38 Things So Brilliant They'll Change The Way You Use Your Closets & Storage Spaces

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No matter if you live in a shoebox apartment in the city or a spacious house in the suburbs, maximizing your storage spaces is an absolute must. Unless you’re a practiced minimalist with perfectly aesthetically-pleasing belongings, there are probably at least a few things you own that you don’t want on display in your home. And luckily, there’s no shortage of storage possibilities to keep your closets, drawers, cabinets, and more organized so you can hide what you don’t want others to see and use them as efficiently as possible.

If your wardrobe is your challenge, you might consider trading in your current hangers for these non-slip black velvet hangers that will make your clothes hang uniformly in your closet; or these magic hangers that hold five times as many items in the same amount of space as a normal hanger. Or if it’s your kitchen cabinets that are giving you trouble, this pot and pan organizer and this shelf organizer will whip them into tip-top shape. There are so many more of these types of housekeeping items that will help you use the space efficiently and make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Keep reading to find a bunch of products that will transform the way you use your home.


This Cleverly-Shaped Kitchen Drawer Organizer Is Perfect For Small Spaces

This unusually-shaped cutlery organizer was made for cramped kitchen drawers. It takes up less than half of the space typical cutlery organizers do, so it’s the perfect solution if your drawers are smaller than average or you need to sort a lot of items. With five angled compartments for different types of silverware, this plastic organizer works with drawers at least 3.25 inches high.


An Intimates Organizing System That Keeps All Your Undergarments Neat

Make sense of your intimates drawer using this underwear organizer. The set of in-drawer organizers includes four bins: A six-cell bin for items like scarves or ties, an eight-cell bin for underwear, a seven-cell bin for bras, and a 24-cell bin perfect for socks. It’s easy and fun to keep up with this system, and you’ll never misplace your favorite bra or undies again.


A Set Of Adjustable Drawer Dividers That Separate Large Drawers Into Sections For Optimal Storage

Using these drawer dividers, you can make large drawers work for several different types of items. Each divider extends from 11 up to 17 inches long, and securely locks into place with foam ends to create organized slots within a drawer. Use it in any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, for dishes, clothes, linens, and more.


These Clothing Storage Bags Will Help You Pack Your Seasonal Clothes Away Neatly

These clothing storage bags are a great way to safely store items you’re not currently using, like seasonal apparel, extra towels and linens. Each bag is made from a thick fabric with load-bearing handles and reinforced seams, and is big enough to fit blankets, comforters, bulky clothes, and other items that can be tricky to store. There’s even a clear window so you can see exactly what’s inside without opening.


A Compact, Tiered Organizing Bin That You Can Use Practically Anywhere

This two-tier organizer is a great way to neatly stow your extra cosmetics, cleaning products, office supplies, and more. These multi-purpose plastic bins have included dividers and can be used in practically any room. Reviewers report that they’re easy to assemble and fit neatly in many different spaces to accommodate their needs.


These Sleek Velvet Hangers Will Make Your Closet Look Like A Fancy Store

I’m a big advocate for using all-matching hangers like these black velvet hangers, which make your closet look sleek and help all your clothes hang neatly. The non-slip velvet will make sure your clothes actually stay hung up, and their slim profile will actually create more room in your closet.


These Versatile Hangers Will Give You Back Up To 80% Of Your Closet Space

If you’re big on clothes but small on closet space, then you definitely need these “magic” hangers that multiply your storage space. Simply use your everyday hangers to hang your clothes normally, then slip each of the hooks through the holes in the magic hanger. Release one of the hooks at the front or back, and your clothes will hang neatly and visibly while taking up a ton less space.


A Set Of Clear Closet Organizers That Will Keep Your Open Concept Shelves Tidy

Open closet shelving can be a blessing and a curse: Sure, you can use them to store anything from shoes to sweaters, but it’s also easy to make chaotic piles that don’t accomplish your organization goals. This two-pack of clear dividers will help you separate your pants from your purses, and make sure everything stays upright, visible, and neatly folded.


This Organizer Is Strong Enough To Hold All Your Pans At Once

Pots and pans can be some of the most cumbersome kitchen tools to store, but this stacking cabinet organizer helps tremendously. With five strong steel slots, this free-standing tool holds all your pots and pans and keeps them separated so they don’t scratch one another. Hint: Buy two at once to organize each pan and its respective lid.


A Huge Pack Of These Versatile Hooks That You Won’t Regret Keeping Around The House

You can’t go wrong with keeping these S-shaped hooks in your organizing arsenal. The multi-purpose hooks can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the closet to hang practically anything, from towels to mugs to gardening tools. The 20-pack can hold heavy items and each has plastic covers on their ends to prevent scratching you or your items.


A Multi-Pack Of Fabric Storage Bins That Fold Up When You’re Not Using THem

You can’t go wrong outfitting your home with this pack of nine fabric storage cubes, complete with space for labels and handles. The reinforced boxes are measured to fit in square shelving units and can be filled with clothes, toys, games, blankets, household supplies, and more. When they’re not in use, collapse them for easy storage.


This Bamboo Shoe Rack Will Keep Your Entryway Sorted & Gives You A Handy Place To Put Your Shoes On

This handsome bamboo shoe rack will complete your entryway and keep your floors from being littered with tripping hazards. Store footwear on all three levels, or keep the top one open and use it as a bench. The water-resistant rack measures can accommodate up to 300 pounds.


This Wall-Mounted Broom Holder Keeps Cleaning Supplies From Sliding Around

Rather than piling your cleaning tools in a corner and hoping for the best, install this wall mounted broom holder to keep them upright and secure. Four spring-loaded slots with rubber grips hold your broom, mop, and more up to 40 pounds. There are three additional smaller hooks, which can hold a dustpan and other lightweight objects.


An Extra-Small Tiered Storage Cart For Any Room In Your House

Three-tiered storage carts like this one can be immensely helpful for organization. What’s special about this one is its compact size: At just 5.1 inches wide, it can slide into tight spaces with ease. Use it in place of a nightstand, for bathroom or laundry room organization, or whatever miscellaneous storage you may need throughout your home.


These Ventilated, Stacked Boxes Made For Storing Shoes

Shoe collectors will love these clear, ventilated storage boxes. The 10-pack of boxes can be left on display or tucked away to store sneakers, loafers, heels, booties, and more. They stack easily on top of one another, and you can easily see and access your favorite pairs due to the high-quality clear plastic.


A Mountable Clothing Rack With Industrial Flair

This wall-mounted pipe clothing rack will give your room that chic, industrial look you’ve been craving. It comes in matte black, with retro-style finishings, and the durability to hold up to 132 pounds. Use it for its intended purpose, or hang plants, decor, and more from it to outfit your home.


This Versatile Basket Is Your New Home Organizing BFF

Baskets like this woven seagrass belly one are the unsung heroes of home organization: Use them to store oddly-shaped items, hide things you don’t want visible, or even as plant pots. It looks as good as it is effective, and works in just about every room of the house. Choose from a small, medium, or large basket, as well as a wicker or black-striped pattern.


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer With More Than Enough Space For All Your Accessories

Keeping your jewelry collection sorted can be a real beast, so make it easier on yourself with this hanging organizer. With 80 totally transparent pockets (40 on each side), you’ll never run out of room for your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. A hanger is included so you can store it in your closet or on a hook.


An Adjustable Hanging Rod That Will Give You Double The Closet Space

This adjustable closet hanging rod will literally double your closet space. It works best hung from a built-in rod, and extends in both width and height to suit your needs. There are no tools required to install either — just place the hooks on your upper rack and start hanging clothes.


This Clever Hat Organizer Allows You To Easily Store Baseball Caps & Other Hats

Due to their unusual shape, baseball caps can present a challenge for storage. But with this handy cap organizer hanger, they can hang in your closet along with your other clothes, secured to the hanger with rust-resistant clips. It fits up to 10 hats, and the stainless steel clips are strong enough to hold caps but won’t pinch them and leave marks.


This Drawer Organizer Is Made For Intimates & Accessories

Pawing through your drawer of socks, underwear, hats, scarves, and more constantly to find what you’re looking for is a pain. Enter this honeycomb drawer organizer, which sits neatly inside your drawer and provides handy compartments for each item. It measures 14 by 13 by 3 inches, and assembles easily just by snapping the pieces together. You’ll be able to see everything you’re working with easily, and find your favorite things in no time.


A Hanging Closet Organizer With Some Clever Features

This unconventionally-shaped hanging closet organizer will genuinely change the layout of your closet. It hangs from your built-in rod with four fabric compartments to hold folded items and a rod at the bottom for more hanging pieces (up to 11 pounds.) Use it to keep some of your most-used items in an easy-to-access spot, without sacrificing any room for hangers.


This Set Of 25 Drawer Organizers Will Put In Work In Every Room Of Your House

These clear plastic drawer organizers will definitely become a hero piece in your organization process. Use them literally anywhere: In your home office to sort desk supplies, at your vanity to organize your makeup brushes and products, in the kitchen for cutlery, or wherever else your heart desires. The set comes with 25 pieces in various sizes with non-slip pads on the bottom to keep them from sliding around.


A Compact, Tiered Shoe Rack For Your Closet Or Entryway

Simple, but effective: This four-tier shoe rack is perfect for your entryway or your closet. It holds up to 20 pairs of shoes (or up to 30 pounds) on each fabric shelf. Reviewers report that it’s easy to assemble, and that it’s a great deal for the price.


This Ultra-Slim Laundry Basket Made For Small Spaces

This super-slim laundry basket is perfect for slipping into small spaces. It’s just 7.5 inches wide, but still holds up to 45 liters of dirty clothes. Four wheels make this ideal for use in a room with hard flooring, like your bathroom, so you can slide it right into the wash without dealing with hauling your heavy laundry across the house.


These Special Hangers Hold Five Items In The Space Of One

A set of these S-type hangers will save you space in your closet and keep your pants looking sleek and wrinkle-free. With five slots on this curved hanger, you can hang five items in the same amount of vertical space as one normal hanger. It’s made from a durable stainless steel, which won’t rust or snag on your clothes.


These Vacuum Storage Bags Save You Up To 80% Of Storage Space With Bulky Items

For bulky household items that you don’t often need to access, like extra pillows, blankets, linens, or winter clothing, pack them away in these six vacuum storage bags. They reduce the volume of your items by 80%, so you can easily stow them away in a closet or under a bed. It uses your normal household vacuum to suck out extra air, and comes with a travel pump so you can even pump it down by hand on the go.


These Shoe Boxes Will Keep Your Favorite Pairs Looking Brand New For Years

If you’re one of those people who keep all of their shoes in a messy pile (which — hey, there’s nothing wrong with that) you might want to invest in some Whitmor shoe boxes. These boxes will keep shoes organized and help prevent avoidable scuffs. These are extra special, since they fold up to save space when not in use. Also, they’re easy to stack. These are also big enough for many types of boots.


A Set Of Two Expanding Shelf Organizers That Are Perfect For Tackling Your Kitchen Cabinets

Make the most of your cabinet and counter space with this set of two bamboo shelf organizers. They’re expandable and can be used to store and separate practically anything from dishes to canned food. The smaller shelf nests neatly underneath the larger shelf.


An Over-The-Door Laundry Bag That’s Great If You Have Absolutely No Floor Space

No floor space for a laundry basket? This over-the-door hanging laundry hamper has your back. It comes equipped with two adjustable, stainless steel hooks and two adhesive hooks if you decide to hang it from the wall instead. The oversized, waterproof bag can hold a verifiable crap ton of clothes, and has a handy zipper at the bottom to release your laundry when wash day arrives.


A Pair Of Stylish Metal Storage Baskets That Mount To The Wall

This set of bronze metal storage bins can be used for nearly anything: sorting your mail, holding your keys, sorting office supplies, and so much more. Two sets of wall mounting hooks are included, and the baskets easily detach from the wall so you can take them from place to place.


This Mini Metal Clothing Rod Was Made For Small Closets

This mini over-the-door metal clothes hanging rod will be a lifesaver for small closets. Use it to lay out tomorrow’s outfit, hang-dry special garments, or just for extra storage. It fits any standard door and can hold up to 20 pounds with ease.


A Smart Storage Option For Your Sunglasses Collection

Safely storing many pairs of sunglasses is a tricky design challenge. This wall-mounted organizer is one of the smartest ways to keep them on display and intact. After mounting it to the wall, hook each of your favorite pairs over the bar. It doubles as decor, too.


An Accordion-Style Wall Rack That Surpasses Sturdiness Expectations

An expanding wall rack is exactly what the doctor prescribed to hold jackets, bags, keys, purses, and more. With 13 total hooks, there’s more than enough space for your daily essentials. One reviewer called it “surprisingly sturdy,” saying: “I didn’t expect [it] to be super heavy duty but I did want it to be able to hold light jackets/sweaters and bags. I installed it using screws with anchors and I have to say it’s sturdier than I thought it would be.”


These Wire Baskets Hook Onto Your Cabinet Shelves & Give You Full Use Of All That Storage Space

These under-shelf wire baskets will make the perfect addition to your kitchen cabinets and will actually allow you to take full advantage of all the vertical space. The pair of 12-inch shelves hook over most standard shelves and can hold smaller items, like plastic wrap or tea boxes. Be sure to measure your shelves before purchasing to ensure a snug fit.


This Hanging Shoe Organizer Is Big Enough To Hold Your Entire Collection & There’s No Assembly Required

Making sense of your shoe collection is super easy using this over-the-door shoe organizer. It holds up to 40 pounds with 24 breathable mesh pockets equipped with reinforced stitching. Four slip-resistant hooks fit neatly over most doors, and the unit itself measures 64 by 19 inches.


An Innovative, Rotating Storage Rack For Any Surface

Place this lazy Susan in your refrigerator, your pantry, or on your dining room table to keep your most-used ingredients handy and organized for everyone in your household to access. The 9-inch rotating storage bin is made from BPA-free plastic, and is perfect for holding condiments, spices, cans, sauces, and other small containers.


This Pack Of Medium-Weight Command Hooks You’ll Want For Every Room In Your House

We all know and love Command hooks, which make hanging decor and other everyday objects hassle-free and renter-friendly. This pack contains six of their medium-weight hooks that hold up to three pounds, as well as 12 adhesive strips. They’ll stick neatly to any flat surface and can be reused over and over again with fresh adhesive strips.

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