any hunched backs. The rubber on the two holder hands (and on the bottom of the stand) assure that everything stays in place and the space between the two prevents your laptop’s vent from overheating.


A Bamboo Bathtub Tray That Has Compartments For Your Wine, Book, And More

Picture this: It’s time for some self-care so you’re in the bath and you have a glass of wine, a book, and some dessert right in front of you. No, not on the side tiles, I mean really right in front of you. This bathtub tray is designed to hold just about everything you could want to relax. It’s made of solid bamboo that is coated in a lacquer that makes the caddy waterproof. The extendable arms will fit any tub with a width from 29.4 to 44.2 inches.


These Under Cabinet Lights That Last 100 Hours

For when overhead lights don’t quite reach the area you need them to, these under-cabinet lights will. The LED strips have a brightness level of 80 lumens that can be dimmed to any percentage you desire and controlled from up to 15 feet away using wireless remotes. The built-in timer can be set to automatically turn the lights off in 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Choose to mount the strips with screws or adhesive tape ⁠— both of which are included. Three AA batteries will provide you with 100 hours of brightness per strip.


This Reversible Blanket That’s Half Sherpa And Half Microfiber Cashmere

Cozy up with either the faux sherpa or microfiber cashmere side of this reversible blanket on any chilly night. The soft and warm blend of materials will keep you comfy while watching TV on the couch or jumping into bed for a quick nap. Choose from an array of colors and patterns to go with your room.


A Sofa Arm Tray That Can Mold To Any Size

If the coffee table is a bit out of your reach but you still want to enjoy your morning espresso while lounging, pick up this sofa arm tray that turns the side of any couch into a mini table. This vegan bamboo can form to fit around just about any size sofa arm and has a finishing coat that makes wiping away spills a breeze. Choose from various wood finishes and models — some come with side compartments or a slot for your phone.


A Tablet Holder That Makes It Easier To Multitask

This tablet holder allows you to be hands-free so you can cook along with that instructional video or lounge in bed with a mug of tea while still keeping up with your favorite TV series. Simply attach the clamp base to the edge of any surface (up to 3 inches thick) and shape the flexible gooseneck into a position that’s most comfortable for you.


This Lamp Made Of Himalayan Salt That Purifies The Air

Not only does this Himalayan salt lamp give the room a soft glow, but it also helps purify the air within it. When lit, the natural salt gives off negative ions that have been said to trap moisture so your area is less stuffy. Use it as a night light in the kids’ room or to give your bathroom a spa-like feel. The lamp can be dimmed to your preferred brightness.


These Storage Bags That Can Easily Fit Under Your Bed

If you’ve already filled up every drawer, cabinet, and closet in your home, start making use of the space under your bed with this pack of storage bags. Each bag is only 6 inches tall making it easy to slide right under your bed frame. See exactly what you have inside through its clear plastic top and quickly rearrange by zipping open three out of its four sides. The tear-proof handle can be dragged anywhere so your things can stay exactly as they are during a move.


A Bath Pillow With Mesh Ventilation To Avoid Sogginess

You’re missing out if you’re not making time for a bath every now and then. To really feel like you’re at the spa, grab this bath pillow that’ll give you the ergonomic support that the hard tiles simply can’t. The plush headrest is longer than most in order to comfort your neck, shoulders, and back while the six extra-strong suction cups keep it in place. The mesh fabric allows ventilation so that the foam does not get too soggy or hot. Hang it up to dry after using with its handy hook.


These Cooling Pillowcases That Are Moisture-Wicking

Regular cotton pillowcases are a thing of the past. This set of pillowcases has a 1600 thread count and is derived from 100% bamboo making it smooth enough to be gentle on hair and even sensitive skin. The natural fibers are also moisture-wicking to keep you cool all night long.


A Flower Diffuser With A Long-Lasting Fragrance

This flower diffuser will turn your home into a fresh meadow. Fill each room with a long-lasting fragrance that’s free of many harsh chemicals. The chic glass holder would make a great gift for any celebrations coming up or a nice treat for yourself. Choose between multiple scents and sizes.


This Super Quiet Humidifier That Can Run For 30 Hours

Although outside humidity can usually feel gross, bringing an air humidifier indoors can do you wonders. By bringing back moisture into a room, you can help your dry skin and the stuffy nose you may wake up with. This humidifier, in particular, was designed to be extremely quiet so as not to disturb you while you sleep and to automatically shut off when the water runs out. Fill the 2.2-liter tank, adjust the mist level, and get ready for a better night’s rest.


These Door Stoppers That Work On Any Kind Of Floor

Whether you need help while moving boxes in and out of your new home, or want to leave the back door open so your little one has the liberty to come inside from the yard, this pack of door stoppers will come in handy. These stoppers can fill a gap up to 2 inches tall and have an anti-slip grip that works on any floor from carpet to tile. Stick it above any door with the adhesive holder so you can have it right where you need it at all times.


This LED Light Strip That Has 15 Different Color Options

This 6500k LED light strip is available in up to 80 inches so you can feel free to place it around even your biggest TV screen, under your kitchen counter, or along your headboard. Change the vibe with its 15 color options and dim the brightness to your liking all using the wireless remote that’s included. The strip connects via USB so you don’t have to worry about charging it every few days.


This Bedside Caddy That Makes It Easy To Find Your Glasses And Phone

If you need an easy way to find the remote that you put down somewhere or your water bottle that usually finds its way on the other side of the mattress, this bedside caddy can help. Just slide the flap between the box spring and mattress to secure the caddy in place. Don’t worry, it also has a non-slip rubber backing to make sure it doesn’t fall. Use its four compartments to organize the things you reach for most and never go searching through your sheets again.


A Drain Plug That Lets You Enjoy A Deeper Bath

I bet you didn’t even realize that your overflow drain is, yes, keeping your tub from overflowing, but also keeping you from enjoying a deeper bath. To give yourself a few more inches of comfort, use this bath plug to cover the drain with its 12 suction cups that help keep water from going in. If you still want to make sure the tub doesn’t overflow, however, you’ll appreciate the top opening that allows excess water to fall through. The cover can fit drains up to 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Take Away 80% Of Volume

If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place (aka not having enough closet space but also not wanting to pay monthly for a storage unit), grab a pack of these vacuum storage bags. It’s simple. Stuff in your sweaters, comforters, and anything else that’s taking up too much room, vacuum out the air until the package is nearly flat, and store. With triple seals around the air valves and double seals around the zip closures, these bags are designed to keep all air out. That allows them to reduce the original volume of your belongings by 80%.


A Lumbar Support Pillow Made Of Soft Memory Foam

While you’re able to gift yourself an ergonomic chair for home use, you, unfortunately, will probably come in contact with a lot of seats that are much less comfortable. To help prevent or alleviate any lower back discomfort, use this lumbar support pillow while in the office, on a plane, or even driving. Made of high-grade memory foam and breathable mesh, the pillow is meant to give you firm yet plush support. Use the adjustable strap to keep it in place.


These Flameless Candles That Are Safe To Keep Around Kids

Candles create a beautiful ambiance but aren’t the safest if you’re not careful. Whether you have kids running around or tend to be forgetful at times, these flameless candles bring that same beautiful glow without the possibility of an accident. Each pack comes with three candles (measuring in at 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch) whose LED bulb can be dimmed, put on a timer, or turned on and off by using the wireless remote control. Each bulb lasts for over 50,000 hours so you won’t have to replace them nearly as quickly as you would with real candles.


A Tablet Pillow Stand That’s Comfy Enough To Keep On Your Lap

Most of the tablet stands on the market are made of plastic that’s not the most comfortable (or practical) to lay in bed with. This tablet pillow stand is filled with foam that’s soft enough to have on your lap as you binge-watch your favorite show but still durable enough not to deform after use. Adjust the angle of your tablet using the grooves on each side of the pillow.


A Spice Rack That Rotates 360 Degrees

Just when you go looking for that special spice you were excited to use, the pot you have boiling decides to overflow or start to burn. Save your time (and recipes) by organizing your kitchen essentials on this turntable spice rack. The two tiers are strongly reinforced and made out of premium bamboo that won’t chip or rust. Spin the tables 360 degrees to easily find the ingredient you need.


This Memory Foam Bath Mat That Dries In Just Minutes

Not only is this memory foam bath mat extra thick (3/4 of an inch to be exact) to give you more comfort, but it’s also extra long to cover more space and make less of a mess. Available in eight different sizes and multiple colors, this luxurious foam mat dries quickly so you don’t end up dripping all over your bathroom. It’s also easy to throw it into the washer and dryer for a quick clean.


A Wrist Rest Pad That Can Alleviate Pain While Working

Working from home has its benefits but wrist pain is not one of them. Add this wrist rest pad to your desk set up to help alleviate any wrist fatigue and tension that can come as a result of typing away all day. The breathable memory foam keeps your hand level with the mouse and keyboard so your wrist can remain in a comfortable and more natural state. The anti-slip bottom will stay in place as you work.


This Unique Pleated Pillow Made Of Soft Velvet

You don’t have to go to high-end stores to find stand-out home goods. This pleated round throw pillow will add a unique shape and texture to your bed or sofa. Choose from 14 different colors of this poly-velvet pillow to add a little boost of comfort and elegance around your home.


An Adult Toilet Stool That Can Improve Colon Health

While its 7-inch height can certainly help kids extend their reach, this toilet stool is actually made for adults. By helping you mimic a natural squat, the tool is meant to relieve strain and promote healthy bowel movements that can in turn improve your colon health. The wood-plastic material can withstand up to 500 pounds.


These Motion Sensor Lights That Can Stick Anywhere

Big cabinets are great until you actually have to go searching for that thing you stored all the way in the back. This pack of motion sensor lights can give you some guidance with its 60-lumen LED lights. Each light can be mounted with adhesive tape or screws (both of which are included) and will detect motion up to 10 feet away. Use them to line the hallway for when you wake up in the middle of the night or to give you some extra brightness in the garage. Each light can run for 100 hours, so you won’t need to replace them anytime soon.


A Super Soft Shag Rug With A Slip-Resistant Bottom

This soft faux sheepskin rug will add a bit of fabulousness to any room. Place it at the foot of your bed or in front of the coffee table to enjoy its luxurious warmth. And since it could be thrown right into the washing machine, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. The slip-resistant bottom will keep it from slipping and sliding around wherever you place it. Choose from nearly 20 color options to match any decor.


A USB Clock Fan That Displays The Temperature Too

What may seem like an ordinary fan actually acts as a clock and temperature display as well. Simply plug this USB clock fan into a port, adjust the gooseneck to the perfect position, and enjoy a cool breeze while also having the time and temperature shown with LED lights as the blades spin. It’s especially great for people working from home.


This Reversible Sofa Cover With Three Layers Of Comfy Foam

Between pets and spills, there’s a lot that can ruin your beautiful couch in the blink of an eye. To stay prepared for any accidents, grab this reversible sofa cover. You can switch up your look with a different color on each side while protecting the piece from any possible tears and stains thanks to its durable and water-resistant microfiber. Plus, you’ll be adding a bit more cushion with the three layers of thick foam.


This Desk Organizer With Bamboo Detailing

Desk supplies aren’t necessarily the chicest items to have out, but this desk organizer will keep everything in place in its stylish and simple white box. The bamboo separator gives you two compartments to place your planner, remote controller, or even beauty supplies if you place it on a vanity. The lower compartment also has a square-shaped corner section that’s perfect for holding pens or makeup brushes.


A Set Of Three Pillar Candles That Each Burn For 70 Hours

If you’re looking for a beautiful centerpiece display without making the room feel stuffy with fragrance, set up this pack of three pillar candles that are completely fragrance-free. Each 6-inch candle can burn for 70 hours and won’t drip or emit smoke within that time due to the food-grade wax and cotton wicks that are used. Perfect for either a party or a power outage, these candles come in 13 color options.


This Cooling Bed Sheet Set That’s Wrinkle-Resistant

Nothing beats a night of uninterrupted sleep, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with these cooling bed sheets. The moisture-resistant material will keep you comfortable throughout the whole night. The microfibers are lightweight, fade-resistant, and even wrinkle-resistant. Pick up a set and fit them onto any mattress up to 16 inches deep.


These Storage Cubes With Two Handles For Easy Carrying

This six-pack of storage cubes gives you enough space to organize the kids’ playroom, the garage, the pantry, your beauty cabinet, and so much more. The lightweight polyester fabric is easy to carry (especially with the help of the two side handles) but still durable enough to hold all you need it to. When not in use, you can collapse each cube down flat for easy storage.


These Picture Frames With Safe Plastic Covers Instead Of Glass

If you’ve always been hesitant to hang a piece of art or a family portrait because your kids may somehow find a way to knock it down, you need this set of picture frames that are made with plastic covers instead of glass. Grab five matching frames with or without a mat to easily put together a wall collage. Each frame can be hung either horizontally or vertically.


A Super Fluffy Mattress Pad That Stretches Up To 21 Inches Deep

Finding a good mattress can be quite a process and once you do, you’ll have to shell out at least a few hundred dollars for the investment. If your bed isn’t feeling as comfy as it use to, grab this mattress pad to make a world of difference. The thick padding is filled with spiral silicone fiber that is meant to mimic the feel of goose down. It’s also machine washable, making it a good choice for homes with kids or pets.