This Wine Company Has Answered My Prayers For Delicious Single Servings Of Wine

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My devotion to wine runs deep. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, which I literally can’t stomach, I’ll drink any wine you put in front of me. I’m proudly That Girl who orders whatever house wine they’ve got, of the most dubious provenance, at the absolute worst dive bar you’ve ever seen/smelled. But a big drinker I am not. Two glasses is my sweet spot; three is pushing it; four, and the next week of my life is ruined.

That makes enjoying wine at home a little bit of a struggle. After those one or two glasses, I’ll cork the rest of the bottle, leave it in my fridge or on my countertop in the naive hope that I’ll finish it at some point over the next few days, then inevitably admit defeat and pour it down the drain (and a few extra bucks with it). So when I heard about Wander + Ivy, a direct-to-consumer company that sells premium wines in single servings, I felt like my very specific prayers had been answered.

What Makes Wander + Ivy Special?

Wander + Ivy founder and CEO Dana Spaulding envied her husband’s ability to enjoy a single glass of whiskey — his beverage of choice — while she, a wine drinker, was often faced with the impossible decision of either polishing off the bottle herself (usually not the best idea) or dumping it. A certified level 2 sommelier, Spaulding also knows a thing or two about good wine, and no single-serve wine options she found lived up to her quality standards.

Thus Wander + Ivy was born. Sourced from prestigious family-owned vineyards around the world, the brand’s wines are sold in convenient and elegant 6.3-ounce glass bottles, which clocks in at about a quarter of a standard bottle of wine (or a generous single glass). All of the brand’s wines are made with sustainably grown, CCOF-certified organic, pesticide-free grapes and contain no added sugar. As an added distinction, Wander + Ivy donates 1% of their earnings to charitable organizations dedicated to feeding those in need.

What Types Of Wine Does Wander + Ivy Offer?

Wander + Ivy offers five types of wine: a California chardonnay; a French rosé; a Spanish red wine blend; a California cabernet sauvignon; and an Italian white wine. You can try a box of eight, 16, or 24 bottles of either the single varietal of your choice, or of mixed varietals.

As a first-time Wander + Ivy customer, I’d highly recommend opting for the mixed varietals, like I did. That way, you can sample each wine at leisure, play around with food pairings, and land on the wines you like best.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll appreciate the luxurious glass bottles, each complete with an airtight plastic cap to retain the wine’s freshness and a drip-resistant spout for a smooth, clean pour.

Limited Edition Rosé

My personal favorite Wander + Ivy wine, the rosé hails from a female-helmed vineyard in Languedoc, France — one of the most sought-after wine regions in the world — which has been family-run for over 14 generations. The ideal warm-weather drink, it’s fruity and floral, fresh and bright, and best served ice-cold and al fresco. I enjoyed my glass alongside a bowl of vegan vanilla ice cream on a warm spring evening, and couldn’t possibly have been happier.

Limited Edition Chardonnay

The chardonnay is sourced from a women-owned vineyard in Mendocino County, California. The grape’s signature nutty, buttery palate is balanced with tart pear and apricot and sweet vanilla. This pairs well with lighter proteins, like fish and chicken; creamy pasta dishes; and hearty salads with lots of grilled veggies.

Limited Edition Red Wine Blend

Comprising a blend of 55% bobal and 45% merlot, the red wine blend is sourced from an award-winning, father-and-son-owned vineyard in Valencia, Spain. It’s medium-bodied but drinkable, with a smooth, complex palate of chocolate, nuts, fruit, and spice. This does-it-all wine can handle almost any food pairing you throw at it — pizza, poultry, red meat, cooked vegetable dishes, cheese boards, you name it — but I particularly enjoyed it with penne with tomato and basil sauce, followed by dark chocolate for dessert.

Limited Edition White Wine

Another of my favorites, Wander + Ivy’s white wine is what I’ve been reaching for when I just need a good glass of wine, stat. Light, drinkable, with a nice balance between sweetness and minerality, this pinot bianco features notes of nuts, honey, and tea that would pair beautifully with salads and fruit desserts. It’s sourced from a third-generation family vineyard in Italy’s Venetian region.

Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon

If you like a wine with some chew to it, you’ll love the rich, full-bodied cabernet sauvignon, grown on one of Napa Valley’s largest organic vineyards. It’s not quite as heavy as other cabs I’ve loved, but with its velvety consistency and notes of dark fruit and wood, it’s satisfying enough to enjoy solo. That said, it’s plenty robust enough to hold its own against heavier dishes, like meat and funky cheeses.

Even if you’re not personally in the market for Wander + Ivy’s single-serve wines, a box would make the loveliest gift for almost any occasion, whether it’s a house-warming party, a birthday, an engagement, or Mother’s or Father’s Day. As for me, I’ll be sipping my rosé, guilt-free, all summer long — and keep a few vials in my fridge for any friends who decide to pop by.

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