40 Ways To Make Your Backyard So Much Nicer For Under $35

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You can turn your backyard into your favorite place to hang out this summer with just a few swaps. And best of all, thanks to Amazon, you can do it for less than you might think. Check out these 40 ways to make your backyard so much nicer for under $35.

Start by getting ready for your summer family gatherings by prepping your yard, lighting your space, and making it feel cozy. I’ve added gardening tools, solar-powered lighting options, and pillows to this list for you to shop. And no need to worry — they won’t break the bank. These small, affordable changes will transform your backyard on a budget.

From bug control to aesthetics, this list is jam-packed with everything you need to gear up for your next big backyard BBQ.


Light Your Garden With This Solar-Powered Moon Lamp

This decorative garden light is functional and adds personality to your outdoor space. It’s powered by the sun and will run for up to six hours on a full charge. The LED lights give a warm white glow that bounces off the rustic metal moon shape, and it has a stake on one end that secures it into the ground. With a 4.6-star rating, this accessory will make your backyard feel more like you.


Hang A Cool Lighting Accent, Like This Glow-In-The-Dark Wind Chime

This unique wind chime only gets cooler as the sun goes down. It features six waterproof globes that appear white during the day, but light up in fun colors at night. It’s solar-powered and makes a unique, calming sound to fill your garden. A five-star reviewer noted, “Love these hanging under our trees. Beautiful light display!”


Install Overhead Lighting With This Cordless Patio Light

Add some overhead lighting to your outdoor space with this cordless LED light. The battery-powered light puts off 200 lumens and has three brightness settings. It has a built-in, auto-adjustable clamp and two hooks for hanging. Attach it to the inside of your patio umbrella to use at night or hang it from the top of a tent or pergola.


Add Light (& A Little Character) Your Driveway Or Garden Path

You can easily create a lighted walkway or driveway (or use them to light up your flower beds) with these solar-powered lights. Not only is it a practical way to upgrade your home, but it’ll instantly make your yard look 10x more impressive — and it’s so easy. Just stick the stakes into the ground and the sun takes care of the rest.


Don’t Let Your Rakes & Garden Tools Clutter Your Yard

Capable of holding up to 50 pounds (or 30 pounds if mounted to drywall), this broom holder is perfect for organizing your rakes and garden tools. It has three slots for rakes and brooms and four hooks for pretty much everything else, and it comes with everything you need to install it.


Up Your Grilling Game With Stainless Steel Grilling Baskets

These stainless steel baskets are perfect for cooking veggies, shrimp, and other finicky food that might otherwise slip the grate of your grill. For just $30 you get a set of three baskets, each a different size and shape to accommodate different food.


Hang Up A Mosquito Net To Create A Bug-Free Zone

This large mosquito net is perfect for creating a “screen porch” in your yard to keep bugs away from you and your food. It comes with a hanging kit and it’s machine washable.


Keep Bugs At Bay With This Magnetic Screen Door

Enjoy the breeze without the bugs with the help of this magnetic screen door. It attaches to your door frame with a magnetic opening in the center that easily separates handsfree so you (or your pets) can go in and out freely. After each exit, the doors find their way back to each other, thanks to the strong magnets. It’s earned more than 35,000 five-star ratings, too.


Create A Bug-Free Bubble With This Mosquito Repeller

For the areas that can be screened, this mosquito repeller is a safe and discrete way to stay bug-free. It doesn’t have a flame, it’s made without DEET, and it scent-free. The Thermacell patio shield creates a 15-foot bubble around you using heat-activated repellent mats. The mats are made with naturally occurring repellents found in plants to fight mosquitoes without a strong scent. A 12-hour fuel cartridge safely heats the mats while it works.


Make A Birdbath With This Solar-Powered Fountain

Create a sanctuary for birds in your backyard with this $24 solar-powered birdbath fountain. It fits in most birdbaths and comes with a built-in battery that’s charged by the sun and pumps water through six nozzles. Even on a cloudy day, the battery will charge to keep the birds happy. Reviewers awarded this birdbath fountain with 4.6 stars on Amazon.


Create A Cooler Outdoor Environment With This Sun Shade

Make your outdoor space more comfortable — even on the hottest days of the year — with this large sunshade. The breathable rectangular shade blocks most UV rays to not only keep you cooler but also to help protect your outdoor furniture. It has earned more than 12,000 reviews and is available in six colors as well as 13 sizes.


Add Ambiance To Your Backyard With This Torchlight

Light up your next backyard party with this unique solar-powered torchlight. It looks like a traditional flame tiki torch, however, it consists of 96 flickering, waterproof LED bulbs that give the look of a real flame. The torch is made of ultra-durable plastic, and the battery fully charges after eight hours in the sun (and will run for 10 hours). It also has a stake on the end so you can stick it into the ground wherever you need light.


Install Additional Security With These Solar-Powered Lights

Add extra security to your home while improving your curb appeal by installing these solar lights that are less than $25 for a two-pack. This set includes 400 lumens waterproof lights that are ideal for mounting to your garage, front steps, or back patio. The LED lamps automatically charge all day, thanks to the sun, so they can be powered at night without the need for outlets. Plus, they are motion-activated up to 16 feet.


Line Your Garden With These Glow-In-The-Dark Pebbles

Your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood with these glowing rocks. They glow in the dark after charging under natural or artificial light. Use them as decorative elements or to light a path in your yard. Plus this pack is only $22.


Keep Rain & Mud Outside With A Durable Doormat

Keep the outdoors outside with this durable indoor doormat. Place it at your back door to stop family, friends, and pets from tracking in dirt, snow, or rain. The low profile is ideal because it fits under doors, yet effectively cleans your shoes. It has an anti-slip bottom and can also be used outside. Just hose it off to clean it.


Easily Light A Path With These Modern Disk Lights

These solar light discs look modern and sleek — and best of all, an eight-pack is less than $25. The disk lights are attached to stakes that stick into the ground and disappear to create a seamless look. They’re even waterproof, and the warm white lights will run for eight hours after a full charge from the sun.


Provide Extra Seating With These Inflatable Ottoman

If you don’t have a lot of space or storage, you might want to shop for items that won’t take up too much space. This inflatable ottoman is a clever solution — and it’s affordable, too. The decorative stool inflates easily and stores flat, taking up almost no space at all. Choose from 12 trendy patterns to add seating to your backyard without overloading your storage (or wallet).


Create A Defined Space With This Patterned Outdoor Rug

This plastic straw rug has double the life of other outdoor rugs because it’s reversible. It’s designed to withstand the elements, and it’s lightweight as well as easy to clean (ideal for RVs and campers). The material is resistant to UV rays, so it shouldn’t fade over time. It’s hard to find a rug for $35 that’ll last — but this option could.


Design A Cohesive Space With Interlocking Patio Deck Tiles

Landscaping and laying a patio can be pricey, but these composite interlocking deck tiles are shockingly affordable and of high quality. The 12-by-12-inch tiles snap together without any glue or nails — and since they’re weather-resistant (and unlike real wood), they shouldn’t swell or decay.


Keep Your Guests Comfortable With An Inflatable Couch

This inflatable sofa is the comfortable furniture you can take on the go. It’s perfect for music festivals, camping trips, or lounging by the pool in your backyard. The polyester couch can be inflated without a pump and purely by scooping air into the ripstop fabric. It’s strong enough to hold 400 pounds and even has a built-in headrest. It rolls up into a compact carrying case when it’s not inflated, too.


Illuminate Your Backyard With These Garden Lights That Look Like Fireworks

Does your garden need a little extra whimsy? These solar-powered garden lights are attached to flexible copper wires so you can manipulate them into any shape or design. They require about four to six hours of sunlight for them to run up to 10 hours, and the lights have two modes: twinkling and always on. They’re waterproof and add a little sparkle to any outdoor space.


Hang These Glowing Mason Jar Lights From A Tree

Even if there aren’t fireflies where you live, these mason jar lights can give you the same magical feeling. This six-pack features mason jars filled with fairy lights and sturdy handles from which to hang them. The lights are solar-powered and will last for about 12 hours after charging for six to eight hours. They’re waterproof and the lids won’t rust over time.


Achieve More Privacy With This $28 Fence Screen

Need a little privacy in your backyard? No need to spend thousands on a fence — this privacy shield is less than $35. It’s designed to cover a chainlink fence and offer up to 88% visibility blockage. The fence shield is UV- and water-resistant and features brass, rust-free grommets. Choose from 12 colors and 150 sizes.


Light Up Steps & Stairs With These Solar-Powered Deck Lights

These lights are specifically designed for lighting up stairs or decks — a helpful safety feature you might want to have in place before your big party. This pack of six solar-powered LED lights put off 10 lumens each. Choose from either warm white light or the color-changing setting which features seven colors on a loop. They can be installed vertically or lying flat and come with all the hardware you need.


Avoid Backyard Spills With These Beverage Stake Holders

No more spilled drinks, thanks to these steel beverage holders. Each one sticks into the ground and offers a cup holder wherever you need it. They’re ideal for backyards, beach trips, camping, or park days. The four-pack comes with an assortment of colors, too.


Keep Pests Away By Spraying This Yard Bug Treatment

Get ahead of the bugs this year so you can truly enjoy your backyard with this backyard bug control spray. The 32-ounce bottle connects to your hose to easily spray your yard to help remove mosquitoes, fleas, and ants. One bottle will treat up to 5,000 square feet for 12 weeks. There’s no mixing required — it couldn’t be simpler. And for $9, it’s much less expensive than hiring a professional.


Add These Outdoor String Lights For A Seriously Cozy Vibe

Instantly elevate your outdoor space with these globe string lights that are trendy and give outdoor spaces a cozy feel. The affordable lights come in 48-feet long strands (and are available in 27 and 97 feet, as well). They feature 24 shatterproof Edison bulbs that are waterproof and can withstand rain, wind, or dampness.


Entice Your Whole Family To Play This Ring Toss Game

If you ask me, every good backyard BBQ needs a little competition — and this ring toss game is not only fun, but the surfboard design also makes it a cool piece of decor. The game itself is simple: each player gets 10 chances to swing the metal ring in an effort to attach it to the hook on the board; the first player to 11 or 21 wins.

One Amazon shopper had this to say: “My parents have this game installed at their house, and I had to get one for my own. Product is durable and can be hung in multiple ways, depending on the surface. This game is simple, fun and suitable for anyone/any number of people. It is a perfect addition to my patio. Highly recommend.”


Amp Up The Competition With This Compact Bocce Ball Set

Bocce ball is always a hit, and this set has everything you need for less than $35. It comes with four green balls, four red balls, a pallino ball, and a carrying case. The balls have two scoring patterns etched onto them and make it easy to keep track of the score. The set is for up to four players and is convenient to carry and play wherever you want.


Bring The Fun Anywhere With This Portable Cornhole Set

Cornhole is a backyard classic, and this lightweight set is ideal for playing inside or out. The waterproof plastic boards come with eight bean bags in two different colors. There’s even a built-in bean bag return that catches your bags after you make a “cornhole.” It folds and packs easily for travel, too.


Cozy Up Your Patio With These Waterproof Pillow Inserts

Cozy up your outdoor space with some pillows — but make sure they’re resistant to water like these premium pillow inserts are. These microfiber pillows are not only resistant to water and hypoallergenic on their own, but they’re also perfect for inserting into outdoor pillowcases. The 18-by-18-inch pillows have earned more than 3,000 positive ratings and also comes in four other sizes.


Decorate Your Space With These Waterproof Pillow Covers

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to add color to your patio, try these soft pillow covers. They’re made of canvas polyester with a PU waterproof coating that comes in more than 20 colors to match your space. This two-pack comes in six sizes, all of which have a hidden zipper.


Feed Your Lawn With This Handheld Seed Spreader

Your grass is the stage for your next big get-together, so make sure it’s looking its best with this affordable lawncare spreader. The handheld spreader makes it easy to seed, fertilize, or apply ice melt evenly across your lawn without any special equipment. A five-star reviewer noted, “It’s very easy to fill and use and I was surprised how far the seeds went on either side. Did a great job distributing my grass seed.”


Water Your Lawn With This Rotating, Automatic Sprinkler

This cheap solution is all you need for a well-hydrated lawn this summer: an automatic lawn sprinkler. Its 360-degree range covers over 3,000 square feet of lawn. It’s lightweight to move in different areas of your yard and easily connects to your hose to water your lawn while you do something more fun.


Make Your Patio Inviting With This Braided Accent Rug

It seems like most rugs are either stylish or easy to clean — but this one is both, and it’s less than $30. The braided rug can be used inside or outside, and the polypropylene material is flat as well as soft. Plus, it's water-resistant. Choose from eight colors and 37 sizes.


Elevate Your Landscaping With These Round, Pebble-Filled Stepping Stones

Landscaping can be intimidating, but these stepping stone slabs are stunning accessories that’ll spark your creativity. The circular mats feature 12-inches of small, polished rocks as one solid piece that’s easy to move and use as decoration. Each mat has a polyresin finish that makes it weather-resistant to look brand new for years to come. This pack comes with three round stones — however, it’s also available in square shapes.


Fill Your Outdoor Planters With These Faux Boxwood Shrubs

The weather is so unpredictable that it can be hard to keep all of your outdoor plants looking their best. This eight-pack of artificial boxwood shrubs is versatile enough to use in pots, planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, and centerpieces. The fake flowers are UV-resistant and shouldn’t fade over time. Plus, it’s only $13 for eight pieces.


Transform Your Backyard With These String Light Curtains

Make your outdoor lighting a whole vibe with an entire wall of LED string lights. These curtain lights can be used inside or outside to hang vertically as a magical accent wall. They have eight modes — including seven unique blinking modes as well as an always-on option — and come in 9.8- and 19.7-foot lengths.


Entertain Your Guests With This Hilarious Squirrel Feeder

This may be the most amusing backyard purchase you’ll make all summer, and you probably won’t regret it. It’s a squirrel feeder, but here’s the catch: The feeder itself is inside a unicorn head. That way, your neighborhood squirrels have to slip into a unicorn head in order to get a snack. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh.


Turn Up The Volume On This Outdoor Speaker System

What party is complete without music? This three-way mini box speaker system is ideal for outdoor spaces. The heavy-duty, marine-grade speakers are water-resistant — and they’re made with corrosion- and stain-resistant mesh grills. Plus, this set comes with the mounting wires you’ll need to keep it working on your back deck or balcony.


Upgrade Your Garden Hose

With 10 adjustable spray settings and a soft rubber ergonomic handle, you’ll not only get a ton of use out of this nozzle attachment for your garden hose but you’ll also have no problem comfortably using it for hours. The jet stream setting is powerful enough to clean your deck while the gentle spray is great for watering your garden.


Have A Picnic In The Yard On This Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

This outdoor blanket makes backyard picnics cozier than ever. It’s lined with waterproof PEVA, so don’t worry about laying it onto the grass — and it’s filled with a slight cushion for a more comfortable experience. Not to mention, the patterned top is made with acrylic that’s soft, yet durable. Plus, the entire blanket can be folded up and taken inside or on the go, thanks to the built-in handle. It’s available in so many different colors and sizes, too.


Clean Your Yard With This Convenient Waste Scooper

You can easily clear your yard before guests arrive with the help of this pooper scooper. The swivel-head bin comes with a rake as well as two waste bags. It’s lightweight and has an extended reach that makes cleaning up after your pet easier than ever. You can use it without bags, but these specific bags are made with activated baking soda to lock in unwanted odors.


Create A Shaded Space With This Affordable Half-Patio Umbrella

You may think patio table umbrellas are an expensive investment, but this one is affordable and sturdy. The half-patio umbrella is about 9 feet wide and can be positioned next to a wall, which is convenient for anyone with a small backyard or deck space. It’s made with alloy steel and has a convenient crank system for opening and closing it.


Add Privacy & Shade With These Outdoor Patio Curtains

Turn the outdoors into an extension of your living space with these outdoor curtains, which are insulated to help block sun rays. The polyester material is waterproof and helps create privacy or shade around your pergola, deck, or balcony. They come in 13 shades as well as 18 sizes and are machine washable.

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