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TikTok Has A Theory About The Perfect Beverage Trifecta

Calling all beverage girlies.

To me, there are two types of people in the world: beverage people, and non-beverage people. Personally, I’m a non-beverage person. I don’t need anything fancy to keep me going throughout the day, as long as I have some water to sip on. If you’re not sure which side of the spectrum you fall on, answer this question: Do you always have no less than three drinks on you at all times? If you answered no, you’re just like me. If you answered yes, congrats — you’re a certified beverage person.

It’s no secret that TikTok is filled with unique niches and one-of-a-kind communities, but the platform’s network of people who have made enjoying multiple drinks at once their entire personality might take the cake. You might recall a sound going viral in 2021 that addressed the three drink theory, in which creator @sophiawpelton calls having an assortment of liquids the “height of luxury,” and proposes each drink should fall into one of three categories: fun, hydration, and energy.

“It could be water, matcha, Spindrift. It could even be water, vodka, Red Bull... in those moments, I just feel like I have it all,” the TikToker says. “I’m living large, and I am a little prince. It’s like, caffeinate, alleviate, hydrate.”

The sound has been featured in nearly 12,000 videos since October 2021. To this day, anytime someone is working from home with a similar setup, you can almost guarantee they will show off their drinks of choice with this audio. The viral moment even inspired user @thecenteredlife to turn the phenomenon into a song, in which the creator labels those who need “at least three drinks at a time” as “beverage goblins.” Beverage person, beverage goblin — same difference.

The song claims that beverage goblins rely on the army of drinks while they’re working for their “body and mind,” and to “make [their] brain run.”

Given most of these TikToks revolve around productivity and working, it seems like the rise of the three drinks theory may be a direct result of WFH culture. At least, that’s what users like @annikaizora, who prepares for work by gathering their “emotional support beverages” every morning, would lead you to assume. Whether or not that’s actually true remains to be seen, but it looks like the trend is here to stay either way.

The three drink lifestyle has become such an important part of users’ routines. People like @heyitscheyna and @no702ang have even invested in carriers to hold their trio of beverages wherever they go. The matriarch of @_thedennisfamily, on the other hand, chooses to carry her sips all by herself, even when she’s on the go.

The concept has even made its way into aesthetic morning routine videos, like this TikTok from @courtneyycahoon, where the creator prepares for the day with a matcha, a pre-workout energy drink, and a Stanley cup filled with ice water. Meanwhile, @elainamich’s Saturday routine involves water, tea, and a coffee from Starbucks.

Despite being a non-beverage person through and through, the trend did inspire me to add a coffee to the mix this morning and I gotta say, I’m starting to see the hype. Baby steps, I guess.