These 33 Genius Things Make Dogs Behave So Much Better, You'll Wish You Got Them Sooner

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I’m a pretty big dog person. I have two rescue dogs who I love more than life itself and I’ve been known to stop and say hi to every dog I pass on the street. When it comes to loving on pets, I’m a pro, but I struggle when it comes to discipline. Obedience classes can be pricey so if you’re trying to train your puppy at home, you’ll want a few of these 35 genius things that make dogs behave so much better. Trust me, you’ll wish you got them sooner.

My older dog Nala is too smart for her own good. She so desperately thinks she’s a human and wants to communicate with us, so we got her a set of customizable buttons with custom, prerecorded commands. Now she just hits the “potty” button whenever she needs to go outside. If buttons aren’t your dog’s thing, I’ve included other tools to help you better communicate with your pet. You’ll see a pet doorbell, a book that will help you understand your canine’s psychology, and a clicker that rewards your pet when they’re behaving. These affordable picks make training and understanding your dog a little easier.

For my younger dog, Micah, he’s as anxious as they come. He hates thunderstorms, loud trucks, moving furniture, and being away from me. To soothe his anxieties, we’ve put him in a Thunder Jacket (included on this list), which acts like a hug, calming him to sleep. I’ve also included melatonin tablets for dogs, calming chews, and comforting toys that will make your nervous pet feel safe.

I’d go to the ends of the Earth for my dogs and they deserve the best. Trust me, introducing a few of these tools in your training journey will make things easier for both you and your dog. You’ll wish you ordered these products a lot sooner.


These Training Clickers That Reward Your Pup

These training clickers, when used consistently, can dramatically increase your dog’s capacity for learning new skills. This four-pack comes with different color clickers that each make a different “click” sound. When your dog does something positive like shake, sit, or stay, give them a congratulatory click to encourage them to continue behaving well. This $9 set is more than worth it when trying to get Fido to learn new tricks.


The Grooming Hammock That Suspends Your Pooch

Grooming can be a big source of anxiety for pets, but this grooming hammock makes it much easier to clip your dog’s nails while keeping them secure and safe. It comes in three sizes to fit your dog and is made of cozy soft flannel that’s breathable yet comforting to your bed. It’s also machine washable. Place their legs through the holes in the hammock to suspend them while you clip their nails.


This Comfortable Harness That Discourages Pulling

If going on a walk with your dog is an exhausting experience because they’re always pulling you — try this front-leash attachment harness. It gently teaches your dog to walk alongside you. The soft, nylon harness is comfortable for dogs and owners. One reviewer noted, “It really works to deter pulling without causing any discomfort for the dog. The leash clip falls in the center of the dog's chest, so there really isn't any yanking on any of their body parts.”


A Dog Training Book Written By The Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan is known for being somewhat of a dog whisperer and this book, written by him, is packed full of wisdom to help understand your dog’s behavior. He explains your dog’s psychology, natural pack instinct, and the difference between discipline and punishment. In this book, Millan recounts some of his most interesting cases and uses them as examples of how to better your relationship with your pooch.


The Low-Calorie Treats That Won’t Fill Your Pet Up

If your dog is super motivated by food, treats like these are your best bet for training them. The small, low fat, and low-calorie treats won’t fill up your dog so you can give them a bunch during intense training sessions. Meat is the number one ingredient in these treats so your pet will approve, plus these $10 treats have earned reviews from more than 6,000 owners.


A Spray That Alerts Your Dog To Stop Barking

One spritz of this behavior-correcting spray will grab your dog’s attention and discourage them from doing whatever they were doing. It’s perfect for dogs that struggle with jumping up on people, excessive barking, chewing, or leash pulling. Not only is the spray made with an off-putting pheromone that dogs do not care for, but it also makes a loud “hissing” noise to alert the dog. One review noted, “I don't know how or why this works as well as it does, but I have used it several times (for different behaviors) and it always works fabulously.”


An Interactive Toy To Distract Your High Energy Pup

On rainy days or days when your dog needs additional stimulation, this interactive dog toy is an owner’s best friend. This intermediate-level toy features spots to place treats, as well as a variety of lids that the dog has to flip, slide, or lift to get to the treats. This toy offers a safe way to redirect a destructive dog or reduce anxiety.


These Dog Doorbells That Make Communication Easier

If you’re potty training your puppy and find they’re struggling to communicate to you when it’s time to go out, these doorbells are for you. Hang them on your doorknob at one of the three adjustable heights and form the connection in your dog that ringing the bells equals going outside. Many reviewers noted they didn’t even need to train their dogs to “ring” the bells, however, the kit comes with instructions for helping your pet communicate with you.


An Adjustable Pet Gate For Your Home

Keep your home and your pets safe with this heavy-duty gate that easily blocks hallways, doorways, stairs, and more. The adjustable gate extends from 29.52-inches to 32.28-inches to accommodate your home. It’s perfect for keeping pets out of a certain area, without restricting noise or view of them. The sturdy gate is surprisingly lightweight and easy to move.


A Bitter Spray That Discourages Chewing Or Licking

No matter how many toys you give them, some dogs really want to chew on your shoes or pillows or rugs. A few pumps of this bitter apple spray will immediately discourage that behavior. Just spray it wherever your dog licks or chews often and they’ll stay clear. One reviewer cited, “This is magic for my puppy. I only had to spray each item once several months ago, and she still won't chew them or even hang out near them.”


This Rolling Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers

No dog toy is truly indestructible, but this one is pretty close. It’s designed for aggressive chewers, so it’s tough yet flexible. The toy rolls around for dogs to chase it, which means they’ll never get bored. It comes in four sizes and three flavors: bacon, chicken, and peanut.


These Calming Chews Made With Melatonin

There are plenty of stressors for dogs, but these calming chews can help. The soft chews are made with ​​melatonin, thiamine, L-tryptophan, chamomile, and ginger, which helps pets to relax, while also supporting sensitive stomachs. These treats can be used to calm hyperactivity, reduce aggression, or support fearful pooches. Check the serving size based on your dog’s weight.


An Extra Long Training Leash For Dogs To Explore

This extra-long training leash is ideal for giving your pet a sense of freedom while keeping them safe. Choose from 15 or 30-foot lengths and use the leash to practice “come” and “stay” while still securely leashed. It gives your pet more room to explore on walks and is recommended for medium and large-sized dogs.


This Bestselling Treat Pouch For Training Sessions

If you’re in the midst of training your dog, this bestselling treat bag is worth the hype. It has a strong metal belt clip to keep it secure, a drawstring pouch for treats, a poop bag dispenser, a mesh storage pocket, and a zippered storage compartment. It also comes with an optional waistband and a shoulder strap. It’s great for taking on walks or to obedience classes.


A Training Mat That Beeps When Your Pet Gets On It

Does your pet have a knack for going places in your home where they’re not allowed? This scan mat alerts your pet to get off your couch, countertops, or Christmas decor with a beep, static shock, or a combination of the two. The battery-controlled mat has an LCD display that shows which correction level (out of seven) you’re on, as well as how much battery power is left. When your pet touches the mat, it will alert them, startling them away from off-limit areas. These mats come in a ton of different shapes and sizes for every area of your home.


These Collar Lights For Spotting Pets In The Dark

Keep an eye on your pet, even when it’s dark, with these clip-on collar lights. These waterproof lights are rechargeable with a USB and are durable enough to withstand your dog rolling, playing, or swimming. This light has three modes: high-bright white, medium-bright white, and flashing red for emergencies. This pack comes with two.


The Portable Pet Bath That’s Easy On Your Back

For small and medium dogs, this portable pet bath will make your life so much easier. The elevated tub gives you 360-degree access to your pet without having to bend down or lean over. It opens and closes easily, folding flat when it’s not in use. It has a built-in drain system that will drain into your bathtub, shower, or outside. It includes a three-point leash restraint, two side pockets for grooming tools, and a PVC basin that’s easy to clean and durable against paws and claws.


A Grooming Brush That You Can Use Wet Or Dry

This grooming brush is perfect for brushing your pet wet or dry. The rubber bristles offer a soothing massage to your pet while lifting away loose fur, dirt, and dead skin. As you brush, hair gets locked into the bristles to prevent it from flying around and making a mess. Use it on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and more.


The Suction Cup Mat That Distracts Your Pet In The Bath

If bath time is difficult with your dog, try sticking one of these lick pads to your shower wall to distract them. This silicone mat is so easy to use. Just spread your dog’s favorite treat (mine loves peanut butter) on the mat and stick it in the freezer ahead of time. When it’s bath time, pull the mat out and stick it to the wall with the three suction cups. Your dog will be busy cleaning up the treat while you rinse and wash them. Best of all? You can toss the mat in the dishwasher.


These Grooming Gloves That Massage & Clean

If your pet is scared of grooming tools, this de-shedding glove is a game-changer. It fits over your hand like a normal glove but allows you to remove hair while loving on your pet. They’ll love the attention and you’ll have the opportunity to reduce some of the dog hair that covers your floors. They feature thousands of silicone grooming tips that feel like a relaxing massage and loosen dirt and hair as you run your hands over your pet.


This Dog Toy With A Real-Feeling Heartbeat

Sometimes in the scariest situations, all you need is a friend. That’s why dogs and their owners love this plush toy that has a real-feel pulsing heartbeat inside. You can set the heart to beat continuously for up to six hours. This snuggly toy supports dogs’ pack mentality, making them feel safe and warm. Reviewers say it’s ideal for welcoming a new puppy. “This is a must for new puppy parents. I turned on the heart and put it in my puppy's crate with her to sleep at night from the first time she came home. She hardly ever cried and seemed to enjoy cuddling with it.”


A Correcting Spray Can That Stops Bad Behaviors

This correcting spray emits a puff of air and a hissing noise that disrupts dogs’ loud barking to constructively stop bad behaviors. It sounds like a cat or another animal’s defensive hiss and interrupts their bad behavior to humanely redirect them. Each can has about 30 uses and is simple and effective.


The Probiotic Infusions That Support Your Dog’s Gut

Add these probiotic infusions to your dog’s breakfast every morning as you take yours. These chicken-flavored dog probiotics are made with a liquid blend of ginger and 500 million CPUs of probiotics. It supports gut health and their immune system. Just add a teaspoon to their food.


A Trainer-Developed Tool For Correcting Bad Behavior

The hardest part of training a dog is getting their attention, especially when they’re in the midst of bad behavior. This “shake and break” tool is filled with small plastic balls that make a loud noise when the bottle is shaken. It redirects them to you so you can correct their behavior at the moment. It was created and used by professional dog trainer Brandon McMillan.


These Pet-Safe Melatonin Tablets For Calming Pets

These melatonin tablets are designed to help soothe and support anxious dogs. It can reduce cortisol levels, or stress, in your dog during fireworks, thunderstorms, or while you’re entertaining new guests. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that boost your pup’s immune system. It can also be used as a sleep aid for pets with tension or separation anxiety. Check the bottle for your dog’s serving size, based on weight.


The Customizable Buttons For Pets To Communicate

Do you ever feel like your dog is frustrated that you can understand them? These dog buttons open a whole new world for your pet to be able to more easily communicate their needs. Each of these five buttons can be personalized by recording your own voice saying words your pet may know like “outside,” “food,” or “treat.” Train your dog to hit the buttons whenever they need something. These battery-powered buttons can be re-recorded as many times as you want.


These Calming Capsules That Won’t Make Pets Drowsy

If your pet is anxious, but you’d rather give them something that won’t make them sleepy, try Zylkene. It’s clinically proven to reduce pet stress without making them feel drowsy. It’s perfect for thunderstorms, car rides, or kennel stays. The natural ingredients in Zylkene calm both cats and dogs without affecting their stomachs.


The Mat That Lets Dogs Lick To Soothe Them

Dogs often lick as a way to soothe themselves when they’re anxious. While this self-regulating act is highly recommended, you probably prefer they lick somewhere other than your pillows, doors, or shoes. This heavy-duty dog lick mat promotes licking in a way that’s easy for you to clean. Add spreadable treats like yogurt, peanut butter, or mashed banana on the pads to keep them occupied and happy. It can also be a great way to feed dogs who may eat too quickly.


This Cozy, Donut-Shaped Bed That Your Pet Will Love

Creating a safe space for your pup at home can be so helpful when it comes to reducing anxiety. The first step? A cozy bed to call their own. The shag bed is super soft and comforting with walls for ample head and neck support. The donut-shaped bed is packed with premium fibers that hold their shape longer. Choose from three sizes to fit your pet and five colors to match your home.


A Natural Liquid To Soothe Car Sick Pets

If your pet is terrified of traveling or visiting new places, this natural remedy can help. The pure ingredients are free of chemicals and safe to use as pet medicine for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, and pigs. The fast-acting liquid offers relief from motion sickness, pacing, panting, or whining. You can give it to your pet in their food, water, on a treat, or directly in their mouth. Reviewers note that there is no detectable smell to humans from this product.


An Anxiety Jacket That Hugs Pets To Calm Them

Thunder is my youngest dog’s greatest fear and this classic anxiety jacket has been a lifesaver. It’s just $40 and named Amazon’s #1 bestseller in “dog shirts” for a reason. The tight-fitting shirt applies gentle, constant pressure (like a hug) that calms them during fireworks, travel, vet visits, and more. The soft jacket is simple to use and can be machine washed to keep it smelling fresh.


These Homeopathic Stress Relief Drops

With more than 6,000 reviews, these homeopathic stress relief drops are perfect for keeping your dog free of anxiety during travel or when a loud noise is making them upset. Just add four drops a day to their water (or give it to them orally) to help them maintain a calm state. Each bottle is designed with a dropper that makes it easy to administer and comes with 125 doses. The formula is made up of just five natural botanical ingredients.


This Snuffle Mat That Turns Mealtime Into A Game

If your pooch is always acting up around mealtime or doesn’t seem interested in their meals, try hiding food in this fun snuffle mat that will keep them active. The orange “flower” is made of sturdy Oxford cloth and contains plenty of petals where you can conceal treats and food. Fold up the mat, keep it secure with a buckle, and travel with it anywhere.

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