These Genius Home Upgrades Under $35 Are All The Rage Now

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If you’re looking to upgrade your home, things can get expensive fast. Thankfully, there are small tweaks you can make that create a big overall impact — and the Amazon products on this list can help. That’s right: No matter what you’ve heard, you don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your space.

Are you looking to modernize and add some lighting to your outdoor area? What about finally reorganizing that overflowing bedroom closet? Or maybe you want a kitchen backsplash without the cost and stress of a contractor? Fear not, because this list is full of practical ideas that can help your home for the better. And better yet, they’re all affordable, with every item priced at just $35 or less.

So get shopping, because an upgraded home is just a click away.


A Well Stocked Cocktail Kit That Comes With Recipes

Level up your home bar with this matching cocktail shaker set. It comes fully stocked with tons of stainless steel tools, including pouring spouts, a bottle opener, a shaker, shot glasses, a Hawthorne strainer, and more. Plus, it even includes a cocktail recipe booklet so you’ll be able to mix up drinks with ease.


The Simple Pads That Help Protect Your Furniture & Floors

Sometimes the best solutions are simple, and these furniture pads are no exception. Made from ultra soft felt, they apply via adhesives to the bottom of furniture to help them glide smoothly across surfaces without scratches or scuffs. They’re fully customizable too, because you can easily trim down the large pads to your exact desired size.


This Brush Kit Designed To Clean Hard-To-Reach Places

Baby bottles, vases, and water bottles with narrow necks and tall shapes can be tough to clean, but this bottle brush cleaner pack has you covered. It comes with five brushes, including large brushes, small brushes, a narrow option, and a brush specifically designed for cleaning straws. They’re made with sturdy nylon bristles and BPA-free plastic.


An Electric Zapping Racket That Banishes Bugs

You can keep your space free of bugs with this rechargeable bug zapper racket. It uses a blue light to attract flies, mosquitos, and more and then zaps bugs on contact with its 4,000-volt electrical racket grid. To make things even more convenient, it charges easily via USB.


The Super Bright Portable Lantern That’ll Upgrade Your Yard

Light up your outdoor gatherings with these camping lanterns. They come two to a pack and feature a bulb that offers 360 degrees of light. Use the hook to hang it up as overhead lighting or the magnetic base to secure it as a table lamp. It powers up using six AA batteries.


A Cooler Bucket That Classes Up Cocktail Hour

Keep beverages on ice with this chic wine cooler bucket. It features an attractive brushed metal finish and double walled insulation, meaning the exterior won’t sweat or frost. Just place your bottle in the chamber, add some ice, and you’re good to go with chilled drinks that stay cold.


These Low Maintenance Garden Lights

Level up your landscaping with these garden solar lights. They come six to a pack and require no batteries or cords to power. They turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn to save energy. They’re easy to install, too. Just assemble the lights and drive the spike into the ground.


This Clip On Umbrella Lamp That’s So Easy To Use

Brighten up your patio without the hassle of cords and wires using this umbrella light. It clips into place easily and offers 12 LED bulbs that you can control with a wireless remote, allowing you to dim the brightness or even set a timer. The remote works from up to 50 feet away, too.


A Space-Saving, Motion-Sensor Night Light For Poorly Lit Areas

Get extra lighting only when you need it using this LED motion sensor light. It plugs into the wall using just one outlet, saving you space. The lights are activated by motion and stay on for 60 seconds after sensing the last movement. They come four to a pack and have two different brightness settings: medium and high.

  • Available colors: 4


An Organizer That Keeps Careful Tabs On Loose Batteries

Keep your junk drawer free of loose, dead batteries with this battery storage organizer. It holds up to 180 batteries and fits multiple sizes, including AAA, 9-volt, D, and more. It even includes a battery tester that fits right into the carrying case, so you’ll never have to guess if you’re out of juice.


This Innovative System For Ultra-Fresh Coffee

Extend your home upgrades to your morning coffee with this grounds and beans container. It features a BPA-free rubber seal to keep things airtight and a carbon release valve for freshness. The top of the canister even has a date entry system, so you can be certain when it’s time to change out those beans.


A Handy Spray That Removes Red Wine Stains

Ridding your home of stains is a great way to make old look new again, and this red wine stain remover does just that. It works on clothes, linens, and upholstery and doesn’t use phosphates, peroxide, or sulfates. Simply dab up the spill, spray on the remover, rub it in, wipe away extra liquid, and then wash the item as you normally would.


The Glass Containers That Make Meal Prep A Breeze

Streamline your cooking and cleaning with these glass meal prep containers. They keep food fresh with a rubber gasket and hinge locking system, which creates an airtight seal. Plus, glass is a naturally eco-friendly material that’s safe to use in the oven, microwave, or freezer.

  • Available colors: 2


These Tumblers That Keep Your Beverage Temperature Controlled

Thrill your guests with these wine tumblers that keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot. They use triple insulation technology — a layer of copper sandwiched between two layers of 304 stainless steel — to help ensure the first sip is as cool or warm as the last. The set of four even comes with lids for extra convenience.

  • Available colors: 19


This Therapeutic Soap Made From Natural Ingredients

Ditch the pricy, fancy soap and replace it with this tea tree oil body wash instead. It’s made from natural ingredients like aloe vera, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, coconut oil, and more, and even helps soothe itchy, irritated skin. It’s paraben- and chemical-free, and many users report liking the fresh scent.


A Matching Duvet Set That Instantly Ties A Room Together

Give your bedroom a makeover with this queen duvet cover set. It comes with two pillow shams and a lightweight duvet cover. What’s more, the brushed microfiber material won’t pill, is stain-resistant, and shouldn’t fade in the washing machine. The duvet even comes with a zipper closure to keep things secure.

  • Available colors: 12


These Ultra-Soft Sheets Infused With Aloe Vera

Treating yourself to some super soft sheets is a great home upgrade, and these luxury bed sheets fit the bill. They’re treated with aloe vera to make them extra soft and soothing on the skin, and they also feature a deep pocket to fit on bigger mattresses. Each set comes with a top sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.

  • Available colors: 4


The Sharp-Looking Ottoman That Doubles As Storage

Add extra seating and storage with this faux-leather ottoman. With its tufted top and smooth finish, it’s an attractive addition to any space. The sides break down to pack completely flat, and the handles make it easy to move around your space. The faux leather finish is even waterproof, too.


These Peel & Stick Tiles That Let You Remodel On A Budget

No need for costly renovations, because these peel-and-stick tiles give the impression of the real thing at a fraction of the cost. Each panel is 12 by 12 inches and has the modern look of subway tile. Each pack comes with 10 sheets and because they’re made of vinyl, they give off a sheen that’s similar to real tile.

  • Available colors: 7


A Geometric Shelf That Adds Style & Storage

If you’re looking to add some visual interest to a room without sacrificing practical storage, try this corner shelf. It offers five shelves, each measuring 7.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. Each shelf can hold up to 11 pounds, and all the hardware needed to install them comes included.

  • Available colors: 8


The Kitchen Knife Set That Comes With A Striking Clear Display

With this chef knife set you don’t have to choose between kitchen tools that look cool or function well, since it delivers both. The set comes with six knives, including a bread, carving, and paring knife, plus a knife sharpener so you don’t need to worry about dull blades. The set is displayed in a fan-shaped acrylic stand.


These Strips That Help Prevent Rugs From Curling Up

Say goodbye to bunched-up rugs that won’t stay in place with these rug grippers; they’re as easy to install as putting on tape. The adhesive is helpfully labeled you so you know which side adheres to the rug and which side goes on the floor. Simply apply and stick to prevent the corners and sides of your rugs from curling up.


A Grippy Sponge Holder That Clings To Your Sink

Cut down on kitchen mold and mildew with this kitchen sink sponge holder. It’s made from plastic coated wire that bends to fit the shape of your sink. Its cup shaped well is perfect for sponges, while the cut-out center makes it a great choice for brushes as well. It also features perforations to promote ideal drainage and drying.

  • Available colors: 5


The Cable-Organizing System That Banishes Wire Tangles

Keep your charging cords from tangling or slipping off surfaces with this set of 16 cable clips. The pack comes with multiple types of clips, including single, double, triple, and quintuple wire settings. The clips come with adhesive pads to stick them directly onto your desired surface. Simply nestle the cable into the groove, and that’s it.


A Storage Rack That Lets You Customize Your Dish Placement

It can be frustrating not being able to fit your bakeware into pre-set racks, but this adjustable rack can change that. The plastic rack comes with seven customizable dividers, so you can move them to account for extra wide or narrow items. The bottom features nonslip grips to keep the rack steady, too.


This Alarm Clock That Mimics A Gentle Sunrise

If you struggle to wake up in the mornings, try this sunrise alarm clock. Here’s how it works: You set your alarm time and choose one of seven natural sounds to wake up to. Then, the lamp function of the clock will begin warming up the brightness from 10% to 100% over the course of 30 minutes prior to your alarm for a more natural, gentle wake up.

  • Available colors: 2


The Wireless Charger That Helps You Ditch The Cords

Upgrade your home by paring back on unnecessary charging cables using this wireless charger. It features three different charging modes, making it suitable for iPhones, AirPods, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, and more. It’s sensitive enough to charge most phones with their cases on, too.

  • Available colors: 6


An Affordable Oriental-Style Rug For Your Entry Way

Dress up any space with this oriental rug. About half an inch thick, this rug is woven from synthetic fibers to make it stain-resistant. It’s also low-shedding, making it a great low maintenance choice. To clean, just use your regular stain remover and gently dab and blot any affected areas.

  • Available colors: 16


This Space-Saving Cart That Adds Extra Shelves Wherever You Need Them

Whether you’re looking for extra bathroom storage, a place for laundry items, or some additional shelves in the kitchen, this three tier storage cart can help. It features a slim profile, allowing you to fit it in tight corners and spaces. The bottom wheels also rotate 360 degrees, so moving it around is a cinch.

  • Available colors: 3


The Spice Labels That Will Bring Your Kitchen Organization To A New Level

Ditch the mismatched spices and replace them with these spice labels to make your kitchen a more organized place. The set comes with 162 printed labels with a minimalist design that work on both round and square bottles. They’re waterproof and even removable.


These Clever Cutting Boards With Juice Grooves Around The Edges

If you’re tired of food prep messes, try this bamboo cutting board set. The kit comes with three different sized boards, all of which have juice grooves around the perimeters, so you can be sure messy liquids stay put and don’t leak out. They have handle grooves on the side so they can be used as serving trays, too.


A Useful Cleaning Kit Specifically For Stainless Steel

If your stainless steel appliances are looking a little worse for wear, upgrade them with this stainless steel cleaner kit. The kit comes with spray, wipes, and a cloth for buffing. The formula cleans and protects stainless steel and even helps prevent future smudges and fingerprints.


The Layered Clip Hangers That’ll Help Save Closet Space

If your closet is stuffed to the brim, these space-saving metal clip hangers can help. They come three to a pack, and each hanger features five rows of clips, allowing you to make use of your closet’s vertical space. The handles rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering, and the clips are coated in rubber to help ensure they don’t damage your items.


This Laptop Pad That Creates A Desk Wherever You Go

This clever lap pad is actually a portable desk for your laptop in disguise. It features nonslip coating on both the front and back, along with a mouse pad that slides out from the center compartment. It even helps protect your laptop from overheating, and the whole desk weighs just 2.2 pounds.


A Screen That Helps Cut Down On Cooking Splatters

Reduce oil splashes and sauce spills with this splatter screen. It fits over most frying pans to help keep splatters in the pan and not on your surfaces. Made from stainless steel, its mesh center makes it perfect not just for a guard but as a strainer, too. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


This Grill That Makes Multiple Sandwiches At Once

Cut down on cooking time with this panini press. Its large, nonstick surface area allows you to cook two to three sandwiches simultaneously. The lid even floats upward so that you can fit your sandwich no matter how dense. Plus, the ridged top and bottom deliver perfect grill marks every time.

  • Available colors: 3


These Nonslip, Velvet-Lined Hangers That Keep Your Clothes In Place

If you have trouble with your items sliding off your hangers, try these nonslip hangers instead. They’re lined with velvet, which creates natural tension that helps secure your things without damaging them. They’re also ultra-slim, so they can cut down on unnecessary bulk. With 50 hangers to a pack, you’re getting a bargain.


The Fitted Sheet That Helps Protect Your Mattress

Upgrade and reinforce your mattress with this mattress protector. It slips over your mattress like a fitted sheet but provides waterproof protection from spills and accidents. It’s made from cotton terry — and best of all, you shouldn’t feel any difference from your original mattress.


This Multi-Use Blender That Tackles Annoying Kitchen Tasks

Level up your cooking with this stainless steel immersion hand blender. It comes with an additional whisk attachment and has two speeds. Plus, the blender features a powerful 250-watt motor and is also available in black. It even has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.


A Divider That Makes Organizing Your Shelf So Easy

If your closet shelves are a mess, try these wire shelf dividers. Each kit comes with eight dividers that you can install on most wire shelves in varying widths based on your needs. Simply hook the bottom rods into your shelves and you’re good to go. They’re even rust-resistant.

  • Available colors: 2