32 Ways To Get Super Organized For Under $15

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by Rachel Bar-Gadda

Sometimes those days come along when you look around your home and ask, “where did all this stuff come from and why is it literally everywhere?” Barring a good old-fashioned donation day purge, sometimes all you need is a cleverly devised organizing solution to Mary Poppins yourself back to sanity. Knowing it can be overwhelming to sift through tons of products to find the one you need for that very specific problem, I’ve done the work to determine the best ways to get super organized. And because you don’t need a huge budget to give you that everything-in-its-right-place glow, these 32 ways to get super organized all cost less than $15.

Whether the danger zones span your bathroom, bedroom, closet, or office, there are both simple and ingenious solutions to be found. Products such as a tiered spice rack, an over-the-door shoe organizer, or food storage containers help you to better see what you have on hand, so you can make better use of those items. Adhesive hooks, s-shaped hangers, desk organizers, and other products that help you store items more efficiently offer clever ways of maximizing minimal space while making your home look extremely put together.

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An S-Shaped Hanger For Pants And Jeans

This ingenious S-shaped hanger allows you to hang up to five pairs of pants in the vertical cascade style. You can use these to also store other items of clothing such as scarves or even bathroom items such as towels. Made of high-quality stainless steel, clothing won’t slide off and onto the ground due to the S-style design, in addition to a rubber non-slip coating at the end of each hanger. Choose between the smooth stainless steel design or other models that feature non-slip coating on each rung.


A Wall-Mounted Organizer To Keep Cleaning Tools Off Floors

After installing this wall-mounted organizer you will never again dig through a messy closet to find that unreachable mop or broom. Each of the four rubber-gripped, spring-loaded slots can handle up to five pounds in addition to four hooks which can hold up to 10 pounds each. Coming in silver, black, or orange, this is a perfect solution to neatly organize those home cleaning or gardening tools.


This Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

If vertical space is your friend, this rotating makeup organizer allows you to store your entire makeup collection in one small area. Fully customizable, you can adjust the shelves to be the height you need for your specific products and there are even convenient holes included for brushes. This organizer rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to find that lipstick, perfume, or nail polish in a pinch.


These Classic, Clean & Simple Apothecary Jars

These 10-ounce apothecary jars are the perfect size to hold a myriad amount of miscellaneous items, and their clear and classic shape makes everything look elegantly tidy. Use these to organize Q-tips, beauty accessories, or even desk-related supplies. Made of thick, clear plastic, this set of four jars include four pre-printed labels as well as four blank labels so you can customize them to your heart’s content.


A Space Saving Hanger For Vertical Clothing Storage

These multi-hook vertical hangers truly maximize closet space by giving you the option to hang vertically, squeezing in many more clothes that you would be able to otherwise. In addition to this vertical suspension, you also have the option to use it horizontally, which will keep your clothes evenly spaced for a very organized look. These hangers come in a money-saving pack of 10.


The Dishwasher Magnet That Takes The Mystery Out Of Clean Or Dirty

This simple but ingeniously designed dishwasher magnet attaches to your dishwasher and slides to reveal either a “clean” or “dirty” sign, preventing any mysteries that may lead to the annoying double wash scenario. The magnet conveniently includes two double-sided stickers in case you don’t have a metal dishwasher. With over 11,000 reviews, this magnet sign has a 4.9 rating with many devotees praising its organizing powers.


A Foldable Bag For Seasonal Underbed Storage

If your winter blankets, sweaters, or perhaps vintage shawl collection are stealing a ton of closet space, these non-woven fabric foldable bags take full advantage of that oft-neglected real estate under the bed. Made of a breathable material allowing air to circulate inside, the black and white heather textured fabric includes four handles for easy maneuvering as well as a clear plastic top to quickly discern what’s inside. When not in use, each bag can be unfolded to lay flat for a minimal storage footprint.


This Can Holder For Easy Dispensing

Cans individually sitting or rolling around the fridge in rogue fashion can take up a lot of unnecessary space. This compact can holder puts everything in its right place with each bin holding up to 11 standard 12-ounce cans. On top of cans being easily rearranged, when you take one can out, it conveniently auto-replaces the space with a new can.


A Dresser Organizer To Keep Undergarments Streamlined

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning and spending ages digging through your drawers for the right bra or underwear. This efficient dresser organizer can streamline that process and make your drawer look incredibly put together. Coming in a set of two and made of non-woven material, each organizer comes with six divided compartments and is designed to fit most standard dresser drawers.


This Plastic Bag Holder That You Can Mount

Nothing feels messier than a cabinet chaotically stuffed with plastic bags, so this wall-mounted plastic bag holder seems like a much-preferred option. Made from a lightweight yet durable plastic, there are multiple holes so you can easily pick out and grab the bag you need. Attach the holder with the provided screws and/or adhesive tape and, in addition to storing plastic bags, you can also use it to hold craft supplies such as vinyl or wrapping paper.


An Over-The-Door Cabinet Organizer For Trays And Boards

Instead of having kitchen tools like cutting boards or baking trays tossed haphazardly in a cabinet, this over-the-door cabinet organizer cleverly takes advantage of that extra space. Thin hooks padded with EVA foam to prevent scratching allows the steel basket to sit inside the door, or you can choose to mount it to the wall with the included hardware. Very sturdy and measuring 13.5 inches long, it’s able to hold four to five regular-sized cutting boards, not to mention any other kind of kitchen supply that needs organizing.


A Hanging Pantry Organizer With Multiple Pockets

For those of us who can only dream of a more extensive pantry, an over-the-door hanging pantry organizer might be the next best thing. With 15 pockets, you can store anything from spices to hot cocoa to hot sauce and the clear plastic allows you to easily identify what is what. The best part of the over-the-door system is the effortlessly neat look that is easily hidden away once you shut the cabinet door.


An Under-Sink Sponge Caddy To Keep Free Up Countertops

The best countertop is a spacious countertop and this under-sink sponge caddy does its part by utilizing cabinet space to store away cleaning tools. Using adhesive strips, the caddy attaches durably underneath and includes a removable drip tray so that your sponge doesn’t sit in moisture but also doesn’t drip all over the bottom of your cabinet.


This Desk Organizer For Mini Accessories

Perfect for both the craftsperson and the student, this mini desk organizer keeps your beads and binder clips neatly squared away in small drawers. It comes with nine clear plastic drawers so as to easily determine the contents and it can either be placed directly on your work surface or hung on the wall (there are two hanging holes in the back) to save even more space.


These Organizing Decal Labels So You Easily Know What’s What

Sometimes just being able to easily and quickly identify what things are is more than half the battle in the quest for better organization. These pre-printed decals give you 224 different label options to choose from, all printed in a stylish black font on a transparent glossy adhesive backing to be attached to any number of bins, baskets, or containers. Some labels indicate different items of clothing, shoes, or sports gear (“swimwear” for example), while others are more general (“this” and “that”).


These Clear Kitchen Hooks That Can Hold Up To 13 Pounds

These super-strong utility hooks are the perfect solution to organizing almost anything in your home without having to drill a single hole. Each hook is able to sustain up to 13 pounds (though note that this works best on smooth tile) and can be attached to a multitude of surfaces such as glass, metal, or wood. Being waterproof makes this utility hook perfect for the bathroom and you can rest easy knowing that the adhesive will not damage walls when it’s removed.


These Interlocking Bins For A Neat WFH Space

These interlocking bins come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes to organize any kind of bathroom, kitchen, or desk supply. Made from high-quality BPA-free plastic and coming in eight different shapes from small to large, the bins cleverly interlock in order to stay in place. Because each bin has that interconnected feature, you can configure the shapes in any way that best suits you and the dimensions of your drawer for your neatest WFH space yet.


This Storage Bin With A Convenient Pour Spout

This super convenient dry goods storage bin not only does a great job of organizing your rice or cereal in the pantry, but also keeps them extremely fresh due to a locked lid with a silicone seal. With a two-liter capacity, this storage container has a nifty pour spout for easy dispensing plus it includes a useful measuring cup that, when not in use, screws on top of the spout, creating an airtight seal.


A Mesh Organizer To Banish Desk Clutter

A perfect way to instantly tidy up that desk clutter, this mesh desk organizer has eight compartments of different sizes to fit anything from pens and pencils to post-it notes and push pins. With non-slip pads on the bottom, it stays securely in place, and with a choice between the classic colors of black, gray, or white, you’ll be sure to have that desk looking instantly sleek, chic, and orderly.


This Stylish and Durable Pet Storage Bin

It’s far too easy to shower our pets with every toy under the sun and this pet storage bin is the perfect solution to immediately tidying up those gifts and treats. Coming in 10 different sizes, from round to rectangular, you have the choice between nine colors such as aqua, rose, or stone. These bins are perfect for holding anything from toys to blankets to treats and the inner lining can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. As an added bonus, collapse these down when they’re not being used to be conveniently stored away.


A Modular Set Of Organizers To Defeat Messy Drawers

The answer to any unkempt drawer lies with these modular, clear plastic organizers. Coming in a six-piece set with assorted sizes, you can arrange these any way you’d like and that includes stacking them. Their round edges give them a chic look and their transparency lets you see exactly what’s contained in each bin. You can use these wherever a messy drawer lurks: in the bathroom, the office, or even the kitchen.


These Organizer Bins For Your Fridge

If you’re tired of searching the refrigerator for that seemingly impossible-to-reach item, these organizer storage bins will give you some relief. These stackable plastic bins are easy to clean and their clear structure offers no mystery as to their contents. Made of BPA-free plastic, store anything from fruits and vegetables to meat and dairy products and choose between two sizes.


A Set Of Sturdy Fabric Drawer Organizers

Instantly making everything a lot more neat and tidy, these fabric underwear drawer organizers come in a pack of eight pieces: two large, two medium, and four small boxes. Offered in a stylish gray and white geometric design, you can set these up in any arrangement that best fits your needs. Made of a strengthened Oxford cloth and cardboard, you can use these in many different parts of the home that might need organization and they conveniently fold down flat for storage.


This Organizer Rack For Baking Tools At Your Fingertips

A great way to quickly straighten up those kitchen tools shoved in a cabinet, this kitchen houseware organizer rack not only organizes but makes it easy to quickly get to the item you need. Made of steel, it comes in either a bronze or silver finish that makes it nice enough for the countertop as well as the cabinet. Rubber feet protect the surface it stands on and four generous slots allow you to store tools such as cutting boards, baking trays, and even pans and their lids.


A Hanger Specifically Designed To Hold Belts

As another great way of freeing up drawer space, this belt hanger is made of durable metal and has a non-slip coating. Each hanger can hold up to 12 pounds, so you can pile on the chunkiest of belts without fear. As a bonus, you can even hang clothing such as tank tops or accessories such as scarves. It comes in a pack of three.


This 3-Tier Spice Rack That Doubles As An Office Organizer

There is nothing more annoying than searching for that one spice jar you need, like now, and having to unearth every single other jar just to get to it. This three-tier spice rack immediately organizes that mess and allows you to see everything you’ve got for easy grabbing and fast cooking. Offered in two different sizes and made of durable plastic, this rack has a non-slip shelf lining, comes in 18 different color options, and can be repurposed and used to organize office supplies, as well.


This Hanging Organizer For Your Growing Shoe Collection

With 24 spacious pockets, this over-the-door hanging shoe organizer instantly transforms that shoe corner of darkness and disarray into an orderly dream. A fabric backing with transparent pockets allows you to see your shoe collection clearly, not to mention accessories or anything else you feel like storing. Hang this over the closet door, or if you have the space, straight onto the closet hanging rod.


A Hanging Closet Organizer That Stores Clothing Vertically

This hanging closet organizer makes full use of that vertical hanging space, especially if you have no more drawer space for folded clothing. In addition to the five provided shelves, there are six side mesh pockets, perfect for holding different clothing accessories such as belts and scarves. Choose among nine different colors to make your closet look not only stylish but also extremely organized.


An Electric Toothbrush Holder For A Clean Countertop

This freestanding electric toothbrush holder cleans up the bathroom countertop by organizing every component neatly. Coming in a rust-free black or silver, choose between three different sizes, each of which has a different number of slots depending on what you need to store. With non-slip feet to keep it in place, use this to organize toothpaste, shavers, cleansers, or whatever else could use a designated place in the bathroom.


This Bedside Organizer To Reach For Nighttime Necessities

If you’re a small apartment dweller without room for a bedside table, or perhaps you have one but it’s at capacity, then this bedside storage organizer is a great solution to store your books or tech accessories conveniently at arm’s length. Made of both sturdy Oxford cloth and leather and coming in four different color options, you can choose between models that have four, five, or six different pockets.


A Set Of Glass Storage Containers For Fresher Food

If the fridge starts to look like the set of a disaster film, these glass storage containers can immediately transform chaos into an organized paradise. Safe in the freezer, microwave, and oven, the dishwasher-safe glass can manage extreme temperature fluctuations with no fear of cracking. BPA-free plastic lids keep leaks at bay so you can store sauces and liquids with peace of mind.


A Clever And Fun Stretchy Toy Storage Hammock

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to organize all those plush toys, this toy storage hammock is an easy way to clean up quickly and get your kids involved too. Constructed of woven polyester mesh and a stretchy elastic border, it hangs in corner spaces with provided metal hooks. With the choice between nine different colors, such as white, violet, and rainbow, the company claims the hammock will store up to 35 different-sized toys.