40 Types Of Eyesores Around Your Home That Can Be Fixed For Under $35

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No matter how well you maintain your space, it’s possible you’ve got an eyesore or two hanging around your home. And while you might be content letting some of them fly under the radar, others might really grind your gears. But there’s no need to fret — because oftentimes, even tricky, unsightly problems have quick and affordable solutions.

Are your dresser drawers constantly overflowing? You might try a hanging set of shelves that turns your closet into extra drawer space. Are you tired of looking at your bulky dish rack that takes up too much space? Maybe you could swap it out with a rolling dry rack that drains over your sink and folds away for easy storage after use. Is your wooden furniture showing tons of nicks and scratches? Instead of splurging on costly repairs, you might try an affordable pack of wooden-hued markers that conceal furniture nicks.

No matter which eyesores bother you the most, you’ll find a clever solution to neaten up your space on this list of highly reviewed products. And for extra peace of mind, they are all priced under $35, so you can banish the mess without breaking the bank.


Eyesore: Your Charging Cables Are A Tangled Mess

Solution: This Charging Station That Streamlines Cords

Power up multiple devices in a flash with this charging station. It’ll keep your space looking neater by charging up to seven devices with short USB cords in one streamlined dock. It’s both Apple- and Android-compatible and works with mini USB, USB-C, and micro USB charging connections.


Eyesore: Your Space Is Covered In Pet Hair

Solution: This De-Matting Comb That Can Help Reduce Shedding

This de-matting comb can work out tangles as well as mats (and even remove dirt). The comb’s teeth are rounded to help prevent scratches while removing excess hair that would otherwise be shed around the house. It even comes reinforced with a rubber nonslip handle to keep things steady — even with squirmy pets.


Eyesore: Your Lamp Power Cords Are Always In View

Solution: These Under-Cabinet Lights That Are Wire Free

You can banish unsightly cables but keep all the lighting you require with these under-cabinet, wire-free LED lights. Powered by three AA batteries, these lights can be installed easily with either the included adhesive or screws. The convenient remote lets you adjust the brightness or even set a timer, too.


Eyesore: Your Rug Is Constantly Bunching Up

Solution: This Rug Pad That Holds Rugs In Place

Keep your area rug from wrinkling and bunching with this nonslip rug pad. Made from thick and pillowy polyvinyl, the mat shouldn’t damage your floors but provides enough tension to keep your rug from moving. You can even easily trim the mat with scissors to fit uniquely shaped rugs.


Eyesore: Your House Is Full Of Tracked-In Dirt

Solution: This Coconut Coir Door Mat That Traps Debris While Looking Stylish

This natural door mat is a chic-looking way to keep dirt out of your entryway. Made from coir, which is derived from coconut fiber, it has thick bristles and a nonslip undercoating to keep it in place. The natural material also dries quickly without soaking up tons of water.

  • Available colors: 13


Eyesore: Books, Toys & More Are Spilling Out Of Their Cases

Solution: These Foldable Cubes That Keep Mess Packed Away

If you’ve got a mess that needs organizing, storage cubes are here to help. Designed to fit into many storage cube shelves, these bins are made from sturdy fabric and lie completely flat when not in use. Their convenient handles give them a drawer-like functionality, so accessing your items is quick and easy.

  • Available colors: 10


Eyesore: Your Clothes Are Constantly Falling Off Their Hangers

Solution: These Nonslip Hangers That Will Keep Your Closet In Order

If you open your closet to find half your garments on the floor instead of hanging up, these nonslip hangers will help keep them suspended with ease. They come in a pack of 20 and feature a velvet coating that provides gentle friction, even on slippery fabrics like satin. Each hanger comes with two strap notches as well.

  • Available colors: 8


Eyesore: Your Makeup Is Overflowing Out Of Your Vanity

Solution: This Product Organizer That Will Display Your Items In Style

Tidy up your bathroom or dresser with this vanity holder. It’s made of clear acrylic material and features eight compartments and slots of differing sizes. The varying height levels and see-through design make it a breeze to find your items when you need them. When it needs a cleaning, soap and water will do the trick.


Eyesore: Your Office Desk Is Untidy & Overflowing

Solution: This File Organizer That Sorts Papers & More

You can tame your office clutter with this desk file organizer. It’s made from metal wire and mesh — and it’s compact, standing just over 7 inches tall. The top tier features five standing slots for papers or folders, and there are two levels below it. On the side, you’ll find a caddy for pens, note pads, or any other items that need organizing.


Eyesore: You Can Never Find The Items You Need In Your Kitchen Drawers

Solution: This Silverware Drawer Organizer That Expands To Fit Your Needs

If you have silverware clutter, this drawer organizer can get it sorted. Made of durable bamboo, this drawer organizer has two expandable side compartments that can be closed or opened, giving you anywhere from seven to nine slots of varying sizes. It’s even water resistant, too.


Eyesore: Your Purses Are Packed Into Your Closet

Solution: This Accessory Organizer That Helps Keep Bags On Display

If you’re looking to store and protect your bags at the same time, this hanging purse organizer has you covered. The plastic organizer features four slots in front and four in the back. Simply slide in your items through the open side flaps, and they’ll be protected and clearly visible.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: Your Drawers Are Overstuffed

Solution: This Hanging Organizer That Adds Extra Drawers To Your Closet

This hanging shelf organizer adds five drawers to your closet, allowing you to organize more without extra space. It’s secured on your closet rod with two stainless steel hooks, and it even features six mesh compartments on the sides for extra storage. You can use it in the linen closet to store extra towels, too.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: Your Entryway Is Full Of Clutter

Solution: This Low-Profile Coat Rack Tree That’ll Organize Your Belongings

Get your entryway or mudroom organized with this slim wooden coat rack stand. It features an organic, tree-like shape and comes with six pegs for hanging items. For extra convenience, there are no tools required for assembly: all the parts simply snap into place with ease.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: Your Kitchen Utensils Aren’t Well Organized

Solution: This Utensil Holder That Properly Aligns Your Items

This utensil holder sets itself apart from others because it features three internal compartments which help keep your items from getting tangled or collapsing inward. It’s made from stainless steel and even has a rotating bottom that turns 360 degrees like a lazy Susan. The base is made of foam, so it shouldn’t slip on countertops.

  • Available colors: 6


Eyesore: There Are Tiny Nicks Or Holes In Your Walls

Solution: This 3-In-One Gadget That Repairs Holes In A Flash

If your walls are covered in nail holes, this 3M hole repair system can fill them in faster than traditional methods. First, you dispense the primer and spackle from the tube. Then you use the flat end on the back to smooth it over. Finally, you use the textured cap to sand everything down. Your walls will be hole-free and ready to paint.


Eyesore: Your Clunky, Unsightly Dish Rack Takes Up Too Much Space

Solution: This Roll-Up Dish Rack That Fits Over Your Sink

If you don’t have room for a large, free-standing dish rack, this roll-up drying rack can save you space. Made from stainless steel and food-grade silicone, the rack unrolls and fits over your sink so dishes can dry over the drain. It even has a slot and basket for silverware. Simply roll it back up when you’re done.


Eyesore: You Keep A Visible Mess Under Your Bed

Solution: A Tailored Bed Skirt

It’s not uncommon to use the space underneath your bed for some extra storage. However, if you’re going to do that, make sure your bed is outfitted with a bed skirt to conceal whatever it is you keeping under there. These microfiber bed skirts are tailored, wrinkle-resistant, and come in 12 solid-colored options. Nonetheless, a fitted bed skirt will give your bedroom a more complete look.


Eyesore: You Can’t Get Your Wall Hangings Straight

Solution: This Ultra-Accurate Level Tool That Fixes Tilting Picture Frames & More

If you struggle to hang your photos straight, this Craftsman leveling tool can help. It’s made of lightweight aluminum and features three fluid-filled vials for measuring. When the air bubble is in the middle of the parallel lines, you’ll know your surface is level and straight. The rubber caps on the ends will prevent scratches, too.


Eyesore: Your Shoes Are Sitting In Messy Piles All Around The House

Solution: This 3-Tiered Rack That Stores A Dozen Pairs At Once

This three-tiered shoe rack — with space underneath for additional storage — can organize your shoes in a flash. It can store anywhere from 12 to 20 pairs of shoes and support up to 90 pounds of weight (30 pounds per shelf). The polyester shelves can be easily cleaned in the washing machine, too.

  • Available colors: 2


Eyesore: Your Surge Protectors Are A Wiry Mess

Solution: This Cable Management Box That Covers Cords With Ease

This cable management box can neatly conceal several cords at once. Its lid separates from the base and can store an 11-inch surge protector and six cords. It has three different entry points for cords to flow through while it covers the look of messy cords and prevents tangles.

  • Available colors: 2


Eyesore: Your Pots & Pans Are Spilling Out Of Your Cabinets

Solution: This Pan Rack That Protects & Stores Your Items

This heavy-duty pan rack secures up to five pans in place while freeing up more space in your cabinets. The durable steel construction can support up to 39 pounds of cookware, while the shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage. It even protects your items by preventing scratches that can occur when they’re stacked without the support of the rack.


Eyesore: Your Remotes Are Scattered All Across Your Space

Solution: This Device Organizer That Puts Them At Your Fingertips

If you want to round up all your remotes and store them safely in one place, this remote control organizer is for you. Made from supple faux leather, it features five different compartments all at varying heights, which makes it easy to spot and grab exactly which device you need when you need it. It can also be used to store makeup products.

  • Available colors: 13


Eyesore: Your Table Is Covered In Clutter

Solution: This Multi-Functional Tray That Puts Random Items On Display

This elegant serving tray could have several uses in your home. Made from faux leather and stainless steel, it can be decoratively staged with plants, used to serve a meal, or even for the organization of makeup and perfume atop a dresser. The polished gold handles offer a chic touch, too.


Eyesore: Your Extra Grocery Bags Are Taking Over Your Junk Drawer

Solution: This Streamlined Bag Dispenser That Neatly Stores Them All

This wall-mounted grocery bag dispenser can hold up to 30 grocery bags at a time, ensuring you always have a spare when you need it. Just stuff them through the opening at the top, and pull them through the slot in front to dispense. It’s easily installed via adhesive or the included screws.


Eyesore: You Can’t Find What You’re Looking For In Your Over-Full Kitchen Cabinets

Solution: These Clear Containers That Make Everything Easily Identifiable

These cereal storage containers are an easy way to tidy up messy cabinets while also keeping food fresher for longer. They’re made from BPA-free plastic and feature an airtight seal to prevent cereals from going stale. Plus, they come with labels and markers, so you’ll know exactly which item is which.


Eyesore: You’ve Got Toothpaste Residue All Over Your Bathroom

Solution: This Toothpaste Dispenser That’ll Help Clean Up Your Act

This toothbrush holder and dispenser that stores up to five brushes will have your bathroom organized in a flash. Simply load up two tubes of toothpaste into the units and apply pressure with your toothbrush to dispense. It also holds cups for mouthwash, and it’s installed quickly via adhesive.

  • Available colors: 3


Eyesore: Your Worn Clothes Are Piling Up On The Floor

Solution: This Hanging Laundry Bag That Keeps Mess Out Of Sight

Made from a woven Oxford fabric, this hanging laundry bag has a wide mouth for depositing worn clothes along with a convenient zip closure at the bottom to empty it all into the washer. It comes with two sets of hangers: a suction cup hook, and an over-the-door metal hook. Plus, it’s machine washable.


Eyesore: Your Shower Is Full Of Half-Empty Shampoo Bottle Clutter

Solution: These Shower Dispensers That Show You Just How Much Product Is Left

Rid your bathroom of unnecessary product bottles with these shower dispensers. Each of the two included units holds about 12 ounces. Simply load your soap, shampoo, or conditioner through the top and press the button at the bottom to dispense. It’s installed with anchors and waterproof adhesive mountings.


Eyesore: Your Soap Takes Up Too Much Space On Your Countertops

Solution: This Touch-Free Soap Dispenser That Lives On Your Wall Instead

Too many bottles at your bathroom sink can easily be an eyesore, but this wall-mounted electric soap dispenser can change that. This dispenser holds 17 ounces of soap and has an infra-red sensor activated for touch-free application. You can even program it to control exactly how much soap you want to be dispensed.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: Your Walls Are Covered In Scuffs From Door Handles

Solution: These Door Stoppers That Help Protect Them From Slams & Damage

These silicone stopper pads are here to help protect your walls. If a door is opened too quickly, the handle can bang against the surface behind it and potentially cause damage. Simply peel off the backing and stick each of these pads wherever you need them. They’re over 3 inches wide, providing a large surface area of protection.


Eyesore: Your Furniture Is Tearing Up Your Floors

Solution: These Felt Pads That Let Your Tables & Chairs Glide With Ease

Attach these felt furniture pads to the bottoms of table and chair legs, and you’ll be able to move them across flooring easily without leaving scuffs. Each pack comes in a range of sizes and shapes to fit varying furniture items. With five colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a set that matches your decor.

  • Available colors: 5


Eyesore: There Are Smudges All Over Your Appliance Handles

Solution: These Handle Covers That Help Protect Them From Grease & More

These door handle covers can reduce the amount of time you spend wiping fingerprints and stains off your appliances. They wrap easily around refrigerator, oven, or microwave handles and secure into place with Velcro. When they’re dirty, simply toss them in the washing machine to clean.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: Your Mismatched Bedding Needs An Upgrade

Solution: This Set Of Matching Microfiber Sheets That Are Made To Last

Swap out your current bedding for this queen-size set of matching sheets. Made from durable brushed microfiber, these sheets shouldn’t tear or fade their color in the wash. Each set includes two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet with a generous 16 inches of depth.

  • Available colors: 42


Eyesore: Your Wooden Furniture Is Covered In Scratches

Solution: These Markers That Make Repairs Affordable

If your wooden furniture items are showing signs of wear and tear, these furniture repair markers can cover up scratches with ease. This kit comes with six different markers in varying wooden shades and six waxy crayons. Lightly cover the scratch with a matching marker, let it dry, and the discoloration will be concealed.


Eyesore: Your Spice Cabinet Is Disorganized

Solution: These Customizable Shelves That Can Straighten Out The Mess

These customizable kitchen shelves can help tame a messy spice cabinet and more. They’re made from durable mesh steel and can easily be stacked or layered beneath each other to fit your kitchen space. They’ve also earned an impressive 4.6-star rating after over 13,000 reviewers have weighed in.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: Your Mail Ends Up In Unruly Piles All Around Your House

Solution: This Wall-Mounted Mail Organizer That Keeps Things Tidy

Get your entryway clutter under control with this mail organizer. It mounts to your wall with the included nails and features a rustic-looking wooden finish. It features two folder slots for mail and other papers, plus three metal hooks on the bottom to store keys, hats, coats, and more.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: Your Shower Liner Is Mildewy

Solution: This Ultra-Secure Shower Liner That’s Resistant To Mildew

This vinyl shower curtain liner can help protect your shower curtain and your floors from mid-shower leaks. It’s mildew-resistant and even features weighted magnets at the hem to keep it secure and ensure water stays in your shower. It attaches to your shower rod via 12 rustproof grommets and provides 6 feet of coverage.


Eyesore: Your Unsightly Toilet Plunger Is On Display

Solution: This Plunger & Caddy Set That Conceals It

Plungers are a necessary tool, but that doesn’t mean you want to stare at them all day — and with this plunger and caddy set, you won’t have to. The caddy snaps open to both conceal your plunger as well as catch any water that may drip off after use. The canister even has ventilation slots to dry things out even faster.

  • Available colors: 2


Eyesore: Your Old Grout Looks Faded

Solution: This Grout Marker That Can Brighten Without Bleach

If your grout is looking worn down despite your efforts to clean it, this grout paint pen can brighten it up. Simply uncap the marker and trace your grout. Each pen holds enough paint to cover 150 feet of grout, and they come in both narrow- and wide-tip options. The formula is non-toxic, too.


Eyesore: Your Plug Is In The Way Of Furniture

Solution: This Slim Outlet Cover That Sits Flat Against The Wall

This ultra-thin electrical outlet cover is attached to a three-outlet surge protector, giving you extra power while hiding the cords. The cable cover hides any exposed wires, while the surge protector and its attached extension cord can be tucked conveniently behind an appliance. It comes in both 8- and 6-foot options.

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