42 Ways To Create Storage Space Seemingly Out Of Thin Air

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Organizing your home can be tricky if you don’t have a ton of storage space. I usually throw stuff away if I don’t have anywhere to put it, but that isn’t always an option with more expensive items — and getting rid of my extensive makeup collection simply is not an option. Luckily for both of us, there are tons of clever ways to create storage space seemingly out of thin air.

And I’m not just talking about floating shelves (though they’re definitely a sleek way to dress up a wall while adding storage). From sliding drawers to hidden spice racks, Amazon has no shortage of genius products that can help make the most out of your cramped home. But if I had to pick just one storage-boosting item off this list, it would have to be the pull-out spice rack. Frankly, it just looks good — and it takes up virtually zero space since it easily mounts underneath cabinets and shelves.

Whether your home is cramped or if you’re running out of room, there are tons of easy ways to maximize your storage space all without having to make any complicated renovations. Keep scrolling for some of my favorite, most affordable options.


This Adjustable Shelf That Adds Storage To Cabinets

Whether you put this shelf in your cabinets or out on your counters is up to you — but either way, it’s great for adding storage space. It also features a lazy Susan turntable on top, and the height is adjustable up to four levels.


These Organizers That Add Storage To Doors

Need a little extra space in your closet or pantry? Try hanging these organizers up. The hooks on the top are designed to hang over any standard-sized door, while the clear pockets make it easy to see what’s inside — all without having to unpack anything.


A Rolling Cart That Fits Into Tight Spaces

Next to your toilet, between your washer and dryer — this rolling cart is slim enough to fit into a variety of tight spaces. It’s made from a tough combination of stainless steel and plastic, while the easy-glide wheels smoothly move from room to room. Plus, the shelves are even adjustable.


The Basket That Slides Onto Shelves

You don’t need more shelves to create extra storage space — you just need these wire baskets. They slide onto shelves so that there’s storage space above and below. Plus, you even have the choice of two finishes: bronze or white.


An Over-The-Cabinet Basket Made From Steel

Not only is this basket made from tough steel, but the hooks on the top also let you hang it over nearly any cabinet door. The hooks are also padded in order to help prevent scratches — and one reviewer even wrote that “adding this on the inside of my bathroom vanity cabinet gained me lots of space for various products and brushes.”


This Organizer That Adds Shelves To Your Closet

Don’t have enough shelf space in your closet? Just hang this organizer up. It features three shelves that can store everything from extra linens to mismatched socks. And once you’re done using it, you can easily fold it down flat for easy storage.


A Spice Rack That’s Easy To Install

With its powerful magnetic backing that can support over 3 pounds, this spice rack is almost too easy to install — just stick it on your fridge and you’re ready to go. It’s wide enough to hold larger bottles or jars, while the protective rim keeps everything from falling off.


The Shelves That Are Made From Chic Bamboo

Looking for a set of shelves that are as fashionable as they are functional? Search no further than this one. It’s made from classy bamboo that complements any decor style — and unlike some shelves, it’s also incredibly versatile. Use it for spices, books, and everything in-between.


A Rope Basket You Can Fill With Basically Anything

I use a giant rope basket similar to this one for all my underwear and sports bras — though it would work just as nicely with linens, toys, or nearly anything else in my home. The handles on either side make it easy to transport from room to room, and the rope is even made from soft cotton.


This Towel Hook That Fits Over Doors

Don’t feel like drilling into your walls? You can still have a nice towel rack in your bathroom — just pop these hooks over your door. Each order comes with three, and you can even separate them for use throughout your home if you like.


An Organizer That Can Hold Up To 10 Utensils

Add this organizer somewhere near your stove, and you’ll always have all your stirrers, ladles, spatulas, and more within arm’s reach. Each order comes with 10 hooks for up to 10 utensils — or, you can also use it to hang up coffee mugs.


The Tension Shelf That Expands To Fit Spaces

Simply adjust this tension shelf to fit in your desired space, and you’ll instantly have extra room for all sorts of items. It’s made from heavy-duty stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, while the non-slip pads at the ends help keep it from shifting out of place.


A Mounted Container That’s Perfect For Wrap Boxes

Don’t let those bulky wrap boxes clutter up your drawers — slip them into this container instead. Each order comes with sticky adhesive that makes it easy to mount inside cabinet doors, while the clear plastic is so tough that it’s even resistant to shattering.


This Spice Rack That Mounts Underneath Shelves

If you’re running low on counter space, this spice rack takes up virtually none whatsoever. Not only does it mount underneath your shelves using double-sided adhesive (included), but the pull-out design makes it easy to see all your spices without having to shuffle anything around.


A Pair Of Stackable Bins You Can Place Anywhere

Whether your kitchen or bathroom needs some extra storage, these bins can definitely help. The open front makes it easy to reach whatever is inside, and you can even stack them on top of each other to help save space. Choose from two colors: clear or white.


The Bin That Adds Space To Your Fridge

Need another pull-out drawer in your fridge? This one installs without any tools required — and it’s even large enough to hold up to 20 eggs. Plus, the clear walls allow you to see what’s inside so that you’re not left digging around your fridge for that one ingredient.


An Organizer For All Your Snacks Or Skin Care Products

Got a cabinet or drawer that’s overflowing with snacks (or skin care products)? Grab this organizer to help clean things up. The dividers are adjustable, allowing you to store nearly any type of snack bag or product — and the sloped design makes it easier to see what items are in the back.


These Lid Holders That Mount Inside Of Cabinets

It’s easy to stack your pans inside of each other, whereas lids can be a bit trickier — so grab these holders. They mount inside of cabinets using sticky adhesive, giving you an out-of-the-way spot to keep your lids. “My saucepans covers are now neatly stored on the inside wall of my cabinet,” wrote one reviewer. “My covers fit perfectly.”


A Rod That Adds More Space To Your Closet

Need a little extra space on your closet rod? Just hang this second one up. It’s made from durable steel with a sleek chrome finish. Plus, the height and width are both adjustable, allowing you to customize it to fit nearly any size closet.


The Floating Shelves With A Rustic Vibe

Putting up these floating shelves is an easy way to increase storage space and create an interesting accent wall in your home. Each one is made from solid Paulownia wood, with rustic metal brackets for a farmhouse touch. And unlike some shelves, these ones can easily support up to 40 pounds.


A Monitor Stand That Adds Storage Space To Cramped Desks

Running out of space on your desktop? Try putting your monitor on this stand. Not only can it help ease strain on your neck by raising your monitor up to eye level, but it also gives you space to store things underneath. Plus, the ventilated top helps keep your computer from overheating.


This Garment Rack That Leans Against Your Walls

Nervous when it comes to drilling into your walls? Not a problem when you’ve got this garment rack. Unlike some, it leans against your walls so that there’s no mounting required — and the steel frame is tough enough to support nearly any type of garment.


These Shelves You Can Place Nearly Anywhere

Whether you need a little extra space in your kitchen or bathroom, these shelves have got you covered. Each one is made from durable steel that’s been coated with vinyl to help prevent rust. Plus, reviewers raved about how they “exceeded expectations.”


The Stackable Drawers That Are Perfect For Cosmetics

Use these drawers individually, or stack them on top of each other to help maximize the limited space on your vanity. Not only are they great for makeup, but they also work great for keeping the space underneath your sink organized. Plus, the recessed design means there’s no drawer overhang to deal with.


An Under-Cabinet Rack That Holds Up To 10 Wine Glasses

With space for up to 10 glasses, this rack is a must-have for any wine aficionado. It’s made from tough, rustproof metal — and you can mount it on ceilings, inside of cabinets, as well as underneath shelves. Plus, the matte black finish gives them a timeless look.


The Sliding Basket With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Searching for ways to add storage without having to drill into your walls? This sliding basket is a great choice. Not only are zero tools required for installation or assembly, but thousands of reviewers also left glowing four- or five-star reviews. One even wrote that “these shelves are well built, easy to assemble, and are able to be stacked.”


A Little Organizer For Your Keys & Mail

If you’re always misplacing your keys, try adding this entryway organizer next to your door. Five hooks give you tons of space for keys, lanyards, and more, while the bin on the top is perfect for holding mail. Plus, each order comes with all the mounting hardware needed for installation.


This Ottoman That Lets You Stash Stuff Inside

Not enough space in your living room for a storage chest? Try stuffing your belongings into this ottoman. The padded top works perfectly as a place to rest your feet, or even as a seat when guests are visiting. “Very comfortable for the feet,” wrote one reviewer. “When the very cushy top is turned over it can double as a tray.”


An Over-The-Door Basket For Kitchen Essentials

Cutting boards, muffin pans, plasticware lids — this over-the-door basket can handle all of them and more. The hooks at the top are padded, which helps prevent scratches to your cabinet doors. Plus, the tough steel frame is large enough to hold up to five standard-sized cutting boards.


The Corner Shelves That Are Easy To Install

These corner shelves don’t require any complicated anchors or mounting in order to put them up. Simply add a few screws to your walls, then hook the corners into them to keep them suspended up high. And unlike some easy-install shelves, these ones can hold up to 11 pounds each.


These Racks That Let You Stack Shoes On Top Of Each Other

Running out of space for all your shoes? Consider trying out these racks. They let you stack your shoes on top of each other while still keeping them separated — and unlike some racks, these ones are able to accommodate high heels. Choose from two colors: apricot or pink.


The Shower Caddy With Space For Everything & Anything

With large mesh pockets that can fit nearly any scrubber or bottle, this caddy is a must-have for any shower with cluttered tub walls. The rings and hooks on the top are made from rustproof metal, while eight different pockets give you ample room for all your bathing necessities. Choose from two colors: black or white.


A Lazy Susan With Double The Storage Space

Put this lazy Susan turntable in one of your cabinets to help maximize space. Not only does the spinning base make it easier to reach items placed in the back, but the rimmed edge combined with the non-slip liner also help prevent your belongings from sliding off.


This Coat Rack With Retractable Hooks

Looking for ways to make the most of your limited storage space? Consider this coat rack. Not only does the wall-mounted design save you floor space, but each hooks is also retractable when not being used. Plus, many reviewer wrote about how it “looks really good.”


A Pop-Out Drawer You Can Add To Your Desk

Not all desks have drawers — but you can easily add one to yours using this pop-out version. Double-sided adhesive keeps it stuck to the underside of your desk, making installation a total cakewalk. Plus, it’s large enough for everything from makeup tools to office supplies.


The Rack That’s Perfect For Drying Clothes

Add this clothes rack to your laundry room — it’ll be the perfect spot to hang wet clothes while they’re drying. You can also flip it up so that it’s out of the way when you’re not using it, and each order comes with all the hardware needed to anchor it into your walls.


An Organizer That Helps Tidy Up Messy Drawers

Has your sock drawer turned into a jumbled mess of — well, socks? Then grab this organizer. 24 divided cells help you tidy up everything from socks to belts, and you can even collapse the organizer down when you’re not using it.


This Toothbrush Holder That Won’t Trap Moisture

With its aerated design that doesn’t allow water to accumulate, this toothbrush holder won’t trap as much moisture as some models. There’s enough space for up to five brushes, as well as a tube of toothpaste. And unlike some holders, this one is even resistant to rust.


A Hanger Made For Bags, Belts, & More

When you’ve finally run out of shelf space in your closet, it might be time to bust out this fancy hanger. Not only is it able to hold purses and bags, but the hooks are also rounded in order to help prevent snags. And if you don’t have any purses? It also works great with belts, backpacks, and more.


The Towel Rack That Also Works With Wine

Mount this rack in your bathroom for a stylish place to store towels — or, you can even put it in your kitchen and use it as a wine rack. There’s enough space for up to six towels or bottles, and the steel frame has a rust-resistant finish to help keep it looking pristine over time.


A Pair Of Zippered Bins For Under-The-Bed Storage

Too many blankets or sheets for your closet? Stash them away underneath your bed using these zippered bins. The transparent top makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything — and unlike some bins, these ones feature firm sides to help them maintain their shape.


This Sink Caddy That Holds All The Essentials

Dish towels, soap, scrubbers — this caddy has space for all your kitchen sink essentials. You have the option of placing it flat on your counter, or mounting it to a wall. Plus, the frame is made from tough stainless steel that won’t rust over time.