Thousands Of Amazon Reviewers Highly Recommend These Things That Saved Them A Lot Of Money

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Thousands Of Amazon Reviewers Highly Recommend These Things That Saved Them A Lot Of Money

The best part about shopping online is the availability of real customer reviews. The manufacturer may say their vacuum works well, but will it work on your type of floor? Just check the comments. It’s simple to rely on these previous shoppers while making your purchases — especially when you’re trying to save money. In fact, I’ve compiled a list of things that thousands of Amazon reviewers highly recommend and say saved them a lot of cash. And right now, these items will save you even more cash than usual. Why? Because, while Amazon Prime Day is over, the retailer is still running big sales on some of its most popular products.

Many of the items on this list are alternatives to disposable products you probably use every day. I’ve included several reusable replacements for paper towels, cotton swabs, and dryer sheets. Beyond these swaps, you’ll also find products that will help you organize, store, and preserve the things you already have. Knowing what you have and what you truly need can help stop your impulsive shopping sprees and save you lots of money.

Scroll on to find products that are highly rated with plenty of reviews that will help you make the best purchase.


A Battery Organizer Case With A Tester To Save Money

If you have a drawer that’s filled with loose batteries — many of which have likely long lost their ability to power devices — you could save a lot of money by switching to this storage case. There are dedicated slots for AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, and D batteries, and the transparent lid helps keep them all safe from dust and gives you a clear look at what batteries you already have. Plus, each order comes with a battery tester included.

One of its 9,000 reviewers wrote, “Saves time and money. You don’t have to go looking for batteries, keeps them well organized.”


The Collapsible Popcorn Bowl To Replace Instant Bags

This collapsible popcorn bowl will cut down on the instant popcorn bags you have to buy — saving you money and reducing waste. This silicone popper has earned more than 23,000 reviews because it’s so easy to use and clean since it is dishwasher safe. The 15-cup silicone bowl pops into place and can be directly filled with kernels and then microwaved for a couple of minutes. When you’re not using it, it collapses to a fraction of its size to store easily.

A rave review: “This bowl has saved me so so much money since I bought it 6 months ago. Kernels are so much cheaper than the instant bags, and the air popper can let you make healthier popcorn or flavor it your own way.”


40% Off A Vacuum Attachment That Gives Your Dryer A Deep Clean (Post Prime Day Deal)

Easily remove lint build-up from your dryer vent with this handy vacuum hose attachment, which connects to most standard vacuums and is equipped with two suction levels to handle both light and heavy-duty cleaning jobs. Not only will this help your dryer run more efficiently, it can also help prevent disastrous fires in your home.

"This product is well worth the money, easy to use and will pay for itself in the long run by maintaining the efficiency and drying power of our dryer," one of thousands of reviewers commented.


These Glass Bottles To Replace Disposable Ones

Skip those disposable water bottles that can add up each week at the grocery store. Instead, choose glass bottles like this six-pack set that’s under $20. The lightweight bottles are durable and resistant to high temperatures. They feature a stainless steel cap and transparent body so you can see what’s inside. Just clean them out between uses to reduce the amount of water you have to buy.

One of more than 1,000 reviews wrote: “I always try to keep my plastic usage to [a] minimum so I picked these bottles for taking drinks on the go. I never buy bottled water and that saves me a lot of money as well. Just fill these bottles with filtered water from home to take with you.”


50% Off A Pack Of Durable Lightning Cables That Charge Your Stuff Fast (Post Prime Day Deal)

Now's a great time to stock up on charging cables, and this two-pack of lightning cables is a great deal. Compatible with Apple devices, the 10-foot cables are nylon-braided to prevent fraying over time, saving you on buying pricey cables that won’t even last.

One reviewer wrote: “Got these chargers for my iPhone 8. They work well and I like how long they are. Like seriously I can walk across the room with my phone plugged in! Plus you get 2 cables for the price.”


A Set Of Packing Cubes That Help You Fit More In One Bag

I’m not a light packer — but if it means saving a few bucks at the airport on bags, I’ll try anything. Many reviewers swear by these packing cubes that make it easy to fit more inside your standard-sized bag. With nearly 16,000 reviews, reviewers say they love the variety of sizes and the fact that the pack was designed to hold clothes for a 14-day trip. Each bag has reinforced stitching, a water-resistant fabric, and a zipper closure with a mesh top so you can see what’s inside. Plus this pack comes with a laundry bag for dirty clothes.

One review: “Highly recommend this for someone traveling and wants to save money as well [as] space. Will reuse this product for my next flight.”


The Vacuum Storage Bags That Protect Your Clothes

If you like to reduce clutter and keep your seasonal decor or clothing in storage, be sure to purchase these vacuum storage bags to keep your clothes protected. This pack comes with six bags in a variety of sizes that are ideal for storing bedding or bulky coats in the off-season. They each have a double-zip seal to protect what’s inside from dust, mites, and leaks, and a triple seal valve to suck all of the air out of the bag, making it as small as possible and easy to store. This set has earned nearly 75,000 reviews.

“These bags have saved me so much room and money,” one reviewer wrote. “One complete bag holds my guest bedroom items and another holds guest towels, etc. Now these items will remain fresh and clean.”


An Electric Brush Cleaner That Renews Makeup Tools

Makeup brushes are an investment. But if you aren’t properly cleaning them, you aren’t doing everything possible to preserve them. This electric makeup brush cleaner kit is so handy and convenient. The kit includes an electric brush spinner, along with eight different-sized brush collars to hold a variety of brushes. It comes with an AC charging cable, a brush dock, and a break-resistant cleaning bowl. Slip your dirty brush into the appropriately-sized collar and attach it to the brush spinner. Then spin the brush inside the cleaning bowl and watch the makeup come right out. All you have to do is place the brushes on the stand to dry before it’s time to create your next makeup look.

One of 7,000 reviews noted, “I have washed my brushes before, of course, but they never came out like new. Saving me a lot of money since I can clean instead of replacing [them].”


48% Off These Cooling Pillows That Won’t Go Flat (Post Prime Day Deal)

This set of two cooling gel-filled pillows will feel like sleeping in the most luxurious of hotels. They're designed to provide plush yet gently firm support whether you're a back, side or stomach sleeper. And best of all, these pillows won't scrunch or lose their shape as you sleep. With over 100,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, these pillows are best-sellers for good reason.

One reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love these pillows. They actually feel like you are laying on a cloud. I have spent hundreds on brand name memory foam pillows that failed to relieve my neck pain - these pillows made that pain go away immediately. I was so impressed with the feel of them that I bought two more just to have for trips. Of course (like a bed) pillows material and feeling vary between the people that use them, but I found these pillows to be incredibly comfortable, durable, and they still maintain the great fluffy feeling even after a year of use.”


These Battery-Powered Puck Lights For Custom Lighting Under $20

Adding lighting to your home seems like a simple task, but it can be expensive to have new electrical run to your exact preferred spot. These puck lights are a hit because they give you the flexibility to add lighting anywhere without the price tag of hard-wiring new lights. These round lights are remote-controlled and can be mounted with screws or an included adhesive. The lights are dimmable and can be set on timers to automatically turn off after 15, 30, 60, or 120-minutes. You can also just tap the lights to turn them on and off.

One of nearly 32,000 reviewers raved: “Perfect for the spots we need quick light [...] They work great on sconces where we don’t have wiring. Saves me money and gets the job done.”


The Shower Door Seal That Prevents Expensive Leaks

By simply installing this shower door seal, which costs less than $20, you can avoid leaks and save thousands. Small leaks can lead to big damage, but these low-priced seals are a solid preventative measure. They can be cut to fit your exact shower specifications and have earned nearly 1,500 reviews.

“We needed these for our master shower so that water would stop leaking on the floor,” one reviewer wrote. “This has solved our problem and saved us a lot of money for the future.”


30% Off A Robot Vacuum That Keeps Your Home Dirt-Free For 45 Days (Post Prime Day Deal)

This robotic vacuum from Shark lets you forget about vacuuming for up to 45 days. Just start it up with your phone or voice (it's Alexa-compatible), and it'll clean your whole home using powerful suction and thorough mapping. It then self-empties into its charging base that holds more than a month's worth of dirt. Currently, it has about 8,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

One reviewer raved: “My expectations have been Exceeded on almost every level by the Shark IQ Robot vacuum. I have it set to run daily at 0900; it never fails. Once I had an internet outage lasting over 48 hours. So naturally, the vacuum did not run. I have a white Lab, and there was a noticeable difference in the house and carpet and hardwood floors. I bought Eufy for upstairs, but it doesn't make the cut, I think I am just going to buy another model like this. The self emptying bin is a game-changer. I could go on and on, but I won't. I have very happy with my purchase”


This Seat Gap Organizer To Keep Valuables Safe

Keep your most important items like your phone, wallet, and expensive sunglasses safe in the front seat of your car with this car seat gap organizer. Not only does it prevent crumbs, coins, and chargers from slipping into the crack between your seat and center console, but it also provides functional storage in an otherwise unused space. These narrow pouches hold your essentials while remaining almost invisible and they’ve earned nearly 15,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote, “I really like these. They get the job done. Saved me a lot of money from falling between my seats.”


A Doorbell That Doesn’t Require Hard-Wire Installation

If your doorbell is old or broken, it’s time for a replacement — and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. That’s why shoppers love this wireless doorbell. It’s waterproof, battery-powered, and works up to 1000 feet away, all for less than $50. Just mount the bell outside your door and place the receiver anywhere in your home. It comes in a variety of colors and has earned more than 30,000 reviews.

“These things saved me a ton of money by avoiding hard-wired installation costs,” wrote one reviewer.


55% Off A Makeup Brush Set That Feels So Expensive (Post Prime Day Deal)

This 14-piece makeup brush set has an impressive 4.6-star overall rating after 100,000 reviews, with users reporting it's perfect for achieving "flawless" makeup application. The set includes everything from eyeliner brushes to foundation brushes, all with soft, dense bristles for blending.

One reviewer raved: “I am a make up brush fanatic! I own sigma and sephora and it cosmetic brushes as well as elf and real techniques. I love quality not brand labels. This is one of the best make up brush sets I own. There are lots of thick soft hairs in the brush that help to create a smooth flawless looking finish. The handle and ferrule are made of nice materials and lend the brushes the perfect balance of weight right where you need it.”


The Bright LED Flashlight That Won’t Waste Battery

This flashlight features LED bulbs that provide bright light without draining the battery, so you can save on replacements. The mid-size flashlight is made of military-grade aluminum, making it water-resistant and drop-proof. The wide beam of light is helpful in emergencies, power outages, and outdoor activities such as camping. This handheld light has earned more than 23,000 reviews.

One helpful review: “I’ve used several different flashlights, this one uses half the batteries and has a brighter light but less power. Batteries are expensive, so being able to use less saves much more money.”


This High-Powered Frother To Make Lattes At Home

This battery-powered frother takes your at-home coffee drinks to barista-level for less than you might expect. It has an ergonomic handle and a stainless steel whisk that whips milk and transforms it into a light and fluffy foam. Add a scoop of delicious foam to the top of your latte or coffee for a little something extra without breaking the bank. To clean it, just run it under hot water and turn on the whisk. The $20 gadget has earned more than 11,000 reviews.

“Not having to go to the coffee shop has saved me some money,” one reviewer wrote. “If [you're] on the fence about this, try it.”


15% Off This Hair Remover That Is So Discreet (Post Prime Day Deal)

With over 112,000 ratings, the Finishing Touch hair remover is a cult-favorite on Amazon. And for good reason — the 18-karat gold-plated electric razor is truly painless, gentle on sensitive skin, and precise enough to reach small areas like the upper lip and between the eyebrows. The lightweight, lipstick-shaped razor can be easily tossed in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups.

One reviewer raved: “This little device is a miracle. It's been only 9 days, but I've used it three times. No pain, red skin, cuts or infections, and no grey shadow! In less than a minute, the sensitive skin around my mouth looks hair-free and there isn't a chin hair in sight either!”


These Reusable K-Cups That Cut Costs & Waste

If you love your Keurig, but you’re tired of spending money on K-cup refills, snag this cheap and highly rated reusable K cup. The coffee filters are the same shape as K-cups and fit into the Keurig dispenser, however, you can fill them with any coffee of your choice. This means you can buy coffee in bulk and save a few bucks, without giving up your Keurig. Plus they help reduce waste since they’re washable. This four-pack has earned nearly 8,000 reviews.

“These are a great way to save money and help the environment,” wrote one reviewer.


An Airtight Coffee Canister To Make Beans Last Longer

Make your favorite coffee last longer simply by storing it properly. This airtight coffee canister features a BPA-free rubber seal and a one-way valve to de-gas and keep oxygen out. It comes with a travel canister and a convenient scoop and the stainless steel canister even has a convenient date tracker on the lid to ensure you consume it in the prime freshness window. It helps minimize waste and your coffee will taste better.

One helpful review: “If I was storing it long term without opening it, it might stay fresh longer. I'm planning on buying another (or maybe two). It'll save money in the long run!”


40% Off These Satin Pillowcases That Reduce Frizz (Post Prime Day Deal)

These smooth polyester satin pillowcases are a fan favorite on Amazon with over 66,000 ratings and 4.5 stars overall, and they're an easy way to instantly make your bed feel more luxurious. The ultra-soft pillowcases are wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, and gentle on your skin and hair while you sleep.

One reviewer raved: “The best thing I liked about these pillowcases is that I don’t have any bed head anymore! With my other pillowcases in the morning you could clearly see in the back of my head where my hair was split, and a curling iron couldn’t Get my hair back to normal. Ever since buying these, I don’t have that anymore! I’ve already bought three more sets. I’ve use these for three weeks now. I think they’re great :-)”


The Home Cold Brew Maker To Avoid Expensive Trips To The Cafe

Cold brew is my caffeine of choice, especially during the hotter months, but it can be expensive to get every day from a coffee shop. This 2-liter cold brew maker pays for itself in one use. At only $22, this glass pitcher makes it simple to brew and serve cold brew or iced tea. It includes a reusable mesh filter for steeping loose leaf tea, tea bags, or coffee. The airtight lid keeps the coffee fresh for two weeks, while you enjoy it from the convenient pouring spout.

One of its 4,000 reviewers wrote: “I'm saving tons of money not going to the coffee shop all the time. I LOVE IT. So much, that I ordered a second one for a gift as a friend.”


These Unique Dryer Balls To Replace Dryer Sheets

Swapping your dryer sheets for these unique dryer balls will save you tons of money in the long run. This four-pack costs less than $10 and can be used time and time again. The unique spiky design limits static and lint while reducing wrinkles and speeding up dry time. Plus they cause less wear and tear on your machine, which can save you money. This budget-friendly alternative has earned more than 8,000 reviews, including this one: “I don't miss dryer sheets at all! I've saved so much money, well worth it!!”


The Washable Paper Towels You Can Reuse 120 Times

Stop spending a small fortune on paper goods and opt instead for this pack of reusable sheets of bamboo paper towels. They are better for the environment and your wallet and will last you up to six months. They're made of sustainable bamboo material that is absorbent, tough, and conveniently machine washable — and they can be washed and reused up to 120 times.

They’ve earned nearly 8,000 reviews, including one that noted, “This is a great eco-friendly and money-saving alternative to buying rolls and rolls of paper towels. These bamboo paper towels are very soft yet durable, and they even clean and pick up particles a lot better than conventional paper towels.”


A Pack Of Self-Watering Stakes For Your Plants

Work smarter, not harder when it comes to your plants — especially if you keep forgetting to water them. Try these watering stakes instead. They stick into your plant’s soil and use a food-grade silicone tube to pull water from a reservoir as the plants need it — that way you’re never overwatering or not watering them enough. The weight tube sinks to the bottom of the reservoir and pulls a little bit of water, as the plant needs, until it’s gone.

One of its 5,000 reviewers noted, “Saves time and water. Less to worry about. Time is money.”


These Food Sheets That Extend The Life Of Produce

Save money by making your groceries last longer. These food-saver sheets prolong the life of food and produce for up to a month without using any chemicals or plastic. The BPA-free sheets are reusable and can easily be stored alongside your fruit or vegetables to make them last longer. Now you can save money on those extra trips to the grocery store.

“These sheets really do work keeping fruit and veg fresher longer!” one reviewer raved. “They save me money in the long run since I’m getting to all the produce before it spoils! I highly recommend this product!”


A Cushion Support To Revive Saggy Couches

If a new couch isn’t in the budget, give your old one new life with these cushion supports. The vinyl inserts go under your couch cushions to prevent sagging or misshaping. They take a second to install and can make your couch feel entirely new. These supports are easy to clean between uses and fit most standard loveseats or couches. The bestseller has earned more than 20,000 reviews.

One review noted, “Love my couch and didn’t want to get rid of it. This did the trick. Great price and a great way to save money.”


The Fabric Shaver To Renew Pilled Furniture

This fabric shaver will remove that stubborn fuzz on your sweaters, hats, and even your couch — leaving them looking brand new. It’s simple to use: just plug it in and let it fully charge, which usually takes about two hours. It will run for an hour on a full charge, picking up lint and any pilling on a variety of fabrics.

One of its nearly 100,000 reviews noted, “Why is it one of the best purchases I’ve ever made you ask? Because it’s saved me money. A lot of money. This small and cheap, but amazing item has saved many of my clothing items.”


This Portable Espresso Machine That’s Affordable

Espresso machines can cost upwards of a thousand dollars depending on how fancy you get with them. But going to the coffee shop every day to get your espresso isn’t cheap either. This $65 portable espresso machine is the perfect compromise. It’s about the size of a water bottle so you can take it to the office, camping, or to a late-night study session. The manual machine extracts rich and creamy espresso through a pressurized system. It’s just over a pound in weight but can hold 11 grams of coffee at a time.

One review: “Let me tell you if you get the right espresso beans and have it ground correctly, this thing is a money-saving champ.”


A Reusable Notebook To Avoid Buying New

Be honest: how many unused notebooks do you have at home, or worse — half-used notebooks? Here’s the last notebook you’ll ever have to buy because you’ll never run out of pages. Why? It’s reusable. Not only do the pages wipe clean once you’re done, but you can also upload them to Slack, iCloud, Google Drive, and more. Choose from two sizes: executive or letter.

“I think in the end I'll save more money with this than buying Moleskines over and over,” wrote one happy reviewer.


The Multi-Purpose Hair Tool To Save Money

Love the look of a fresh blowup but hate the price? Get that same confidence at home with this affordable three-in-one hair dryer brush. Now you can blow-dry and style at the same time with this tool that’s a hairdryer, straightener, and volume-enhancer all in one. The versatile tool is designed with tufted bristles that grip, detangle, and lift your locks while drying. It features three adjustable heat settings and will help you stay under budget.

One of the 51,000 reviewers noted, “With college move-in coming soon, I needed a better alternative so I could save money instead of going to a salon every two weeks. Here it is!”


A Purple Hair Mask To Extend Your Hair Color

Make your blonde hair color job last longer by preserving it with this hair mask. The purple mask is made for bleached, platinum, silver, blonde, and ash-blonde hair. It reduces those brassy, yellow undertones that come out the longer you go between coloring appointments. Not only does it make your color look better, but it also conditions and revives damaged and dry hair — a win, win. Now you can go to the salon less while giving your hair the TLC it deserves.

One of the more than 40,000 reviewers raved, “I could not recommend this more! Save your money at the salon.”


The Wine Stoppers That Keep Open Bottles Fresh

Stop wavering and just open that second bottle of wine. If you don’t finish it all, you can use these vacuum wine stoppers to keep your wine fresh for up to seven extra days. Just insert the silicone wine stopper into the bottle and use the vacuum to suck out extra air. You'll never waste wine again and, with four vacuum stoppers in each set, the price of these stoppers is hard to beat.

A five-star reviewer noted, “I am the only one in my house who drinks alcohol. When I do drink it’s only a glass every so often. This has saved me so much money!”


These LED Lightbulbs That Help Save Electricity & Money

As you light your home, consider the kind of lightbulbs you choose. This 9-watt LED bulb uses less electricity and can save you money in the long run. Each bulb lasts 15,000 hours, conserving about $84 in its lifetime. These bulbs can also withstand the occasional bump or extreme temperatures without breaking. These bulbs have earned more than 10,000 reviews and come in warm, daylight, and color-changing options.

One reviewer wrote, “This product has proven to save me money. I’ve saved at least $40 on my electric bill in the past 3 months. The product is very bright in every room.”


An Insulated Lunch Box For On-The-Go Meals

Bringing your lunch to work can save a lot of money over time, but no one wants to sacrifice a delicious meal. This insulated lunch box makes it easy to tote your favorite eats to work or anywhere else you roam. The tote-like bag is adorable and looks more like a purse than a lunchbox. It has an insulated inner lining to keep food hot or cold for up to four hours. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and has an easy-to-use zipper and sturdy handles. Choose from 23 colors and patterns.

“It's convenient to have a lunch bag to bring lunch and snacks in hopes of saving money,” wrote one reviewer. “With that said, I also wanted something chic and minimalist. Found all that in this bag!!! It's also very spacious.”


The $9 Door Seal That Helps Cut Air Conditioning Costs

This $9 door draft seal will save you tons of money when it comes to HVAC costs. They seal the bottom of the door to help keep out dust, sunlight, noise, and bugs, plus they help regulate your home’s temperature. Installing one of these seals on your door can help keep hot air from escaping in the winter, or cold air from spilling into other rooms in the summer. They're strong enough to work on interior or exterior doors and boast more than 38,000 reviews.

“This product is worth the money, definitely!” exclaimed one reviewer. “Significantly made a difference with the draft from outside due to the gap of the door.”


These Reusable Food Baggies In A Variety Of Sizes

Stop wasting money on disposable storage bags and opt for these reusable ones. The BPA-free and food-safe bags work just like their plastic counterparts, only these are leak-proof, waterproof, and can even be stored in the freezer. This set comes with two 1-gallon bags, four sandwich bags, and four snack bags. The manufacturer recommends handwashing them to preserve them over time. Spend $14 now and never have to buy any new bags.

This set of bags has earned more than 16,000 reviews, including this one: “Because of these bags, I haven’t bought disposable plastic bags in a long time. I’ve saved lots of money and hundreds of bags from going into the landfill.”


The Washable Facial Rounds For Skincare & Makeup Removal

Sure disposable cotton rounds don’t cost much, but that price adds up over a lifetime (and all of those rounds end up in a landfill). Just one of these reusable cotton rounds (which come in a pack of 20) can replace as many as 1,000 disposable rounds — and that’s a lot of savings. They work just like regular disposable cotton balls but can be washed and reused for years. The bamboo and cotton blend pads come with a mesh laundry bag so you can safely machine wash them with your clothes or towels.

“Such a wonderful alternative to using my regular store-bought cotton pads for removal,” wrote one reviewer. “I’m excited to save money from such a wonderful buy!”


This Reusable Q-Tip That’s Made Of Medical-Grade Silicone

Similar to cotton rounds, Q-tips can add up in cost and waste, and this reusable ear swab is a simple swap to save money. It works like an ordinary cotton swab, however, it’s made with medical-grade silicone that can be cleaned and reused. The environmental impact alone is worth the affordable price. These swabs are built to last and even come in a travel case that’s made of recycled plastic.

One of the 7,000 reviews noted, “Cheap product that saves you lots of money in the long run.”


A Set Of Clear Meal Prep Containers To Help Save On Food

Don’t toss your leftovers — keep them fresh in this five-piece set of food containers. They’re made of stain-resistant plastic and designed specifically for meal prepping, featuring two compartments: one for entrees, and another for a side dish. The lids create a tight leakproof seal and can be used on any of the containers to avoid confusion — plus, they stack neatly on top of each other. The transparent design makes it easy to see what’s inside.

One of the 15,000 reviews noted, “I cannot describe how much money these have saved me. They are so easy to pack. You can HEAR the airtight seal engagement.”


The Mop Pads You Can Wash & Reuse

No need to buy disposable mop pads when you can snag these reusable ones for only $15. This two-pack comes with pads that clean hardwood or tile and attach to the floor duster. They easily tackle dirt, dust, and pet hair and can be used wet or dry, as well as with some of the most popular name-brand dust mops on the market. More than 30,000 reviewers have awarded these pads a 4.8-star rating.

One reviewer wrote, “I am going to save a lot of money by using these reusable mop pads and feel better about having less household waste. Definitely a great buy!”


These Tube Squeezers That Never Waste Toothpaste

The fewer trips to the convenience store to stock up on toiletries like toothpaste, the better for your wallet. And one way to cut down on expenses is by using this toothpaste tube dispenser that effortlessly squeezes out every last bit of toothpaste. You’ll get four dispensers in each pack, all in different colors, and you can repurpose them for items like face cream and medicine.

One of 16,000 reviews noted, “They help you save money because they get all of the toothpaste out of the tubes!”


The Lipstick That Lasts Longer To Save You Money

You won’t have to apply this lipstick throughout the day — it will stay put until you take it off. The liquid lipstick has a matte finish that stays flawless for 16 hours. The less you have to reapply means one lipstick lasts you longer. Not only does it draw attention to your lips, but it moisturizes them at the same time. Choose from 36 highly pigmented colors for only $8. This crowd-favorite lipstick has earned more than 70,000 reviews.

“Lip color that doesn't come off an hour after I put it on,” one reviewer noted. “That equals some money savings in not having to keep reapplying. A little goes a long way.”


These Wood Markers That Save You From Replacing Furniture

Wood furniture and floors are going to endure some scratches and general wear over the years. Instead of paying a lot of money to have them refinished or replaced, opt for this budget wood marker set that will make them look brand new. This set has earned 10,000 reviews and comes with six markers and six wax crayons, as well as a sharpener, to fill in holes and imperfections on wood. The pack features six colors, ranging from maple to black. Just draw over the scratch and your wood belongings will look restored.

One reviewer raved: “Good and accurate description. Saved a lot of money in repairs.”


The Drywall Puddy That Makes Repairs Easy To DIY

No need to call a professional and pay them to replace small holes in your wall — this repair putty makes it simple. The compact applicator dispenses putty that repairs holes and cracks in drywall, plaster, and wood. The handheld putty tool dries quickly so that you can follow up by sanding and painting walls.

It's earned more than 6,000 reviews, including this one: “OK, I lived in an apartment, with scratches, and holes everywhere! From moving in and out, and just aged old drywall. So, I bought this, and [put] globs on the wall. It worked! The manager said the place looked great and I got my deposit back!


A Smart Thermostat That Helps Conserves Energy

Bring your home’s technology up to date with a smart thermostat. This pick is easy to install and will save you money. It pairs with Alexa so you can control it with your voice or within an app — even if you’re not at home. It’s designed to reduce energy usage and even has an ENERGY STAR certification.

One of the 7,000 reviews noted: “I ordered this because being able to control my thermostat remotely helps me to save money on heating and cooling.”


The Drain Protector That Can Save You From Repairs

Hiring a plumber is going to cost you a pretty penny, but you can keep your drains as clean and clear as possible by using this popular hair catcher that nestles inside of your drain, so it won’t pop up and float in your tub. The TubShroom won’t block water flow and boasts more than 107,000 reviews.

“This has saved so much time and money that would have been spent on liquid clog removers,” one reviewer wrote.