These Weird, Cheap Things On Amazon Are Actually Genius

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Have you ever been hanging out at a family member or friend’s house, then all of a sudden they bust out a nifty little gadget you’ve never seen before? Think along the lines of kitchen devices that take convenience to a new level, or affordable at-home spa tools you didn’t know existed. Well, this list of weird and cheap items from Amazon that are also genius AF might have you adding all kinds of stuff to your wish list. If you don’t want to drop hints to friends (or cousins, or coworkers) to get these as gifts, go ahead and treat yourself to some fun new goodies.

It can be pricy to go to a spa and splurge on a full day of R&R. There are plenty of beauty tools and products on this list to treat yourself to a full spa day at home, and on a regular basis. Choose from items that make bubble baths more relaxing, to items that upgrade your skincare routine, to unique hair styling tools and products. You’re going to feel spoiled and pampered, all without breaking the bank.

And if you love to be in the kitchen, creating recipes and testing new concoctions? Switch out your typical measuring spoons for an adorable cherry-shaped set. They’re guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Some of the kitchen gadgets listed turn a basic item into something almost futuristic. For example, there’s a measuring cup with a digital scale in the handle so you always have an accurate measurement. Take that, Flintstones!

So go ahead and check out these genius, everyday home items that are going to save you time and money. Quadruple win.


This Moldable Gel That Gets Tiny Spaces Clean

Easily grab dust and other dirt particles out of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with this dust cleaning putty. The moldable and flexible putty can squeeze and slide its way into places that don’t normally get cleaned, or at least not on a regular basis. A bonus feature of the putty is the fact it doesn’t smell like plastic or chemicals, but instead like sweet magnolias.


These Ice Globes That Depuff Under Eyes With A Cooling Touch

Your skin will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after rubbing these ice globes all over your face. Just keep them in the freezer and pull them out whenever you need. Aside from the delightful cooling effect, you’ll notice other benefits — like reducing puffiness and redness for a smoother-looking complexion. They can even help diminish the side effects of headaches.


A Clip-On Strainer That Fits Different Sizes Of Pots

Straining steamy, boiling water from a pot has never been easier or quicker than when you attach this clip-on strainer. You can strain water out of a pot with one hand, as opposed to fumbling around with a separate colander then pouring the steaming contents of your pot into it. This is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


A Motion-Sensing Light For Your Toilet With 16 Color Options

Find your way to the toilet in the dark with zerro problems by attaching this motion sensor color-changing toilet bowl light. Once you get within five feet of the bowl, the light detects you and illuminates the toilet. It automatically turns off after two minutes of not detecting motion to save battery life. You have the option to set it as a solid color, or let it rotate through 16 different hues.


This Flashlight With A Magnetic Handle For Picking Things Up

This magnetic LED flashlight is more or less like having a third hand thanks to its ability to securely attract things for you. Don’t worry about losing or misplacing small odds and ends like nuts, bolts, and washers with the business (magnetic) end. Another feature separating this flashlight from others is that it has an extendable neck that bends in different directions, so you can easily shine light in hard to reach places.


A Sauce Packet Holder For The Car When Eating On-The-Go

Keep your sauce packets sturdy and free from spillage with these nifty portable dip clips. Usually, eating in the car isn’t ideal — especially if you love chicken nuggets and need your dipping sauce. Now, when you have to drive and eat, clip this dip holder onto one of your car vents, slide your sauce container into the designated slot, and bon appetit.


This Hot Air Brush That Dries & Styles Hair All At Once

Speed up the amount of time you spend drying and styling hair after washing with this ceramic hot air brush. One of the biggest benefits your hair gets from this tool is that, since it dries and styles simultaneously, the amount of potential damage is minimized. Aside from its dual function, this hot air tool controls frizz and flyaways, and also adds a gorgeous shine.


These Measuring Spoons That Look Like Adorable Cherries

Turn your baking endeavors into a fun adventure by adding these cherry measuring spoons to your baking tool kit. There are four different spoons in this ring: a tablespoon, half tablespoon, a teaspoon, and half teaspoon. You can keep them all attached to the leaf-shaped ring, or use them individually. They’re also dishwasher safe.


A Bamboo Tray That Levels Up Bathtub Relaxing

This expandable bamboo bath tray lets you unwind and relax in style at the end of a long day. There’s enough space for a book or tablet, a candle or some incense, and not to mention a glass of wine (in a non-slip slot). When the tray is fully extended it measures 41.5 inches long; with no expansion it measures 27.75 inches. That means it fits just about any size tub out there.


This Pack Of Wi-Fi Wall Outlets To Make Your Home Smart

Completely revolutionize your wall outlets with this four-pack of smart plugs. To use them, either download the app through your smartphone or sync it wirelessly to your home’s smart hub like Alexa. You then have the ability to control lights remotely through the app or with voice control. Aside from lights, you can use it for other electronic devices such as humidifiers, fans, and lamps.


A Pillow Designed To Support Knees When Side-Sleeping

This comfort knee pillow is designed with two curved sides to let it rest comfortably between your legs while you’re sleeping. If you’ve been feeling unaligned when sleeping on your side, this is the solution you need. Made from memory foam, it encourages lower body relief and helps you wake up feeling more rested and refreshed in the morning.


This Trash Can With Attached Lid That’s Perfect For The Car

Easily secure this compact car trash can to one of the seats or middle console so it’s in a place that’s convenient to use. It has an attached lid to make sure the contents inside stay inside while on the road. When you aren’t using it, easily collapse the trash can to conveniently store it many places in the car without taking up much space.


These Double-Walled Freezer Mugs To Keep Beer Or Soda Refreshingly Cold

You’ll never have to suffer through drinking warm beer again with this set of two freezer beer mugs. Now you can sip, enjoy, and relax without the need to race against the clock before your beer starts drifting toward room temp. These mugs have two insulated walls of plastic with a magical gel in between that keeps drinks chilled for up to two hours.


This Little Device That Makes Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Way Easier

If you love hard-boiled eggs and enjoy them on the regular, you’re going to love how this boiled egg peeler reduces the amount of time you spend peeling eggs. All you need is a quarter cup of water inside the container along with your boiled egg, securely snap on the top, and then begin shaking to slip off the shell with no hassle on your part.


This Hydrating Eye Balm That Comes In A Portable Twist Tube

Feel tired eyes rejuvenate once you apply this Iceland hydrating eye stick. There are a wide range of benefits from incorporating this into your skincare routine. It helps reduce puffiness under eyes, as well as diminish the appearance of dark circles and tired eyes. You can even apply this over your makeup if your eyes feel like they need a little pick me up throughout the day.


A Set Of Reusable Silicone Food Huggers To Keep Things Fresher, Longer

Cut back on your single-use plastic waste by swapping out for these reusable food saving huggers. You get five different sizes of food huggers that are made to fit on different sized fruit, vegetables, and even open cans and jars. When you place these silicone food savers on exposed produce or open containers, you get an airtight seal that helps preserve the freshness of your food.


This Measuring Cup With A Built-In Digital Scale

You will always measure your ingredients with complete accuracy thanks to this measuring cup complete with built-in digital scale. Have you even been following along with a recipe that tells you the measurements of the ingredients, but it’s in grams or ounces? You never have to stress about figuring out the correct conversions as the digital scale on the handle will give you an accurate measurement each and every use.


This 2-Tiered Computer Stand For Your Office Desk

Help keep your desktop neat and tidy with the help of this two-tiered computer stand. The additional shelving this multilevel stand provides allows you to keep the surface of your office desk less cluttered and more organized. One of the biggest benefits this stand offers is that it puts your computer monitor at eye level, so your neck doesn’t strain while doing work.


A Compact, Leak-Proof Car Trash Can With Illumination

This particular car trash can takes things to the next level with an LED spotlight and leak proof material. On the top of the can opening there is a small, round LED that helps you see and makes sure the trash makes it in the bin each time. Between the liner bag and the durable faux leather material, your waste will stay securely inside the receptacle while driving.


These Silicone Cleaning Gloves With Built-In Scrubbing Bristles

Washing fruits and veggies is incredibly simple and easy with these silicone brush scrubber gloves. The bristles on the palms make it so you don’t have to find a sponge or dish brush to clean off whatever items you currently have in the sink. You can also reuse these gloves for years to come as they can easily be cleaned by popping them in the dishwasher.


This Microfiber Cleaning Tool To Get Dust Off Blinds

Dusting your blinds is now a quick and easy (and kinda fun) task thanks to this three-pronged window cleaning brush. It’s specifically designed so that in one swift motion, the duster wipes off both top and bottom of the blind. The cloth part of the blind cleaner is made from a microfiber fabric that traps the dust right in to fibers of the duster and prevents excess particles from flying into the air.


A Pillow For Your Back That Provides Much-Needed Lumbar Support

This memory foam lumbar support pillow is perfect to use in a variety of sitting situations. It was designed for use with office chairs, car seats, and even loungers and the couch. When you use it, the pillow automatically corrects your posture, relieving stress on parts of your spine, and providing the lumbar support necessary for people that sit for long periods of time throughout the day.


This Delightful Spoon & Spatula Holder Shaped Like A Witch

Keep your countertops clean and stop spoons falling into pots with this silicone witch-shaped utensil holder. This little novelty gizmo not only holds onto your utensils when you’re not using them, but it can also act as a steam release by propping open the lid to a pot. It’s made of silicone, so toss it in the dishwasher after using. It also makes a fun little gadget to gift to witch-loving friends or family.


A Set Of Reusable, Fabric-Softening Wool Dryer Balls

Get your laundry fresh and super soft, all while being more eco-friendly, with these 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls. They’re an excellent way to cut back on waste like throwaway dryer sheets. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils right onto these woolen balls so your clothes come out of the dryer smelling just how you like.


This Portable Sanitizer Wand That Works With UV Light

If you travel often and are focused on maintaining your health, think about investing in this portable UV sanitizing light. It’s capable of eliminating up to 99% of germs and bacteria off of surfaces thanks to the sterilization power of the ultraviolet light. No batteries are needed to use it; all you need is a USB cord to give it a charge and it’s ready to go.


An Airplane-Friendly Set Of Travel Bottles For Toiletries

Each of these food-grade silicone travel bottles holds exactly three ounces of liquid, making them TSA-approved to get through airport security with no issues. Now you can always take your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on your travels without having to lug around full bottles that take up space in your suitcase. It also comes with three small, circular jars that are perfect for creams, lotions, and moisturizers.


An Oil-Absorbing Volcanic-Stone Face Roller

No need to worry about excess oil build-up as you go about your day thanks to this absorbent, volcanic face roller. This roller also helps cut down on your trash footprint as you’ll no longer have to rely on disposable face blotting papers. It is especially great for targeting the oft-oily T-zone area, though is efficient at eliminating oily spots anywhere on your face.


These Bag Clips That Double As Spouts For Snacks

This four-pack of bag clips pulls double duty as a pour spout, for convenient access to the food inside the bags they keep closed. To use the nozzle, all you have to do it flip open the plastic lid then pour the contents inside the bag with ease. Each bag clip is made from a non-toxic silicone plastic.


This Fabric Shaver That Removes The Little Pills Off Your Clothes

Keep the surfaces of your sweaters and blankets looking brand new with this mini fabric shaver. Get off all of those little fuzzies, pills, and lint balls without having to worry about any accidental damage to the fabric. The shaver is equipped with different settings depending on what kind of item you will be using it on, as well.


These Microfiber Towel Turbans That Protect Hair From Damage

Get your hair dry and help prevent damage with this microfiber hair turban. The super absorbent fabric soaks up excess moisture from hair, letting you spend less time using a blow dryer and other heated tools. It works perfectly with all types of hair, too. These towel turbans can be washed and dried when they need cleaned and you don’t have to worry about them stretching out or losing shape.


This Sleek Candle Lighter You Charge Via USB

This electric candle lighter is great for use at home or on outdoor camping adventures. The long design of the lighter ensures hands and fingers never have to get too close to the flame to prevent possible burns. You also don’t have to worry about lighter fluid or butane gas; it simply uses a USB cable to get its power and can be fully charged in one to two hours.


A Super Fast & Effective Cleaner For Makeup Brushes

Get your makeup brushes so clean they look and feel like new with this spinning, electric brush cleanser. It comes with eight different sized collars that are capable of holding the various types of makeup brushes used regularly. In less than one minute, all of the build-up and leftover residue from your favorite beauty products will be flushed out of your brushes.


This Pretty Glass Teapot With Removable Loose Leaf Infuser

Make your favorite loose leaf teas in this stylish glass teapot as a way to add some calm and relaxation to your day. There is a removable tea infuser that fits right into the top of the pot with or without the lid on it. The infuser lets you get the perfect steep on your tea without dealing with any floating particles when sipping on your delicious warm beverage.


A Bath Pillow With Head & Neck Support For A Sumptuous Spa Experience

Take the level of relaxation during your bath time way up when using this spa-like bath pillow. Sit back and relax as your head, neck, and back feel nice and supported during your liquid lounge time. The pillow is made from a breathable mesh that allows it to quickly dry if it gets wet. With seven large suction cups on the back, you can rest assured it slip and slide while you’re relaxing.


This Bottle Stopper That Keeps Wine Fresh Longer

Take your time finishing those open bottles of wine when you start using these wine preserving bottle toppers. Each is made from a lustrous stainless steel that comes in three colors: rose gold, silver, and black. Simply place the metal stopper on top of your open wine bottle, press down in the small lever, and your wine is set to stay fresh for days on end.


An Eyebrow Stencil & Stamp Kit For Flawless Brows Every Day

This eyebrow stencil & shaping kit gives you beautiful looking brows all day long. You want to know the key to getting perfect and evenly shaped brows on each side of your face? The stencils that are included ensure you never have to struggle getting the perfect shape when filling in your brows. Then, just stamp over the stencil with the included waterproof, smudge-proof stamp powder. It’s available in three colors that blend seamlessly with various shades of hair.


This Taping Kit That Provides Support Without A Bra

Wear that plunging backless dress or your favorite strapless top while keeping your chest supported with this chest tape and nipple cover kit. It includes two flower pasties and a roll of tape to create seamless support under any outfit that just doesn’t work with a regular bra. Use different taping techniques and styles to get the look you need.


An Herb Garden That Can Grow Right In The Kitchen

Have fresh herbs at your fingertips every day when you put this indoor herb garden in your kitchen. With this garden kit, you have the ability to grow some of the most commonly used herbs like cilantro, parsley, thyme, basil, and sage. You not only get the seeds, but the kit also includes soil, pots to grow the herbs in, and plant markers to label the plants.


This Tea Infuser On A Chain To Easily Pull It From The Mug

You don’t have to worry about finding a spoon (or burning your fingers) trying to remove either of this two-pack of circular mesh tea infusers thanks to the nifty chain on the side. Use the infusers by themselves in a single mug and double their steeping power by using them together in a whole pot of hot water. They’re easy to fill, empty, and clean, making them a perfect everyday tea tool.


This Stylish Carafe For Scrumptious Pour Over Coffee

Your morning coffee routine will be one of the highlights of your day with this pour over glass coffee maker. Unlike other pour over carafes, this one has a built-in metal mesh strainer for additional filtration power while enhancing the aromatic fragrance of your morning brew. There’s a cork holder around the middle section of the container, protecting your hands from heat when you go to pour yourself a fresh cup.


A Wooden Alarm Clock That’s Also A Wireless Charger

Upgrade your bedside table with this wooden alarm clock with a digital display. Despite the simplicity in the design, it offers a ton of features that make your old alarm clock seem super outdated. Aside from telling you the time, it also lets you know the current temperature outside, gives you today's date, and does Qi wireless charging.


This Stand For Phones With Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

The sound you get from the speakers of this mini smartphone stand is a total game changer when it comes to watching shows and movies or listening to music on your phone, plus there’s a microphone for leveled-up calls. Not to mention it’s adjustable for ideal viewing so you can go hands-free. There is an anti-skid pad that keeps your smart device securely in place and the screen stable.


This Handheld Brush That Helps Keep Laptops Clean

The screen and keyboard of your laptop will get clean with ease with the assistance of this small cleaning brush. You get double the cleaning power as the brush itself is dual-sided — one side is a microfiber pad great for removing fingerprints and smudges from the screen, the other is made from soft bristles to brush out dust and other particles from the keyboard.


This Bottle-Opening, Charger Cord-Holding Little Keychain

This multifunction metal keychain has such useful hidden capabilities, you’ll be wondering how you made it this far without one. Need a bottle opener? Got it. What about a charging cable? It’s there. Best part, it’s all right at your fingertips and always on hand when you’ve got your keys.


This Tile Tracker That Makes It Super Simple To Find Your Keys

Never struggle to find your most used items like keys, phone, or wallet with the help of this Bluetooth tile tracking device. Just connect to your item with the keyring, and the tracking tile syncs up with Apple and Android phones to easily locate the item should it get lost. You can also use smart home devices like Alexa to track down the Tile.


A Portable Safe You Can Take Anywhere To Keep Belongings Safe

Your valuable possessions will stay secure when you take along this mini portable safe. The interior is large enough to hold several items, such as jewelry, electronics, money, credit cards, and more. The lock is a four digit numeric code you choose and set for maximum security. There is foam coating the inside to protect your things while on the move.


This Scanner That Lets You Capture Old Negatives And Slides With A Smartphone

Give your favorite memories from analog times new life on your smartphone with this mobile film scanner. It lets you view your 35mm negatives and slides in bright, full color, edit and add effects if desired, then capture and save them on your phone. After you’ve used the film scanner, you can collapse the device down to store it without taking up a ton of room.


This Magnifying Screen To Project From Your Phone

Enhance the size a smartphone screen when you use this magnifying screen projector. It’s the perfect solution for people on-the-go who love to watch favorite shows or movies wherever they are, but don’t want to strain by staring at the phone. The magnifying screen is compatible with Apple and Android phones and provides a high-quality HD picture.


These Stick-On Motion Sensor Lights That Charge Via USB

Guide your way in the dark by attaching these motion sensor lights to the underside of kitchen cabinets and other places. You’ll never have to worry about stubbing your toes or bumping into furniture trying to navigate through your house at night. When these lights run out of power, easily recharge them with a USB cable. There are three different light settings, depending on how bright or dim you prefer.


A Lightweight Phone Charger That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

This mini portable smartphone charger is a total game changer when it comes to recharging devices on-the-go. While most portable chargers are bulky, heavy, and basically feel like carrying around a brick, this one is super lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Yet, it’s powerful enough to recharge an iPhone 8 five full times before needing its own recharge.