#FoodTok's Latest Snack Hack Involves Ice Cream & Fruit Roll-Ups

Calling all '90s kids.

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When was the last time you had a Fruit Roll-Up? If you can’t remember, TikTok’s latest #FoodTok craze to go viral, Fruit Roll-Up ice cream bites, may have just given you a reason to add the nostalgic treat to your grocery list. Yup, it’s real, y’all, and the irresistibly sweet Fruit Roll-Up and ice cream trend is bringing out everyone’s inner child.

TikTok’s obsession with the innovative dessert combo all started when TikToker @golisdream posted a video about her favorite Saturday night snack on Feb. 25. She doesn’t give the snack a name, but she demonstrates that it can be made by unraveling a Fruit Roll-Up sheet, then plopping a scoop of Mango Breyer’s ice cream into the center of candy before rolling it up tightly, like you would a regular Fruit Roll-Up. Though she uses mango ice cream in the video, the creator explains that the easy treat works with any flavor.

After taking a bite, the TikToker calls the unique dessert “the best,” and “so satisfying.” Don’t expect the treat to have the same soft, chewy texture as a Fruit Roll-Up, though, because the ice cream actually hardens the beloved childhood candy into a crunchy bite in just a few seconds. “I just love the crunch,” says the creator.

Clearly, the video made its way onto the FYP of sweet toothed-millennials everywhere, because the original TikTok has over 1.4 million likes as of March 14. The OG video has also inspired many Fruit Roll-Up stans to try it out for themselves, and according to the reviews, you don’t have to be a 90s kid to enjoy the candy-wrapped ice cream goodie.

Creator @sydwingold tried the FoodTok craze with Häagen-Dazs Strawberry Fraise because, in her words, “you kind of have to do a fruity flavor.” The Toronto-based TikToker called the snack “bomb,” and it even earned the “happy dance” stamp of approval, too.

Food and lifestyle creator @sharidyonne also praised the creative recipe, this time making it with two scoops of ice cream instead of one. FYI, if you’re going to follow her recommendation, you should know it took the influencer two tries to get the amount just right (the Fruit Roll-Up broke on the first attempt). TikToker @juliagmonty explained in her review that the candy exterior “kind of freezes and gets crackly, but it’s also chewy in some places.”

Before the trend went viral, user @trinhdoesthings prepared the frozen bite in October 2021 by rolling it up into the shape of a mochi ball and storing it in the freezer. The creator called the Fruit Roll-Up mochi a “10 out of 10,” and encouraged her followers to try it.

Whether you want to try the hack out purely for the nostalgia factor, or you just love a good sweet snack, the Fruit Roll-Up and ice cream trend is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth — and send your tastebuds on a stroll down memory lane, too.

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