These Cool Things With Near-Perfect Reviews Are Selling Out Fast On Amazon

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You know it’s good when thousands of shoppers take the time to write a glowing review about everyday things, like a bath mat, a set of pillowcases, or a milk frother. Our list of cool things with near-perfect reviews that are selling out fast on Amazon includes everything you never knew you needed, starting with this electric makeup brush cleaner. Is there anything more tedious than washing and drying makeup brushes? No, which is why most of us put it off for longer than we care to admit. This cool cleaner will get all the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells out in seconds, which is why reviewers rave about it.

The list also includes tons of helpful kitchen products, such as this stainless steel bar to get lingering food odors out of your hands or this genius snap-on pot strainer to make draining pasta water so much easier (and safer). Oh, and let’s not forget about these reusable food storage bags that are safe to use in the freezer, dishwasher and microwave.

Scroll down for more reviewer favorites because these items are selling out fast and you do not — we repeat — you do not want to miss out.


A Rechargeable Fabric Shaver You Can Use On Clothing & Furniture

Bring your favorite sweaters back to life using this rechargeable fabric shaver that has three speeds and an LED display that shows remaining battery power. It has a 4.6-star rating and features a six-tooth blade that increases the device’s efficiency by 50% and it has a large capacity trash compartment to hold all the pill. The shaver is available in four colors, and besides clothing, you can also use it on upholstered furniture and bedding.


An Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask For Cracked Heels & Callouses

Soothe cracked, dry and calloused feet with this foot peel mask that provides hydration and begins to peel feet within seven to 14 days. The mask comes in the form of exfoliating booties that you put on your feet for an hour, then wash your feet, and soak them in warm water daily for 10 minutes for the next week to two weeks. The salicylic acid works to deep clean and remove dead skin cells, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Over 11,000 shoppers swear by it, giving it five stars.


A Memory Foam Bath Mat That’s Incredibly Plush & Super Absorbent

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and get this super plush memory foam bath mat that is highly absorbent and covered in soft microfiber for ultimate comfort. It has a nonslip base to prevent shifting and is available in eight sizes and 26 colors to fit your style. More than 40,000 reviewers gave it a feive-star rating and rave about how soft and comfortable it is and how quickly it dries.


This Sleek French Press Made From Heat-Resistant Stainless Steel

Take your morning coffee to the next level with this ultra sleek and stylish French press that’s made from heat resistant stainless steel and that some shoppers claim is the best one they’ve ever owned. If you’ve always been intimidated by using this style of coffee maker, don’t be — just add coffee to the pot (one tablespoon per cup is recommended), pour in boiling water and stir, then place the lid on and wait for a few minutes before pressing down the plunger. The French press is also available in a beautiful copper color.


A Microneedle Derma Roller With More Than 17,000 5-Star Reviews

Give yourself an at-home facial with this microneedle derma roller that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Professional microneedling can be a pricey treatment, which is part of the reason why thousands of shoppers love and swear by this $14 tool. Use it before applying a serum to increase its absorption.


A Cult Fave Detangling Brush For Pain-Free Brushing For Adults & Kids

If you’re tired of pulling on your hair every time you try to brush it, it’s time you get this detangling brush that glides through knots and tangles oh so effortlessly. The brush has cone-shaped plastic bristles that move sideways so as not to pull on your hair and can be used on wet or dry, straight or curly hair. The easy-to-hold handle makes brushing super easy, even for kids who won’t dread having their hair brushed anymore thanks to this reviewer-approved fave with over 64,000 reviews.


An Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That Cleans Your Brushes In Seconds

Is there a chore more tedious than cleaning makeup brushes? Between the washing and drying, it takes forever and leaves a mess, but not if you use this electric brush cleaner that’ll do the job for you in just seconds. Dirty brushes can clog your pores and cause infections, but this cleaner has eight rubber holders so you can get a spotless clean on any sized brush using one of the tree cleaning speeds. It comes with a USB charging station and has an indicator to display when it’s fully charged, so you can clean your brushes whenever they’re a little worse for wear.


This Bidet Attachment That Easily Attaches To A Toilet

Save money and space in your bathroom with this bidet attachment that has adjustable temperature and pressure settings. It’s easy to install and fits on most standard toilets, and has a retractable spray nozzle for a hygienic and refreshing clean. The attachment is non-electric and doesn’t require batteries, and its modern design features an easy-to-access control dial for convenient use.


These Stain Removers With Over 27,000 Reviews That Shoppers Say Work Like Magic

Use these emergency stain removing wipes on clothes, bibs, upholstery, carpeting and more. Garnering five-star reviews from the Today Show, Good Morning America, and thousands of thrilled Amazon shoppers, these wipes are made from a 100% biodegradable formula and work on both fresh and set-in stains. They come individually packaged which makes them perfect to throw in your bag or keep a handful in your car so you’re ready for every unforeseen mess.


A 14-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set Perfect For Beginners And Seasoned Mixologists

Happy hour is about to get even happier with this 14-piece stainless steel cocktail shaker set that includes a recipe book so you can immediately make yourself a delicious drink. The set provides everything a budding bartender could ever need — a Boston shaker tin pair, a double jigger, a bar spoon and muddler, a Hawthorne strainer, a bottle opener and two pourers, all in a rust-proof, brushed finish. It has a 4.7-star overall rating from more than 12,000 customers who love the quality and the price — it also makes a great gift.


A Milk Frother To Make Your Own Lattes

Shoppers are clearly passionate about this electric milk frother, as the 4.6-star overall rating from more than 11,000 of them proves. It has a silicone handle and a stainless steel whisk, and comes with a handy stand for convenient storage. You’ll love the powerful motor because it whips up the perfect froth in just 15 seconds, so you’re always just seconds away from a barista-style cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.


This Snap-On Pot Strainer That Clips Onto Any Pot For Easy Straining

File this genius snap-on pot strainer under clever kitchen tools that will make cooking faster, easier, and safer, since you’ll be less likely to burn yourself with a pot of boiling pasta water. The silicone strainer snaps onto any pot or pan and has a built-in spout for mess-free straining that’s heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. Thousands of reviewers gave it a positive review and say it’s the best strainer they’ve ever used and wonder how they ever lived without it — you’ll be saying the same the second you start using it.


A USB Charging Station That Allows You To Charge 6 Devices Simultaneously

If you’re constantly running out of outlets to charge all those devices that mysteriously hit 3% at the same time, this charging station will save the day. It has an anti-slip surface to keep your phones and tablets safe with movable dividers to accommodate larger devices. The charging station also doubles as a night light and has an LED indicator that notifies you when a battery is fully charged.


A $14 Exfoliating Brush With A Perfect Review From Literally Thousands Of Shoppers

Use this super popular exfoliating brush twice a day for a deep clean to remove dead skin cells and to improve circulation. It can be used on wet or dry skin by massaging it in a circular motion and has best results when used before shaving, waxing, or tanning. Get rid of those ingrown hairs and razor bumps with this inexpensive, chemical-free beauty tool.


A Bamboo Bathtub Tray With A Built-In Wine Glass & Book/Tablet Holder

Enjoy a relaxing night in with this bamboo bathtub tray that extends to fit over any tub. It has a built-in wine glass holder, book or tablet and phone holder as well as an adjustable tray to hold bath products, a candle or snacks. The caddy is made from waterproof bamboo that can easily be wiped down for storage and is available in the color shown, as well as in black, white and brown.


A Beard Apron For Mess-Free Grooming

Save yourself time cleaning (or unclogging the drain) with this Shark Tank-featured beard apron designed for easy, mess-free grooming. Secure the apron to a mirror using the suction cups, hook and loop the other end around your neck, then trim your beard and dispose of the trimmed hair. It includes a self-packing pouch for storage and travel, and is available in three colors and two styles.


These Stainless Steel Canisters With Glass Windows So You Always See What Needs To Be Restocked

Keep your kitchen neat, pantry staples fresh, and shopping list up to date with a set of these stainless steel canisters with glass windows. The sleek design makes them nice enough to leave out on the counter, and the airtight lids ensure freshness and prevent bugs and flies from getting in. The set includes four different-sized canisters that are ideal for holding pasta, beans, rice, and any other dry foods you can think of.


A Pack Of Vacuum Storage Bags That Provide Up To 75% More Storage

Store bulky out-of-season clothing, heavy blankets, and other items you have no room for in these vacuum storage bags that provide up to 75% more storage. This combo six-pack includes four bag sizes, all of which have double-sealed zippers and a valve that’s compatible with any vacuum. Protect your belongings from odors, moisture, mildew and pests while making more space in your closet or suitcase.


A Self-Activated Indoor Trap To Get Rid Of Mosquitos, Fruit Flies & Other Bugs

Get rid of pesky mosquitos, fruit flies, gnats and other bugs using this indoor trap that attracts them with a UV light and catches them on a sticky glue board at its base. It has two self-activation settings and the brand recommends that you run the trap for three consecutive nights for best results. Thousands of reviewers gave it positive reviews and say it’s worth every penny and really works to get rid of insects around the house.


These Foldable Storage Cubes With Rave Reviews To Keep Your House Organized

Keep your house organized and clutter-free using these lightweight foldable fabric storage cubes that come in 10 colors to fit with your decor and color scheme. They have built-in handles so you can easily pull or carry them, and they fold down flat for compact storage when not being used. Shoppers give the set an average 4.6-star rating and say they use them for everything from toys, cleaning supplies and medicine to clothing and seasonal accessories.


An Adjustable Tiered Hanger For Pants & Skirts While Freeing Up Your Closet

Save room in your dresser and keep your pants and skirts from getting all creased and wrinkled using these tiered hangers that have strong rubber-lined clips to hold garments securely in place. The clips are adjustable to accommodate any sized clothing — adult, teen, or children’s sizes. The stackable design will give you 75% more storage space, so if you’re working with a tiny closet, these hangers will be a game-changer.


This Stainless Steel Odor Absorber That Removes Strong Smells From Your Hands

Keep this stainless steel odor absorber in your kitchen to get rid of those lingering garlic, fish or onion odors on your hands. The way it works is when you rub your hands with the bar (with or without water), it reacts with the sulfur molecules on your hands and transfers them onto the bar. To clean it, simply toss it in the dishwasher, and it’s ready to be used again. It works so well, it maintains a 4.5-star rating with nearly 18,000 reviews.


A Bluetooth Tracker To Find Your Keys, Phone & Anything Else You’re Always Losing

Never have one of those “Omg, where are my keys?” moments again thanks to this Bluetooth tracker that’s water-resistant and has a 250-foot range. You can either use the Tile app on your phone (unless of course it’s your phone that you are looking for) or your Smart Home device to help you locate the lost item. Just double click the button on your Tile and it’ll show you the item’s location. Reviewers say it’s super easy to set up and they use it constantly, and you know you will, too.


These Smart Plugs That’ll Turn A Regular Outlet Into A Smart Outlet

Use these smart plugs to turn regular outlets into smart outlets you can control with Alexa and Google Home through voice control or remotely with your phone. The plugs allow you to schedule appliances to turn on and off automatically and to pre-set lighting or temperature settings remotely so your home is nice and cool when you come in after a scorching hot day outdoors. There is no hub or subscription needed, simply insert the plug into an outlet and connect to it using your WiFi network.


A Magnetic Phone Holder For Your Car So Your Maps App Is Always Easily Visible

Keep your maps app easily visible — so you don’t miss your exit — thanks to this magnetic phone holder that attaches to the air vent in your car. It locks in place so it doesn’t slip and fall and uses six magnets that are strong enough to hold a tablet or the equivalent of four phones. With tens of thousands of positive reviews, people love this mount because of how easy it is to install and how strong the magnets are.


These Silky-Soft Satin Pillowcases With 251,000 Reviews

These satin pillowcases are way gentler on your face and hair than traditional cotton ones. Their silky smooth texture protects skin from scratches and doesn’t dry it out like cotton can. The same goes for your hair, the pillowcases protect it from getting snagged and tangled, leaving you with smoother hair when you wake up. The satin pillow cases are made from 100% polyester and are available in four sizes and 22 colors.


An Exfoliating Shower Towel To Prevent Breakouts & Soften Skin

Exfoliate your skin while you take a shower using this Japanese exfoliating towel with a texture ensures a deep clean and soft skin. To use, lather the towel with your favorite body wash, gently scrub your body, and wash off. Rinse the towel with water, dry it, and it’s ready to be used again. It has an impressive 4.7-star rating after 10,000 reviews, and shoppers say it’s great for hard to reach areas and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and rejuvenated.


This Bamboo Plant Stand For Mid-Century Style On A Budget

Add some stylish mid-century vibes to your home using this adjustable plant stand that adds height and is a great way to display your favorite plants. You can expand the wooden stand’s width from 8 to 12 inches to accommodate the pot size, and its x-shaped base ensures stability for even the heaviest of plants. The stand is made from bamboo and comes in four colors: natural, light brown, dark brown, and black.


A Minimalist Cable Management Box To Declutter Your Desk

Hide all those unsightly cables and declutter your desk using this stylish cable management box that includes ties and clips to keep everything in place. The box is ventilated to prevent the hazard of overheating and has a clasp that keeps it locked to protect any kids or pets in your home. This two-pack includes a medium and large box with a wooden lid and is available in a white or black box option.


An Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set With Multiple Grinding Levels

Upgrade your old school salt and pepper shakers with this stainless steel electric grinder set that comes in a wood and metal stand for easy storage and carrying. The grinders have multiple grinding levels that range from fine to coarse so you can season your meals to perfection and have a built-in light on the bottom. One of the best things about the set is the grinders’ one-hand operation that makes them easy to use as reviewers confirm.


This Cleaning Gel With 16,000 Reviews To Clean Your Car’s Nooks & Crannies

There’s something seriously satisfying about using this cleaning gel to remove built-up dirt, grime and dust from air vents, keyboards and any other surface that could use some cleaning. The gel has a non-sticky consistency and is scented with lavender, and to use it, simply knead it into a ball, press it onto the surface, then slowly peel it away and watch it pull all the dirt with it. The gel can be reused until it’s no longer sticky; just make sure to store it in a cool, airtight container.


A Silicone Mat That Protects Surfaces From Heat Styling Tools & Doubles As A Travel Pouch

Protect your bathroom vanity (and get that security deposit back from your landlord) from heat styling tool damage using this silicone mat that doubles as a handy travel pouch. Its textured design keeps it from slipping and its generous size can accommodate any sized styling tools and withstand heat up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. The silicone mat comes highly recommended by more than 3,000 Amazon shoppers who have given it an overall 4.8-star rating and say it’s a must buy.


An Extendable Over-The-Sink Colander To Rinse Produce & Drain Pasta

Rinse fresh produce from the farmer’s market, strain perfectly al dente pasta, or dry washed dishes using this extendable over-the-sink colander. The multi-purpose colander extends to fit most standard sized sinks and sits high enough above the sink base so that your fruit or pasta isn’t sitting in water. Many reviewers say they leave it on their sink permanently, so it’s on hand when needed and rave about how sturdy and durable it is.


These Non-Slip Fridge Shelf Liners That Are Easy To Clean And Stay In Place

Line your refrigerator shelves with these colorful non-slip liners that stay in place and are easy to quickly wipe down. To install the liners, clean the shelves first, then wet the mat surface and position it dotted side up, then smooth it out with your hand so that it adheres to the glass shelves. The highly rated set with 7,000 reviews includes eight mats that can be cut down to your desired size and is available in four colors as well as a multi-colored version.


A Dish Drying Rack You Can Roll Up For Compact Storage

If you have a tiny kitchen and an even tinier dishwasher, you need this roll-up dish drying rack in your life. It’s made from rust-proof stainless steel tubes that have silicone ends for a non-slip grip over your sink. The rack is available in four sizes and reviewers have commented that it’s also sturdy enough to place a cutting board over it if you need to extend your counter space. So much function packed into one small $10 kitchen accessory. That’s why they have a near-perfect rating after 21,000 reviews.


These Reusable Food Storage Bags That Are Safe In The Fridge, Freezer, Microwave & Dishwasher

For anyone trying to incorporate more reusable products into their daily life and routine, this set of four silicone food storage bags is a must-have. The set includes four different sized bags that are fridge-, freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe and have an airtight pinch-lock seal to maintain freshness. Use the bags to store leftovers, carry snacks, or marinade ingredients and as a great alternative to single-use plastic bags.


A Pair Of Blockout Curtain Panels Thousands Of Reviewers Swear By For A Good Night’s Sleep

With a near-perfect rating with nearly 40,000 reviews, these blackout curtains are a longtime Amazon favorite that shoppers swear by. First of all, two curtain panels for under $25 is a seriously good deal and second, reviewers repeatedly recommend them for their quality and the fact that they actually do what they say — block out light. The panels are made from a triple-weave fabric that has thick blackout backing; they also help regulate temperature and block noise. The curtain panels are available in six standard sizes and 21 colors.


These Mesh Laundry Bags To Protect Delicates In The Washer

Keep your delicates from tearing and getting damaged in the washer by placing them inside these mesh laundry bags made from a sturdy and breathable honeycomb construction. They have a zipper with an automatic lock to keep their contents inside and prevent them from opening. Use the bags for socks, underwear, masks, toys and other delicates you want to protect, they are available in four sizes and various multi-packs. They’re a sure thing with a 4.7-star rating and nearly 27,000 reviews.


A Door Draft Stopper To Help Regulate Temperature (And Your Energy Bill)

Regulate your temperature and keep your energy bill down by installing one of these door draft stoppers — they have a 4.4-star rating after 39,000 reviews. It’s self-adhesive for easy installation and can fill a gap up to 1 inch tall to prevent heat in the winter and cool air in the summer from escaping. Each stopper is 39 inches long to fit a standard sized door and is available in four colors to match the doors in your home for a sleek and subtle look.


A Drywall Repair Putty That’s Quick-Drying For Fast & Easy Hole Patching

If you’re that person who hammers 12 nails into the wall before getting it in just the right spot (guilty here!, get this drywall repair putty to fill those holes quickly and easily and no one will ever know. It’s quick-drying, doesn’t shrink back after application and can be sanded and painted over once dry. Unlike other putty that comes in a tub and often ends up dry and unusable, this Erase-A-Hole putty comes in a twist-to-raise container that always ensures product freshness.