Thousands Of Amazon Reviewers Swear By These Clever Things That Made Their Homes So Much Better

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I’ve done all of the work to love the vibe and aesthetic of my home. So, I’m not searching for the next patterned contact paper to re-cover my countertops or even the perfect curtains. But I am always looking for home upgrades that will purely make my space more functional — and the the products I’ve found this time are seriously good.

I mean, thousands of Amazon reviewers swear by these clever things that made their homes so much better. They’re the kind of products you add in after you’ve picked your wallpaper and DIY’d your own trendy mirror.

For example — you won’t have to ruin the look of the aesthetic couch you picked with the toy blocker on this list. It’s a clear strip that sticks to your floor instead of your sofa’s upholstery. That way, you catch all of the stray toys and odd bits that would usually make you lift up the couch every few days.

There’s even a basket-style bathroom organizer that sits on top of your toilet. It has adhesive stickers so it won’t slip off the back of your toilet. Plus, it has a little stand that makes it look like a chic shelf for your bathroom air freshener.

So, if you’re happy with your home’s vibe, I promise none of the clever things on this list will ruin that adorable aesthetic you’ve created — they’ll just make your space better.


An Easy-To-Use Jar Opener That Sits Under Your Cabinets

This jar opener sits right underneath your cabinet, so it’s always easy to access. It’s complete with adhesive on the back and three screws to securely stick it to the underside of your kitchen cabinet. This sturdy jar opener has a v-shaped design that works on lids of all kinds and sizes, from giant jam jars to tiny lids like water bottle caps.

One reviewer wrote: “This opener is one of the best items that I have ever purchased. I attached it with the glue strip and it is holding fine, kept the screws in drawer just in case I need to use them in the future. I have arthritis making it is so difficult to open jars but this product does the job with little effort every time. I purchased one for my sister and she is as impressed as I am. I just wish I would have had this years ago! Overall, affordable, easy to install, super easy to use. Once installed you don’t see it so it is not an eyesore in your kitchen. I love it and highly recommend it!”


These Bamboo Dividers That Totally Organize Your Drawers

This set of bamboo drawer dividers has a gray, white, or light brown finish that looks way nicer than a plastic divider. They also have a universal design that allows you to sort your drawers that are 17.5 to 22 inches long. Plus, these water-resistant dividers protect your drawers from scratches with their rubber-coated ends, keeping your furniture intact.

One reviewer wrote: “We just put in a brand new kitchen. All of the drawers are huge and open with no dividers. We could have bought dividers from the manufacturer for a lot of money but decided to try these. I am so happy we did. One package was enough for two drawers for us. They were a simple to put in place and have stayed in the exact spot where we installed them. No one has any idea they arent factory installed. We can even move them if we decided to change our storage set up.”


This Adhesive Doorbell With An Easy Plug-In Receiver

Simply stick on this wireless doorbell, and you’re halfway to having the easiest doorbell ever. You just have to plug in the matching LED receiver somewhere in your home, and you’re all done. It can be in any outlet that’s up to 1,000 feet away. Then, you have 52 chimes to go through and find your favorite. Plus, there are volume options and a silent feature, making this an easy to customize home addition.

One reviewer wrote: “As our apartment door has only a knocker, I felt the need for something a little louder. This bell fits the bill. I attached the bell to the door with the included adhesive strip, and boom. Done! I plugged the receiver about 20 feet away from the bell, for reference. I'm not even taking advantage of the over 500-foot range! Nonetheless, the sound quality is crisp and easy-to-hear. It's awesome, modern, and elegant, too. The receiver was easy to setup, as the simple two-button interface is no-nonsense, "just the necessities". It was easy to setup the volume and the desired chime. My boyfriend and I love our apartment's new, personal doorbell.”


A Wall-Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser With A Bunch Of Storage

This toothpaste dispenser is super helpful if you always squeeze out too much toothpaste, because the automatic design prevents waste. It also holds onto your toothbrush for you. Beyond four toothbrushes and paste, this dispenser is complete with a bunch of storage, including a hidden drawer, top shelf, and cups that you can use for rinsing.

One reviewer wrote: “For the price, you really can't beat this product! I was afraid it might look cheap on my wall but it looked great in my black and white modern bathroom. My fiancé is thrilled that I now have a place to store all my hair ties and bobby pins so they aren't lying all over the counter, and it is the perfect tool for organizing your toothpaste and toothbrushes while freeing up space on your vanity. The toothpaste dispenser eliminates the mess I had to deal with before which is a huge bonus. Definitely recommend this product!”


A Roll-Up Dish Rack That Makes An Efficient Use Of Space

This roll-up dish rack is made of sturdy steel bars wrapped in heat-resistant silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees. The design is super thin, so it won’t look bulky when it’s set up on your sink or when it’s rolled up in your cabinet. Plus, the food-grade, BPA-free silicone makes it a perfect spot for your freshly washed produce.

One reviewer wrote: “I wishI had seen this years ago. Adds extra space in a tight kitchen. Looks nice in use, rolls up for storage, takes up very little space when not in use. It was worth every penny. It has been helping with bathing our newborn - I can keep his bath stuff on the rack and wash his hair right through the rack with everything in easy reach! Can't say enough good things about this. If you're looking at it, buy it. I don't think you'll regret it and you will probably wonder what you've been doing all this time without one! It is very strong, supports two gallons or more of water in a basin without bending at all. Fabulous!”


A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase That Can Improve Your Skin

This 100% mulberry silk pillowcase should totally be considered skincare. That’s because the silk fabric is complete with 18 amino acids that help keep your face hydrated. It’s also temperature-regulating, so you won’t sweat away all of your nighttime moisturizers. Best of all, this soft pillowcase is simply less harsh than cotton fibers on your face and hair — and it looks so luxe on your bed.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this pillow case and will be buying more. It is super soft and very well made. It is very elegant looking and is as described. It is also very hair friendly to my long and find hair. No more tangles or static for seems softer as well. My daughter tried it and claimed it for herself as her acne has gotten much better since using it! Definitely a winner. It washes nicely and is wrinkle free. Beautiful color as well.”


These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Still Look Chic

These stainless steel wine glasses are unbreakable but still look super chic. They have a stemless design that looks like your favorite regular wine glasses, and they’ll aerate your wine like your other glasses. Plus, the shatter-proof stainless steel keeps your wine (or your mocktail) at the perfect temperature, too, which makes them a total upgrade.

One reviewer wrote: “These stem tumblers are beautiful. More importantly, they don't shatter glass everywhere or spill when knocked over, they have nice covers. The double stainless wall keeps wine cold for a long time, providing you pour it cold. Each tumbler holds 1/2 of a standard 750ml bottle, perfect for sharing. After receiving the first set, bought 2 more sets, 1 set for when we have company outside, and 1 more for wino friends! Well worth the investment and very functional. If you're looking at these, don't hesitate, they exceed expectations!”


A Clean Pet Hair Remover That You Can Use Over & Over Again

You don’t have to touch any gross hair with this handheld pet hair remover. The reusable brush picks up hair off of any surface you roll it on. Then it traps it inside a neat little container, so you don’t have to mess with sticky tape. Simply click one button on this hair-catching compartment to empty it, and get ready to use this roller again and again and again.

One reviewer wrote: “I've had it in my possession for like 2 hours and I've cleaned everything. The couch, the blinds, the cat tree pad, the chair, I'm obsessed. I feel like this thing should win an award for being so awesome. I feel like it should be in raffle baskets and giveaways and silent auctions for every event that highlights "things cat people need."It's better than those sticky rollers, it's better than the 1 directional velvet wand thing that I always use the wrong way and make a mess, it's the best. I don't have any before pictures because as soon as I started rolling stuff I went crazy.”


A Compact 3-Tier Organizer With A Handy Little Drawer

This compact plastic organizer gives you three tiered shelves and a hidden drawer, adding vertical storage to your pantry. The handy drawer tucks away under the bottom shelf, so it’s not too bulky, and it’s perfect for things that can’t sit on a shelf, like tubes of tomato paste or spice packets. You can also wipe off the easy-to-clean organizer if you spill something.

One reviewer wrote: “I simply love all the Joseph Joseph products. This is one of the many that I have tried. It is very sturdy and well made and, most importantly, has freed up a ton of space in my cabinets. It is not flimsy or wobbly like the metal ones I had which the items were always falling off of. Spring cleaning challenge, tackled!”


An Invisible Toy Blocker To Prevent Lost Pet Toys

Stick this reusable toy blocker under all kinds of furniture to prevent pet toys from rolling under the couch. The residue-free adhesive sticks to your floor instead of your couch upholstery, and it won’t stand out under your aesthetic coffee table because it’s completely transparent. It also comes in two heights to fit under your furniture.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best thing for dog toys! They’re basically invisible! My dog LOVES hiding her ball under the couch so these really save my back having to reach under with a broom to get them. Also, roomba can still clean because we have the side uncovered.”


This Cereal Dispenser That Looks Oh-So Sleek In Your Kitchen

Yes — your cereal can totally look chic in your pantry with this black and chrome food dispenser. It holds 17.5 ounces of dry goods, so it’s super versatile for boxes of dry cereal, oats, granola, and other snacks. Set up takes just five minutes. Then, simply twist the knob to get exactly 1 ounce of food at a time for a quick and easy meal.

One reviewer wrote: “We have three kids and a very small kitchen with very little cabinet/counter space!!! We used to keep our cereal boxes on top of our refrigerator, but I've been trying to de-clutter, and also come up with a solution for our kids to be able to get their own cereal in the mornings. THIS IS IT!!!! It looks great on our counter and we have very little space, so it fits just right! This has been the perfect solution to giving our kids the independence they need to get their own breakfast! It has been a lifesaver!!! Love it!!!”


A Pack Of Chic, Thin Hangers With A Grippy Velvet Coating

This pack of super thin hangers isn’t just about making your closet match (although it’s definitely a perk). This black and chrome hanger set is also about making your clothes more secure. The velvet coating keeps all of your clothes on the hanger, even thin tops and silky dresses. Plus, these compact hangers hold up to 10 pounds each, making them great for winter jackets too.

One reviewer wrote: “These hangers are perfect! They are saving a great deal of space in my closet. They are high quality - and my clothes fit perfectly over them. The velvety surfaces keeps my clothes from falling off the hanger - and I don't even have to button my tops to keep them on the hanger. I am thrilled with the extra space in my closet. They are awesome and well-worth the money.”


This Cooling Pillow Set That Won’t Stain, Fade, Or Lose Its Shape

This set of cooling bed pillows won’t look super gross when you change your pillowcases. The silky cover is stain- and fade-resistant to avoid a yellow or splotchy pillow. Inside each of these machine-washable pillows, you’ll find cooling gel fiber that keeps you comfortable as you sleep. Plus, they both have double-edge stitching to keep all of that fluffy down-alternative secure and plush for a long, long time.

One reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love these pillows. They actually feel like you are laying on a cloud. I have spent hundreds on brand name memory foam pillows that failed to relieve my neck pain - these pillows made that pain go away immediately. I was so impressed with the feel of them that I bought two more just to have for trips. Of course (like a bed) pillows material and feeling vary between the people that use them, but I found these pillows to be incredibly comfortable, durable, and they still maintain the great fluffy feeling even after a year of use.”


A Stainless Steel Measuring Set With Easy-To-Read Measurements

This measuring cup and spoon set comes with six measuring cups and six measuring spoons and includes less common increments like 2/3 cup and 3/4 teaspoon. The measurements are engraved, which means you won’t have to worry about the measurement markers disappearing in the dishwasher. Of course, the rust-resistant stainless steel also helps out with the durability of this measuring set, which is why it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with nearly 9,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love these measuring cups. The measurements are engraved into the metal, easy to read and in two places on each cup. They are easy to clean as well. The cups are very well balanced making them really sturdy. Plus, the handles are thick enough that they won’t easily bend. I also love the multiple sizes in the set. There’s even a 1/8 cup! I’ve been wanting a quality set of stainless steel measuring cups for a long time and am very happy with this purchase.”


A 5-Tier Corner Shelf That You Can Use In Every Single Room

This budget-friendly corner shelf is perfect for your bathroom skincare storage, living room knickknack storage, or kitchen spice storage. Its slim five-tier design won’t take up a bunch of space in your home and actually makes great use of otherwise unoccupied space. Plus, the small shelves are about 8 inches tall each, making them great for a wide variety of pictures, serums, bottles, and more. With the included installation hardware and durable MDF laminate, you can display up to 11 pounds of stuff on these durable, attractive shelves.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this shelf!! It's super cute and fits so nicely in the corner. It fit together pretty easily, I had no issues assembling it. It is also sturdy enough that I trust breakable on it so that is great. Ive had issues finding sturdy shelves. I'm thinking about getting another.”


This Air Purifier & Night Light That’s Easy To Use

This air purifier looks like a sleek night light on your bedside table. Tucked inside, it has three different filters, including an activated charcoal filter and a HEPA filter that purify the air, helping with dust, odors, and allergens. It’s also complete with one simple button on the top to control the night light and the fan speeds, making operation of this device super easy.

One reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love this air purifier. It’s the perfect size and very quiet we barely notice it’s in the room. Very user friendly with three settings: on- low, on-high, and off. It’s so cute and pink too! We have a larger air purifier made by the same company, and needed a smaller one for the bedroom. This had made a dramatic difference in air quality.”


This Shower Caddy Set That Honestly Works In Every Room

This stainless steel shower caddy honestly works all over your home. These waterproof, matte shelves are complete with removable hooks and a versatile aesthetic. So, go ahead and stick these adhesive organizers in your kitchen sink to hang your dish brush and hold your soaps, in your bathroom to hold lotions and razors, or in your closet to hold rags and cleaning supplies. Each shelf can hold up to 15 pounds.

One reviewer wrote: “I purchased 2 sets for our tile shower and I have to say they’re pretty amazing. Great amount of room, adheres to the tile flawlessly and after at least 6-8 weeks since putting them up, they’re still holding strong. We buy big bottles of shampoo/body wash and they hold really well. No rust has happened, so they’re great with the water over time, as well. I’m about to purchase two more sets for my kitchen. I really recommend these for just about any space.”


This Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set That’s So Durable

This set of 10 stainless steel kitchen utensils is a super long-lasting upgrade. All of the utensils are durable enough for your dishwasher, so you can stop throwing away melted and scratched plastic spoons and spatulas. Plus, you can store all of your new durable utensils in the matching container, which will make your kitchen look much more aesthetically pleasing. There are also little loops on each handle to hang them, giving you another cute storage option.

One reviewer wrote: “You can't really beat the quality and price of this set. It gives you just about everything you'd need for a kitchen in a very well made and long lasting set. If you're looking for a steel utensil set, I don't think you'll find a better deal on Amazon.”


This Wall Repair Kit That’s So Easy To Apply

This budget-friendly bottle of drywall spackle is actually an entire wall repairing kit. How? This miniature bottle is complete with a smoothing putty knife right on top. It also has a small sanding pad on the cap to really smooth out your wall. Plus, the spackle inside is primer-enhanced, lightweight, and shrink-resistant, making this an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.

One reviewer wrote: “I normally don’t write reviews for products, but this one was amazing! I’m in the process of moving out of my apartment in nyc (is there anything worse?) and I needed to fill a few holes I made with wall anchors. I have 0 handy experience but this product was so easy to use. I agree with other reviewers that you definitely should pick up real sandpaper if you want your walls to be flawless but I really only gave it 70% effort and the results were pretty good (my apartment is super old). If you bother to paint over (I didn’t) it’s definitely good as new. A renters dream.”


A Fragrance Diffuser With Real Floral Accents

This fragrance diffuser looks like a chic flower arrangement on your desk. That’s because real preserved flowers are mixed in with the classic fragrance reeds. Inside the minimalist clear vase is a sweet scent, which comes in popular options like black cherry, lavender, and cotton. They’re also free of things you don’t want in your diffuser, like chloride, making this a beautiful and safe option.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a beautiful reed and flower diffuser. Perfect packaging with lots of oil in it. I purchased a real flower diffuser with April Fresh scent. I absolutely love it. This is a pretty modern diffuser; good for my home decor. I am going to re-purchase it for every room in my house and gift for my friends.”


A Broom Holder That Keeps Mops & Dusters Off The Floor

Simply pop this easy-to-install broom holder wherever you usually pile your mops and dustpans, giving you back floor space. Each easy-release slot holds up to 7.5 pounds, so you could even hang up a slim vacuum. Plus, the rubber lining will protect your cleaning supplies. It’s also complete with foldable hooks for lightweight dusters and more.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a small apartment and the broom closet was always a mess with the brooms hitting me in the face whenever I took the trash out. This saved me so much stress! The slots have little rollers and they move to fit just about any size mop or broom. There are also little hooks that can drop down if you want to hold towels or the dust pan, which is what I use it for. This is a must-have organizational tool!”


An Anti-Fatigue Mat That You’ll Want In Front Of Every Sink

Trust me — you’ll want one of these anti-fatigue mats in front of every sink in your home. It’s all about the 3/4-inch thick memory foam that’s way comfier than your floor, which helps to support your feet, back, and legs. It’s also waterproof, to make it even better for washing dishes. Plus, this non-slip mat comes in a dozen different aesthetic designs and colors that you’ll actually want to add to your bathroom and kitchen.

One reviewer wrote: “I love the super-soft, squishiness of the mat. It is a pretty tile pattern that will accent my new blue and white kitchen design well. It was a price I couldn't pass up. It will be awesome during a baking marathon!Don't pass this mat up if you're on the fence!”


This Laptop Stand That Looks Super Minimalist

It’s obviously nice that this aluminum laptop stand looks minimalist, but the best part is — the one-step installation also requires minimal effort. Once it’s all put together, this sturdy stand protects your laptop with a rubber lining, while giving it a boost that keeps your computer cool and neck comfortable. The slim design also lets you tuck your notebook or keyboard underneath, adding space to your desk.

One reviewer wrote: “After reading several reviews, I decided to purchase this laptop stand. I'm definitely pleased with my purchase. It puts my laptop up at the right height on my desk. I purchased a little Bluetooth keyboard to use while the laptop is sitting on the stand because it can be a little awkward trying to use the laptop's keyboard that high. I would recommend this laptop stand, especially if you want to make sure air is circulating underneath your laptop to prevent overheating.”


A Pan Organizer To Store Cookware Safely

This five-slot pan organizer is so versatile — you can organize your cookware anywhere. They’ll work vertically or horizontally, depending on your kitchen’s set up and storage needs. The bronze wire design is even attractive enough to keep it on your countertop, so your kitchen will look great and your pans will be scratch-free from the convenient storage solution.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the BEST pan rack that I have found! It is heavy-duty - doesn't trip over like some others that I have purchased in the past. I plan to anchor it to the inside of one of my cabinets, but even without doing that, it is able to hold four of my largest fry pans without drooping and letting the pans slide OUT! Great job, Deco Brothers!”


This Plush Memory Foam Bath Mat That You Can Wash & Dry

This memory foam bath mat is not just a plush, safe way to step out of the shower, it’s also more hygienic than other fabric bath mats on the market. Why? Despite its rubber backing and 3/4-inch thick memory foam, you can toss this mat in the washer and dryer, and it won’t lose its plushness or non-slide surface — it’s just that durable.

One reviewer wrote: “I was skeptical when it arrived I wasn’t sure it would hold up but it does! It is soft and plush. It dries quickly and maintains its durability and its a great price!”


This Can Organizer That’ll Save You So Much Fridge Space

Whether you love drinking soda, seltzer, or beer, canned drinks take up a lot of space in your fridge, which is what makes this can organizer such a brilliant thing to add to your kitchen. At just 5.5 inches wide, this clear, BPA-free organizer can hold up to 11 canned beverages, keeping them in one spot and making your refrigerator so much cleaner.

One reviewer wrote: “I usually buy 12 packs of seltzer and keep them in the box in the fridge which takes up lots of room. This organizes the cans nicely and makes them visible so you don't have that awful moment of reaching into the box only to find crisp, cool, cardboard and disappointment.”


This Hard Water Stain Remover That Lasts A Super Long Time

The best part about this hard water stain remover is that you won’t need to use it every week. That’s because this deep cleaning remover acts as a protective sealant for up to three months. Apply it to your grout, tub, glass doors, and more — the bright green formula is perfect for eliminating soap scum and even rust.

One reviewer wrote: “This had been on my porch for 10 minutes before I just had to try it. We have hardwater stains that have plagued our shower doors since we bought our house. Nothing has worked…..until now. I tested it on the small upper corner of the door. This clear patch (on a frosted door) is the result of maybe 30 seconds of light scrubbing with this product and a grade 0000 steel wool pad. Wow just wow. Literal years of build up gone in seconds. Such a satisfying result!”


This Hanging Organizer That’s Better Than Your Bulky Shoe Rack

This hanging shoe organizer simply makes more sense than a bulky shoe rack in the bottom of your closet. It still gives you slots for up to 10 pairs of shoes, and the slim hanging design means you don’t have to sit on the ground to search for the perfect pair. This 360-degree swiveling organizer also has the bonus of 10 mesh pockets for footie socks, sandals, shoe cleaner, and other odd bits.

One reviewer wrote: “This shoe organizer is great. I have very limited space & it doesn’t take up a lot. My heels fit perfectly in one slot, as well as flats. AND I was able to store a few odds & ends in the side pockets!”


A Genius Coffee Canister That Keeps Your Coffee Beans Fresher Longer

This genius coffee canister is perfect if you’re a coffee snob, but you’re tired of grinding coffee beans every single morning. Simply grind them all at once (instead of procrastinating) and store them in this layered stainless steel canister. It’s airtight, complete with a CO2 release valve, and a handy freshness date tracker right on the lid to remind you of just how fresh those beans are.

One reviewer wrote: “If you're keeping your coffee in Tupperware or any non-sealed container, do yourself a favor and get this. It has kept my grinds SO fresh! It's easy to clean and the included scoop is the perfect size for my pour-over.”


These Dripless Pillar Candles That Won’t Make Your Home Smoky

These small space-friendly pillar candles are totally smokeless. They also have a drip-free design if that will keep the surface underneath them nice and clean. Each aesthetically pleasing, textured candle in this three-pack lasts for 70 hours, and they’re available in 13 colors. Plus, the scent-free wax will actually add a relaxing vibe to your space you instead of making your post-work headache worse.

One reviewer wrote: “LOVE these candles!!! They have a super cute style and look to them. I was looking for unscented candles for my meditation room and these are absolutely perfect!! They burn slowly, don’t drip and are smokeless. I also love the company’s mission: Every candle purchased supports orphans in Belarus (where the candles are actually handcrafted)!! So not only are you buying a high-quality, well-made candle, you’re also supporting a wonderful cause.”


An Over-The-Cabinet Organizer For Hard-To-Store Kitchen Essentials

This over-the-door organizer is the spot to tuck all of those hard-to-store kitchen essentials. You know, those random small cutting boards, muffin tins, or extra boxes of wax paper. It’s complete with a sturdy alloy steel basket to hold everything in place over your cabinet door. Meanwhile, the foam-padded hooks won’t scratch up your cabinet.

One reviewer wrote: “I was looking for something like this for so long! Cutting boards were everywhere, falling on me at the worst moment. I wanted them out of my sight but easily accessible. This is perfect solution. Fit about 5 normal cutting boards and couple of thin plastic ones and 2 little boards. Great quality and sturdiness.”


These Salt & Pepper Grinders That Won’t Make A Mess

These glass salt and pepper grinders look sleek, and they won’t make a huge mess. The stainless steel lids are complete with caps to avoid pink salt in your kitchen cabinet and peppercorns on your counter. This unique lid also keeps your spices fresh. Plus, the adjustable grinders are complete with an anti-clog design.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this set. Not only does it look pretty on my stovetop, it is very easy to fill and use. I had a set before but it was so difficult to take apart and refill that it should've been considered disposable. This is easy to refill and I love having freshly ground pepper and salt. This will match my kitchen no matter how many times I change my decor and it even has it's own little base.”


A Mini Power Scrubber To Brighten Tile Grout All Over Your Home

You’re going to want this handheld mini power scrubber for tiles all over your house. This little brush head scrubs discolored grout 60 times every second, and is slim enough to clean hard-to-reach spaces, like the back of your sink. It’s also waterproof, so you can rinse your shower as you clean. Plus, the ergonomic grip is super helpful if you have a bunch of tile to scrub.

One reviewer wrote: “I friggen love this thing! It came with batteries, ready to use. It’s more powerful than I expected. Perfect for grout, cleaning around faucets, cracks and crevices. It’s a must have if your obsessed with cleaning.”


A Stainless Steel Lazy Susan That Looks *So* Sleek

This lazy Susan is an easy fit for your cabinet or countertop, and it will even match your trendy spice jars. The durable stainless steel spins 360 degrees without getting fingerprints or stains all over it, making finding your exact ingredient a breeze. Plus, the small rim keeps your stuff secure.

One reviewer wrote: “This lazy susan is the perfect size for the kitchen cabinets, and makes finding my spices so much easier when cooking! It was super easy to set up, works like a charm, and the stainless steel finish adds a really nice touch. Definitely recommend if you are looking to save space and improve your kitchen organization!”


These Glass Jars That Make It Easy To Grab Your Cotton Balls

This set of apothecary jars makes it way easier to grab your hair ties, cotton swabs, and flossers. The chic black lid simply pulls off with the little knob on top for quick and easy access. Plus, these metal apothecary lids come in six different color options and the containers are made from real glass — no cheap plastic here. This versatile set is also complete with four labels, including two blank options.

One reviewer wrote: “Love these little jars. Have been needing something to put in our spare bathrooms for Qtips and extras that guests may need and this fit perfectly. Good size. Thick glass. Comes in multiple finishes for the lids.”


A Lightweight, Reversible Comforter That’s Actually Super Fluffy

This down alternative comforter gives you all of the extra-fluffy bedding vibes you want — but it’s still so lightweight. It’s all thanks to the breathable filling that’s super plush, which helps you stay toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, this stain- and fade-resistant comforter has a reversible design that allows you to shake up you bedroom’s decor.

One reviewer wrote: “Best comforter I have ever owned. Not only is this item aesthetically pleasing in my room, but it is exceptionally comfortable. It manages to keep me warm in the cold nights, but is not overbearing on warm nights.”


This Chic Glass Coffee Maker Stand With K-Cup Storage

This K-cup storage drawer simply looks like a chic little stand for your coffee maker. The best part is it also gives you 30 spots to tuck away your go-to coffee pods, allowing you to save drawer and cabinet space. The chrome drawer slides out to make your coffee selection super quick and easy. There’s a reason this handy little drawer has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with over 27,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “love this product. I hate clutter and really appreciate the space savings since this sits perfectly under my Keurig machine. It also hold a good number of pods, so I am not having to constantly add more pods. I also appreciate how the drawer can be opened all the way but still stays in place. This is also a sturdy product and does not buckle at all under the weight of my Keurig machine. So, if you are looking save space, this is the way to go! Two thumbs up.”


A Reversible Desk Pad That’s Easy To Clean

Yes — this budget-friendly desk pad is totally reversible. Also, yes it’s still functional with your mouse, while giving you much more room than a standard mousepad. It’s waterproof and oil-proof to protect your desk from your lunch on a busy day or from random pen explosions. This durable and oversized desk pad also comes in 14 colors and four sizes, so you can pick the one that best works for your desk’s size and office’s aesthetic.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this thing way more than I thought I would! I've always hated how little surface area mousepads had, but I had no idea desk pads existed until I was randomly browsing through Amazon. I purchased the pink one, and it is the perfect addition to my white/pink home office! It works perfectly as a mousepad, but I love that I now have a place to put hot/cold drinks without damaging the desk. I purchased the smallest size, which is absolutely large enough for the corner of my desk where I work. It came rolled up in a tube, but it unrolled flat, no curled edges whatsoever! Would definitely recommend!!!”


An Adorable Ceramic Holder To Keep Sponges Clean & Dry

This ceramic sponge holder will keep all of your sponges clean, even the ones shaped like a cute flower. The simple, slightly elevated design lets your sponge dry off between dishes. Plus, this durable and adorable holder won’t crack easily. You can also use your favorite sponge on it anytime it needs to be cleaned, making this an effective solution for a very specific problem.

One reviewer wrote: “This product is so cute and makes the kitchen look so much more put together! I hated having the sponge just lay on top of the sink because I thought it made it look dirty. I ordered the “spoon” holder from this company as well and love them both. They’re a a amazing quality and seem very durable!”


This Cabinet Organizer With Adjustable Heights & A Stackable Design

This cabinet organizer is complete with two metal baskets that slide out. The best part is — you can adjust the height of the bottom basket to fit your favorite sauces (or a hot sauce collection, in my case). These organizers are also complete with a stackable design, so you can fill your pantry with them and make great use of otherwise unused vertical space.

One reviewer wrote: “I've been on an organizing binge these last months and had previously purchased other similar under-the-sink organizers. I found all of them to be very flimsy with mesh baskets that did not slide in and out easily. When I saw these, I purchased two immediately. Wow - what a difference. These are sturdy and quite good looking. Most importantly, they function perfectly. The wire baskets slide in and out smoothly and easily. No more digging around under the sink searching for something. HOORAY!”


This Set Of Patterned Cork Coasters With A Storage Stand

This budget-friendly pack of cork coasters comes with a little decorative storage stand that makes them easy to keep track of. Their cork design is super absorbent and complete with multiple adorable patterns that will add a chic touch to your coffee table. Plus, they won’t scratch your surfaces and glasses won’t stick to them, like classic stone coasters.

One reviewer wrote: “These are very pretty and durable coasters. They absorb well, and dry well without warping or fading. Plus, the glass won't stick to them constantly like they do to with some coasters! I also really like the holder they come in.”


This Over-The-Toilet Organizer For Chic Air Freshener Storage

This basket-style bathroom organizer sits right on top of the back of your toilet. It’s complete with two stands that raise it up like a little shelf over your toilet, adding lots of storage space to this otherwise unused space. This shelf design also keeps it sturdy when you grab your lotion or air freshener. This organizer also comes with clear adhesive stickers, so you can attach it to the wall if desired, turning the risers into towel racks.

One reviewer wrote: “I don’t have much space in my bathroom so having this over the toilet provides much needed storage space while keeping the bathroom cute and organized. I love that it has an adhesive hook to keep it in place but it can be removed for cleaning the top of the toilet”


A Bamboo Dispenser That Gets Rid Of Plastic Wrap Boxes

Swap out mismatched tin foil and plastic wrap boxes for this two-in-one wrap dispenser. Not only does it make your kitchen drawer more organized and look better, but it also makes it easier to grab your tin foil. The bamboo design is complete with sliders to cut the perfect size. You also get 21 different labels, so you can store plastic wrap, tin foil, or wax paper and keep them straight.

One reviewer wrote: “Purchased the Space Aid Wrap Neat 2 in 1 Wrap Dispenser and it was probably the best product I have bought. No more trying to find the edge of the plastic wrap or fidgeting to get your foil to the right length. I loved this product so much I bought my sister and mother one. Great buy..... LUV IT!!!!!!!! 10 STARS”


These Durable Glass Containers That Stack In Your Fridge

It’s all about the borosilicate glass with this 24-piece food storage pack. All of the different containers are made of this super durable glass that can go in your fridge, freezer, and oven. When they’re in your fridge, the airtight lids let them stack right on top of each other, keeping your leftovers organized.

One reviewer wrote: “These are the best kind of food storage I have ever had. They tolerate very high and very low temperatures, the covers really seal the food in, so that even liquids will not leak. Easy maintenance: dishwasher safe. Stackable. I recommend them.”


This Budget-Friendly Cloth That Removes Rings From Your Coffee Table

This watermark removing cloth works on wood, metal, and even chrome, getting rid of those pesky stains for good. It can also handle a few minor scratches on your wood furniture and deal with permanent marker. This little budget-friendly cloth is also reusable, so it’s always there when you want to fix a coffee table ring without stripping the finish.

One reviewer wrote: “SO impressed!!! Works on burns too!! I was stressing about a ring on my wood table left behind from a hot dutch oven. Tried this and finished it off with a tiny drop of wood oil, and it VANISHED! See before and after photo. Touched up all the other wood around the house and it’s still good for use! A MUST BUY for anybody who likes to host guests. I’m obsessed.”