These Legitimately Amazing Things On Amazon Seem Expensive But Are Actually Cheap AF

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Being “cheap” doesn’t mean what it used to. When I was growing up, cheap meant something was flimsy or that you weren’t willing to spend money in order to walk away with a quality product. But in 2022, all it means is that you’re smart with your money — and that’s a good thing. So when I say that these legitimately amazing things on Amazon are cheap, I mean that their price tag is low despite the products themselves seeming way, way more expensive.

Take this bartending kit as an example. For less than $40, you can start making your own margaritas right at home. And considering that a night out with friends can cost upwards of $15 for just one drink, you’ll make your money back within just a few martinis. Oh, and did I mention how all the tools are made from stainless steel? Because they are.

Everything you’ll find below is cheap AF, but it seems like it should all cost way more — so there’s no reason not to add at least a few to your cart. You’ll thank me later... promise.


This Charging Station That Helps Keep Your Desktop Tidy

If your desktop has become a jumbled mess of gadgets and wires, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this charging station. Six dividers help you keep your tablets, phones, and other gadgets organized. Plus, each order includes six shortened charging cables — three lightning as well as three micro-USB — to help keep everything looking neat.


A Virtual Reality Headset That Won’t Break The Bank

Virtual reality headsets can cost an arm and a leg — this one, however, is available for less than $25. Simply download a virtual reality app or game to your smartphone, then pop it into the mount to get started. The best part? It’s compatible with most smartphones, including the iPhone 8 and newer.


The Mixology Kit That Comes With All The Essentials

Measuring jigger, shaker tin, pour spouts — this mixology kit comes with all the essentials you’ll need to whip up your favorite cocktails. And if you aren’t sure which drinks use what ingredients? Not a problem, as each kit also includes a set of recipe cards to help you make everything from margaritas to martinis.


A Tube Of Putty That Makes It Easy To Repair Holes

Don’t risk losing your security deposit — use this drywall putty to repair any small holes in your rental before moving out. Unlike some types of putty, this one will also work on plaster and wood without any shrinking or cracking. Plus, the built-in applicator helps keep mess to a minimum.


This Bidet Attachment That’s Easy To Install

Not only is this bidet a cost-effective alternative to toilet paper, but installation is also so simple that zero special tools are needed — and it only takes a few minutes to get the job done. The control panel on the side lets you easily adjust the water pressure, and the spray nozzle is retractable to help keep it clean between uses.


A Dryer That Helps Keep Boots Fresh

Keeping your boots dry is an easy way to make sure they don’t develop unwanted odors, so why not try out this dryer? Not only is it specially designed for wet boots, shoes, or even gloves, but the motor is also super-silent so that you’ll hardly notice it’s even running.


This Chic Wine Rack That’s Easy To Set Up

Whereas some wine racks require you to drill into your walls, this one is small enough to sit out on your counters — but it still gives you enough room to store up to seven bottles of wine. Plus, its powder-coated finish helps prevent rust from forming on the metal frame.


A Laptop Stand That’s Seriously Durable

Unlike the plastic laptop stands you’ve likely seen before, this one is made from tough aluminum that won’t shake or wobble when you put your laptop on it. Its ergonomic design also helps alleviate neck strain, as it brings your screen up to eye level — and assembly only takes a few quick seconds.


This Spongey Bath Mat That Dries Quickly

Since this bath mat has an aerated design that allows it to dry quickly, it’s significantly less likely to develop any unwanted mildew odors. The textured surface also gives your feet a little added grip when showering — and without any suction cups on the bottom, there’s very little chance of it chipping away at your tub.


A Bottle That Infuses Fresh Fruit Flavors Into Your Water

Not a fan of drinking plain water? Add your favorite fruits to the infusion core inside of this bottle, and their fresh flavors will gradually seep out into your water. The lid is also leakproof — just in case you happen to knock it over — and the rubber grip on the side helps you keep a firm hold when exercising.


The Pitcher That Lets You Make Cold Brew At Home

With its tough borosilicate glass body and airtight lid, this pitcher makes it easy to make your own batch of cold brew right at home. The precision-cut filter is reusable, so there’s no need to waste money on replacements. And if you aren’t into cold brew, don’t worry — many reviewers also found it worked great when making tea.


A Massage Hook That Targets Sore Pressure Points

Not only does this massage hook cost significantly less than a session with a professional, but it also features four knobs to help you target pressure points in sore muscles. It’s suitable for use on your neck, calves, and everywhere in between. Plus, the compact size means you can even take it with you to the gym.


This Tile Key Chain That Helps You Find Lost Items

Always misplacing your keys? Loop this tile onto your lanyard. The next time they go missing, simply open up the smartphone app to have the tile let out a loud ring, making them easy to find. Or, if you lose your phone, you can press the tile so that your phone starts to ring — even if it’s in silent mode.


A Portable Clothes Steamer You Can Take On Vacation

Small enough to fit inside your suitcase, this clothes steamer is about to become your go-to travel companion whenever you’re packing for vacation. The extra-long power cable makes it easy to use with awkwardly placed hotel outlets, and it takes less than two minutes to heat up.


The Brush That Combs & Styles Your Hair At Once

This hot brush is suitable for tons of hair types, as the heat is adjustable up to 25 levels. The stay-cool tip also gives you somewhere to hold onto while curling it into your roots, and it only takes about 30 seconds to heat up. One reviewer even wrote that “I love this styling brush because I can apply heat to just my roots without scalding myself or frying the rest of my hair, and I end up with lovely voluminous roots.”


A Humidifier That Works In Your Car

If the air inside your car is feeling a little dry, just purchase this miniature humidifier. Each order includes a car adapter — but you can also power it via USB, making it great for traveling. Plus, it even doubles as a diffuser if you add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water reservoir.


This Bamboo Cheese Board That Comes With Serving Knives

Take your home happy hours to the next level with this cheese board. It’s made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and features a hidden drawer that contains four stainless steel serving knives. One reviewer also wrote that “it’s good quality and has been used, cut on, and washed many times and still looks great.”


A Lazy Susan That Doubles The Storage Space In Your Cabinets

Running out of space in your cabinets? This lazy Susan turntable adds a second level of storage space for spices, condiments, and more. It also makes it easier to reach items stashed away in the back — and the light bamboo wood has a neutral tone that meshes with nearly any style.


The Electric Whisk That You Can Use At The Office

Since this electric whisk runs at an ultra-silent level, there’s very little chance it’ll interrupt your neighbors if you use it at the office. It’s great for whipping up milk into a froth for coffees, or even beating egg whites into stiff peaks when baking. The best part? It only requires one AA battery to operate (which isn’t included).


A Stylish Decanter Made From Hand-Blown Glass

Not only is this decanter made from hand-blown crystal glass, but it’s also large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine. It can also help improve the flavor of your reds and whites, as its open design allows them to breathe. Plus, the slanted top helps prevent spills and drips onto your tabletops.


These Futuristic Salt & Pepper Grinders That Do The Work For You

Unlike some salt and pepper grinders that require you to twist a knob, these battery-powered ones do all the work for you; simply press the button on the top and they’ll take care of the rest. Plus, the dial on the bottom lets you adjust the coarseness.


A Sunset Lamp That Casts A Colorful, Relaxing Glow

Not only does this sunset lamp give you the choice of 16 different colors when setting the mood in your home, but its compact size is also perfect for small rooms. Its brightness is adjustable up to three levels, and many reviewers wrote about how it “exceeded” their expectations.


This Subtle, Yet Decorative Box That Hides Messy Cables

If the space underneath your desk is a giant mess of cables and wires, this box is an easy way to hide them all from sight. It’s large enough to accommodate chunky power bricks, and the faux wood top gives it a subtle appearance that helps it blend into your floors.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That You Can Use With Nearly Any Brush

Unlike some makeup brush cleaners, this one has a universal design that allows you to use it with nearly any brush. It only takes about 30 seconds to get your brushes looking clean as new — and despite its powerful motor, it’s still gentle on delicate bristles to help keep shedding to a minimum.


The Box That Disinfects Just About Anything You Can Fit Inside

Loose change, cell phones, jewelry — as long as it fits inside of this box, the powerful UV light on the inside can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria from its surface. The best part? It only takes about three minutes to perform a thorough clean.


An Electric Wine Opener That Does The Work For You

There’s no twisting or pulling necessary when it comes to this wine opener. Simply place it overtop the cork, then press the button on the top; the automatic corkscrew will do the rest of the work for you. Plus, it only requires four AA batteries to open up to 100 bottles of wine.


This Chilly Stainless Steel Ice Roller That Helps Soothe Your Skin

If you’re experiencing unwanted puffiness within your complexion after waking up, try using this ice roller over the affected areas. Thanks to its stainless steel surface (which you can chill prior to using), it glides smoothly across the skin and it feels particularly great when used on sunburns. Keep it in the freezer, and it’ll be ready to go whenever you need it.


These Smart Plugs That You Can Control From Your Phone

Unlike some smart plugs, these ones don’t require an extra hub in order to work, as you can easily control them using Alexa, Google Home, or the downloadable Kasa smartphone app. Use them to put your lights on schedules so that they’re on when you come home, or even to simply turn them on and off without getting up from the couch.


The LED Lights That Cast A Glow Behind Your TV Screen

Add these LED light strips to the back of your television, and they can help reduce eye strain while you’re watching movies in the dark (thanks to the glow they cast onto the wall which helps offset the glare). You can adjust their brightness and color using the included remote — and since each order comes with 3M adhesive, installation is as easy as sticking them right into place.


A Stylish Bamboo Plant Stand That Helps Prevent Scuffed Floors

Putting flower pots directly onto your hardwood floors is an easy way to wind up with scuffs and scratches; that’s why I’m a big fan when it comes to this stand. Not only does it help keep your floors looking good, but it’s also made from sleek bamboo that can fit pots up to 10 inches.


The Bluetooth Speaker That Lets You Jam Out In The Shower

You don’t have to sing a cappella in the shower — just connect your phone to this Bluetooth speaker, and you’ll be able to jam out alongside your favorite songs. The waterproof exterior helps keep it safe from splashes, and it even features a built-in microphone so that you can answer calls.


A Ring Light Phone Stand That Helps Brighten Your Video Calls

Whether you’re making Zoom calls or recording videos for TikTok, this ring light tripod can help make sure that you look your best. The built-in mount is designed to work with nearly any phone, while its adjustable height — and three different light modes — make it easy to customize the settings to you.


This Wireless Doorbell That Comes With 32 Different Chimes

You’ll easily be able to hear this doorbell throughout your home, as it has a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet. It’s also waterproof — so there’s no need to worry about bad weather affecting its performance — and it even comes pre-loaded with 32 different chimes.


A Fabric Shaver That Breathes New Life Into Tired Clothes

If your clothes have started to pill, this fabric shaver can help you trim away all those little fuzzies so that your leggings, sweaters, and more look good as new. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 40 minutes, so there’s no need to keep it plugged in when you aren’t using it. Plus, the stainless steel blades shouldn’t rust over time.


The Down Alternative Comforter That You Can Snuggle Under All Year Long

Whereas some comforters are too light or heavy for year-round use, this one is filled with synthetic goose feathers that are both breathable as well as cozy, making it suitable for all seasons. And if you don’t have a duvet to slip over it? Not a problem, as you have the choice of 11 different colors.


An Adjustable Makeup Organizer That Can Fit Nearly Any Bottle

With its adjustable shelves that can be moved around to fit taller bottles, this makeup organizer is a total game-changer — especially if your vanity is on the messy side. It also spins 360 degrees so that it’s easy to reach any items stashed away in the back, and the clear acrylic frame meshes seamlessly with any style.


This Miniature Waffle Maker That Can Do So Much More

Whether you’re in the mood for waffles, hash browns, or even miniature biscuit pizzas, this waffle maker has you covered. The nonstick heating plates won’t latch onto your meals while they’re cooking — and its small size makes it perfect for cramped kitchens, dorm rooms, as well as everywhere in between.


A Lipstick-Shaped Hair Remover Plated With 18-Karat Gold

Unlike some electric hair removers, this one is completely hypoallergenic as well as painless while removing any unwanted hairs. It works by trimming them away at the root so that your skin is left feeling soft and looking smooth (if that’s what you’re going for). Plus, the outside is even plated with real 18-karat gold.


The Dimmer Switch That You Can Attach To Your Favorite Lamp

There’s no need for any complicated wiring if you’d like to make your lights dimmable — just plug them into this switch. It’s compatible with incandescent as well as LED bulbs, and it shouldn’t create that annoying humming sound that some switches produce. Plus, you can adjust the brightness from 10% up to 100%.


A Foot Spa That Helps You Relax After A Long Day

Not only is this foot spa the perfect way to relax after a long day on your feet, but it also features soothing water jets, a bubbling massage function, as well as two built-in loofahs to help you get your feet feeling oh-so-soft. Plus, there are also shiatsu massage rollers on the bottom — just in case your muscles are extra sore.


This Miniature Air Purifier That’s Perfect For Tight Spaces

Whether your home office or bedroom could use cleaner air, the powerful HEPA filter inside of this purifier can help you breathe easier. It runs at a near-silent level, making it suitable for use while you’re napping (on sleep mode) — and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours before it needs to be plugged in again.


A Rainfall Showerhead That Brings The Spa To You

Don’t have time for a trip to the spa? Add this rainfall showerhead to your bathroom, and it’ll feel like you’re in a luxurious spa every time you rinse off. The self-cleaning nozzles help keep limescale from building up, which means they require very little maintenance over time — and installation only takes a few minutes without any extra tools required.


These Portable Chargers That Are Must-Haves When Traveling

My phone can barely make it a few hours before needing to be recharged, which is why I like to travel with portable chargers similar to these ones. These each feature two USB ports so that you can power multiple devices at the same time, and the ultra-slim design means they’ll take up hardly any space in your bag.


A Heated Coaster That Helps Keep Your Coffee Warm

Tired of your coffee becoming cold before you can finish drinking it? If so, keep your mug on top of this heated coaster. Three temperature settings let you adjust how warm it gets, and it’s even compatible with glassware in addition to mugs. Plus, the automatic shutoff kicks in after four hours — just in case you forget to turn it off.


The Bluetooth Headphones You Can Comfortably Sleep In

Whereas most headphones are too bulky for sleeping, these ones are made from soft fabric with slim speakers, allowing you to comfortably drift off to sleep while listening to your favorite tunes. The best part? If you pull them down a little, they can also be used as an eye mask to block outside light. Plus, the Bluetooth connection means there’s no wire to get tangled up in if you start to toss and turn.