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TikTok’s Viral Aging Filter Has Started The Most Wholesome Trend

I look like my grandma who I think is the most beautiful woman.”

Aging can be scary, but TikTok’s latest trend is reminding people that it can be a gift, too. The viral new filter called the Aging Filter, gives a realistic glimpse into what you’ll look like in the future, and it’s making users emotional in the best way.

Get ready to meet the older version of yourself. The effect, which started going viral in mid-July, transforms young TikTokers into mature adults via Artificial Intelligence (AI), changes the color of their hair, wrinkles their skin, and sags their faces as a result. If you have an aversion to aging, the filter can be pretty jarring at first, TBH, but many users are choosing to look past the shocking transformation and embrace what the future holds instead. To use the effect, all you have to do is search for the “Aging filter” on TikTok, then tap the “Use this effect” button. The filter will then create a split screen so you can see what you look like now, and what the app thinks you’ll look like in the future. You can also tap to remove the split screen, leaving only the aged effect.

People are clearly curious to get a sneak peek into their futures, because the filter has been featured in 14 million videos, and the related hashtag has been viewed over 114.8 million times as of July 19.

Creator @ohthatjenny is one of the many users who tested out the filter, and her reaction to her reflection was full of grace and kindness.

“If I am ever fortunate enough to meet this old lady I am going to be so proud of her,” wrote the creator.

Meanwhile, @liyacarly is already imagining the kind of person her future self will be, writing, “She looks like the kinda lady to let you have the last cookie.” Aww.

One of the reasons why the filter has left such an impression on users is because it reminds them of the most important people in their lives. TikToker @carlyrowena, for example, was skeptical of the filter at first but ended up having a seriously sweet emotional response to the person she will become.

“POV: you were scared to try this filter but find your mum staring back at you,” the creator captioned the video while smiling and admiring her reflection.

@Daniarribere felt similarly about her transformation, writing, “I look like my grandma who I think is the most beautiful woman.” I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye.

Creators are also using the filter to predict what their futures will look like with their partners, just like former Bachelorette Hannah Brown did with her boyfriend Adam Woolard.

“I wouldn’t mind growing old together,” the 28-year-old captioned the adorable video.

If the filter has you excited to meet your elderly counterpart, you’ll be happy to know that many experts are praising the effect for its accuracy. User @injectorlina, who works as an aesthetic injector in Arlington, Virginia, claims the filter is “so spot on” because of the way it depicts volume loss and thinning skin.

Though we’ve been conditioned to fear the effects of aging, the process can actually be quite beautiful. And thanks to the new viral filter, now we can get to know our future selves before we become them.