55 Weird But Genius Things Selling Out Fast On Amazon

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When something’s selling out fast on Amazon, you can probably assume it’s a great item that customers can’t get enough of — but did you ever think about those unique, weird-but-genius products that are just as popular? They’re the ones you probably never thought existed — and now that you do, you want to buy them for yourself and all of your loved ones. I rounded up a bunch of those right here on this list so you can scroll through all of the strange, must-have items available online.

Let’s discuss a few of them, shall we? If you’re running the heat in your car for a long period of time, it’s bound to dry you out — unless, of course, you have this car humidifier that doubles as an essential oil diffuser. And maybe your cat loves basking in the sun and you want to treat them with this window perch that suctions to the glass. Or if you just want to kick back and crack open a cold one — but you’re worried about your drink not staying chilly — then there’s a can insulator to keep your drink at just the right temperature.

You also might not think you need a mug with a basketball hoop attached or a hairbrush that doubles as a safe, but that’s just because you don’t own them yet. These products are so genius that once you have them, there’s no going back.


This Bathroom Essential That Holds Both Toilet Paper & Your Phone

This toilet paper roll holder has a little shelf built in just to rest your phone on (or any other bathroom tool you need, like an air freshener). Made from stainless steel, this toilet paper holder is easily assembled and is big enough to fit the iPhone Max.


A Humidifier For Your Car That Has An Essential Oil Diffuser

Just like your home or office, the air in your car can feel dry. This portable humidifier plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car. It runs continuously for two hours, and you can add drops of essential oil to keep the car smelling fresh. The humidifier also rotates so you can adjust the mist to just the right spot.


This Skin Cleanser Made With Egg Whites

Mix up your skin care routine with this cleansing foam that includes egg whites among its ingredient list. The cleanser works to help firm pores and cleanse your complexion, and it can be used on sensitive skin. Plus, so many reviewers wrote it gives real results. “I've been using this consistently for the past 3 months. I love it,” said one customer.


A Cat Window Perch That Lets Your Feline Friend Bask In The Sun

Give your cat the throne they deserve with this window perch. With suction cups that stick to the window and stainless steel cables, this perch can hold up to 40 pounds so your cat feels secure. It also includes a removable mat made from a rugged material, so it’s easy to clean up all the fur that gets left behind.


A Silicone Mold That Shapes Ice In Your Cocktail Glass

Impress all your friends with this silicone ice mold that will make even the simplest cocktails look extra fancy. The mold works by fitting it into the whiskey glass — which comes with the mold — and pouring water so that it forms triangular ice. That means no more tiny ice that melts before you’re even halfway done with the drink.


This Headband That Will Make Washing Your Face Way More Fun

Washing your face can sometimes feel like a chore, but it’s much more enticing if you have a fun headband to hold your hair back. Instead of using a hair tie or letting your hair get wet, try this face wash headband with adorable animal ears. There’s a bear, cat, and even a unicorn with a horn.


An Avocado Slicer With Some Genius Features

Cutting an avocado can be a tricky business, but this three-in-one avocado slicer makes them super easy to cut, pit, and slice. The tool includes a serrated knife that can easily slice through the avocado, and there’s also a stainless steel pitter as well as a fan blade for small pieces. That way, you can make as much guacamole as your heart desires.


A Phone Charger That Sanitizes Your Device At The Same Time

Keep your phone clean and charged with this wireless charger. It features a UV light that aims to remove 99% of germs on the surface, but it also has wireless charging capabilities to help keep your phone juiced up. And it’s not just for phones: This portable sanitizing station can be used for ear buds, glasses, or anything else that fits in the box.


These Amazing Pencils That Can Be Planted & Grown Into Plants

Usually, pencils are just thrown out when they’ve been used up — but these plantable pencils help reduce waste. Made from biodegradable materials, these pencils come with a cap filled with seeds so that when the pencil gets too short, it can be planted. Each pencil is labeled with the kind of seeds it holds, including everything from thyme to chia and daisies.


This Outlet Extender With A Built-In Shelf

In today’s day and age, it’s always a pain when there aren’t enough free outlets. This outlet extender solves all those problems. With six outlets and three USB ports, this extender can handle up to nine devices at once. It also comes with a removable shelf to hold devices that are charging.


A Zig-Zag Brownie Pan For Anyone Who Prefers The Edge Pieces

In my opinion, the edge pieces in a brownie pan are the best part. This nonstick brownie pan is designed so that the entire pan is composed of those edge pieces. The 13-by-9-inch pan is big enough to hold a standard boxed brownie mix — but with it’s intricate design, it creates more edges to get that crispy, chewy brownie texture. It can be used for other types of baked goods, too — like cake or oatmeal bars.


These Cozy Curtain String Lights That Reviewers Are Loving

Bring a cozy warmth to a room with this curtain of string lights. The set of soft white lights is 9 feet wide and big enough to envelop the room in a warm glow. Over 60,000 reviewers have raved about these lights and the pizazz they add to a room. “Pictures [and] videos do these lights no justice, they are so pretty in person [and] add so much to a room,” wrote one reviewer.


This Self-Watering Pot To Keep Your Plants Thriving

This self-watering planter has a base that holds water along with hollow legs that aerate soil, making it easy to keep your house plants at the right moisture level. I’m always overwatering and having to clean up overflow water off the floor, but this planter waters from the bottom up so that’s never an issue.


This Body Scrub That Seriously Exfoliates Your Skin

You can exfoliate your skin while keeping it moisturized with the help of this face and body scrub that comes in nine scents, including blueberry, grapefruit, and 24-kara gold (picture). Made with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil, this scrub moisturizes as it exfoliates.


The Simple Tools That Make Removing Nail Polish So Much Easier

Sometimes, manicures can be a pain to get off when you want to change the color. These nail-soaking clips make it easy to soak your nails in polish remover for as long as necessary. Just soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover and attach it to your finger with one of the clips. They have over 14,000 five-star ratings, with many customers saying they “work like a charm.”


An Ice Roller That Helps Cool Your Complexion Down

Take skin care to another level with this ice roller that hangs out in the freezer before you use it. It’s meant to glide smoothly across your face while massaging your skin and reviving your complexion — but it can even help remove muscle aches on your neck or legs. You can also use it to cool down on extra-hot days.


This Banana-Hanging Tool That Helps Keep Fruit Riper For Longer

It’s always a bummer when bananas get too ripe before they can be eaten. This banana-hanging tool promotes even airflow on the bananas — like they would get in a tree — which helps them ripen evenly. Plus, it hangs from a small hook that you can attach basically anywhere, so it doesn’t take up counter space like those standalone banana hooks.


This Fun Mug That Makes Playing With your Food Acceptable

This basketball mug has a hoop attached so you can make some baskets with marshmallows while drinking hot cocoa (or even oyster crackers while eating soup). Made from high-quality stoneware, these mugs are sturdy and dishwasher safe.


A Holographic Fanny Pack With Total ‘80s Vibes

In my opinion, fanny packs are an essential for any concert or festival. You can keep your phone, wallet, and other essentials all in one place with this holographic fanny pack. Made from a water-resistant fabric, this accessory helps keep your belongs dry in its three pockets. Plus, it comes it tons of colors like rainbow holographic or pink sequins.

  • Available colors: 19


This Donut-Shaped Mousepad That Brings Fun Vibes To Your Office

You can bring some fun energy to your workspace with this mousepad that looks like a genuine, delicious donut. Thanks to its nonslip rubber backing, it should glide around your desk — and it also comes in the form of other treats like pizzas or a kiwis. Many customers wrote that they’re “good quality.”


This Insulated, Stainless Steel Can Holder With Over 60,000 Fans

Keeping a cold drink cold is no easy feat. This insulated can cooler is specifically designed to keep slim cans cold, so it’s perfect for a seltzer, energy drink, or any other beverage that comes in a 12-ounce can. Tons of reviewers love them so much they’ve already bought more for their loved ones. “Once I got mine and saw how effective it was, I decided all of my cold beverage loving friends and family will be getting one also,” wrote one customer.


A Baking Tool That Will Take Your Cookies To The Next Level

Make cookies that will impress your friends and family with this cookie press. With 12 different discs for different shapes, you can extrude dough into the form of a flower, heart, tree, and other fun designs. The tool comes with recipes so you can make spritz cookies, as well as savory treats like cheesy crackers.


This Scalp-Massaging Tool With Over 90,000 Fans

Don’t forget about your scalp in your self-care routine: This easy to use scalp massager and hairbrush is made from soft silicone and gives your scalp a deep clean while brushing smoothly through your hair. One reviewer wrote, “My scalp feels cleaner than ever, I’m going to use this every time I wash my hair!” It even helps lather the shampoo while you’re washing.


This Solar-Powered Phone Charger That Doubles As A Flashlight

This solar-powered phone charger works with all sizes of iPhones, Galaxy devices, and other pieces of tech with wireless charging capabilities. When the solar powered device is fully charged, it can fully charge an iPhone up to three times. The solar panels also help power the bright flashlight on the device.


A Wireless Charger That So Many Reviewers Are Loving

Keep your phone, ear buds, and other devices juiced up with this wireless charger; it has different modes based on what device you’re charging to get optimum speed. This device has over 106,000 positive ratings, and many customers love how it accommodates their devices. It can even charge phones that have cases on them (if they’re 4 millimeters thick or less).


This Simple Scrunchie Organizer That Makes A Huge Difference

It’s way too easy for scrunchies to get lost; mine are always falling onto the floor or behind the dresser. This simple-but-effective scrunchie holder keeps all your hair ties neat and organized. Once they’re all stacked, you can see all your colorful scrunchies so much easier. Plus, you can use it for other accessories (like bracelets).


The Action Camera That Will Make You Feel Like A Pro

Make your vacations even more memorable by taking photos underwater or videos while skiing. This little action camera is only a few inches wide, but it can go up to 30 meters underwater. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with action photography, because this camera comes with everything you need — including a waterproof case and a helmet mount.


This Side Table That Makes Netflix & Chilling So Much Easier

Everyone has had the experience of trying to balance where to put your snacks, remote, and phone while hanging out on the couch. This super cool side table clips onto the arm of your couch, so you don’t actually need an additional table. You can keep all your essentials in close reach without having to invest in an expensive new piece of furniture.


These LED Under-Bed Lights That Are Activated By Motion

As someone who’s afraid of the dark, I’m always looking for something that makes getting up in the middle of the night less creepy. These motion-activated lights are perfect for the bedroom or kitchen so that when you get up to go to the bathroom (or to get a late snack), you’ll be able to see where you’re going. The lights have an adjustable auto shut-off feature, so you don’t have to worry about them staying on.


A Genius Kitchen Tool That Turns Fruit Into Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home takes a lot of work, but making soft serve out of frozen fruit is super easy. This fruit soft serve maker take frozen bananas, strawberries, or your other favorite fruit and turns it into a tasty treat. One reviewer wrote, “Oh my gosh why did it take me so long to find this amazing gadget! Ice cream lovers, fruit lovers, sorbet lovers - this is the best invention!”


The Portable Countertop Burner That’s Super Affordable

Whether you’re an avid cook who needs an extra burner or if you want a device just for emergencies, this little portable burner has got your back. It has 750 watts of power, so you can cook just like you would on a regular stove. Plus, it weighs less than 2 pounds — so it’s easy to store and travel with.


This Waterproof Phone Case That Lets You Watch TV In The Shower

Netflix and chill in the shower with this waterproof phone case that mounts to the wall. The case keeps your phone dry with its waterproof sealing and anti-frog screen. It also comes with three adhesive mounts, so you can pick several spots around the house to use it (like above the sink or in the kitchen).


The Ergonomic Pizza Cutter With Over 25,000 Fans

If you ask me, cutting pizza is always an annoying task. This pizza cutter wheel makes slicing easy with its ergonomic handle that fits in your palm and a blade guard that helps protects your hands. One reviewer, whose family has been making pizza for generations, wrote “The only ingredient I was missing was a decent pizza cutter. That was in the past, this is a game changer!”


This Hilarious Toilet-Shaped Planter That’s Under $10

Spice up your bathroom decor with this ceramic planter in the shape of a toilet. (You could put it elsewhere in the house for a quirky accent, too.) The small pot comes in two sizes and is the perfect shape for a succulent or other small plant. And just like any good toilet, it’s got a drainage hole in the bottom.


An Easy Tool That Helps You Save Product From Nearly-Empty Bottles

It’s just the worst when you’re at the end of a bottle of soap or skin-care product and can’t get that last bit out of the bottle. This bottle-emptying kit fits most common bottle sizes and makes it super easy to screw the cap on, flip it over, and squeeze out any remaining product. Plus, it has a valve to you can seamlessly transfer the product to a new bottle.


This Mini Donut Maker That’s So Simple To Use

In my opinion, there’s nothing like a fresh donut for breakfast in the morning. This mini donut maker lets you have that experience without having to go out to a bakery. The machine can make seven mini donuts at a time, but they cook so fast that’s you can easily make much more than that. Plus, the nonstick cooking surface makes it easy to retrieve the donuts when they’re ready to eat.


A Sauce Holder For Your Car That Was Featured On Shark Tank

This sauce holder for your car makes going to the drive-thru so much easier. Instead of balancing packets of ketchup and barbecue sauce on the dashboard, just clip this dip container onto an air vent in your car and plop the sauce container it. “This thing changed my life. I will never road-trip again with out this miracle of modern science,” wrote one reviewer.


This Cake-Decorating Tool That Will Make You Feel Like A Pro

If you can write with a pen, you can decorate a cake. To use this cake-decorating tool, you hold it like you would a pen and squeeze out frosting to make fine lines and decorations. It’d be so easy to decorate cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats to make them look like they came from a professional bakery. “It feels as I was using a pen, the frosting comes out smooth and easy,” wrote one reviewer.


These LED Backlights That Can Be Controlled Through A Phone App

Turn your home theater or gaming station into a colorfully lit sanctuary. These LED backlights are designed to go around the back of a TV or computer monitor. They offer just enough brightness to add an accent light, but not too bright that they block the screen. The color and light settings can even be adjusted from your phone.


This Hairbrush That Has A Secret Compartment To Hide Your Valuables

No one would think to look for a wad of cash or jewelry inside a hairbrush, right? That’s what’s makes this diversion safe that looks like a hairbrush so perfect, because it secretly hides your valuables. Reviewers have reported that the brush actually works, too — with one person writing “Looks so realistic and the brush is actually very soft on your hair and surprisingly great quality.”


This Portable Foot Rest For Relaxing On Plane Rides

With so little space to move, long flights can be hard on your legs. This airplane footrest is like a hammock for your feet and keeps them moving to help prevent swelling and soreness (while simultaneously making your seat a little more comfortable). It hooks onto the arm of a tray table and is small enough to fit in your purse or carry-on bag.


This Bottle Opener That Makes It More Fun To Crack Open A Cold One

Regular bottle openers work fine, but they’re nowhere near as cool as this automatic bottle opener. The spring-loaded bottle opener doesn’t require any twisting or struggling with a bottle opener; just push down on the cap and then pop if off. It shouldn’t dent or pierce the caps, either — so it’s perfect for someone who collects them.


A Sloth-Shaped Diffuser That Makes Drinking Tea Way Cuter

Tea diffusers are usually a plain and boring metal design, but this sloth-shaped tea diffuser brings a whole new life to your cups. The cute little sloth hangs from the edge of your cup while the tea leaves in his belly infuse your drink. Made from silicone, this diffuser is dishwasher and microwave safe.


This Portable Utensil Set That Helps Cut Down On Single-Use Plastic

Eating with plastic utensils is an inevitable part of traveling, but it doesn’t have to be. This compact travel utensil set comes with a set of full sized utensils so you don’t have to rely on disposable ones. “I like that these are stainless steel, which makes them super durable, washable, and infinitely reusable,” wrote one reviewer.


This Blanket That Will Make You Feel — & Look — Like A Warm Burrito

If you have ever had the desire to wrap yourself like a burrito, then this is the blanket for you. Designed with a pattern that looks like a grilled tortilla, this blanket is big and perfect for snuggling. But don’t just trust me — trust the reviewers who’ve wrote that it’s “super soft.”


A Desktop White Board That Doubles As A Storage Container

Keep track of reminders and organize your desk with this desktop note board that also has a storage drawer. You can write down assignments or to-do lists on the glass note board while keeping pens and paper clips hidden away in the drawer. The board is even tilted at an angle, so it’s easier to write on and read when seated.


The Drawing Tablet That Makes Sketching On The Computer So Easy

Using a computer mouse to draw or make graphics can be tricky. This portable drawing tablet plugs right into your computer and lets you easily illustrate using a stylus. So many reviewers love how impressive the product is for its affordable price point, with one writing, “Can you believe they make something this amazing for this cheap?? Makes me want to buy 5 of them just in case.”


This Penguin-Shaped Thermos That Makes Packing Lunch Way Cuter

In my opinion, it’s fun to add some character to your lunch. In this case, the character is a penguin-shaped thermos. With vacuum insulation and a stainless steel interior, this thermos drinks or soup hot for eight hours or cold for 12 hours. “The lid stays on securely and everyone who sees it has a fit over how darling it is,” wrote one reviewer.


A Ring Holder Shaped Like A Cat That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

Keep your jewelry organized with this cat ring holder that doubles as a tiny piece of art. The piece holds several rings and has a copper finish that gives it a shine. Tons of reviewers have called it “so adorable” — and it even comes in other animal shapes like a bunny and a reindeer.


This Filter Stick That Helps Prevent Headaches While Drinking Wine

This small, disposable wine filter stick aims to help remove the histamines and sulfites from your wine glass, all without changing the taste. Get a pack for your next wine night with friends or keep some in the closet to use throughout the week. They can be used with both red and white wine.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Help Keep your Hands Protected While Cooking

These cut-resistant gloves are made from the highest level of cut-resistant fabric available (per the brand), and they aim to help protect your hands while chopping vegetables or using an ever-risky mandoline slicer. They can also be used for other heavy-duty tasks like woodworking and yard work.


This Projector Alarm Clock That Connects To Your Phone

Waking up on time can be hard, but this projection alarm clock is here to help. With a cord that connects to your phone, this alarm clock projects time onto the wall or ceiling (so you can clearly see the time even while lying in bed), while also charging your device as it’s plugged in.


A Handheld Milk Frother That Comes In Over 30 Colors

It might feel like only a barista can make fancy drinks, but this portable milk frother makes it easy. Whether or want a foam with your latte or hot chocolate, this frother does the job in just a few minutes. It even works with non-dairy milks (like soy or almond milk). “This is by far the best frothers I've ever used,” raved one reviewer.


This Dish Sponge Holder That Looks Like A Bed

This dish sponge holder is shaped like a bed, complete with a backboard and pillows. It’s made of plastic, giving you a durable spot to store your sponge in between uses by the sink. It can also be used with various types of sponges, all of which will drain and air-dry while sitting on the bed.


This Fork That’s Made Specifically For Your Condiment Bottles

Instead of fishing around your go-to condiment jar for pickles, jalapeños, and more, you can easily use this fork that’s designed to seamlessly remove your favorite snacks. It’s designed with three prongs made of stainless steel, and the entire utensil can be attached to the jar with the included band. Plus, it can be cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher.