50 Weird Things For Your Pets On Amazon That Are So Damn Clever

Turns out, pet ownership doesn’t have to be that ruff.

50 Weird Things For Your Pets On Amazon That Are So Damn Clever
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Life can be so much more enjoyable with a four-legged friend by your side. That said, it can be tough to balance all the responsibilities (and expenses) that come with pet ownership. That’s where these unique goods come in: From mini hair removers that keep your furniture clean to doggy seat belts for car safety, these 50 weird things from Amazon are so clever that you’ll wonder how you ever took care of your canine or feline bestie before you hit “Add to Cart.”


These Full Coverage Grooming Gloves To De-Shed Pets At Home

Trips to the pet spa can be astoundingly expensive; decrease your cat or dog’s beauty budget with these full-coverage grooming gloves. They'll work through even the toughest knots and tangles without yanking or pulling, so you won't aggravate sensitive pets. Plus, they'll speed up the grooming process, so the whole thing will take half the time that you’d spend using a brush or comb.


These Silicone Can Covers To Keep Pet Food Fresh For Longer

Use these silicone can covers to keep wet food fresh for longer and prevent bad odors from spreading throughout your fridge. Each cover is odorless, nontoxic, and BPA-free, so you can feel comfortable with the materials you're using around their food. Just slip a lid over a half-empty can, and its contents will be ready for your pet's next mealtime.


This Fridge Magnet That Serves As A Helpful Reminder At Mealtimes

This fridge magnet can help you remember when you last fed your pet, so you can avoid over- or underfeeding. It's protected with a strong Mylar material that resists scratches and UV, and its sturdy metal shell features a strong magnetic backing that keeps it securely in place. This is an especially great buy for pet parents on different schedules who could always use an extra visual aid.


This Adorable Chew Toy Designed To Look Like A Delicious Drink

With this adorable chew toy, you and your pet can both indulge your gourmet tastes. Its delightful design evokes your favorite fruit-flavored drink, and its interactive squeaker means they're likely to stay engaged for hours. The best part? It's machine washable, so when it gets dirty, you can clean it off on laundry day with ease.


This Car Seat Belt Restraint That's Fully Chew-Proof For Safer Road Trips

For safer road trips, invest in this car seat belt restraint. It's made of a strong steel rope and coated in heavy-duty nylon, so no matter how much your pup might gnaw or bite, it'll maintain its sturdy construction. Just attach it to any of your car's in-seat latch bars, and its locking clip will hold it firmly in place without restricting your dog's movement — just remember not to attach it to their collar. You can buy it in five different sizes.


A Cool Cat Cave Made Of Soft & Nontoxic Wool From New Zealand

This cool cat cave can help anxious cats calm down when they get nervous. Its soft and nontoxic wool material keeps cats warm all night long, and it's breathable enough to use in the summer. Each cat cave is about seven inches wide and 20 inches high, making it roomy enough to fit felines of all breeds and sizes for maximum comfort.


This Odor-Eliminating Indoor Turf Your Dog Can Use Between Walks

Your young pup can relieve themselves in between walks with this odor-eliminating indoor turf. It'll absorb smells and eliminate odors just like real grass but with absolutely none of the upkeep required to maintain a lawn. Whether you work outside your home or you're potty training your pup for the first time, it'll encourage your four-legged friends to go to the bathroom in a designated area (i.e. not on your carpet).


These Flea & Tick Prevention Drops To Protect Your Pup From Pests

These flea and tick prevention drops will protect pups of all sizes from unwanted pests. They're made with imidacloprid, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen, which the brand states are veterinarian-approved ingredients that act fast to repel and eradicate bugs on contact. Ticks, fleas, lice, and mosquitoes are no match for their powerful formula, which is incredibly easy to apply and provides continuous protection for 30 days after each application.


This Anti-Itch Wrinkle Paste To Clean Dirt & Grime Off Droopy Dogs

Use this anti-itch wrinkle paste to clean dirt and grime off droopy dogs. It forms a water-repellent barrier on the surface of your skin, which prevents moisture, yeast, and fungus from building in wrinkles and tail pockets to keep your dog comfortable. Plus, it's made without common irritants like alcohol, fragrance, and lanolin, so it's safe for pups with sensitive skin.


This LED Collar That Keeps Your Pet Visible Up To 1,000 Feet Away

This LED collar keeps your pet visible up to 1,000 feet away, so you can take them on outdoor adventures at night and trust that you’ll always know where they are. Choose between 11 cheerful colors and three lighting modes to customize your illumination experience. In between uses, you can use its micro USB charger to make sure it always has enough power. You'll receive up to eight hours of brightness on a single charge.


A Nonslip Cat Scratcher Mat That's Made Of A Biodegradable Material

Because this nonslip cat scratcher is made of a biodegradable material, it makes an eco-friendly alternative to its plastic-based counterparts. It's equipped with nonslip latex at the bottom, which increases its thickness and stability so it won't slide out of place while your pet plays. Plus, they can use it as a sleeping mat or a litter mat, and you can use it as a doormat that blends in beautifully with the rest of your home decor.


This Holistic Hairball Remedy With An Absorption Rate Of Up To 98%

With an absorption rate of up to 98%, this holistic hairball remedy makes an effective alternative to traditional pills. It's made with cat-friendly ingredients like cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, and beeswax that can help your cat emulsify and expel hairballs with no petroleum-based ingredients whatsoever. It'll also support healthy skin, fur, and digestion, whether you serve it in a bowl, on their paw, or directly into their mouth.


These Adorable Hide & Seek Toys That Engage Your Pet's Brain

Engage your pet’s brain with these adorable hide-and-seek toys, which are just as sweet as they are stimulating. Simply fill up the gym bag with the smaller toys and let them burrow away; you can even hide a treat or two to test their sense of smell. It's recommended especially for small and medium-sized dogs who aren't especially aggressive chewers.


This Foldable Cat Carrier You Can Collapse For Easy Storage

Collapse this foldable cat carrier for easy storage anywhere in your house or apartment. Its sturdy plastic and steel construction means it'll hold up through years of road trips and vet visits, and its durable door is equipped with a single-motion lock that stays securely shut and opens in a matter of moments. Pro tip: buy a cozy pet bed of up to 20 inches in length to make their transportation process that much more comfortable.


This Hands-Free Sling With A Reversible Design That's Beyond Stylish

This hands-free sling features a reversible design that keeps you feeling fresh and fashion-forward while you tote your pet from place to place. It's made with a soft cotton fabric that's fully breathable, so your pet will feel like they're in the lap of luxury, and it's durable enough for years of use. Plus, its secure safety latch keeps pets from jumping or falling out, so you can trust that they'll stay safe while you travel. It’s also fully machine washable for even more convenience.


This Sanitary Pooper Scooper That Keeps Your Hands Germ-Free

Walking your dog can be a seriously germy ordeal; keep hands clean with this sanitary pooper scooper. Simply hook it onto your pup's leash, and you won't forget it at home or have to carry it around; it's an incredibly convenient option for pet parents who don't want to lug any heavy tools around. Plus, it's equipped with a waste bag compartment that's compatible with the brands you already know and love, so you can keep the sidewalk clean with the utmost ease.


An Ingenious Pet Food Tracker That Attaches To Magnetic Surfaces

Invest in this ingenious pet food tracker, and you’ll never lose track of your pet’s feeding schedule again (or at least for a week). Here's how it works: when you've fed your pet in the morning or evening, switch the slider that corresponds with the correct time and day of the week. Whether you mount it with magnets or adhesive stickers, you can trust that it'll stay securely in place wherever you decide to install it.


A Mini Pet Hair Remover For Cleaner Clothes & Furniture

If you’re always finding fur on your furniture and clothes, you might benefit from this mini pet hair remover. Its ring-shaped handle makes it easy to grip, so your hands won't get tired while you clean, and its nonslip coating helps you maintain a firm hold. Plus, its soft silicone and rubber grooves create friction that picks up pet hair effortlessly for a thorough clean that requires less work on your part.


This Portable Pet Water Bottle To Keep Your BFF Hydrated On The Go

Keep your BFF hydrated on the go with this portable pet water bottle, which comes in handy during hot days at the dog park. Its hygienic design means you can simply press a button to release water and let your dog lap away; with its leakproof lid, it'll keep liquid from spilling out during use. It's available in three sweet colors and two sizes, so it'll accommodate pups of every size for a better way to drink water.


These Calming Chews That Help Alleviate Anxiety & Stress With Vet-Approved Ingredients

Through thunderstorms, car rides, and trips to the vet, these calming chews can help alleviate your pup’s anxiety and stress. They're formulated with effective ingredients like passion flower, valerian root, and L-theanine that reduce agitation without the use of any artificial preservatives. If you use these chews to familiarize your dog with a new situation or experience, you might just find that they're better equipped to handle it next time (with you by their side, of course).


A Reversible Dog Vest That’s Windproof & Waterproof To Keep Them Warm

This reversible dog vest is windproof and waterproof to protect your pup from the elements, even when the weather outside is frightful. Each vest is lined with a double-layer fleece that keeps your dog warm during cold weather walks, and its reversible design lets you switch up their style. You'll also appreciate its adjustable hook and loop closures, which allow you to customize the way it fits for your pup's comfort. Over 37,000 Amazon customers gave these vests a five-star rating.


These Pet-Drying Towel Mitts That Absorb So Much Water

Pat down your cat with these pet-drying towel mitts, which absorb an astonishing amount of water after they’re finished in the bath. Each mitt is made of a thick chenille fleece on one side and a microfiber material on the other, so it's equipped with double the absorbency (up to seven times its weight in water, in fact). Their elastic wristbands ensure a secure fit on hands and arms of all shapes and sizes, and you can toss them in the washing machine and dryer on laundry day.


This Sturdy Window Seat That’s Perfect For Felines Who Want To Sunbathe

Give this sturdy window seat to your sunbathing feline for maximum UV whenever they so desire. It's sturdy enough to support up to 40 pounds at once, so even the heaviest feline can sit comfortably in their favorite spot for hours on end. With its soft orthopedic foam material and washable faux lambskin cover, it's a cozy choice for cats of all shapes and sizes. It’s also simple to install with no tools at all.


This Flopping Fish Toy With An Interactive Motion Sensor Your Cat Will Absolutely Adore

For an interactive playtime experience your cat will absolutely adore, pick up this flopping fish toy. Its built-in motion sensor sets it off whenever your cat approaches, which entices them to come play, and its soft plush material makes it easy for them to chew. The best part? It's rechargeable via USB, which means you can avoid the hassle of replaceable batteries and power it up yourself for hours of fun with your best friend.


These Embroidered Patches Perfect For Service Dogs & Skittish Dogs Alike

If you're the proud parent of a service dog, use these embroidered patches to let the world know that they should ask before they approach. Each patch is beautifully crafted with excellent stitching that won't fade or wear off over time; just stick it onto their harness or sew it onto just about any fabric. Choose between a variety of sizes and messages to find the patch that's best for you and your pup. These are also great for dogs that might initially get nervous or skittish around new people.


This Cat Litter Mat To Keep Your Bathroom Floor Clean

Keep your bathroom floor clean with this cat litter mat, which catches debris with its double-layer honeycomb design. It's fully waterproof, so it'll hold up when it comes into contact with liquid, and it's slip-resistant, so it'll stay securely in place. This is an especially smart buy if you'd like to keep your hardwood floors or beloved carpets from getting stained.


This Interactive Cat Toy That Promotes Slower Feeding

If your feline friend eats at the speed of light, you might want to try this interactive cat toy. Simply stash their kibble in its various tubes, and they'll love digging through to their favorite foods and treats. Plus, it's a breeze to disassemble; just remove the tubes from the bowl and wash them by hand.


This Cozy Car Seat Made Of Soft & Luxurious Velvet

With this cozy car seat, your pet can sit in the lap of luxury on the way to your next destination. It’s made of soft and luxurious velvet that keeps your pup happy while you drive (and keeps your interiors safe from potential accidents). Because it's equipped with two safety straps and a harness connector, it'll ensure your pet doesn't budge from their seat while giving them just enough breathing room.


This Puppy Training Set To Teach A New Dog New Tricks

Use this puppy training set to teach a new dog new tricks. When you buy, you'll receive a clicker, a treat pouch, and a doggie bag dispenser, among other useful devices, so you can communicate with your dog in a brand-new way. You'll also appreciate the included training manual, which is full of helpful information that helps you maximize your purchase.


This Bright UV Flashlight That Illuminates Spots & Stains

Use this bright UV flashlight to illuminate spots and stains for a more effective clean. Simply shine it over the affected area, and it'll glow in the dark to illuminate any offensive spots. Because it's so small and compact, you can stash it in a kitchen drawer or bring it on the go in your backpack to remove stains while you’re on vacation.


A Soft Plush Sleeping Bag Shaped Like A Friendly Mouse

This soft plush sleeping bag is shaped like a friendly mouse, so your feline friend will look adorable and feel amazing when they settle down to sleep at night. Its flat shape makes it easy to pack, so you can take it on vacation for a little piece of home wherever you and your pet go. Plus, it's incredibly easy to clean; simply toss it in the washing machine, and you're good to go.


This Light Up Dog Harness For High Visibility At Night

The next time you walk your dog at night, use this light-up dog harness to make sure you can see them at all times. Once you've charged it for up to two hours, it'll emit a bright glow that illuminates your pup while you embark on all your outdoor adventures. Because it evenly distributes pressure, it won't choke your pet or cut off their airflow, making it a safer choice for pet-friendly walks. It comes in small, medium, and large.


These Transparent Cat Scratch Deterrents To Protect Your Furniture

Protect your furniture from feline interference with these transparent cat scratch deterrents. Their adhesive material sticks securely to couches and chairs for serious protection that lasts. Each deterrent is thick enough to prevent scratching and flexible enough to cover all the surface area you need, so you can maintain your upholstery and maintain your peace of mind.


A Sleek Bird Feeder You Can Attach To Your Window With Suction Cups

Don’t be surprised if your cat becomes obsessed with this sleek bird feeder. Once you’ve attached it to your window with its secure suction cups, birds will fly over and snack at all hours of the day, and your feline can watch through the window in absolute awe. Plus, if you keep your feeder at least five feet away from ledges, squirrels and rodents won't be able to access any of the food you're saving for your avian visitors.


This Hands-Free Dog Leash For Hassle-Free Walks

For hassle-free walks, invest in this hands-free dog leash, which lets you steer your pup without pulling. Its shock-absorbent bungee cord prevents wrist pain for you and discomfort for your pup while you explore, making it less likely than traditional leashes to cause injuries. Its waistband is adjustable from 28 to 47 inches in diameter, so you can customize the way it fits your body.


These Communication Buttons Your Dog Can Use To Talk To You

With these communication buttons, your dog can tell you when they’re ready to go for a walk, eat a snack, or play with their favorite toys. Each set comes with six buttons, 24 stickers, and a convenient mat, which you can assemble into the control board of your dog's dreams. You can even record your own voice so your dog can hear you speak anytime, even when you're outside the house.


These Grooming Clippers That Work On Long & Matted Hair

These grooming clippers work like magic on long and matted hair to shave your pets with ease. It's equipped with a five-speed motor that cuts through matted hair like it's nothing, so it'll work well with pets who have longer hair or fur. Plus, its minimal noise level and safer blades make it a smart buy for pet owners whose four-legged friends hate to sit still when it's time for a trim.


This Waterless Shampoo Spray That Will Help Refresh Your Pet Between Baths

This waterless shampoo spray refreshes your pet between baths for maximum hygiene when you’re short on time. Simply stash it in your bathroom or toss it in your suitcase if your pet tends to get a little messy during road trips. Its apple honey scent smells absolutely incredible, and it's an excellent option for older cats who struggle to fully groom themselves.


This Enormous Cat Litter Scooper For A More Efficient Clean

This enormous cat litter scooper helps you clean more efficiently, so you can spend less time in the bathroom and more time with your best friend. Its ergonomic foam handle is unbelievably soft, making it easy to use throughout the cleaning process, and its four-millimeter sifting width ensures that only clean litter will slip through the cracks. Pro tip: you can spray it with cooking oil pre-scoop to give it a nonstick coating that makes the scooping process even easier.


This Spillproof Bowl Set For Even The Messiest Eaters

If your pet is something of a messy eater, invest in this spillproof bowl set. When you buy, you'll receive two stainless steel bowls and a food-grade silicone mat with raised edges to keep food and water off your floor. When they're finished eating, just stick both bowls in the dishwasher or scrub them by hand, and you'll be ready for their next meal.


This Sunny Yellow Raincoat With Reflective Stripes

When the weather gets gloomy, dress your pet in this sunny yellow raincoat and take them for a walk. It keeps wind and water at bay, but its breathable material ensures your pet will stay cool and dry while you hit the town together. You'll also appreciate the reflective stripes thoughtfully placed along the back of each coat, which provides additional safety when you walk through a storm.


This Oatmeal & Baking Soda Spray To Promote Coat & Skin Health

Promote your pet’s coat and skin health with this oatmeal and baking soda spray. It reduces discomfort from frustrating skin conditions like mange, dandruff, and feline dermatitis. Plus, it'll keep your pet smelling fresh, but it won't irritate their already sensitive skin with artificial fragrances. Use it on cats and dogs alike for a refreshing burst of nourishment whenever they need it.


This Boar Bristle Brush That Detangles Your Cat’s Coat With Ease

With this boar bristle brush, you can detangle your cat’s coat with the utmost ease. Its thick wooden handle is sturdy enough to help you work through even the toughest knots and mats without losing your grip. Whether your feline friend is small, large, or somewhere in between, you can give them a tangle-free coat without any uncomfortable pulling. Reviewers note that even their finicky cats seem to prefer it over other brushes.


This 7-Pack Of Pet Toothbrushes You Can Wear On Your Fingers

Invest in this seven-pack of pet toothbrushes to boost their dental hygiene in a major way. When it’s time to brush, simply slip one over your finger and use its soft silicone bristles to gently clean their teeth. It'll remove dirt and plaque, which can harden and lead to tartar buildup, so your vet will likely be pretty impressed.


These Bright Dog Lights You Can Clip To Your Leash For Safer Walks At Night

Clip these bright dog lights to your leash for safer walks when it’s dark outside. Each light comes with three helpful modes: one that glows extra brightly, one that's slightly softer, and one that flashes red in case of emergencies. When they're fully charged, these lights have the potential to last for up to 20 hours at a time, making them a great choice for camping trips and overnight adventures.


A Foldable Dog Pool To Keep Your Best Friend Cool

Keep your best friend cool with this foldable dog pool; simply set it up in your backyard and watch them splash around. Its foldable design makes it super easy to store and transport from place to place. Because it doesn't need to be inflated, its installation process takes virtually no time at all, and it's equipped with a slip-resistant material on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. It’s also great to use for outdoor baths.


This Cuddly Toy That Relieves Anxiety With A Heat Pack & A Heartbeat

You might be your pup’s best friend, but this cuddly toy comes in at a close second. With a soft heartbeat (powered by two AAA batteries which aren’t included) and a cozy heat pack, it provides your pet with a soothing sense of comfort, especially if they’re feeling anxious or stressed. If it's in need of a quick clean, you can put it in the washing machine on laundry day; just be sure to give it back ASAP, since your pet will have missed its companionship.


This Cozy Couch Protector With A Removable Cover

This cozy couch protector serves two important purposes: it keeps your sofa safe from claws, teeth, and dirt, and its soft plush material warms your pet year-round. Its double-sided bolster design supports their head and neck for maximum comfort. Plus, it's equipped with a leakproof and waterproof lining that provides serious protection against potential stains.


This Stylish Crate Cover That Repels Oils & Stains

Not only does this stylish crate cover look amazing in your home, but it also repels oils and stains to stay cleaner for longer. It's made of a durable fabric that gives your pup a little extra privacy and security while they take a nap, play with their toys, or wait for you to come home, and can be a great tool for reactive pups as well. Each cover comes with multiple hook and loop tabs that hold it securely in place, giving their crate a cozy vibe that helps them relax.


These Dander-Reducing Wipes To Nourish Dry Skin

If your kitty is suffering from dry skin, these dander-reducing wipes might help. With soothing ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal, they'll help you manage your cat's inflammation, as well as reduce redness, flakes, and itchiness. Plus, they're entirely free from potentially irritating ingredients like artificial fragrances, sulfates, and colorants (so you know they're only made with the good stuff).