These Apps Will Make It Easy To Prove That You’re Vaccinated

Never worry about misplacing your vaccine card again.

4 Vaccine Passport Apps That Prove Your COVID Vaccination Status
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In early August, New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the NYC will require proof of vaccination, starting on August 16, for entrance to numerous activities, including indoor dining, entertainment, and gyms. Though this may be the first city to do so, if all goes according to plan, and numbers of active COVID cases drop, it’s predicted that other cities will follow suit. Meaning, similar mandates may be coming to a place near you. However, this may not be the only case — there are other situations that having proof of vaccination may be required. For example, if you visit any private property with its own set of rules, or you’re traveling international. That’s why it would be extremely helpful to have something that takes the hard work out. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, the “vaccine passport,” a simple and digital way to store all of your vaccine information. Because chances are that you’re probably going to need one of these vaccine passport apps to guarantee your admission sometime in the near future.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have managed to misplace your vaccination card, too many times to count, in the past few months. But you know what’s something I never have out of my sight? My phone. So, obviously, I need a way to show proof, because frankly, if I lose my card for good, I’ll be screwed. Thank goodness for the incredibly smart and talented app developers for creating something we all will need: vaccination passport apps.

So, what exactly is a vaccination passport app, and how do you use one? Think of it, as the name suggests, like a passport — the app will show a verified proof of vaccination upon entrance to public places that require you do so. Although the United States is not implementing a federal mandate to have such apps, they can be helpful when you, say, find yourself in New York City.

To make your job a little easier, I’ve compiled the best vaccine passport apps that will provide an easy, secure, and contactless way to get into your favorite public places.


Although CLEAR was designed for users to “move faster, safer, and easier through airports, stadiums, offices, and beyond,” it just recently launched a new feature called “Health Pass.” In the app, users can add their digital vaccination cards when they’re required to show proof. For $179 annually, you can get a subscription to CLEAR and all the benefits that come along with it, such as being able to bypass long airport lines. However, CLEAR's Health Pass and digital vaccine card feature are completely free to the user and don't require a CLEAR Plus subscription.


The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum created CommonPass specifically for travelers to ensure they meet the COVID eligibility requirements of individual countries’ amidst traveling. Users can upload their test results and vaccination records, and the app compares the information to their destination’s entry requirements. The best part about this app? It’s totally free! Most health service applications of this magnitude typically come with a hefty price tag, so it’s a pretty sweet deal.


Although VeriFLY does not currently support vaccination records, it has been a crucial app adopted by many airlines recently. The app was created for passengers to pull up their negative COVID test results in order to ensure admission on their respective flight. VeriFLY is currently free and both American Airlines and British Airways have recognized the app as a key component in combatting the spread of COVID amidst air travel.

United Airlines

This pass is specific to United Airlines due to the fact that certain flights have certain requirements. (Think: international.) In order to use this free application, passengers can upload their negative COVID test results after downloading the United app — or vaccination information — in order to ensure that they’re eligible to fly with the specific requirements based on their specific flights through United.

Although these are some of the only applications currently on the market, they are on the rise. Many vaccine passports are currently in development and are expected to roll out soon, so keep an eye out for one that will best suit your needs, wherever you are.