21 Things To Put On Your Wedding Registry That You’ll Actually Use

“We see couples registering for everything from fire pits, to kayaks and watering cans, to pet beds and dog-walker services.”

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Creating the perfect wedding registry doesn’t have to be difficult. There’s the standard ask for a KitchenAid Mixer and Tiffany crystalware, but there are tons of useful items that newlyweds should be asking for that they often forget to include on their registries.

According to Emily Forrest, the director of communications at Zola, no two wedding registries are alike, since each is a personal reflection of the couple themselves. “From our First Look Report, we know that 2022 couples are getting super-specific with their weddings and their registries, and making sure their personalities, interests, and hobbies shine through,” she tells Bustle. “There is only one rule to live by, and that’s for couples to add the items that they actually want and will use, no matter how ordinary or out of the ordinary. Beyond that, practically nothing should be considered off-limits.”

While home items are often at the top of people’s registry lists, Forrest emphasizes the importance of couples not limiting their registry — she wishes she’d added a vacuum cleaner to her own registry, for example. “Today we see couples registering for everything from fire pits, to kayaks and watering cans, to pet beds and dog-walker services.”

Whether you’re putting together your own wedding registry or hunting for a unique wedding gift for your friend, here are unique and practical products on the market.

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Home Wedding Gifts

This top-rated countertop nugget ice maker — which shoppers say makes ice similar to that served at Sonic — is a great option for newlyweds who appreciate a cool drink any time of day.

Top Review: “You know that meme that goes around social media every couple of months. The one of a bag of ice from Sonic that says ‘Somewhere there’s a woman who will kill this entire bag in a day.’ That's me. I'm that woman,” one reviewer wrote. “This thing has literally changed my life…The ice it produces is A-MAZ-ING. Perfectly soft (do not put [it] in the fridge or freezer or it does get too hard for chewing but great for drinks)...I could not possibly give this thing higher marks. It has made me ridiculously happy.”

Want your guests to help you fill your home gym? This sturdy stationary bike is a great place to start. It has over 12,000 five-star reviews and is super easy to assemble, so you won’t argue over how to put it together. Consider that marital bliss.

Top Review: “First of all, the quality of this bike is good for the price. It’s very sturdy and easy to assemble…This bike features many customizable settings. It is decked out with a 35 lbs flywheel, LCD monitor, water bottle holder, and emergency brake lever. This bike is good for people like me [who are] too lazy to go to the gym. Saving money and getting results from the comfort of your own home with your fittable time,” a review wrote.

Help preserve your sanity — and keep a clean home — with a robot vacuum. Not only does this version of the iRobot empty itself, but it can also map every inch of your home and it’s compatible with Alexa devices for easy cleaning. It’s so highly rated, shoppers call it a “game-changer.”

Top Review: “I had a first-generation Roomba and all I can say is that they have come a very long way. First, in comparison to my $1000 Dyson V10 cordless vac: the Roomba is undoubtedly better at cleaning our hardwood floors,” one reviewer wrote. “We have lived in our house for one year and I would routinely vacuum with the Dyson on a daily basis. Despite all my efforts our floors never came close to looking as clean as they do after running the i3+ just one time. There is no comparison. Not even close.”

If a clean home is a happy home to you, look no further than this air purifier. Producing clean air in minutes, the Levoit Air Purifier will help eliminate secondary pollution in the air and help ease allergy symptoms. It’s especially great if you have fur babies at home.

Top Review: “I originally purchased one of these units for our bedroom to keep the dog dander, seasonal allergens, and any lurking dust at bay. It does a fantastic job,” one reviewer wrote. “There are three fan speeds, a sleep mode, and you can turn the lights on it off. I don't mind the sound of the fan as it's not too loud for my ears. I love it so much that I bought a second for our living room and added a third to our baby registry! I also found it helpful when our kitchen was being done and any escaping construction dust was captured.”

Protect your new home from unexpected damage while anchoring your new flat screen or hanging wall art with this customer-loved stud finder.

Top Review: “This thing has a magnet strong enough that I can practically toss it at a wall and expect it to stick on a stud (don't do that, you'll damage your walls!). It's sturdy enough to not worry about breaking it, and since you're using it to find nails instead of wood, you can be pretty sure that you're finding the centerline of the stud, so no need to make marks on either side,” one reviewer wrote.

A tool kit is one gift that isn’t super romantic, but it’s one that many newlyweds will probably need. From putting together furniture in your new home to fixing things when they randomly break, this toolkit will hopefully save you a whole lot of money on repairs that you can do yourself.

Top Review: “This is my son's first repair kit to help around the house. It contains all of the basic pieces for an investment in my sanity when I need another pair of hands for basic home maintenance tasks. The joy of delegation,” one reviewer wrote.

Another home gift that isn’t very sexy, but can be super helpful for newlyweds is a ladder. This telescoping ladder is portable and compact, great for apartment dwellers and those who don’t want a bulky 12-foot hunk of metal taking up space in their garage.

Top Review: “Got this for trimming high bushes and trees around my house. It works like a charm. First, it's very light and easy to cart around the yard,” one reviewer wrote. “Second, it's sturdy and strong. I can lean it against the house or a tree and climb to the top without feeling like the ladder is about to collapse. No shaking at all when I climb. Easy to open and close. Very of my favorite purchases.”

Useful Wedding Gifts

Nothing says “just married” quite like a set of matching suitcases. This best-selling brand features a TSA-approved lock, an impact-resistant hard shell, and comes in 17 colors, so honeymooners can travel the world without the fear of their luggage getting damaged (or looking unstylish!).

Top Review: “This luggage is awesome. We went to Hawaii for 10 days [and it] held all of our items plus a few extras on the trip home. The suitcases are lightweight and roll with ease. I loved the zippered section, nothing fell out. The wheels roll well, especially in the busy airport. [The] outsides are very durable. You can pull the handle up and set your backpack or extra bags on top [and] nothing falls off. This is the best luggage I have owned so far,” one reviewer wrote.

Post2020, having devices that clean your daily-use electronics is a must. That’s why this PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer is a good “weird” gift to put on your registry. The best part? It kills germs in just five minutes.

Top Review: “This product came in handy at just the right time. I was initially looking for something to clean my phone, but I never thought it could also clean other things like my eyeglasses, credit cards, driver's license, lanyard (with metal clip), rings, car fob, pill box, pen, and more. As long as the lid closes, the device turns on and it cleans…I wish I knew about this sooner. I use it every day,” one reviewer wrote.

Start the new stage of your relationship off on the right foot by keeping all of your important documents organized for years to come. It’ll save you a headache in the future — plus, you can store it in the safe below.

Top Review: “After plunging into the process of ‘doing something’ with 10+ years of files and paperwork that had been accumulating in various storage boxes and folders,” one reviewer wrote. “I spent two weeks shredding, recycling, sorting, and categorizing by file types before finally capturing all of my important health, financial, and tax, paperwork into these folios. They are sturdy, smart, convenient, and look impressive on a shelf. Having everything gathered into an adaptable and easily portable system (that also doesn't create a cluttered look with plastic expanding file folders), has been a game-changer! These are *pricey* compared to conventional methods, but I've felt that they are worth the cost for longevity, aesthetics, space-saving, and usefulness. I highly, highly recommend all of Savors products.”

Safety and peace of mind is a gift in and of itself. Protect all your valuables and personal documents with a customer-loved safe that has over 38,000 five-star reviews.

Top Review: “Update. I lost my house this past week to a fire. It was a total loss. Somehow this safe made it with 4 handguns in it as well as ammo and various paperwork. It still managed to open USING KEYPAD when the firefighters brought it out!!!! I can't recommend this safe enough now,” one reviewer wrote.

Perfect for attaching to the collar of beloved pets or slipping into your wallet for day-to-day use, these Apple AirTags will make sure you never lose something again. And over 17,000 people agree they’re worth the price, especially on family vacations abroad.

Top Review: “My wife and I are always losing our keys, or I misplace my wallet..Now when I can’t find my keys or wallet I open the find my phone app and find my stuff. I’ve had to use this a few times to find my keys or wallet. Just the other day I went to the store and forgot my wallet at home. I popped out my phone and saw it on the map at my house. So I came back home and followed the little arrow. When I got within a couple of feet I made it play the noise and it was right there under the blankets. Off I went back to the store without pulling out my hair rushing around worried if I needed to cancel my cards (again) or if I would find my wallet in a couple of hours. If you constantly lose stuff this is for you,” one reviewer wrote.

Sometimes all you need as a newlywed is some peace and quiet. Whether your partner is a loud gamer or you just want to zone in on your latest novel without any distractions, these noise-canceling headphones are a useful wedding gift.

Top Review: “Can’t hear my husband anymore! Didn't even hear him yelling for help when he flooded the kitchen! Absolutely adore these headphones! My life has never been so peaceful. Sound quality is great, they work fantastically on calls, [and] the battery is wonderful. Can't fault them,” one reviewer wrote.

Unique Wedding Gifts

This WiFi-enabled digital picture frame will allow you to enjoy all of your gorgeous wedding photos on rotation. It’s an unexpected gift and one that will make you smile every time you look at it.

Top Review: “I ordered this product as a gift for my mom. She had seen it at her friend’s house and has been dying to get it. I have to say, Skylight did not disappoint! She LOVES IT,” one reviewer wrote. “It was super easy to set up and send photos to. My mom placed it in her living room and I send her photos of the kids all the time! The photos immediately pop up on her frame and she’s able to let me know that she likes the photos by tapping the heart.”

This ultra-cute anniversary journal will help you and your partner document all your sweet anniversary dates so you can relive them in the future, down to every minuscule detail. Well…maybe not every single one.

Top Review: “I looked at several anniversary-type journals before choosing this one. I chose this one because the binding/cover looked professional, and it wasn't too big or too small. I also wanted a journal that provided a variety of prompts for each year but not TOO many. This journal turned out to be exactly what I wanted, and my husband and I had a great time filling out our first anniversary. What I wasn't expecting was all of the intro pages for filling out how we met, how we got engaged, our wedding story, etc. It's nice to have those included too, to really round out the story of us,” a reviewer wrote.

Sometimes we take wedding registries a bit too seriously. Lighten up the list and enjoy your time together with this award-winning strategy card game about birds. It can be used for dates or game nights with friends.

Top Review: “This is a game that manages at once reasonably complex for the experienced player, yet nonthreatening and learn-able for less experienced gamers. And everyone seems to enjoy playing it. It has rapidly become the favorite of several groups I participate in, in a way that no other game has yet done,” one reviewer wrote.

Liven up date night with a book with fun prompts and activities. Snap a few pics, mark your “challenge” completed, and when you’re done, you’ll have a scrapbook full of memories to look back on.

Top Review: “My partner and I have been going through these adventures and so far love them! After we are done this will be a better version of a photo album. Great idea! Super romantic,” one reviewer wrote.

Keep all of your wedding mementos safe in a hand-crafted, acid-free organizer. Customers say this particular box is a great way to make sure all your memories remain safe and organized for generations.

Top Review: “This is a wonderful product! I bought it for my daughter and son-in-law since they had many momentos from their wedding that they wanted to save. The outside is elegant and understated and the contents have stored everything so nicely. It is worth every penny and I can definitely see us buying it again for my son or for someone as a wedding gift,” one reviewer wrote.

Delivered every month, this premium snack box — filled with 20-25 unique food items from Japan—will make your first year together even more special.

Top Review: “I think this product is amazing,” one reviewer wrote. “It is good quality and worth the money. The snacks are always diverse with their own flavor and it’s always a surprise. It’s also great because it’s not the same thing every time. It comes with something different every time to spice things up and the snacks always have great flavor.”

Consider a sweet and affordable frame that will allow you to preserve mementos from your wedding or display all the movies, concerts, and trips you take throughout your lifetime. Really, the possibilities are endless for what you can include.

Top Review: “I used this item as a shadow box for my wedding invitation and dried bouquet flowers. It was perfect, and I’ve gotten many compliments,” one reviewer wrote.

Asking for a Dyson Airwrap might seem like a stretch, but you have to have nice hair for all your future date nights as newlyweds, right? Right. Go on, add this one to your list since it has intelligent heat control (no more burned strands!) and four barrels for the perfect soft curls every time.

Top Review: “The best thing that can happen to your hair. It does cost a lot but think of it as an investment because you will save so many trips to the hairdresser. I love it and I highly recommend it,” one reviewer wrote.