40 Ways To Make Your Backyard MUCH Nicer For Under $35

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Whether it’s a warm summer night or a cool autumn morning, relaxing outside is usually enjoyable. But if you’ve noticed that your yard could use a little TLC, I have good news for you. There are tons of simple ways to spruce up your property, no matter what kind of outdoor space you’re working with — and you don’t have to have a designer on speed dial to make them happen. These Amazon products for your yard will make it easy to revamp your property.

That’s right: All you need to make your yard nicer and more livable is an internet connection and a spare afternoon. A little goes a long way — and soon enough, you’ll be sipping drinks in the shade and admiring your new and improved backyard. And if you have champagne taste on a beer budget, rest assured that you don’t have to shell out a ton of cash to make your yard more comfortable and stylish.

Take for example, this cotton hammock chair, which you can hang just about anywhere to make a cozy reading nook. Or perhaps your idea of spending time outdoors includes a bottle of wine and an al fresco meal; in that case, you’ll want to stock up on citronella candles, cordless fairy lights to set the mood, and maybe outdoor curtains for some privacy.

No matter your preferred outdoor activity, you’ll find something on this list to suit you and your budget. Keep reading for 40 ways to improve your backyard without emptying your wallet.


A Solar-Powered Fountain To Turn Your Garden Into A Bird’s Paradise

Add a little pizazz to your birdbath with the Antetek fountain, a solar-powered birdbath attachment that transforms it into a miniature water display. It’s sure to attract birds and make a lovely addition to your garden. This fountain only works when it’s clean, fully submerged in water, and in direct sunlight — no electricity or batteries required. It comes equipped with seven styles of water spray, so there’ll be endless entertainment for you and your feathered visitors.


These Hanging Firework Lights To Illuminate The Night

Give your dinner parties some ambiance using these hanging sphere lights. The waterproof, hanging fairy lights are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, such as Christmas tree lights, patio lighting, wedding decor, or camping. One reviewer wrote,“Our friends had a huge outdoor party and with the DJ and everything, the breakers kept getting blown. We hung this light above the dance floor... and danced all night. It was perfect and beautiful!”


An Umbrella Canopy For Cooling Off In The Shade

You can sit in the shade under this patio umbrella canopy, which comes in 20 colors and three sizes to complement your outdoor decor. It’s UV-resistant and waterproof, with reinforced stress points where the umbrella ribs meet the canopy. Take note that this item only includes an umbrella canopy, not the pole or ribs that you’ll need to install it.


A Hanging Hammock Chair Perfect For Outdoor Lounging

Outfit your outdoor seating arrangements with this cotton hammock chair. I can just picture relaxing in it a shady corner of the backyard, chatting with friends or soaking up the latest summer romance novel. It’s chic and easy to install, and it comes in creamy white or light grey.


A Clip-On Light Made Just For Your Patio Umbrella

If your yard suffers from a distinct lack of light, try the OYOCO patio umbrella light. This convenient clamp-on light secures perfectly around an umbrella stand to illuminate the surrounding area for dinners, games, lounging, and more. Energy saving bulbs with three brightness modes will light up the night, and have many uses beyond patio umbrellas.


The Solar-Powered Flood Lights To Help Keep Your Home Safe

These solar security flood lights with a built-in motion detector will protect your home and alert you to unexpected visitors. They soak up sunlight during the day and automatically light up at night whenever human, animal, or car motion is detected up to 50 feet away, depending on what settings you select. Arrange them around your house for year-round peace of mind.


These Water-Repellent Sofa Cushion Covers That Help Protect Your Patio Furniture

Protect outdoor furniture from sun damage and accidental spills using these NC HOME water repellent cushion covers. They easily stretch over sofa cushions up to 75 by 27.5 inches, and keep them from being damaged by weather, pets, and spills. Bonus: they’re machine washable for easy cleanup and come in 15 colors to suit your tastes.


This Mosquito Repeller That Creates A Bug-Free Zone With No Harmful Chemicals

For an alternative to sticky, smelly bug spray, try the Thermacell mosquito repeller. It creates a 15-foot bug-free radius, ideal for patios, decks, pools, and porches. Simply insert an unscented repellent mat, which is armed with naturally-occurring repellents, into the shield along with the fuel cartridge. Place it wherever you’d like, and enjoy your mosquito-free evening.


These Faux Vines To Add Some Easy Greenery To Your Yard

Not a gardener? Not a problem. Install these artificial hanging vines on an outdoor wall, deck, or balcony for a pop of greenery — no digging required. Each purchase includes two realistic-looking faux ferns, and you could easily weave string lights through them to add soft lighting.


A Weather-Proof Umbrella Cover To Extend The Life Of Your Patio Umbrella

When it’s time to collapse your umbrella for the evening, protect it from the elements with the SUPERJARE patio umbrella cover. The waterproof cover fits most standard outdoor umbrellas, with a secure rod inside to keep it upright while in use. The heavy-duty oxford fabric helps keep your umbrella from fading, so you’ll get as much use out of it as possible. To keep it clean, simply wipe down the cover with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry.


These Solar-Powered Outdoor Fairy Lights That Fit Your Umbrella Perfectly

Subtle, ambient lighting is exactly what every summer gathering needs to set the mood. These soft solar-powered cordless fairy lights from Suplit are perfect for any outdoor occasion. You can install them basically anywhere, but they look especially cute strung along the rods of an outdoor umbrella. They automatically turn on in the dark for up to eight hours, and turn off when the sun rises to save power.


A Stylish, Colorful Rug For Outdoor Living Spaces

A patio rug like this Unique Loom flat-weave rug will really warm up your backyard and make it feel more like a living room. This low-pile rug comes in several sizes and is made to withstand the dirt and traffic of an entryway, patio, deck, or porch. Choose from eight bright shades to complement your furniture and decor.


These Solar-Powered Fairy Lights That Are Perfect For Your Garden

Use the Bripower garden solar lights to add a little magic to your backyard parties, weddings, and more. These warm, solar-powered fairy lights can string along a wall, between beams, across a fence, or even in a tree. They’ll stay light for up to 14 hours and add a touch of romance all summer long.


A Set Of Flameless Candles Great For Romantic Dinners Outside

These flameless candles from Amazon give you the ambiance of candles without the danger of open flame, which is an important consideration if you have kids around or if you live in an area prone to wildfires. For less than $27, you’ll get a set of 12 LED candles in various sizes with a remote control. Arrange them on a table for soft, romantic lighting, and set a timer so they’ll automatically turn off when you’re ready to head inside.


This Retro-Inspired Rug With Lots Of Personality

This retro-inspired plaid outdoor rug will add personality to your porch. Layer a complementary doormat over the top or use by itself for an eye-catching pop of pattern. The 100% cotton rug measures 2 by 4 feet, and it cleans up easily with a quick vacuum or machine wash.


These Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers Perfect For Your Patio

These throw pillow covers are perfect for adorning a cozy outdoor couch. They come in many sizes and over 20 vibrant colors, so there’s really something for everyone. And since they’re made of canvas with a waterproof coating, you can leave them outside without a worry.


This Water-Repellant Futon Cover That Helps You Bring Indoor Furniture Out

This reversible futon slipcover makes it easy to bring indoor furniture outside. The cover straps on easily to a 70 inch futon, and the water repellant fabric is box-stitched to hold up to wear and tear. It’s perfect for homes with kids or pets, and to complete your outdoor living area.


These Beautiful Flowers With No Gardening Required

Anyone can have a beautiful garden with the help of some faux flowers — no shame. These faux red shrubs are perfect for outfitting your deck, patio, or porch and adding a pop of color, no green thumb required. One purchase gets you a set of four, but don’t forget to stock up on window boxes or pots for “planting” them when they arrive.


A Set of Automatic LED Lights To Light A Path Through Your Yard

Create and illuminate a pathway with an eight-pack of LAMTREE solar lights. These solar-powered LED lights cast a cool white light and brighten a path through your yard or garden. They assemble and install in minutes, switch on and off automatically, and will stay lit for up to 10 hours at night.


This Weatherproof Smart Plug That Listens To Your Voice

The power switch for all your electronics is in the palm of your hand with the BN-LINK smart outdoor outlet. Connect the smart plug to your Alexa or Google Home device, and plug your devices in for voice control of your entire house. With the companion app, you can also set timers and control your electronics from your phone while you’re away. The outlet is even weatherproof, so you can use it with outdoor lights and other electronics.


This Stylish Soy Candle Keeps Bugs Away Naturally

It happens all the time: You’re enjoying a nice outdoor dinner, workout, or happy hour — but when you come back inside, you’re covered in itchy mosquito bites. Next time, light a Calm Life citronella candle nearby to keep bugs away naturally. The three-wick soy candle burns for up to 75 hours and can be used indoors or out. It comes in a pack of three, so you can station them strategically around your property and enjoy a bug-free summer.


This Sprinkler That Provides Endless Summer Fun For All Ages

When I was a kid, summer was never complete without running through the sprinkler for hours on end. Not only will it water the grass, but kids and pets will have a ball playing with the Kadaon automatic garden sprinkler on a hot day. It covers 3,000 square feet, which is perfect for medium to larger yards. Simply hook up the sprinkler to your hose, and get to playing — I mean, watering.


A Portable Grill Perfect For All Your Summer Adventures

Your favorite grill master will love the Cuisinart portable charcoal grill, an affordable solution for summer barbecues. It clocks in at just 2 pounds and 14 inches wide, so it’s compact enough to take with you tailgating, to the park, or on a camping trip (but you can also use it in your yard). In other words, you’ll be serving up burgers and hot dogs with ease all summer long.


A Comfy Cushion For Lounge Chairs and Benches

If your existing lounge chair just isn’t hitting the spot anymore, add this patio chaise lounger cushion from Amazon. After allowing it to fully expand, tie it to your favorite lounge chair or bench for some overstuffed comfort. One reviewer wrote, “I have been very pleased with this product; I found it to be plenty thick enough and super comfortable.”


This Eight-Pack of Solar-Powered Ground Lights Are Subtle But Bright

If you prefer more inconspicuous lighting, try the GIGALUMI solar ground lights. Stake the eight-pack into the ground next to a path: They’ll sit almost flush with the ground and cast light upwards automatically each night. They’re weatherproof and solar powered, with more LED bulbs than other similar lights to brighten a garden, courtyard or sidewalk.


These Wooden Roasting Sticks That Make The Perfect S’mores

No campfire would be complete without s’mores, right? Invest in a set of wooden marshmallow-roasting sticks for perfectly crispy s’mores all summer long. Each shipment contains 12 sticks with two prongs each, so there’ll be plenty to go around. The stainless-steel sticks even extend from 12 to 32 inches for safety and convenience.


This Fun Water Feature For An Outdoor Pool

Add something extra to your pool parties using the ZCONIEY luminous waterfall fountain. This water feature attaches to your pool pump and creates a sprinkler effect that helps circulate water, and it keeps your pool temperature 5 to 10 degrees cooler. It even glows in the dark at night, which is a bonus.


An Animal-Proof Lock That Helps Keep Your Trash Safe From Hungry Critters

If you’re braving the great outdoors or live in an area with lots of wildlife, you definitely don’t want animals messing with your trash. An encased trash can lock will help keep your garbage where it belongs, safe from raccoons, squirrels, and other creatures. It fits most 30- to 50-gallon trash cans, whether they’re round or square. Simply undo the buckle that sits squarely in the middle of the lid to release the lock.


A Magical Solar-Powered Treehouse Decoration That Glows

A VP solar-powered enchanted treehouse makes for some mystical garden art. Place in direct sunlight, and the solar panels will power the LED lights that turn on automatically each night. Kids and grown-ups alike will be delighted by the glowing treehouse. Try adding your own animal and fairy figurines for even more magic.


This Lovely Wind Chime For Soft, Outdoor Ambient Noise

Enjoy the warm tones of the UpBlend outdoor wind chime, a medium-sized wind chime perfect for your garden or porch. It makes for a great housewarming gift that will remind them of you every time a breeze blows through the hand-tuned aluminum tubes. It measures 28 inches from top to bottom, and hangs easily from an S-hook.


This Portable Game For Your Backyard Or Beach Trip

Beach and park days will never be the same if you’re bringing Slammo, an exciting, portable lawn game for all ages. Similar to volleyball, teams of two have three hits to bounce or spike the ball onto the net. It’s an active, competitive game that the entire family will enjoy.


A Large Projection Screen Perfect For Outdoor Movie Nights

Invite the neighborhood over for an outdoor movie night, projected onto this 50-inch projection screen. The high-quality screen is lightweight and portable, so you can fold it up easily and install indoors or out. It comes equipped with 20 hooks and two sets of rope, so you can hang it just about anywhere and watch your favorite movies. Who’s got the popcorn?


These Flexible Rope Lights You Can Use Basically Anywhere

The possibilities for these waterproof rope lights by Lighting Ever are endless. They’re 33 feet long, and you can string up to three strands together; that’s almost 100 feet total. Loop them around a fence or alongside a path to guide people at night, or shape them into complex shapes for holiday light displays. They’re waterproof, so you can enjoy them year-round.


This Adorable, Retro Hummingbird Feeder

This vintage-inspired BOLITE hummingbird feeder will make a great addition to your garden. The red color attracts hummingbirds (per the manufacturer), and five feeding ports allow multiple feathered friends to perch and sip on nectar at the same time. They’ll love the food, and you’ll love the sight of hummingbirds in your yard. Sounds like a win-win to me.


This Outdoor Bee House For Your Garden

Saving the bees, one bee house at a time. This Welliver bee house is compact and makes a great home for passer-by bumblebees, who lay their eggs in the back of the paper tubes during spring and summer and leave them to develop over the winter. One reviewer wrote, “I super glued it to the top of a post and waited about a month and got my first hive. Super glad. The wood is solid and heavier than I expected. It appears to be good quality and hardy enough to withstand a new England winter.”


These Semi-Sheer Outdoor Curtains For Some Poolside Privacy

Perfect for a poolside patio, these semi-sheer panel curtains filter natural light and give you a bit of outdoor privacy. They’re both waterproof and machine washable, so you can use them over and over each summer. One package includes one curtain panel with a grommet top and tieback rope.


A Clean-Burning Tabletop Fire Bowl For Indoors Or Out

This tabletop fire bowl is like a mini fireplace, and it currently has over 1,900 positive ratings on Amazon. Fueled by bio ethanol, it gives off an entrancing smokeless and odorless flame. You get a 360-degree view of the fire through the cylindrical glass, which burns for upwards of an hour. Be sure to read the safety instructions on the product page prior to use.


A Handy Caddy Perfect For Backyard Barbecues

This Superior Trading Co. steel caddy is your new backyard barbecue essential. It’s perfect for transporting paper towels, silverware, spices, and condiments from the kitchen to the backyard, with three compartments and a built-in paper towel hook for convenience. The powder-coated steel material can withstand pretty much any climate, so you can use it year round.


These Unbreakable Wine “Glasses” Made Of Silicone

Instead of bringing fragile glass onto the patio during your next gathering, you can fill these unbreakable cups with your favorite wine. They’re stemless and flexible — so flexible, in fact, that they can fit in your pocket on your way to the yard. One pack comes with six “glasses” that hold 12 ounces of liquid each.


The Stainless Steel Ice Bucket That Stays Cold For 6 Hours Each Time

This ice bucket can help keep things cool when you and your guests are relaxing on the patio. It’s made of sleek stainless steel, and it’s insulated to the point where it’ll keep any drinks you’re storing inside of it cold for up to six hours. Plus, it comes with a pair of tongs so that it’s easier than ever to remove the ice.