30 Things You're Accidentally Neglecting With Your Dog — & It's Costing You Money & Hassle

Simple tips loved by dogs & wallets.

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When you welcome a dog into your home, it’s a given that you’ll need to expand your household budget to include them. But, whether you are a first-time dog owner or have been around the block, you may not be aware of some things you may be overlooking with your pup — and taking care of them can help save you some cash in the long run.

One simple thing you can do regularly at home is to tend to your dog’s grooming and hygiene needs. That can include brushing teeth, trimming nails, clipping or bathing them, and more. By investing the time to take care of some of these things yourself, you can potentially save costly vet and groomer bills down the line.

Keep scrolling for more things you might be neglecting and the products that can help.


Regularly Cleaning Their Teeth With An Effective Finger Toothbrush

This finger toothbrush for pets is a must-have to help maintain your pet's dental hygiene. It slips easily over your finger, giving you excellent control and reach while effectively cleaning their teeth. Soft bristles help remove plaque, tartar, and other buildups, which can save you from a hefty vet bill for dental work.


Using A Timed Food Dispenser To Maintain Portion Control

Choosing to use a timed pet food dispenser for your fur friend has lots of benefits. For one, it lets you maintain your feeding schedule even when you’re not home, which can prevent the need for a pricey pet sitter. If you want to keep your pet on a routine, this device helps. You can also program it to maintain precise portion control at mealtime for less food waste.


Keeping Their Faces & Paws Clean With Wrinkle Wipes

While these wrinkle wipes are made for breeds like bulldogs and pugs, they’re safe for use on any dog needing a quick refresh. They are formulated with phytosphingosine, which has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the rebuilding of skin-friendly ceramides. These wipes are great for issues like itchy paws and tear stains while also functioning as a deodorizer.


Protecting Their Paw Pads From Damage With A Special Wax

The pads on your dog’s paws have built-in durability but are still sensitive and can get roughed up, especially in the winter. Be proactive in protecting their paws with this paw wax. This invisible balm moisturizes their pads to heal dried cracks and prevent new ones from forming. Plus, it’s made from food-safe oils and waxes, so you don’t have to worry if they lick it off post-walk.


Trimming Their Nails With An Easy Electric Grinder

Sharp, unruly nails (and torn-up furniture) will be a thing of the past for your pet, thanks to this nifty electric nail grinder. It’s a great alternative to traditional nail clippers as it puts less stress on the nail and helps keep you from cutting too low into the quick. The diamond stone bit has three port options that allow you to safely trim the nails of a large dog down to even a small bird.


Maintaining Ear Care With Soothing Wipes That Slip On Your Finger

Unkempt ears can cause itching for your dog and unpleasant odors for everyone. You can nip that issue in the bud with these gentle ear wipes that help dissolve waxy buildup, remove dirt, and deodorize. Packed with ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera, and tea tree oil, these little wipes soothe ears while they work.


Grooming Tough Tangles At Home With This De-Matting Comb

You do not need to wait for a grooming appointment to take care of your pet's matted fur coat with this de-matting comb at your disposal. The teeth of the comb are serrated, which helps them easily cut through tangles, knots, and mats. It also helps remove excess hair from pets that shed a lot.


Keeping Tabs On Your Pet When You’re Gone With A Treat-Dispensing Camera

It’s not always possible for a person to be home with your pet. With this smart pet camera, you can keep an eye on them when they’re on their own. Thanks to a two-way microphone you can talk to them, and if you’re happy with how they’re behaving, you can also dispense a tasty treat right from the camera.


Monitoring Your Dog’s Activity Level With A Health & Fitness Tracker

Ensuring your dog is at optimal health and fitness levels is easier than ever with this dog activity monitor. It is designed to fit collars of most sizes and monitors mobility, anxiety, and skin conditions. You can get approximately six months of battery life out of the tracker before needing to recharge, and it’s compatible with just about any smartphone or home hub device.


Preventing Unwanted Chewing With This Bitter Apple Spray

When your pet chews on toys and other approved items, you are happy. It’s the times your pooch decides to go rogue and chew things they shouldn’t that cause frustration. This chew deterrent spray helps discourage them from seeking out inappropriate items and is also effective in dealing with other undesirable behaviors like licking.


Using An Odor Eliminator To Remove Stubborn Pet Stains From Furniture & Carpets

You love your pets, but you might not love the smells that come with them. This odor-eliminating spray is made from dried orange peels for a fresh pop of citrus that is a delightful break for your nose. It’s perfect for deep cleaning furniture, rugs, blankets, and other upholstered items you can’t easily wash.


Cleaning Off Your Dog’s Paws After Being Outside

While this portable paw washer may seem unusual, there are practical benefits to using it. It will help remove dirt and other grime from their pads before they track it through your house and ruin your rug. The soft silicone bristles are gentle on their paws, too, while you scrub them clean.


Protecting Your Car Seats With A Sturdy Cover

If you enjoy taking your dog with you on outdoor adventures, keeping the upholstery of your car clean can become an issue. Strapping this car seat cover to the headrests will help keep fur, dirt, and debris from getting all over the interior. It has four distinct layers that create a waterproof barrier between your car seats and your pet.


Taking Care Of Your Pet’s Skin With This Wrinkle Paste

Having a skin-care routine for your pet can be just as beneficial as yours is for you, especially if their skin has lots of folds. This Wrinkle Paste cream is a great tool to help clear tear stains, soothe itching, and nourish your pet's skin and fur with ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil. It is excellent for dogs with extremely sensitive and allergy-prone skin, too.


Using An Applicator To Efficiently & Easily Apply Wrinkle Paste

Ensure that you get all that powerful skin-treating cream into the crevices and delicate areas on your dog with the help of this silicone paste applicator. It’s made from ultra-soft silicone and is BPA-free. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold while applying the cream too.


Adding A Daily Supplement To Help With Allergy Relief & Immune Support

Your dog's health can stay one of your top priorities by adding these daily chew supplements to their diet. They are chicken-flavored, which can tempt even the pickiest of dogs to want to try them. These chews are great for helping with issues such as hot spots, excessive itching, skin allergies, and even possible vitamin deficiencies.


Having Waste Bags Always On Hand To Pick Up After Your Dog

Don’t let yourself be caught outside without a bag to clean up after your pet — snap on this waste bag dispenser with a leash attachment. The zip pouch makes it easy to load in a new roll of waste bags once you’ve run out, and the hook and loop straps connect directly to your dog's leash handle so you can quickly grab one when needed.


Occupying Your Dog’s Attention With A Lick Mat

If your dog has bouts of anxiety or nervous energy, consider using a lick mat to redirect their attention. This one has a suction cup on the back to secure it to the floor or wall. Spread your pup’s favorite treat, like peanut butter or yogurt, on top and let them lick away during bath time, vet visits, or more.


Getting Your Dog Squeaky Clean With This Handheld Shower Attachment

Get your pup groomer-level clean when bath time rolls around with this handheld shower attachment. It is designed to comfortably slip over your hand, and in addition to spraying, it is also a scrubbing brush to help get in all the nooks and crannies. You can attach this to a hose and use it outside if your dog is particularly dirty.


Using A Waterless Oatmeal Shampoo To Keep Your Pet Fresh Between Baths

If giving your dog weekly baths doesn’t fit your schedule or is too much of a time commitment, keep them smelling fresh between cleanings with this waterless oatmeal shampoo. The pump dispenser produces a lovely-smelling foam you rub into the coat of your pet and is also formulated to soothe itchy skin.


Putting A Mat Under Food & Water Bowls To Keep Your Floors Clean

Is your pet a messy eater? If so, that will no longer be a problem for you and your floors. Use this silicone splash mat to catch loose kibble and spilled water in your pet’s meal area. There is a small lip around the edge of the mat to help contain any excess food and water left behind, and it’s easy to rinse off.


Protecting Your Couch Or Bed With A Cozy Waterproof Blanket

Go ahead and spoil your pet and gift them this plush waterproof blanket. One side of the blanket is a microfiber fleece, while the other is a Sherpa material. And as a bonus for you, it doubles as a couch, bed, or crate liner to protect them from spills or accidents.


Giving An Aggressive Chewer A Nearly Indestructible Bone

If your dog is an active or aggressive chewer, they will definitely enjoy the challenge this super durable chew bone will give them. It is made from artisan nylon that doesn’t shard, and that even the most determined chewers will find to be a formidable opponent. It’s infused with the flavor of bacon for an added treat.


Keeping Uninvited Guests Out Of Your Cat’s Litter Box Area With A Door Latch

If you have pesky household members (furry or not) that like to sneak into places they shouldn’t be, like your cat’s litter box, keep them out with the help of this door latch. It will only take a few minutes to install. Your cat still has room to fit through and access their area without unwanted guests accompanying them.


Containing Potty Mat Messes With This Silicone Pad Holder

While you are potty training your pup, it’s a good idea to have mats around the house — but these can overflow or skid around. This silicone pad holder is a great way to help. Disposable pee pads sit down in the small divot, while the silicone bottom and raised lip keep things where they should be.


Preventing Accidents From Damaging Your Floor With A Big, Washable Pee Pad

If you’re the owner of a puppy or senior, you know accidents can happen no matter how diligent you may be. Get ahead of those messes by using this large washable pee pad in areas your pup is most active. There is a nonslip backing to stay in place and it’s super absorbent to prevent leaks.


Keeping Your Dog From Digging In The Trash With A Lidded Trash Can

Several unwanted dog behaviors, such as digging in the trash, can easily be prevented with simple solutions. This step trash can has a built-in lid to keep your pup from getting to the contents inside. And it’s small and discreet enough to fit in areas so will be out of your way.


Setting Boundaries For Your Pets With A Retractable Gate

Keeping your pets where you want them is easier than ever with the help of this mesh retractable gate. This gate has all the brackets and screws you need to install it, which can be done in just a few minutes. It has a 55-inch reach, so is perfect to use in different door openings and hallways.


Getting Ahead Of Accidents By Using These Washable Doggy Diapers

Using reusable doggy diapers is a helpful way to keep your floors, rugs, and furniture clean from pups who may need some help with potty training. They’re also perfect for dogs in heat or that may experience incontinence. The velcro straps attach around their waist and are filled with polyester to help absorb their accidents efficiently.


Helping Prevent Tartar Buildup With These Veggiedent Chews

Brushing your dog's teeth is not the only way to help prevent tartar from building up. These plant-based dental chew treats are a simple, everyday measure you can take to stay on top of your dog’s dental hygiene. They have a Z-shape that helps them reach the back of their mouth to get to all their teeth.