30 Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Eco-Friendliest Friend

From bidets to sparkling water machines.

Eco-friendly wedding gifts are perfect for your friends.
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When wedding season hits and you suddenly need gift ideas for every couple you’ve ever met, who are you going to call? The eco-friendly gift industry, of course. Yes, the best advice is to always stick to the registry, but what if everything out of your price range is taken? These wedding gift ideas are also environmentally friendly. Better yet, the gifts on this list are beautiful whether your friends are hippies who regularly hike under the stars, or urban sophisticates who love lattes and jet-setting. Eco-friendly wedding gifts are everywhere these days, so it's a matter of your budget and their taste.

A word of warning: just because a product says it's eco-friendly doesn't necessarily mean it has the credentials to back it up. Look for certifications and do your research. Certified B companies have passed rigorous testing on their environmental performance to earn their membership, for instance. And if something says it “contains” sustainable materials but they only make up a tiny percentage of the whole, they're probably not as green as they might look. Fortunately, eco-friendly gifts are trendy in a big way right now — whether you're purchasing for a lavish-lifestyle couple with a house and garden fill or newlyweds with a tiny apartment and a windowsill garden. Get ready to be the hit of the post-wedding thank-you note session.


A Sweet Bug Hotel

This bug hotel is made without pesticides or chemicals and uses bamboo tubing to provide a sweet home for bees and bugs in a new garden.


This Gorgeous Fair Trade Bowl

This fair trade ceramic bowl is made by local artists in a Tunisian artisan studio. The studio offers education opportunities and free transportation to the community.


Recycled Glass Wine Goblets

This drink set is made from recycled glass. Cheers to keeping it green.


A Glam Compost Pot


A Fair Trade Bedspread

Made with sustainable materials using ancient traditional techniques by a fair trade initiative in India, this bedspread will keep newlyweds warm all night long.


A Recycled Steel Pizza Cutter

Handmade in Vermont, this pizza cutter uses recycled steel to make cutting up your pepperoni a breeze.


Two Delightful Reusable Coffee Cups

These reusable, insulated tumblers are made for newlyweds to grab their coffee without needing a plastic cup.


Recycled Glass Vases


Eco-Friendly Luggage


A Patterned Lantern


Zero Waste Travel Cutlery Sets

A paired set of these zero-waste cutlery kits make for adorable travel companions for two.


Recycled Coasters

Even if the newlywed twosome have never been near skateboards in their lives, they'll love these recycled skateboard coaster sets.


Bamboo Bowls

As a replacement for plastic and other materials, these sustainable bamboo bowls are excellent additions to the kitchen — and can last for years.


Indoor Gardening

These four "grow kits" for herbs allow people who've never had a plant they didn't let wither to produce a flourishing kitchen garden — complete with its own watering system.


A Sustainable Mini Speaker


A Celebration Candle

Prosperity candles are made of eco-friendly soy and coconut wax by female refugees in the U.S. A celebration set will contain the story of the woman who poured the candles, too.


Organic Robes

These recycled cotton robes are handmade using eco-friendly techniques and make for a spectacular lounging-around gift.


A Hemp Cooking Apron


Recycled Wood Bread Boards

These bread boards are constructed from vintage French wood from the 1970s and '80s, making them both eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind.


Online Vegetarian Cooking Class

For those who like experiences over items, an online vegetarian cooking class is the perfect gift for breaking in a new kitchen.


Organic Soap

Bathing Culture makes plant-based, water-free soaps in reusable (and super stylish) glass containers. Perfect to dress up a newlyweds bathroom.


Bamboo Sheets

These bamboo sheets are sustainably made to last and will make for a soft nest for new love birds.


A Toilet-Paper Saving Bidet

A home bidet isn’t just the lap of luxury, it’s the unlikely face of sustainability. Using water saves a ton of toilet paper every year, and will step up your newlywed’s bathroom.


An Organic Tea Set

These organic teas are made with ethically sourced herbs as part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, with recyclable, minimal packaging. Warm up their kitchen and save the planet.


A Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Kit

A grow-your-own mushroom kit is a hobby and a snack all in one. Give your bride something to do — and something to eat.


Zero-Waste Baking Set

This zero-waste kitchen set contains reusable sandwich bags and containers for produce and leftovers. Give the gift that keeps on giving.


A Set Of Vibrant Reusable Shopping Bags

Who said sustainability can’t be stylish? A set of patterned reusable shopping bags will let your eco-friendly bride shop in style.


Reusable Sandwich Bags

This colorful set of reusable plastic bags will dress up your bride’s lunch and keep all their bulk nuts and dried fruits fresh.


A Sparkling Water Machine

A home carbonator means endless seltzer with none of the packaging. Nix one-time use metals and let the good times roll.


A Rescued Produce Delivery Membership

A sustainable produce subscription saves produce from food waste, and your bride a trip to the grocery store.

Additional reporting by Griffin Wynne.