These Genius Money-Saving Inventions Allow You To Get So Much More Use Out Of Your Stuff

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There are a lot of useful inventions being sold on Amazon that are meant to take what you have and make sure you’re getting the most you can out of it. Think about it: If saving some cash is as easy as placing your fresh herbs inside a savor pod (to prolong their life span and keep you from buying more), why not do it?

I’m sure one of the most wasteful products you’ve noticed in your home are the tubes of toothpaste and lotion that will never give you every last drop no matter how much you squeeze. To make the mission a lot less, well, impossible, grab one of these tube squeezers or tiny beauty spatulas to make sure not a single drop of your toothpaste or fancy serums ends up in the trash.

Other items on this list allow you to use the things already in your possession in a whole new way. Take, for example, this screen magnifier that turns your smartphone into a laptop-size screen for streaming. No need to invest in a small TV or pricey projector to watch Netflix.

To help being awareness to all the other ways you can make the best out of what you have, I’ve put together this list of genius creations that you’re gonna wish you had sooner.


A Shoe Cleaner That Works On Leather, Suede & More

A little goes a long way with this shoe cleaner. The concentrated solution rids leather, vinyl, nubuck, suede, and cloth of dirt and stains with just a few drops. Use the included brush to gently scrub and keep your shoes looking as good as new. Reviewers say that the cleaner works fast, so put away the homemade baking soda concoction and use this efficient, hard-working cleaner instead.


These Cable Protectors That Prolong The Life Of Your Charger

It’s always frustrating seeing your charger slowly start to fray at the end, and it seems like there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Well, now there is. These flexible PVC cable protectors act as sleeves for any charger to keep it from getting tangled or frayed. They add a layer of protection while simultaneously allowing for movement, and at just about 60 cents a protector, this eight-pack is a no-brainer.


This Bidet Attachment That Takes Just Minutes To Install

You don’t have to travel all the way to Europe or completely replace your toilet to experience the luxury of a bidet. This bidet attachment can be installed in just minutes and has dual nozzles for rear and front cleaning. The easy-to-use control valve also allows you to control the water pressure so that you’re comfortable every time. The attachment is made to fit most toilet sizes.


A Leather Conditioner That Keeps Your Clothes & Upholstery Looking New

If you love leather but don’t really love that rustic lived-in look that eventually comes with it, rejuvenate your clothes and upholstery with this leather conditioner. You only need about a quarter-size drop of this silicone-free conditioner for it to deeply penetrate your leather and restore its color and shine. Use it on shoes, couches, purses, car seats, baseball gloves, and just about anything else you can think of.


A Sturdy, Adjustable Device Stand That Props Up Your Phone or Tablet

Whether you’re watching a movie, on FaceTime call, or cooking with a recipe that you pulled from Pinterest, make yourself a bit more comfortable by using this cell phone stand to hold your phone or tablet. The weighted anti-slip base won’t topple over or easily slide no matter where you place it, and its sleek design will flow with any decor. Adjust the height and angle of the rod so that your device is in the exact position you need it.


These Markers That Can Fix Scratches & Stains On Wood

Having a professional repair your furniture can get really expensive really fast. For your wooden floors, desks, and door frames, use these wood-repairing markers to fill in nicks and scratches and cover up discoloration. Six different shades of markers and fill-in wax crayons are included in this pack along with a sharpener as well. The formula dries quickly and has a shelf life of five years.


An Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes & Drys

Instead of standing by the sink hand washing for an hour, use this automatic brush cleaner to deeply clean your brushes and extend their life. All you have to do is attach your brush using one of the eight collars that are included to the spinner that, you guessed it, quickly spins them in the break-resistant bowl. After washing them in the soap of your choosing, it also dries them so you can put them away right after.


The Reusable K-Cups That Will Stop You From Buying Single-Use Options

Help save the planet and your wallet with these resusable K-Cups that are compatible with most Keurig machines but a whole lot cheaper than single-use, brand name pods. Place the grinds (or hot chocolate mix) of your choosing into these stainless steel mesh containers that can brew even the finest grinds, keep them in place with the tight lid seal, and brew away. Unlike other reusable K-cups, these pop right into your Keurig and don’t require you to remove any other parts, making these incredibly easy to use.


This Fabric Shaver That Will Keep Your Clothes & Couch Pill-Free

Keep your clothes and upholstery free of fuzz, lint, and pills with this rechargeable fabric shaver. The large 2-inch honeycomb face not only keeps your fingers safe from the blades but makes it easy to cover a lot of space in a short amount of time. Go over your sofa and favorite sweater to give them both a refreshed look. When done, empty out the detachable lint catcher for an easy clean-up.


These Reusable Mop Pads That Have Over 26,000 Five-Star Reviews

These reusable mop pads can be used with your Swiffer Wet Jet and replace 100 disposable pads. The thick microfibers work to scrub away stains, soak up any messes, and actually grip dust particles instead of just pushing them around. They work on most surfaces, including hardwood, vinyl, tile, cement, and more. Throw them in the washing machine after using and they’ll be as good as new.


A Screen Magnifier That Turns Your Phone Into A TV

There’s no need to invest in a full-size projector or strain your eyes trying to watch a movie on your phone. Meet in the middle with this screen magnifier that projects your phone screen and makes it appear 12 inches wide. Just place your phone in the holder (compatible with most smart devices), pull up the lens, and pull out the popcorn to enjoy your phone in a whole new way.


This Super Thin Spatula That Gets Every Last Drop Out Of Your Jars

Don’t be fooled by that jar of jam that seems empty. All you need is the right tool to get out every last bit from the corners. It just so happens that that tool is this adorable silicone spatula that’s flexible enough to wipe any edge clean and thin enough to reach into any bottle or jar. It is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and safe to use on any cookware without having to worry about scratches, so its no surprise that it has a remarkable 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This Jewelry Cleaner That Comes With A Brush & Drying Tray

Skip a trip to the jewelers and clean your rings and necklaces right at home with this non-toxic jewelry cleaner. The formula is gentle enough to use on diamonds, gold, pearls, and more while still be effective enough to get rid of any build up and tarnish to leave your pieces shiny and like new.


A Vacuum Hose That Removes Build-Up From Your Dryer Vent

If you’ve noticed that your dryer isn’t working like it used to, there may be more buildup than you can see. This vent cleaner goes in deeper than you can reach with your hands (over 2.6 feet) to bring out trapped lint that’s preventing the machine from dryer like it should be. Just attach the vent to any vacuum and suck up all dust.


A Compact Knife Sharpener That Revives Both Fine & Coarse Blades

If you already have a set of knives you’ve come to trust for every recipe, bring them back to life with this knife sharpener instead of going out to look for new ones. The anti-slip bottom stays still on any countertop while you use either the fine or coarse polisher to give your tools a quick touch-up. Plus, its tiny size makes it easy to store in any drawer.


A Set Of 10 Stylus Pens That Work For Any Tablet Or Smartphone Screen

To keep your devices smudge and scratch free, invest in a good stylus. By invest, I mean place an order for this 10-pack of touch screen pens that are so cheap yet so effective. The colorful and fun pens are comfortable to hold and will work seamlessly on any screen, whether you use them to turn your tablet into an easel or keep your iPhone looking immaculate.


These Bra Extenders That Keep You From Having To Buy New Ones

If your favorite bra is suddenly feeling a bit tight, give yourself a bit more room with these bra extenders. This three-pack of neutral colors will match with many designs and easily clip on to any strap, and this set is available in styles with two, three, four, and five hooks. The nylon material will feel just as comfortable as your original bra while giving you room to breathe.


This Kit Of Cleaning Brushes That Keep Any Size Bottle Grime-Free

Giant coffee tumblers and water bottles are useful and great but, let’s admit it, hard to clean. This brush cleaner pack comes with five long brushes — all differently shaped and all meant to fit into bottles to keep them grime-free. The sturdy handle and nylon bristles assure that you can scrub away until all your drinkware is spotless.


A Bluetooth Tracker That Can Find Things Up To 250 Feet Away

“Wallet, keys, phone” seem to be the mantra of a lot of people before leaving the house. If by chance your security check fails and one of those items are missing more often than not, you can use this Tile Mate to track it down. Attach it to your keys or slip it into your wallet to find them up to 250 feet away. Just use the Tile app to set off a ring so you can easily find whatever’s missing. The water-resistant tracker also works the other way — you can press it to force your phone to ring, even if it’s on silent.


A Durable Trunk Organizer That Can Be Tied Down To Stay In Place

To give your trunk a functional purpose, pack all of the random things in the back of your car into this trunk organizer. With multiple interior compartments and exterior pockets, you can separate cleaning items, emergency kits, and tools as you please. The durable and waterproof material can stand to hold just about anything so feel free to store paint cans or other messy equipment inside. To make sure that the organizer doesn’t shift while driving, it’s equipped with side hooks that can attach to the trunk walls. When you don’t have a need for it, easily collapse and fold to store.


A Non-Toxic Stain Remover That Works On New & Old Messes

This non-toxic stain remover is free from harmful chemicals and dyes making it the perfect thing to grab any time your little one makes an inevitable mess. The fast-working formula is powerful enough to get out both fresh and set-in stains from clothes, upholstery, carpets, and more. Yes, even baby food and ketchup stains. Just spray, blot, and rinse to save your belongings.


A Tube Squeezer That Will Get Out Every Ounce Of Toothpaste & Lotion

This set of four tube squeezers save you the trouble of hurting your hands and trying to wrangle out the very last drop of toothpaste, lotion, sunscreen, or face wash. By simply sliding it over the tube, it’s able to save up to 30% of product that would typically be thrown away, saving you tons of money.


A Flexible Tripod That Transforms Your Phone Into A Studio-Worthy Camera

The flexible legs on this portable tripod allow it to be mounted just about anywhere, including poles and bike handle bars. The ball head can be tilted 90 degrees for horizontal or vertical use, and the adjustable stand is compatible with all phones and instantly turns them into the ultimate device for selfies, full family photos, or vlogging. This tripod even comes with a wireless remote so you can snap pics or roll video from 30 feet away.


This Ceramic Holder That’ll Keep Your Sponge Useful For Longer

This adorable ceramic sponge holder will add to your kitchen decor while also serving a useful purpose. Its convenient openings keep your sponge clean and dry instead of wet and lost in the sink, keeping your cleaning tool hygienic and useful for longer.


These Denim Patches That Cover Up The Tear In Your Favorite Jeans

If you’ve begun noticing some rips and tears in jeans that aren’t meant to have any, don’t throw away your pants, cover the tears up with these iron-on denim patches. These adhesive patches can be easily slapped on and ironed over to act as reinforcement but if you want to really make sure the patch isn’t going anywhere, some needles and thread are included in this pack. If your denim is in good shape and doesn’t need any fixing, feel feel to play around and do some patch work to make your jacket or jeans one-of-a-kind.


This Pack Of Brush Attachments That Turn Your Drill Into A Power Scrubber

Did you know that you can transform your drill into a power scrubber? With this pack of attachable brush heads, you can. There are three differently-shaped brushes in this kit to reach a variety of spaces, be they small, large, or awkward. The extended attachment makes it possible to clean those hard-to-reach areas that you chose to ignore before. There are six different bristle options, with a different level of stiffness. The softest bristles are suited for glass and leather, while the toughest removes buildup from grills and industrial equipment.


A Smart Power Strip That Can Be Controlled With Your Voice

Not only does this smart plug power strip give you more highly-coveted outlets, but it also transforms anything into a smart product. Plug in lamps, chargers, or anything else and control them using the brand’s app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. The strip supports five appliances simultaneously, and the three plugged into the classic outlets can be set on a schedule or timer so you can save electricity even when you’re not home to flip the switch.


A Pack Of Camera Lenses That Attach To Any Phone Or Tablet

No matter what phone brand or model you have, these camera lens attachments can upgrade your phone’s photography capabilities. This pack comes with nine different lens including a wide angle lens, a 198-degree fisheye lens, and a kaleidoscope lens. Use the durable clip to secure them on to any phone or tablet and snap away for pro-quality photos without a pricey camera.


This Plant-Based Laundry Bar That Removes Stains — Even Oil-Based Ones

For things that can’t go in the washing machine or for garments that have tough stains, use this laundry bar to clean up any accidents. Gently scrub over the area to wipe away oil-based stains like makeup, sweat, and grease. This laundry bar is also an ideal way to effectively spot treat these stains from your furniture, too. The bar is plant-based and free of dyes making it safe to use on even baby clothing.


A Pack Of Heavy-Duty Thread That Can Repair Upholstery

This upholstery repair kit comes with two rolls of heavy-duty 100% nylon thread (in black and white) plus seven needles in various shapes and sizes, including clever curved needles that are ideal for mending furniture. You’ll be surprised at how much you can fix around the house with this affordable kit, including rugs, couches, toys, and other things that are often awkward to sew.


This Mini LED Ring Light That Can Be Clipped On To Any Phone

Look as though you’re on a movie set even when you’re just walking down the street with this rechargeable selfie ring light that can be attached to your phone. The LED lights can be adjusted between three different modes, depending on what kind of mood you’re trying to set for your perfect selfie. And don’t worry about it doing any damage to your phone screen. The silicone gel border provides a cushion to protect against scratches.


A Pack Of Buttons That Extend The Size Of Shirt Collars & Pants

When your favorite pair of jeans just don’t seem to fit like they used to, use these expander buttons to give yourself a bit more room. There’s no need to throw clothes away or get them altered when you can just pop on these metal buttons with soft silicone bands to extend the reach of the buttons already on the item — no sewing required.


A Tiny Spatula That Gets You More From Your Beauty Products

You didn’t buy that expensive face cream packed full of vitamins and glacier water just to throw away a portion of the magic. Get out every last bit with these beauty spatulas that are pointed so that they can reach every corner of the bottle or tub — even the very bottom and top ridges. The 8-inch handle make it easy to maneuver, and the silicone tips don’t soak up any of the product like cotton swabs do, so this spatula can double as an applicator.


This Stainless Steel Scrubber That’s Tough Enough To Clean Cast Iron

To easily scrub away any rust, burnt food, or grime off your cookware, grab one of these stainless steel scrubbers. The chains can be used on everything from cast iron to stainless steel to clay, and its large size (8 inches by 6 inches) quickly covers a large area while still being easy to store in any drawer.


This Hub That Extends 1 USB Port Into 4

If your laptop is short on USB ports, extend one port into four with this USB hub. It’s equipped with high speed to not only charge your phone but also read and transfer files from flash drives to your laptop. Plugging your mouse, flash drives, card readers, and more into the hub instead of directly into your laptop or desktop also protects the original USB from damaging since you’ll be taking things in and out less.


These Charcoal Bags That Keep Your Shoes Dry & Smelling Fresh

Keep your favorite shoes dry and smelling clean with these moisture absorbing packs. The activated charcoal that’s inside acts as a natural deodorizer to keep out moisture and must. These bags are slim enough to not only slide into your kicks but also to store in your gym bag, locker, or anywhere else where unwanted scents and moisture can be an issue.


A Savor Pod That Can Triple The Life Span Of Your Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are great to have around but can go limp quickly if they’re not stored properly. This savor pod can triple the life of your cilantro, mint, and even asparagus — yep, your greens can stay crisp for up to three weeks. The hard shell keeps the delicate greens from being crushed by other items in your fridge and the water reservoir keeps them hydrated. All you have to do is change the water every three to five days.


This Stretchy Sofa Cover That Keeps Your Furniture Protected

Skip the cleaning and repair process and protect your couch from stains (or cover up old ones) with this sofa slipcover. The polyester and spandex blend is stretchy enough to slip on within minutes, durable enough to withstand any messes and spills, and comfy enough to lounge on. Choose from 36 color options and six furniture sizes to find one that goes with your decor and your seating.


A High-Speed Portable Charger That Can Give Your iPhone Over 2 Full Charges

If you need a portable charger that you can really depend on because your phone’s battery has seen better days, you’re gonna want one with over 42,000 five-star reviews like this one has. In addition to being one of the easiest chargers to carry around thanks to its slim and light design, this charger has a safety system that protects from extreme temperatures, short circuits, and overcharging. It can give your iPhone over two full charges and your Android over one and a half.


This Sewing Kit With Over 100 Pieces Of Thread And Tools

With over 100 pieces, including 36 rolls of thread, a pair of scissors, and a seam picker, I don’t you can find a more extensive sewing kit for a price this low. It really gives you everything you need to feel as though you’re a professional seamstress and it packs up nicely in it’s zippered case making it easy to travel with so you can mend buttons anywhere.

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