These Weird-But-Genius Home Upgrades Are Getting Wildly Popular On Amazon

Shoppers are obsessed with these time-saving, home-upgrading products.

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Popularity isn’t everything — but it definitely helps when you’re shopping online. If a product has hundreds, if not thousands of rave reviews, there’s no reason to doubt its quality. So when I say that these weird (but genius) home upgrades are getting wildly popular on Amazon, it means you can rest assured that each one I’ve chosen to feature below is definitely worth your money.

From magnetic dry-erase calendars to shatter-resistant champagne flutes, I’ve made sure that each item on this list is a surefire upgrade to the version you’ve been using. Besides, who can resist a sleek dispenser made especially for syrup and honey? Because I know I can’t — which is probably why I just added it to my wish list. But if you want to see the other genius upgrades I’ve found, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


The Money-Saving Containers That Help Keep Herbs Fresh

Letting your herbs go bad before you have a chance to eat them is a huge waste of money — that’s why this container is a game-changer. Not only can it help keep your greens fresh for up to three weeks, but it’s also suitable for use with everything from kale to cilantro. Plus, all of its plastic parts are BPA-free.


A Container That Helps You Save Bacon Grease For Later

Pouring hot bacon grease into plasticware is never a good idea — instead, use this stainless steel container. It’s resistant to rust and features a built-in strainer that separates any burnt bits from the grease. There’s also a lip on the edge to help prevent drips when it’s finally time to pour grease out.


A Dispenser That’s Perfect For Syrup & Honey

Consider this dispenser a mess-free way to add syrup and honey to your meals. It releases from the bottom, eliminating the chances of any sticky drips making their way down the sides — and it’s even made from sleek glass instead of plastic. “This is not only functional but it is absolutely beautiful filled with honey,” wrote one reviewer. “Love it love it.”


The Heavy-Duty Plunger That Can Handle Stubborn Clogs

When your regular plunger isn’t strong enough to power through that clog, it might be time to bust out this heavy-duty version. The cone-shaped head reaches down inside your toilet, creating a more effective seal so that it’s easier to dislodge blockages.


A Measuring Cup That Can Be Adjusted Up To 2 Cups

Traditional measuring cups can take up a ton of drawer space — instead, give this adjustable one a try. The base can be twisted from 1 tablespoon up to 2 cups, making it suitable for nearly any recipe. Plus, the silicone disc on the inside works as a squeegee, helping keep the walls clean so that they’re easy to rinse out.


This Hair Catcher That Helps Keep Shower Walls Clean

While it may be tempting to wipe hair onto your shower walls, this catcher is a much better place to dispose of it. Silicone teeth on the inside hold onto hair until you’re ready to throw it out, helping keep your pipes clog-free. Installation is also a total breeze, as each order includes a double-sided adhesive that lets you stick it to tile walls without needing to drill.


The Jar Opener That Stays Hidden Underneath Your Cabinets

Unlike some jar openers that can take up a ton of space in your drawers, this one mounts underneath your cabinets, staying out of sight until you need it. It’s designed to work with lids of nearly any size, whether you’re struggling to open nail polish or mayonnaise — and each order includes double-sided adhesive for easy installation.


An Oil & Vinegar Dispenser That’s Seriously Chic

Not only is this dispenser sure to look good sitting out on your counters, but it’s also able to hold vinegar as well as oil, helping save you space when in storage. The cork stoppers give it a rustic touch — and the borosilicate glass body is even temperature-resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Pickle Jar That Helps Keep Your Fingers Clean

You don’t have to get your fingers wet with juice when you want a pickle — just transfer your pickles into this jar. When you’re ready for a snack, simply flip it upside-down, and all the juice will strain into the bottom so that your fingers stay clean. It also works great with olives, or any other messy ingredient that sits in liquid.


A Pizza Rocker That Helps You Cut Straight Slices

Unlike rolling pizza cutters, this rocker is large enough to cut nearly any size pie with one smooth motion, ensuring that your slices come out straight — not crooked. The best part? Each order also includes a cutting board that has helpful guidelines, making it even easier to cut your pizza into eight even pieces.


This Tray Table That Clips Onto Your Sofa’s Armrest

Don’t have enough space for a side or coffee table? Not a problem — just clip this tray table onto one of your sofa’s armrests. The strong spring on the bottom helps keep it in place without shifting and even allows it to fit onto armrests of nearly any size. Choose from two finishes: black or natural.


A Coffee Grinder That Lets You Adjust How Fine The Grounds Are

Not only does this coffee grinder let you adjust how coarse your grounds come out, but the blades are also made from rust-resistant stainless steel — not ceramic. The best part? Cleaning it out is as easy as dissembling all parts and giving them a good rinse.


A Container That Helps Keep Bread From Getting Mushed

Not only does this container help protect loaves of bread from getting crushed, but it also dispenses a single slice at a time simply by pulling back on the plastic wrapper your loaf came in. It’s large enough to work with nearly any standard-sized loaf — and many reviewers also wrote about how it helped keep their loaves fresher for longer.


These Oven Mitts That Are Connected For Added Protection

Unlike the oven mitts you might be using, these oven mitts are connected in the middle, giving your torso added protection when pulling hot pans out of the oven. Their soft terry cloth lining helps keep your hands comfortable — and they’re even heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.


These Night Lights That Snap Into Your Outlet Plates

You don’t have to clutter up an outlet to plug in a night light — instead, opt for these sleek LED ones that don’t take up any space. There’s no complicated wiring required when installing them, as they easily snap into place. You also have the choice of four colors: white, black, ivory, or light almond.


This Uniquely Shaped Decanter That Enhances Your Wine’s Taste

This wine decanter doubles as both an aerator and a beautiful sculptural piece for your countertop. Made from lead-free crystal glass, it has a unique U-shape that works for holding wine — and also for holding water and fruit juice just as well. It’s designed to let your wine breathe, enhancing and rounding out its flavor. “It is so pretty, and could be used as a center piece just because of how nice it is to look at,” one reviewer shared. “It does improve the taste of the wine as well!”


The Hangers That Help You Open Up Space In Cramped Closets

Running out of space in your closet? Try swapping out those clunky plastic hangers with these space-saving ones. Each hanger can hold up to four garments, helping you make the most of your limited storage space — and the clips can even be slid left or right to fit smaller pieces as needed.


A Set Of Bed Sheets Infused With Aloe Vera

Not only are these bed sheets made from soft microfiber, but they’re also infused with aloe vera to help moisturize your skin while you’re sleeping. The fitted sheet is also extra-deep, allowing you to use it with taller mattresses — and they even come in five colors: cream, brown, gray, navy, or white.


The Handle Covers That Help Keep Fingerprints To A Minimum

Add these covers to your fridge door handles, and they’ll help keep messy smudges, fingerprints, and more to a minimum. The Velcro closure makes it easy to adjust how tightly they fit, and you can even trim them to fit smaller handles as needed. If they ever get dirty, simply toss them into the wash for a quick clean.


These Cupcake “Paper” Cups That Are Actually Reusable

These cupcake baking cups are so smart — they have the festive party look without the paper product waste. Available in a set of 24, these cups have a near-perfect 4.8-star rating for their food-grade silicone construction that can withstand oven temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re also nonstick and able to be put in the microwave, fridge, freezer, or dishwasher. Get them in rainbow colors or earthy neutrals.


An Acupressure Mat That Can Help Alleviate Soreness

With thousands of raised points that dig deep into sore muscles, this acupressure mat can be used to help alleviate pain all over your body. Unlike some mats, this one is made from thick, plant-based eco-foam — and you can easily roll it up for compact storage when you’re done.


The Label Maker That Features Tons Of Customization Options

Unlike label makers you’ve likely seen, this one features a variety of printing options that let you customize your labels however you like. Add cute borders to your labels, or even choose from dozens of icons to help keep your files organized. It’s also completely ink-free, as it uses cheaper thermal paper instead.


A Wedge Pillow Made With Soft Memory Foam

Acid reflux, heartburn, snoring, soreness — this wedge pillow can help alleviate all sorts of nighttime aches and pains. It’s filled with soft memory foam, allowing it to contour to the shape of your neck, back, and shoulders for extra comfort. Or, you can use it to elevate your legs in order to help increase blood flow when they’re feeling sore.


A Trash Can That’s Incredibly Slim

Looking for a bathroom trash can that’ll fit next to your toilet? This one is incredibly slim, yet still large enough to hold up to 6 liters of rubbish. The inner bucket is made from shatter-resistant plastic — and if it ever gets dirty, you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Choose from three colors: white, green, or gray.


These Hanging Shelves That Add Storage To Cramped Closets

Shoes, hats, purses — these hanging shelves are perfect for all sorts of items. Six mesh pockets on the sides also give you extra storage space for smaller things, like socks, umbrellas, and more. Plus, its sturdy frame means that it’s less likely to lose its shape when filled to the brim.


A Cozy Comforter Filled With Soft Alternative Down

With its down alternative filling that’s suitable for year-round use, this comforter is a solid choice for anyone looking for a blanket they can snuggle under in every season. Precise stitching and durable hems help keep it looking good over time, and you even have the choice of two colors: gray or navy.


A Beverage Dispenser That Helps Prevent Spills

Pop this dispenser onto the top of nearly any bottle, and you’ll be able to pour yourself a glass without having to pick it up, eliminating the risk of accidental spills. Just press your glass against the trigger — liquid will instantly begin to flow out the spout, then stop once the glass is removed.


The Shower Squeegee That Shouldn’t Leave Behind Streaks

Made with high-quality silicone strips that deliver a streak-free shine, this squeegee is definitely an upgrade compared to many others. It also produces hardly any noise as it glides across the glass, and the sleek powder coating is even resistant to rust.


A Motion-Activated Light That Turns On When You Get Up At Night

Instead of stumbling your way through the dark when you get up at night, allow this under-the-bed light to gently guide your way. Its built-in motion sensor prevents it from turning on while you’re still in bed — and the automatic shut-off timer can be set anywhere from 30 seconds up to six minutes.


A Sleek Pitcher That You Can Use To Make Cold Brew

Not only is this pitcher made from sleek borosilicate glass, but you can also use it to make your own batch of cold-brew coffee. It features a reusable filter made from stainless steel, with silicone rings around the lid that create an airtight seal to help keep everything inside fresh. “It's super easy to clean, all the parts are detachable- no glue holding the seals in place and no plastic nooks or crannies!” raved one reviewer.


This Whisk That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Unlike regular whisks that take up a ton of space in your drawers, this one collapses flat for easy storage — and it’s even made from rust-resistant stainless steel. It’s also easier to clean than other whisks, and the ergonomic handle is even designed to fit comfortably in either hand.


A Slim Bidet That’s Incredibly Easy To Install

There’s no need to call for professional help when it comes to installing this bidet. The process is so simple that no tools are required — and its slim profile won’t leave your toilet seat feeling uneven when you’re sitting. Plus, the control panel on the side lets you adjust the water pressure, as well as its temperature.


These Glasses That Come With Sleek Glass Straws

Not only are these glasses completely BPA-free, but each one also comes with a matching glass straw that can be washed and reused as many times as you like. Each order also includes two pipette brushes to help you scrub their insides — and their bent tips allow for easy sipping.


The Pads That Help Stop Your Washer & Dryer From Shaking

If your washer and dryer tend to shake and make tons of noise when they’re running, consider adding these pads underneath their feet. They help absorb shock, which can help quiet your machines since they won’t vibrate as much — and they’re even suitable for use on nearly any type of floor.


A Miniature Food Chopper That Won’t Break The Bank

If you’re looking for an affordable food chopper, make sure to check out this compact one that’s available for less than $15. Stainless steel blades make quick work of everything from garlic to nuts, while its powerful rechargeable battery can be used up to 35 times before you need to plug it in again. “Throw 5 full cloves [of garlic] in there and they're minced to perfection in less time than it took to write this run-on sentence,” wrote one reviewer.


This Poster That Lets You Show Off Where You’ve Traveled

If you love traveling, you’ll definitely want to check out this world map. You can scratch off every country you’ve visited, making it a great conversation starter when guests are over. Bordering countries are all different colors so that it’s easy to tell each one apart — and the more-than-reasonable price isn’t anything to ignore, either.


This Dry-Erase Calendar That You Can Stick To Your Fridge

Having trouble keeping track of everybody’s schedule? Slap this dry-erase calendar onto your fridge, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to jot down plans, notes, or even grocery lists. Its surface is stain-resistant, and each order includes a set of fine-tip markers, as well as a small eraser.


These Silicone Sheets That Are Shockingly Versatile

Crafts, painting, rolling pastries, baking — these silicone sheets are so versatile that you can use them for all sorts of activities around the house. They’re 100% food-grade and can be cut into smaller sizes to fit onto baking trays. Plus, their non-stick surfaces easily wash clean with a little soap and water.


The Silicone Spatulas That Are Heat-Resistant Up To 600 Degrees Fahrenheit

Not only are these silicone spatulas heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, but their nonstick heads also make them perfect for flipping omelets, stirring sauces, and more. The best part? Each one is made from a single, solid piece of silicone, so there’s no need to worry about the heads detaching from the handles.


These Champagne Flutes That Won’t Shatter If Dropped

There’s no need to worry about dropping these champagne flutes, as each one is made from shatterproof plastic that can handle getting jostled around. The stemless bases give them a trendy appearance, while smooth, rounded rims allow for comfortable sipping. Plus, the tapered sides make them easy to hold onto.


This Sewing Kit That Comes With All The Essentials

Don’t throw out that shirt just because a button fell off — instead, use this sewing kit to put it back on. It comes with all the essentials you’ll need for small fixes, including needles, thread, scissors, measuring tape, and more. And since it all comes packaged in a zippered case, you can easily take it with you when traveling.

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