This Pupper Was Cut From The Police Force For Being Too Nice

by Lily Feinn
A young puppy running eagerly and looking up at his owner
Photos by R A Kearton/Moment/Getty Images

Meet German Shepherd puppy Gavel. Coming from a long line of top police dogs, he seemed to have a bright future ahead of him hunting down Australia's most wanted, but six short weeks into his training, the sweet dog was cut from the police force for the most adorable reason: he was too darn nice. In April of 2016, the then 10-week-old aspiring police pooch took up residence at the Queensland Government House, where he was to be fostered during his 12 months of required police training. When Gavel first commenced his training, a press release from the force stated their high hopes, announcing, "If the family bloodline is anything to go by, in 16 months Gavel will be tracking and catching criminals as a proud member of the Queensland Dog Squad!" But despite his breed and illustrious pedigree, it became pretty clear that for poor Gavel a career in law enforcement was not meant to be.

A mere month and a half into Gavel's studies to become a Queensland Police Service Police Dog, he was deemed too sociable, flunking his doggy duties. After the police decided that the pooch "did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line" it seemed Gavel's future was in jeopardy. Luckily, he had made friends in high places, most notably, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey, Governor of Queensland.

The Governor recognized sociable Gavel's true potential — to win hearts across Australia, and in February, Gavel was promoted to the official position of "Vice-Regal Dog." The little pup even has a contract of employment signed with a paw print. Today, Gavel's job requirements include greeting guests and tour groups with a big slobbery smile, and attending certain ceremonial occasions.

While Gavel may not have cut it as a crime fighter, the pup's new job is much better suited to his amiable talents. He loves being pet by guests and the softy makes a great impression wherever he goes. "He has outgrown four ceremonial coats, undergone a career change (his official title is now Gavel VRD, 'Vice-Regal Dog'), and brought untold joy to the lives of the governor, Mrs de Jersey, Government House staff, and the thousands of Queenslanders who have since visited the estate," the office of Governor Paul de Jersey told the BBC.

And his outfits are seriously too cute.

The pup's chummy temperament is now constantly on display, and his fans can't get enough. The office of the Governor has been documenting Gavels progress as a police dog on social media since he arrived, posting adorable photos and videos of the pup on the Governor's official Facebook page and his Instagram account. The furry ambassador's presence has extended internationally, as his story of failure to success has spread across the web, and thousands of fans are sending their love from Argentina to California.

If you find yourself in Brisbane, Gavel is certainly worth a pet.

Image: Photos by R A Kearton/Moment/Getty Images