This App Ensures You Will Never Fight With Your Friends About What Movie To Watch

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Trying to pick a movie to watch even when you're alone can take so long that, by the time you choose, you probably realize you could have watched an entire movie in the time you were browsing for one. When you throw someone else in to the equation like a partner, or — gasp, even a group of friends — finding a movie you all want to watch can end up taking so much time, you might even decide against watching a movie altogether. The struggle is real, and if you're a film fanatic, you know it all too well. This all-too-relatable conundrum inspired the Avi and Joshua Stern, creators of the personalized movie recommendation app MovieGrade, to create a new group-minded function called Blend, which exists for the sole purpose of helping you and your friends find a movie to watch based on your combined interests, and all of your previously rated films put together. And even better, it launches on Wednesday, so you don't have to wait at all to find it in the App store!

So, how does it work? After linking Blend to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, anything) and filling out your user profile — giving the a complete idea of your movie preferences — your data is ready for blending. When your friends join too, your account will be automatically linked with theirs thanks to the app's social media integration, so your interests in films can easily be combined to receive movie recommendations that appeal to everyone. Once you and your friends are all set up in the system, you can select whoever you're watching a movie with in that moment (whether it's one person or a group of people) and the app will use its algorithm to suggest films that you and your selected users will most likely share an interest in.


So, basically, there's no more struggling to pick a category, or arguing over actors, directors, or writers — now it's just as easy as tapping a button and letting the built-in intelligence of the app figure it out for you.


By using a personalized predictive system — after all, one viewer's 88 percent might be another's 64 percent — MovieGrade gets to know its users well enough to grade movies based on their likely reaction. Taking the guesswork out of movies? Any app that gives me more time to make popcorn and gather candy for movie night gets an A+ in my book.

Image: Fly View Productions/E+/Getty Images