These Life-Changing Dog Products On Amazon Work So Well, Reviewers Say They Deserve 6 Stars

From food can covers to doorbells for your dog.

by Christina X. Wood
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Life with a dog can be a joy. You always have your best friend at your side, and it’s a friend who will leap into the air with enthusiasm every time you walk in the door — even if you were only gone for five minutes. But there can be less joyful areas in the human/dog relationship. There probably isn’t anyone else in your life who might eat your shoes, jump on the couch covered in mud, or who will destroy the furniture in a fit of boredom. However, there are tricks, tools, and hacks that are downright life-changing for handling all of that. It’s all about finding the ones that work.

Fortunately, these fantastic dog products on Amazon work so well, reviewers say they deserve six stars.


The Collapsible Water Bowl You Can Bring Everywhere

When you are out and about with your dog, pack along this collapsible dog bowl so your pup can enjoy a cool drink of water, a snack, or even dinner on the go. The flexible silicone folds flat so you can stash it in your bag or clip it to your pack. But it pops open easily and won’t spill. It comes in four sizes — including one slow feeder and six colors.

One reviewer said: “Great collapsible bowl. The rim is rigid so the bowl is very stable when full of liquid.”


This Bouncy Bowling Pin Toy That’s Fun To Toss

The bowling pin shape of this dog toy makes it easy to throw (if you are human) and easy to carry in your mouth (if you are canine). It’s also durable and has a springy chew sensation to keep your fur baby happy and engaged. It comes in three sizes.

One reviewer said: “These toys are safe and tough. My poodle gave it five stars, and I gave it five stars. It’s bouncy and has a big squeaker inside that when she throws it, it bounces and squeaks.”


These Covers For Every Food Can You Have

Cover all your pet food cans, no matter how many pets you have or how many dining options they require, with this four-pack of pet food can covers, each with multiple size options. They will cover the tiny snack-sized cans, big dog-food cans, and everything in between. The super flexible silicone is so durable you will have these for years. They come in four color selections.

One reviewer said: “10 stars! Best pet food lids available. Flexible and easy to use.”


This Nail Grinder For Easy Pup Mani-Pedis

If clipping your dog's nails is a dramatic battle, this rechargeable electric nail grinder will bring calm to the process. It will ease your worries by making it nearly impossible to snip the quick of your dog’s nails. And your furry drama queen will hardly notice the low noise, low vibration sensation. Presized nail ports make the process super easy.

One reviewer said: “This is life-changing. My dog is afraid of everything and would wiggle and pull away from me when I tried to cut her nails. She’s not afraid of this because it is actually very quiet.”


A Big, Sturdy Leash That’s Easy On Your Hands

Going for a walk is easier on your hands and more secure for your pup with this strong five-foot rope leash made from a springy, round, 1/2-inch thick climbing rope with a padded neoprene handle. The rotating clasp prevents twists and tangles. And the reflective fibers keep you both safe on the roads.

One reviewer said: “This leash is so much easier on my hands and [makes it] so much easier to control her! We go for long walks whenever the weather is nice [...] and this makes it so much more pleasant for both of us!”


The Tasty Treat That Helps Aid Canine Digestion

Given the canine proclivity for eating anything tasty too fast — and without much thought for their personal welfare — these dog probiotics are a super helpful boost for your dog’s gut flora. With an enzyme-rich base of pumpkin and papaya and six strains of probiotics to fuel digestion and immunity, they make a tasty treat, too. Over 20,000 people gave these five stars.

One reviewer said: “No more stinky breath, no more peel-the-paint-off-the-walls gas, and [our dogs now have] fabulously firm poops! I cannot give this enough stars. It has pure, wholesome ingredients and does the trick.”


This Silicone Mat For A Cleaner Feeding Area

Instead of cleaning the floor constantly because your pet dribbles, spills, and drops food and water at every meal, put down a placemat to catch and contain the mess. The flexible silicone of this waterproof feeding mat is super easy to clean and there’s a lip around the edge so water doesn’t ever get to your floors.

One reviewer said: “I have tried numerous mats and towels to help contain the mess that transpires when [my pug] eats and drinks. [...] This thing can take it all, and more ... saves my hardwood floor even when she completely topples her water bowl and saves me from all the clean-up frustration, too!”


A Lighted Leash For Safer Walks At Night

When it’s dark and rainy, you still have to take the dog out. But motorists are more challenged to see you and your dog in those conditions. For safety, clip this rechargeable six-foot LED dog leash on when you head out in the dark. It runs for over seven hours on a charge and lets drivers see you from over 350 feet away. You can set it to constant or strobe, and it comes in seven colors.

One reviewer said: “This leash is fabulous and makes us completely visible at night while walking the trails on the long winter evenings. Oncoming traffic has no problem seeing us and the light it gives off helps to see in the dark surroundings making it feels more safe since I can see about 10 feet out in the dark!!!”


The Orange-Scented Spray That Helps Eliminate Bad Smells

Mistakes can be good teachers. But when a pet makes a mistake, it often teaches them to use that same spot again, unless you eliminate the smell completely. Enter the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator, which uses enzymes to eat the source of the odor so it’s gone, even to your dog’s sensitive snout. It’s easy to use and leaves behind a scent of citrus.

One reviewer said: “This spray has changed the life of this dog owner! With two male dogs in my house, there are occasional ‘turf wars’ that need to be cleaned and completely smell-free. This product does the job perfectly!”


A Travel Water Bottle Any Dog Can Handle

Carry this dog water bottle with a built-in, bowl-shaped delivery spout, and your dog will be able to stay hydrated on walks. Just press a button to fill the bowl. You can return unused water to the bottle by pressing the same button.

One reviewer said: “This dog water bottle is life-changing. Every time I take [my pup] to the dog park, [...] everyone is just in awe when they watch her drink out of it. Love it!”


These Eye Stain Combs That Work So Well

If the fur around your dog’s eyes, nose, or muzzle is stained, it may be due to a build-up of tears or other mucous there. These eye stain remover combs make removing that goo super fast and easy, which helps prevent further staining. The stainless steel bristles lift and separate the fine fur to remove everything. Your dog will look better and be much more comfortable.

One reviewer said: “These combs work great and my dog actually looks forward to getting his tear-stained areas combed!”


This Easy Toothbrush You Wear On Your Finger

Dental care is an important part of dog hygiene and all the chew toys in the world aren’t quite the same as the simple act of brushing your dog’s teeth. This is awkward with a standard toothbrush, but this dog toothbrush that fits over your finger gives you the precision and control you need. Just rub your finger over your dog’s teeth.

One reviewer said: “I've tried actual doggie toothbrushes on my dog and he fought me 'tooth and nail'. But this little rubber thing, he actually likes. [...] It has turned into a game with him.”


The Balm That Helps Soothe Aching Paws

When your hands are dry, cracked, and itchy, you reach for lotion. Your dog, though, can only lick and chew on their paws, which usually makes matters worse. This paw soother — made with mango butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil — is the hand lotion your pup needs for dry elbows and paw pads. Just rub it on.

One reviewer said: “Applied it [...] to my dog's paws last night. Checked her paws this morning, and they were like a puppy's paws. [...] She is clearly pleased, as she is walking without any pain or difficulty.”


A Self-Cleaning Brush For Easier DeFurring

This slicker brush is a brilliant combination of fine, angled bristles that feels great to your pet while removing a ton of fur. A push-button cleaning system gets that fur out of those bristles fast. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable in the hand.

One reviewer said: “This has been life-changing! I have a German Shepard [...] and when he blows his winter coat...OMG! There are rolling hairballs everywhere that make our house look like a desert full of tumbleweeds. [...] This slicker is amazing!”


This Pet-Hair Remover That Has Over 120,000 Fans

You can put away the vacuum cleaner and sticky sheets — this pet hair remover cleans fur off the couch and carpet faster and easier. Just rub it back and forth over that spot your pet loves to slumber in, then open the chamber in the handle and dump all the fur it picked up into the trash. You will hear yourself saying, “This thing is life-changing!” (Just like many of the 103,000 five-star reviews.)

One reviewer said: “The first time I used it I was literally gasping in amazement at how easy and effective it is.”


A Puzzle That Keeps Smart Dogs Occupied

A bored dog can be a destructive dog. Help prevent boredom with this smart dog puzzle and your furniture will survive another day. Hide some treats in the bones and then close them down. Your dog will have to push, nuzzle, and lift the bones to find the treats, which will keep their mind engaged for — potentially — hours.

One reviewer said: “I would give this 10 stars if I could. My 6-month-old Goldendoodle pup loves this interactive puzzle!”


The Doorbells That Let Your Pup Ask To Go Out

With a bit of training, you can prevent your dog from barking or scratching your door to go out while still helping them deliver their important message. Just hang these dog doorbells at the exits and teach them to tap the bells when they need to go out. The gentle sound is more pleasant than barking and it will help keep those sharp claws off the woodwork.

One reviewer said: “Our puppy learned how to use these bells within two weeks, life-changing for us!”


These Unscented Wipes For Quick Cleanups

When your dog has eye crusts, nose mess, or an otherwise unsightly stain in a sensitive area, reach for these unscented wipes to clean that up while also soothing the area with aloe, shea butter, chamomile, and cucumber.

One reviewer said: “I use these all of the time on my dogs; ears, face, tummy, bottom, and pretty much any other part of her body that she can get dirty. She doesn't mind the scent or the texture and they have not irritated her skin at all.”


The In-Car Safety System That Helps Keep Pups In Place

When your fur baby loves to travel by car, make sure it’s a smooth ride by putting safety first. This heavy-duty dog car seatbelt attaches to the seat safety latch bar for the most secure, chew-proof, and inobtrusive in-car seat belt system for canines. It’s designed to connect directly to a harness so your dog won’t leap into the driver's seat and cause an accident or fly through the windshield in the case of a fast stop or sudden impact.

One reviewer said: “This is a well-made product, sturdy and gives you peace of mind that your fur baby is secure.”


A Gravity Waterer For More Water With Less Effort

Avoid that moment when you notice that your dog’s water dish is empty with this gravity waterer that holds a tank of water above the bowl and fills it as needed. It even filters the water as it fills the bowl. The water stays fresher and you don’t have to fill it several times a day.

One reviewer said: “This thing has been life-changing. I only have to refill this about three times a week instead of wasting so much time refilling regular water bowls 20 times a day.”


An LED Collar To Make The Pup Visible Playing At Night

Add a bit more safety to your dog’s night kit with this LED dog collar that makes it easier for everyone to see them. It will help you find your pup in the dark, too. It lights up for over eight hours on a charge, comes in four sizes and 11 colors, and will strobe or blink in addition to producing a steady glow.

One reviewer said: “I used to struggle to see my dog at night, due to her being dark colored. Now with the collar, she is easy to spot and keep an eye on! Super easy to use, and is extremely fast to come on.”


The Solution That Helps Soothe Ears As It Cleans

When your dog’s ears give off an odor or your dog is scratching them, the treatment is easy. It’s even pleasant for your dog. Just gently squirt this dog ear cleaner solution into the ear canal and gently rub the base of those troubled ears. Then clean away the dirt. Everyone will feel — and smell — so much better.

One reviewer said: “I noticed my doggies ears were getting a little irritated, so I got this to get them all cleaned up. After a few days of use, they look so much better!! I feel like this saved my dog from an ear infection!”


This Handy Travel Bag For Dog Food

The next time you and your dog go camping or on a road trip, pack the dog food into this travel bag. It has a waterproof interior, a water-resistant exterior, and is secure and airtight. But you can easily grab it and go, carrying it in one hand or slinging it over your shoulder. A bungee system is a great place to put the dog’s water and there are pockets to hold treats, bags, and whatever else you need.

One reviewer said: “We purchased this to take on vacation with us for our two dogs. [...] We filled it up before leaving home and it lasted our two dogs all week. It also kept all the food nice and fresh and had a great storage pocket for our collapsible food scoop.”


This Genius Hack For Cleaning Muddy Paws

You can often tell how much fun your dog’s been having by studying the mud or sand all over their paws. But mostly you want to remove it before it adorns your car interior, carpets, and couch. This dog paw cleaner is a fast and efficient tool for accomplishing that. Fill it with warm water and dip the dirty paws, one at a time, into it. It will scrub the dirt off using the soft silicone bristles that line the inside of the cup.

One reviewer said: “Can I give 6 stars? Surprisingly effective at cleaning very muddy paws. I used to have a wet rag and a dry rag which still left my dog's paws muddy. Sometimes I would just take him up to the bathtub and hose down his feet. No more!”


A Slow Feeder Made For Flat-Faced Dogs That Scarf

If your flat-faced pooch is a gobbler, you may have given up on slow feeders because short-snouted dogs can’t manage them so well. But this flat-face feeder has a gentle incline and wide, shallow rounded channels that fit their particular anatomy. The puzzle not only slows down mealtime but also makes it more fun for your canine companion.

One reviewer said: “Finally, a slow bowl that our Boston Terriers can eat from. The channels are not deep so our smashed-face pups can get to the kibble.”


This Waterless Shampoo For A Cleaner Dog Without A Bath

When your best friend begins to smell less than fresh — and getting them into a bath is not an option — this waterless, no-rinse shampoo is a great option. Just rub the foam all over that coat and towel dry. It helps clean, condition, detangle, and moisturize without needing to be rinsed off.

One reviewer said: “This waterless shampoo is the best I have ever tried. Does an amazing job cleaning my dog's white coat and making [it] soft. This is a must-have product for the winter months when bathing isn't as easy as it is in the summer.”


A 2-Pack Of Licking Mats To Help Ease Stress

Dogs often lick when they are stressed. So if you need to give your dog a bath, get through a thunderstorm, or just want a break from the licking, fill one of these two lick mat slow feeders with a favorite treat. One can be for fun and the other for stress.

One reviewer said: “I have a high-energy dog that needs to be constantly active. He LOVES these mats. I work a few tablespoons of wet food in the stress relief one and it keeps him occupied for 10 or 15 minutes and uses up a lot of nervous energy.”


A Plant-Based Flea & Tick Spray That’s Safe & Effective

This flea and tick spray relies on ingredients like peppermint oil and eugenol from clove plants to help banish fleas, flea eggs, and ticks. Just spray it directly on your dog’s coat before a walk to ward away those unwelcome guests before they land.

One reviewer said: “If I could give this six stars, I would. [...] Thankfully and amazingly it works.”


A Nearly Indestructible Squeaky Dragon

This cute little dragon squeaker dog toy is poised to quickly become your dog’s best friend (after you). And you won’t have to deal with the disappointment that destroying that friend will cause for quite a long time, even if your dog is famous for destroying every toy you buy. It comes in 16 colors.

One reviewer said: “When I first received this I was a little skeptical about its claim to durability but so far my teething and chew-loving puppy has not yet destroyed it. Even in the strongest tug of wars, it has come out in one piece!”


The Soft After-Bath Towel That Is Super Absorbent

Don’t ruin your own towels when giving the dog a bath. These pet grooming towels are soft, plush, super absorbent, and have a paw on them so your dog will know it's not a hand-me-down. The microfiber holds lots of water but also dries fast in the dryer so it’s perfect for pets. Choose from 29 colors.

One reviewer said: “My 70# shepherd mix normally needs 3-4 towels to dry his thick fur after baths. I did not think one of these towels would be enough, but it is! The towel is sopping wet when I'm done with him, but the dog is only barely damp and takes far less time to dry. I can finally throw out the raggedy old doggy towels!”


An Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner For Sensitive Coats

Giving the dog a bath is an extra challenge if that canine has sensitive skin. But this aloe vera and oatmeal sensitive skin shampoo will help overcome that. Within ingredients like manuka honey, colloidal oatmeal, and aloe, it helps soothe and hydrate while cleaning and eliminating odors — all without irritating more sensitive pups.

One reviewer said: “My dog's fur was often covered in dandruff whenever she returned from the salon. I opted to bathe her myself and [...] after one bath I noticed the reduction in dandruff and how shiny and smooth her fur felt.”


The Snuffle Mat That Turns Treats Into A Hunt

Turn snack or mealtime from a 30-second scarfing to an hour-long hunt through the “grass” with this snuffle mat. Instead of dumping the kibble into a bowl, hide it in the 2-inch long fabric pile so your pup has to use their sense of smell and intelligence to track it down. The grippy bottom holds it in place and there are two suction cups for extra stability.

One reviewer said: “This is the best snuffle mat I have found. The pile is long and very soft. And the border is VERY useful as it not only gives a boundary for treats to lie within but also makes it very easy to carry the mat when it is full of treats.”


The Ball Thrower Your Shoulder Will Love

When your dog is ball-obsessed, resistance is futile. This ball launcher helps put some distance in your throw while being easier on your throwing arm. Your dog will have to run further to fetch it, which is good exercise and gives you a minute to rest.

One reviewer said: “This tool is life-changing. My husband can now stay seated in his Adirondack, and ‘chuck it’ until the labs are worn out. No shoulder pain. [...] Buy this for your dogs, for your neighbors with dogs, or an old guy at the park with dogs.”


The Easier Way To Scoop Up Dog Poop

When you have a dog, you have to clean up poop. But you don’t have to bend over and pick it up with a bag if you own this pooper scooper. Just rake the business into the wide, flat bin and toss it into the trash. The rake snaps to the stand and it all stands up on its own, too, so storing it is easy.

One reviewer said: “This pooper scooper has DRASTICALLY improved the quality of not just my life, but my ENTIRE family's life. Before owning this coveted scooper, [...] a journey through the backyard was not for the faint of heart. [...] Now, we can safely walk the backyard again. Our children can play!”


A Long-Lasting Teething Toy You Can Freeze

Cute puppies have very sharp teeth — a fact the people who make this freezable puppy chew toy were well aware of. A teething puppy can spell trouble for hands, furniture, shoes, and everything else it can reach. That’s why this toy has the perfect springy texture, teeth-cleaning nibs, and changes color when it’s frozen. The soothing cold of a frozen toy can be a welcome comfort to a puppy who’s teething.

One reviewer said: “My bulldog puppy loves chewing on this when it's frozen. It's the perfect size for her to get it right where she needs the soothing cold for her teething. I love that it doesn't melt and make a mess.”