Weird But Genius Products That Get The Most Upvotes On Reddit

Reddit users swear by these finds.

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Amazon is home to some of the most random products that might change your life. It holds the solutions to many of your everyday problems and annoyances. And who better to confirm the best of the best products than online shoppers? I’ve compiled a list of weird but genius products that get the most upvotes on Reddit, so you can shop with confidence.

On this list, you’ll find a variety of products from ankle weights to reusable silicone bags. These innovative products are loved by shoppers and have been proven to stand the test of time. You’ll find a water leak alarm that could save you thousands of dollars in repairs, as well as a double-edge, replaceable razor that prevents cuts.

There’s something for everyone and every budget on this list. I’ve included quotes from Reddit users who swear by these finds — so you can rest easy knowing they’ve been tested and have passed muster by some of Reddit’s most discerning critics.


These Rechargeable Tap Lights That Can Go Anywhere

These rechargeable LED lights are so versatile and add the perfect amount of extra light to your home without breaking the budget. This slim light is just $21 and can be set to turn on/off with a tap, but you can turn on the lights continuously for 30 minutes with two taps, and holding the button down will allow you to adjust the brightness. They work for up to 18 hours of continuous use before they’ll need a charge.

Reddit user u/praziquantel wrote, “I put them under my top kitchen cabinets and also as down lights under my bathroom cabinet so I don’t have to turn on the lights for midnight water refills or bathroom runs. So far, they only need recharging once every 5ish weeks and I love the magnetic attachment mechanism! No batteries or drilling holes.”


The Mini Box Cutter With A Built-In Magnet

This Amazon best-selling box cutter is a convenient tool to keep around. The miniature size is ideal for hanging on a keychain and it has a finger-friendly edge to help keep your hands safe. It automatically retracts between uses to avoid cuts and the small blade cuts clean and costs less than $15.

Reddit user u/praziquantel wrote, “This mini retractable cutter [is] super portable and I love that it retracts so the blade isn’t exposed unless you are actively using it.”


This Woven Dental Floss That’s Infused With Coconut Oil

Tired of your old floss? Try this coconut oil-infused dental floss that’s designed to remove plaque and debris in your teeth is woven, which makes it extra durable and tough on grime. It’s made with safe ingredients like aromatic fruit oils and a light coating of vegan wax that makes it taste delicious.

“Cocofloss has been the best floss I’ve ever used and really worth the extra $$ in my opinion,” wrote Reddit user u/mmmsushi07.


The Teeth Whitening Trays For Sensitive Teeth

Whitening treatments can be painful for anyone with sensitive teeth, but this teeth whitening kit is formulated for you. These pre-filled trays use 15% hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth, plus it’s sweetened with xylitol, which can help reduce tooth decay. The flexible trays are comfortable and leave your teeth feeling clean and minty.

“[...] for someone with sensitive teeth, I really like Opalescence Go for whitening and will sometimes get the 35% gel from my dentist to put in my retainers,” wrote Reddit user u/mmmsushi07. “She said any in-office whitening is actually really gimmicky and this way I can maintain once every 2-4 weeks.”


A Pair Of Quick-Drying Running Shorts With Pockets

Why do the cutest outfits never have big enough pockets to stash your stuff? These running shorts are equipped with plenty of pocket space for your phone, headphones, and cards. The stretchy pair of shorts feature an elastic waistband, a stretchy liner, and one side zipper pocket. The breathable material wicks moisture to dry quickly during workouts. Plus this affordable pair comes in 38 colors and patterns.

Reddit user u/willtherebesnacks called these “super stretchy and comfortable” and wrote that “they have a big, zippered pocket that my phone and AirPods case easily fit in."


This Nail Top Coat That Dries Polish Fast

Reddit users and Amazon reviewers agree that this high-shine nail polish top coat is the best of the best. The $15 top coat has earned more than 35,000 reviews for its ability to protect and enhance your nails. Add it to any polish coat for a plump, gel-like look that’s extra glossy and durable.

Reddit user u/stripemonster wrote, “I’ve tried a few different nail polish topcoats this summer and the OPI Plumping has been my favorite by far.”


A Base Coat That Fills Uneven Nails

While we‘re talking about nail care, this base coat is on the rise with shoppers. It’s only $8 and is made without formaldehyde, camphor, and other chemicals. The vegan and animal cruelty-free polish helps fill in ridges in your nails for an even base that can be worn alone or under your favorite color.

“I'm a big DIY nails girl and this is the best base coat I've tried,” wrote Reddit user u/AbsentLandscape. “I top this with 2 coats of good quality polish, and then Seche Vite top coat, and I get 6-7 days out of that formula.”


The Clarifying Shampoo Made With Apple Cider Vinegar

Every once in a while, it’s good to give your hair some TLC and use a quality clarifying shampoo. This one can be used once or twice a week to remove product, hard water build-up, dirt, and oil. It’s made with apple cider vinegar and keratin to clean and fortify your hair. It works on all hair types and cleans your hair without stripping it.

Reddit user u/honeymakinmoney wrote, “Olaplex clarifying shampoo is quite possibly MAGIC. My fave clarifying shampoo that I have been using for nearly 10 years got discontinued so I tried out the Olaplex. I have naturally curly hair that I blow out straight. After washing with the Olaplex, my curls were GORGEOUS and frizz free and when I blew out my hair I had soooo much shine and body. Seriously amazing.”


A Compact French Press For Gourmet Coffee At Home

Making coffee at home is perhaps the coziest of activities and this French press has earned 15,000 reviews. The 17-ounce press is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass inside a stainless steel frame and filter. It’s sturdy yet compact and even dishwasher safe.

“I got a Bodum 4-cup French press and it makes a great cold brew coffee! I have been missing out!" wrote Reddit user u/pineapplebird52.


This Battery-Powered Shaver To Revive Pilling Fabrics

This fabric shaver will remove that stubborn fuzz on your sweaters, hats, and even your couch — leaving them looking brand new. It’s simple to use: just plug it in and let it fully charge, which usually takes about two hours. It will run for an hour on a full charge, picking up lint and any pilling on a variety of fabrics.

“[...] it saved me hundreds [on] couch pillows alone, not even counting making your clothes nice and new again,” wrote Reddit user u/LorianneCyanide. “I just never would have thought such a simple thing would be so amazing.”


A Cast Iron Skillet That Will Last A Long Time

Chefs love cast iron skillets because they provide superior heat retention and even cooking. Plus, once they’re seasoned, you don’t need any oil to cook with. This 10.25-inch pan is ideal for all kinds of cooking and even comes with a silicone handle holder to protect your hands. Use it to sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, or fry on your stovetop, in your oven, on the grill, or even over a campfire, for decades to come.

Reddit user u/doomaflotch wrote, “I’ve got a cast iron skillet that’s dated over a hundred years and looks fantastic. You can’t beat ‘em.”


These Lightning Cables That Are Remarkably Durable

These Anker lightning cables charge super quick and ship directly to your house thanks to Amazon. They’ve earned more than 42,000 reviews for their premium, braided nylon design, flexibility, and durability. The six-foot cable is convenient and practical, and this affordable pack includes two cables.

Reddit user u/TailRash recommends these and wrote, “Our most used and relatively inexpensive products that we've gotten off Amazon have been Anker products — charging cables, wireless charging pads, and one power bank.”


The Meat Thermometer That Gives A Digital Read In Seconds

Reddit user u/lurkersforlife recommends an instant-read digital thermometer and wrote that it “makes cooking SO MUCH EASIER.” They continued, “I use it for everything. [They’re] less than 15 bucks too.”

Ensure you get every meal right the first time with this meat thermometer. It gives you an instant temperature reading to help you grill and cook meat to perfection. The waterproof device has an easy-to-read LED screen and can be cleaned by running it underwater. It works just as well on beverages, frying oil, bread, and candy.


A Reusable Razor With Double-Edge Protection

This double-edge razor helps prevent razor burn and potential nicks. Its durable construction feels good in your hand and provides a close shave with just medium pressure. Best of all? The razor body is reusable, so you only have to buy replacement blades. The entire razor comes apart for cleaning and blade replacement.

Reddit user u/Disastrous_Step537 called a safety razor a genius purchase: “I don't have to shell out a million dollars on carts anymore or have to buy a new handle every few years because it got phased out or something. If my current $2.00 pack of blades go away I just find another brand of identical blades. 100% best move I've ever made. I've had one for years now.”


The Large Duffle Bag That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Before your next trip, snag this high-quality bag that Reddit users love. The 100L duffle bag is lightweight and ideal for long weekends, however, it can be folded up to save space between uses. The nylon fabric features a honeycomb design that’s water-resistant, as well as metal zippers that are durable and sturdy. The bag includes one large compartment with two smaller pouches on each end, as well as a shoe compartment, pockets, lift handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Choose from eight colors.

Reddit user u/Longjumping-Stock-90 wrote, “I bought them 7 years ago and use them intensively without any care, they look unchanged.”


An Ankle-Weight Set That’s Durable & Adjustable

Ankle weights are a great way to tone muscles around the house. This set includes two weights that can be adjusted between 1 and 5 pounds by removing or adding its weight bags. The set can be worn comfortably on your wrist or ankles and features double stitching and extra padding to sit comfortably against your skin. The extra-strong velcro keeps weights in place throughout your brisk walk, run, or cardio workout.

Reddit user u/lcbtexas wrote “[...] so much better than any I’ve ever purchased from a sporting goods store. They do not burst, the sand stays safely inside. Turns a casual walk into a nice workout.”


A Powerful, Waterproof Flashlight Under $40

Reddit user “u/regular_gonzalez” calls this tactical flashlight a genius find — it’s surprisingly bright and handy to have around for home projects, car repairs, or taking the dogs out at night. It’s equipped with 2000 lumens, as well as a waterproof body. It has five modes: high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe.

“If you use dollar store flashlights or mag lights or some random grocery store flashlight, you'll be amazed at how bright a quality flashlight is,” u/regular_gonzalez wrote.


The Garlic Press That Crushes Cloves With One Hand

Crush garlic cloves with the greatest of ease with this garlic press. The $19 gadget easily pushes garlic from its peels and cleans up well thanks to an efficient hole pattern and built-in cleaner. This garlic press has a large chamber that can handle several cloves at a time. Plus the non-slip handles make it easy to apply pressure as needed. Bonus: the entire tool is dishwasher-safe.

Reddit user u/Islingtonian wrote, “My OXO garlic press brings me so much joy every time I use it. I'm a slip of a girl but I can crush cloves with just one hand using that!”


This Stapler That Fastens Pages Together Without Staples

No need to refill your stapler — opt for this staple-less stapler that fastens pages together by cinching them. The power assist mechanism is reliable and can secure pages together with minimal force. Avoiding staples makes it easier to recycle or shred papers, plus the stapler itself is so small and compact that you can take it on the go.

Reddit user u/Paula92 called a staple-less stapler a necessity and wrote, “It won’t go through more than 4 sheets at a time (at least mine won’t) but I find that I rarely have more than 2 sheets of paper that need to be attached to each other.”


The Bathtub Drain Protector That Saves You From Calling Plumbers

Keep your drains as clean and clear as possible by using this popular hair catcher that nestles inside your drain. It won’t pop up or float in your tub thanks to its unique shape, but you don’t have to worry about it blocking water flow, either.

Reddit user u/LostandConfusing called the TubShroom “[...] a game changer, especially if you have long hair or multiple people sharing one shower/drain.”


A Right-Angle Charging Cable That’s Extra Durable

This unique charging cable has a right-angle USB-C plug so you can use your device more easily while charging it. The nylon braided exterior and reinforced joints are durable, it measures 6 feet long, and is compatible with a variety of devices.

“The right angle USB C plug a) makes it easier to use the phone while charging, and more importantly, b) puts less stress on your phone's USB C port, so it's less likely to be damaged,” wrote Reddit user ​​u/bradferg.


This Comfy Sleep Mask That Blocks Out Light

Whether you’re traveling or trying to sleep during the day, these sleep masks are life-changing. They block light without applying pressure to your eyes and have soft, tapered foam inserts that are adjustable from left to right to cover your eyes and provide optimal peace and quiet. The cotton and fleece mask is soft, machine washable, and has earned more than 9,000 reviews.

Reddit user u/hoardac called this pick “a game changer for sleep after night shifts.”


These Professional Hair Scissors That Cut With Precision

If you don’t have time for a trim or can’t get a salon appointment to maintain your ‘do, these professional hair scissors are a great option. “I have longish wavy hair, so it's [no big deal] to cut it myself,” wrote Reddit user u/lamireille. “I used to use the scissors that came with the hair cutting kit from Costco, but these are several zillion times better and easier. They [...] have saved me several hundred dollars in haircuts over the years."

The 6.5-inch shears feature a blunt head design, sharp blades, and an adjustable tension screw. The handle of the scissors has a curved finger rest, screw bumper, and additional finger rest so you can hold them securely in your hands. This lightweight pair of scissors provide precision.


A Compact Water Leak Alarm To Alert You

This smart reusable water leak alarm can help you ease your mind as a homeowner. “I bought a 3 pack like a decade ago and I have them under my kitchen sink, next to my clothes washer and my sump pump,” wrote Reddit user u/SummerLover69. “If water shows up in those areas, it makes a sound like a smoke alarm. A cheap option that can save [tens] of thousands in damages."

Use it in multiple locations in your home, like your bathroom, under your sink, or near your water heater, to sense water pooling before the situation gets serious. The small device is just over 3-inches in diameter to discretely hide out of sight, while providing peace of mind. It sounds like a loud, audible alarm, which will run for 24 hours, to warn you about leaks.


This Secure Trash Can With A Cult Following

If you need a new trash can, opt for one with more than 46,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating. This small 1.2-gallon can is made from brushed stainless steel and is fingerprint-proof, modern, and easy to clean, plus it includes a removable inner bucket that makes trash day super simple. The non-skid base keeps the trash can in place, even on slippery floors.

“I struggled with fruit flies in my first apartment until I was at a point of desperation and threw my whole trash can out because of all the grooves they would find to lay their eggs, even after I cleaned it several times with straight bleach,” wrote Reddit user u/snowyforest15. “Got a simple human garbage can and quite literally have not seen a single fruit fly in the four years since.”


The Stainless Steel Tweezers With A Slanted Tip

Some tweezers make it tricky to get every single stray hair, but not these. The 25-degree slanted tip gives you the right angle to capture every hair, every time. They grab each hair at the root for a cleaner tweeze every time. The handle makes it easy to hold and control — plus they’re a breeze to clean between uses.

“Tweezerman is awesome and they sharpen your blades for free,” wrote Reddit user “u/nickmac87”.


A Microplane Tool For Mincing Ginger & Garlic

Fresh ginger and garlic will elevate your meals and this microplane tool makes it easy to mince them without cutting your fingers and winding up with pieces in various sizes. The $17 tool is made of stainless steel and plastic to grate and cut the fibrous root. The flat design is compact and easily fits into a silverware drawer along with knives and other utensils. The extra sharp triangular-shaped teeth are tough enough to mince even frozen garlic and turmeric.

“I love cooking with fresh ginger so I bought a Microplane ginger tool which gets regular use as I love finely grated ginger,” wrote Reddit user u/Stopthatcat.


The No-Show Socks With Extra Ankle Padding

This pair of no-show running socks feature extra cushioning in the ball and heel of your foot to keep each step comfortable. “[...] I wear Balega Hidden Comfort for running (in Hokas, switches to this combo two years ago and never looking back),” says Reddit user u/29skis. “Balega socks are amazingly durable and ridiculously comfortable. [...]”

These socks also keep your feet dry and cool thanks to strategically placed ventilation panels. The high heel tab keeps the socks from slipping down and even reduces the risk of blisters. Choose from 29 colors and patterns.


An Insulated French Press Coffee Maker

No need to drive to your local coffee shop because making quality coffee at home just got easier. This French press is insulated to keep coffee hot for hours and looks pretty on your coffee bar. It has a four-layer filter to keep coffee grinds out of your java. Add water and coffee and push the plunger to brew four cups of coffee each morning with ease. This coffee maker even includes an airtight bean canister.

“I have a double walled SS press and I make coffee at 5:30/6 am, pour my cup, and go to work,” Reddit user u/werty246 wrote. “My wife still has hot ready-made coffee at 7/8.”


A Set Of Silicone Food Bags That You Can Reuse

Switch out your disposable plastic bags with this set of reusable food bags. The set includes eight extra-large bags, four large bags, and two medium bags. It even includes two complimentary cotton mesh bags for produce. "I no longer purchase plastic bags, cannot recommend enough,” Reddit user u/alyssakeezy wrote.

The silicone bags are safe in the oven, microwave, and freezer and are resistant to odors. The waterproof and leakproof bags are lightweight and seal easily to protect food, cosmetics, and other valuables.


This Convenient Shoe Horn For Slipping On Shoes

Reddit user u/zilch839 agrees: If you need help getting on your shoes, this shoe horn is a life-saver. The small, compact tool is easy to take with you on the go and the hole in the heel makes it convenient to hang up by your shoes. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or in your later months of pregnancy, not having to bend over is a huge help in your day to day.


These Reusable Dish Cloths That Are Machine Washable

Not all reusable replacements are as effective, but here’s one you can count on: Swedish dishcloths. These are odor-resistant alternatives to expensive paper towels and are versatile for cleaning spills, washing dishes, or even scrubbing the bathroom. "Swedish dish towels have definitely reduced my paper towel usage," revealed Reddit user u/apwong36.

They’re made of compostable wood pulp cloth and cotton, so they’re natural, biodegradable, and chemical-free. Just toss them in the washing machine when they need a clean. In fact, you can wash them up to 200 times.


A Crowd-Favorite Electric Toothbrush

This best-selling electric toothbrush makes dental hygiene a breeze. The high-powered, rechargeable toothbrush has five modes and comes with eight replacement heads. In just three hours, this toothbrush fully charges and will run for 60 days before it needs another charge. It removes up to 99.9% of plaque and can improve gum health and whiten teeth in as little as a week.

Reddit user u/bathtubdeer wrote, “An electric toothbrush has changed the name of the game with oral hygiene. Just paste up the brush, start daydreaming, and end up with pearly whites like you just left the dentist.”


This Portable Bidet For On-The-Go Cleaning

Reddit user u/ConnectionPossible70 called a portable bidet a genius product because it will “replace your toilet paper.” If you love the cleanliness of your home bidet and wish you could take it on the go, then this $10 travel option is for you. The portable bidet features a soft-squeeze bottle that’s ergonomic and features an angled spray design. The airlock allows for a consistent spray after each squeeze for maximum comfort, even in public restrooms. The compact size allows you to take it with you anywhere, discretely.


A Mega Power Bank With Three Inputs

Never worry about an uncharged phone when you’re on the go thanks to this power bank that has three inputs and outputs to last you all day. The external battery pack charges four times faster than a conventional charger and fits all three major cables: micro USB, lightning, and type-C. The compact size makes it easy to keep in your purse or backpack for emergencies.

“I got a 30000mAh portable phone charger — I call it the brick and it charges my iPhone up to 11 times,” said Reddit user u/ermadelsol. “I love that thing and have had it for 5 years.”


The Silicone Body Brush That Exfoliates Your Skin

Reddit user "u/ilovethesun22” suggested a “silicone loofah instead of the traditional kind.” They wrote, “Supposedly they don’t harbor as much bacteria and they dry out fully between uses. Makes me feel cleaner!” Ditch the loofah and upgrade to this silicone body scrubber. Not only does it gently scrub away dirt and dead skin, exfoliating your entire body, but the long-lasting scrubber is easy to clean. It has a loop to hang it up so it more easily dries.


The Viral Cleaning Scrub That Won’t Scratch Surfaces

These viral sponges are a favorite on Reddit because they clean everything — even stubborn areas — with ease. This pack of three smiley face textured scrubbers can be used on glass, stainless steel, cast iron, nonstick coating surfaces, chrome, leather, and more without worrying about scratching surfaces. The unique material and design allow you to clean everything from dishes to grout. And, the cherry on top: You can even throw them in the dishwasher when they’re dirty, raved Reddit user u/ADCarter1.


These Colorful Bandages For Cuts And Scrapes

Cuts and bruises happen, but who says bandages have to be boring? This pack contains flexible welly badges that stay put and come in fun and bright colors and patterns. They are sealed on all four sides to keep germs and dirt from getting underneath them and their clear wrapping lets you (or a kiddie) pick the pattern of your choice.

“Get the variety pack that contains the fingertip and knuckle bandaids,” Reddit user u/ADCarter1 recommended.


This Tweed-Covered Journal That’s Lined

The Jumping Fox journal is a hit on Reddit in part because, as Reddit user u/ADCarter1 explained, “They're beautifully made by a small, woman-owned company. Worth every penny.” The lined notebook has a durable hardcover covered in tweed cloth with an elastic band and double bookmark to make it easy to keep your place. The minimalist logo and foil edge are high-end and ready for you to fill the pages. It contains 140 numbered and lined pages that are smooth and it comes in four cover color choices.


A Flexible Spatula To Get Every Drop Of Your Product

“A beauty spatula helps to get the last little bit out of your beauty products (e.g foundation, moisturizer, concealer, etc),” Reddit user u/Bunzuh raved. “Helped me save more money in the long run too.” Never leave any product behind thanks to this flexible spatula. This two-pack of spatulas fits into any bottle or container, so you can get every last drop. The $9 pick has an 8-inch handle and a pointed tip that’s easy to use and can even function as an applicator for makeup.

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