44 Weird But Genius Things Under $15 Getting Popular On Social Media

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Have you ever discovered a product on Instagram or TikTok that you must have? Maybe it was a pair of stylish cinched leggings with thousands of thrilled customers, or maybe it was an easy-to-use wine opener that requires no twisting and turning. Regardless, it was an item that stopped you in your scrolling tracks and made you get your wallet out. As you could probably imagine, there are tons of weird-but-genius things getting popular on social media, and you can find them all on Amazon. Plus, many of them are under $15 (including the items on this list).

That's right, $15 or less. That means some of the items I've featured — like water-resistant sticky notes — are so cheap you might as well grab a few packs. It can't hurt since they're only $8, after all. And don't get me started on the velvet scrunchies with hidden pockets, because I've already added them to my cart. Some might call me an impulse shopper, but I'll have you know they give me an extra place to hold some cash when I'm out and about.

Again, there's only one store I shop at when I'm trying to save money and score all the products I've seen on social media: Amazon. Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite picks, all priced at $15 or less.


This 12-Pack Of "Easy To Use" Dermaplaning Tools

You can shape your brows and exfoliate away old skin by using these dermaplaning razors. Each one features a sharp stainless steel blade for removing unwanted facial hair or peach fuzz. One reviewer even raved, "I have never used any type of dermablade before and absolutely love these! They are very easy to use and lightweight."


These Spatulas To Reach Every Last Drop Of Your Beauty Products

Whether you're down to the last of your shampoo or you're almost out of makeup, these spatulas can help. Their narrow heads reach deep into bottles to help you get every last drop — and since the heads are made from flexible silicone, they'll contour to the shape of your bottles.


This Battery-Powered Desktop Vacuum For Tiny Messes

Don't swipe all those crumbs onto the floor — just clean up your desk with this miniature vacuum. The cordless design lets you easily move it all over, while the nylon bristles help sweep up dust. Simply provide two of your own AA batteries and it'll be ready to go.


A UV Box That Helps Sanitize Your Smartphone

When was the last time you cleaned your smartphone? If it's been a while, grab this box. The powerful UV light on the inside helps eliminate germs, and it only takes about three minutes. You can also sanitize any other items that fit inside, including keys, cash, jewelry, and more.


The Electric Scrubber That Works On Dishes, Tiles, & More

When you've finally grown tired of scrubbing away at dirt, give this electric brush a try. Each order comes with two heavy-duty scrubber heads, and the tough scraper edge on the bottom is perfect for extra-stubborn bits of grime. Unlike other scrubbers, this one comes with batteries included — and it can be used on various surfaces such as dishes, tiles, and more.


A Lemon-Scented Gel That Cleans Deep Into Tight Spaces

Keyboards, air vents, camera lenses — this gel can clean away dust and dirt from all of those surfaces and more. You can squish it into tight spaces without having to worry about leaving behind scratches, and it's reusable until the color turns dark.


A Pump That Dispenses Water Out Of Gallon Jugs

You don't need a bulky dispenser tower to get a fresh glass of water; just use this pump. It attaches onto bottles ranging from 1 to 5 gallons in size, making it perfect for everything from your home office to outdoor sporting events. When fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 40 days (or up to 30 gallons of water).


This Miniature Mic That Plugs Into Your Phone

Compatible with smartphones and computers, this miniature microphone lets you rock out no matter where you are. You can use it to amplify your voice, record music, or even for video chatting. Many reviewers also raved about how it has surprisingly great sound quality.


This Hair-Finishing Stick That Helps Tame Flyaways

Got a few strands that don't reach up into your ponytail? Give them a few swipes with this finishing stick to help keep them held up with the rest of your mane. The moisturizing formula won't leave behind any greasy residue, and it's made with plant-based ingredients.


These Genius Post-It Notes That Are Water-Resistant

Tired of seeing your notes dissolve in the rain? Switch over to these water-resistant ones. They're made from ultra-strong paper, and the adhesive is designed to work in hot and cold environments. Plus, each note is also resistant to bleed-through from markers.


This Wine Opener That Doesn't Need Any Twisting

I've never been good at opening wine with those twist-and-pull openers, and that's why I use an opener similar to this one instead. Simply line up the needle over the cork, then press down on the plunger a few times. The cork will rise up as air is vacuumed out of the chamber, and it's reusable as many times as you like.


A Portable Lock That Adds Security To Pretty Much Any Door

Whether you're in an Airbnb or a hotel room, you can still add peace of mind by popping this portable lock into the front door. The latch on the inside prevents intruders from entering — even if they have a key. And since it's made from tough stainless steel, there's likely no need to worry about someone forcing their way through.


The Pouch That Clips Chapstick To Your Bag

Always losing your chapstick? Just clip it to your bag with one of these cute pouches. Reviewers raved about how their snug fit keeps your tubes from sliding out — and with five in each pack, there's one for everybody in the house. Choose from colors like pink, blue, purple, as well as a variety pack option.


A Silicone Scrubber That Reaches All Over Your Back

Add a dollop of soap to this scrubber and stretch it out behind your back to clean that awkward spot loofahs can't reach. It's made from soft silicone, and the gentle bristles can help cleanse your pores. Choose from four colors: green, pink, dark grey, or blue.


The Lint Shaver That Breathes New Life Into Tired Garments

With a shaving grate that has different-sized holes for various types of fabric, this shaver is perfect for refreshing tired garments. It even boasts two different speeds as well as three shaving heights that you can choose from (depending on the cloth you're working with). It works with batteries, but you can also plug it in for power.


A Silicone Shampoo Brush That Massages Away Dirt

Whether you've had a stressful day or if you're in need of a deep hair-wash, this shampoo brush is a must-have. The bristles are made from soft silicone that massage your scalp as they cleanse away dirt, while the ergonomic design fits comfortably in both hands. Choose from five colors: black, green, purple, and more.


These Dish Gloves With Scrubber Bristles On The Palms

You don't need a sponge when you've got these dish gloves, as they feature hundreds silicone bristles on the palms to help you scrub away grime. They're also heat-resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps keep you protected against scalding water. One reviewer put it best: "The glove fits close to my arm and the thick material shields from the heat of the hot water. Also it makes doing dishes SO EASY. You just wash them, like you were washing your hands...”


The Hydrocolloid Patches That Dry Unwanted Blemishes Overnight

Pop one of these hydrocolloid patches over your next blemish, and the dressing can help shrink its appearance in just six hours. They're transparent to help them blend into your skin, or you can cover them with makeup for an extra-subtle appearance.


These Stylish Leggings That You Probably Saw On TikTok

Go ahead and bend in any direction while you're wearing these leggings; the four-way stretch fabric won't become transparent. Pair them with a crop top for a cute gym outfit, or even throw them on as a comfy alternative to jeans. And since they come in more than 20 shades, you might as well grab a few pairs while you're here.


This Nutrient-Packed Shaving Oil With A Coconut-Lime Scent

If standard shaving cream isn't leaving your skin as smooth as you'd like, try adding this shaving oil to your routine. It's jam-packed with moisturizing shea butter, as well as vitamin E, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, sesame oil, oat kernel extract, and more. If used before shaving, it can help prevent ingrown hairs and unwanted razor bumps.


The Toothbrush With Over 15,000 Seriously Soft Bristles

If your sensitive gums are easily irritated by regular toothbrushes, it may be time to give these extra-gentle ones a try. The bristles are made from ultra-gentle fibers that are 80 times softer than regular toothbrush bristles, while the ergonomic handle fits comfortably in both hands. Apparently, one brush has over 15,000 bristles attached.


A Set Of Colorful Strip Lights For Chic Mood Lighting

With an adhesive backing that runs the entire length of these strip lights, it's almost too easy to stick them anywhere in your home. Put them underneath cabinets and counters for chic kitchen lighting, or even slip them behind your television for an affordable home theater upgrade. Each order also comes with a remote — just in case you want to change their color without getting up.


This Self-Closing Toothpaste Cap To Help Prevent Messy Tubes

My boyfriend never closes the cap on his toothpaste, which is why I just added these self-closing ones to my cart. They help prevent goopy build-up so that your tubes stay clean, and each one is made from food-grade material. You can also use them on lotions and ointments to help prevent messes in your toiletry cabinet.


A Silicone Water Bottle That Collapses For Compact Storage

Your water bottle doesn't have to take up a ton of space in your bag, especially if it's empty. Not only does this bottle collapse to help you save space, but the top is also leakproof to help prevent spills. The best part? It's made from shatterproof silicone that's also BPA-free.


A Stamp That Covers Your Personal Info To Help Protect Your Identity

Got a few important documents you need to throw out? Make sure they're safe from prying eyes with this roller stamp. It'll obfuscate any sensitive information so that it's unreadable — and each one comes with enough ink for approximately 100 meter of coverage.


A Heat-Resistant Pouch For Your Hot Hair Tools

You don't have to scald your countertops by letting your hot hair tools sit on them. Instead, help keep them protected by using this heat-resistant pouch. It's made from tough silicone that can handle temperatures up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, and the textured surface will help keep your tools from sliding off.


A Ring Light That Illuminates Your Selfies

If you prefer warm amber lighting to illuminate selfies and video calls, this ring light a must-have. The brightness is adjustable up to 10 levels, while the flexible gooseneck lets you bend it into any position. And unlike many other ring lights, this one also features a sturdy mount for your phone.


The Clip That Helps You Pull Zippers You Can't Reach

Hook this clip onto any awkward or hard-to-reach zipper, and the extra-long ribbon will allow you to easily pull it up without having to twist or bend. It's designed to work with any type of zipper, as well as on boots and children's clothes.


A Kit To Turn Your Mirror Into A Hollywood Vanity

In my opinion, it doesn't matter how stylish your vanity is: If your mirror doesn't feature lights, you're definitely missing out. This LED light kit not only helps you turn your plain mirror into a Hollywood-style vanity, but the smart-touch dimmer makes it easy to adjust its brightness.


This Smart Plug That's Compatible With Alexa

Pair this smart plug with Google Home or Alexa, and you'll be able to control your gadgets using voice commands. There's no smart hub required — as you can choose to use it with the Kasa app — and the scheduling function even lets you turn your lights on and off when you aren't home.


A Powder Foundation That Provides Complete 24-Hour Coverage

Prefer liquid foundations over powders? You might be swayed by L'Oréal's infallible powder. It delivers up to 24 hours of liquid-like coverage, and it's even waterproof as well as sweat-proof. One reviewer even raved, "My makeup looks flawless all day with minimal shine/ oil break through."

  • Available in 16 shades


The Simple Trash Can Designed For Your Car

You don't have to let straw wrappers and other trash kick around your car; just stash it all away in this garbage can. It's available in four colors to match the inside of your vehicle: black, blue, brown or red. Plus, it's waterproof as well as leakproof in case you need to throw away liquids.


A Gel That Keeps Fragile Items In Place On Your Shelves

I know I'm not the only one here who's broken glassware by accidentally nudging it off my shelves — so if you've been there, grab this gel. The tacky texture keeps your fine china from falling off the furniture where you have them on display, and it shouldn't stain the surface.


This Ice Roller Made From Stainless Steel

Unlike many other rollers, this one is made from rust-resistant stainless steel that retains cold temperatures longer than plastic or silicone. It's great for helping soothe tired eyes in the morning, and it can even help stimulate blood circulation within your face.


These Retro Rectangle Sunglasses That You're Probably Seeing Everywhere

Not only are these retro sunglasses oh-so chic, but they're just as functional as they are fashionable. The lenses — which boast a UV-400 rating — help keep your eyes protected against the sun's rays, and they'll even help reduce glare. Choose from a variety of colors, including a fun shade of lime.


The Velvet Scrunchies With Hidden Pockets For Your Cash

Made with high-quality velvet, these aren't your average scrunchies. Each one features a hidden pocket — complete with a zipper — where you can stash everything from cash to house keys. Plus, they come in a variety of colors: cream, red, silver, and more.


A Flat Iron That Seals Unfinished Snack Bags Shut

Chip clips allow air to leak into your bags, whereas this heated iron lets you seal them shut to help your snacks stay fresher for longer. It's designed to work with everything from snacks to pet food bags — and it only takes about 30 seconds to heat up.


The Soap Sheets That'll Come In Handy When The Bottle Runs Out

The next time you're stuck in a public bathroom without any soap, you'll be glad you bought these soap sheets. They also work great when camping, and reviewers raved about how they "smell good." Each pack contains 20 sheets of soap in six different scents: rose, jasmine, lavender, milk, wormwood, and orange.


The Slim Organizers That Slip Between Your Car Seats

Tired of losing stuff between the seats in your car? These organizers block the gaps so that nothing can fall down, and they give you handy places to stash your phone, sunglasses, wallet, and more. Plus, each one is made from high-quality faux leather.


A Set Of Resistance Bands To Get Toned At Home

The sky is the limit when it comes to exercising with these resistance bands that have earned 70,000 perfect five-star reviews. Loop them around your thighs to add difficulty to your squats, or even anchor one down to a table for some bicep curls. Each order comes with five bands in varying resistance levels, as well as a drawstring travel pouch.


The Facial Mister That Gives You A Quick Refresh

When you need a quick moment to yourself in the middle of the day, let this facial mister's soothing droplets help you refresh your face and your mind. The water tank is large enough to provide up to 60 seconds of steam 10 times throughout the day, and the compact size allows it to fit in your bag easily.


These Silicone Brushes That Help Face Masks Glide Onto Skin

Designed with single wide bristles made from silicone, these brushes help face masks glide onto your skin so that your hands can stay clean. They're soft, hygienic, and suitable for sensitive complexions. One reviewer even wrote that "they are extremely easy to clean and re-use."


This Flash Drive For Your All Of Your Smartphone Photos

Running out of space on your iPhone or iPad? Transfer your favorite photos and videos onto this flash drive with super high ratings. There's no need for a computer since it plugs directly into your charging port, and you can choose from options with as little as 32 gigabytes of space or as many as 256 gigabytes.


A Speaker That Lets You Jam Out In The Shower

Attach this water-resistant speaker to your shower wall using the suction cup on the back, and you'll be able to jam out to your favorite tunes for up to six hours. The buttons on the front allow you to skip and pause music, while the built-in microphone is perfect for hands-free calls. But if you don't like singing in the shower, it's also great for trips to the beach or pool.

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