13 Men Reveal The Gifts They Actually Want To Receive
by Megan Grant
Friends wrapping Christmas presents
milan2099/E+/Getty Images

It's debatable what's more fun: receiving gifts or giving them — that is, unless, the recipient is hard to shop for, in which case you're screwed because Santa has no mercy for procrastinators. This year, some of us have been spared the agony of trying to solve greatest cliché of the holidays — that men are hard to shop for — because Redditors have come to the rescue with holiday gifts men love to get. Forget spending hours flipping through the pages of Amazon or wandering the aisles of every store in the mall: they've given us the best present ideas for men right here, and some of them are pretty darn easy to pull off, too.

Why does shopping for men sometimes seem much harder than shopping for women? Just look at your emergency present stash — you know, the gifts you keep in your trunk just in case someone gives you a present you weren't planning on, so you have something to give them in return like you didn't totally forget they exist. Now, with women, it can occasionally seem super simple. Sometimes a fancy candle or gift bag from Bath & Body Works is all it takes. A statistically high percentage of women wouldn't bat an eye at that gift, and it might even look like you bought it with them in mind even if you didn't plan on buying Susan, the head of finance at work, a gift at all.

But what's the equivalent for men in your life who don't happen to conveniently be fans of candles and body lotion? Some people are just difficult to buy for, period. Check out these Redditors' suggestions, though, and maybe holiday shopping for both the men and the people who are hard to shop for in your life won't be as daunting this year.


A Special Note

Oftentimes, words are more powerful than anything. Gifts are nice; but a sweet card telling your SO how magnificent they are might be just the ticket to a very happy holiday.


A Totally Chill Day

True — holidays can be stressful; and for a lot of us, the thing we desire most is being able to spend the day in total relaxation. If that means skipping the fancy dinner and tangible gifts, then that's a great present to give bae.


Arts And Crafts

A fun activity you can do together that requires you to roll up your sleeves and get to work? What man wouldn't enjoy spending time with his love creating a work of art? Happy holidays to him!


The Ability To Be Together

Not everyone gets to spend time with the one they love for the holidays. If someone you love is far away this holiday season, a surprise (or totally planned) trip might be the best present of all.


Sexy Attire

Hey, if you and your partner are both into it, why not try some fun holiday role play?


Something Practical

For many adults, when we need or want something, we go buy it. That's why we can be so hard to shop for! And because life is expensive, sometimes, practical gifts are the best kind to receive.


Something Nostalgic

Take people back to their youths with one of their favorite childhood toys. It'll bring out the kid in them, and we could all use a little bit of that.


Hammers And Stuff

True that. Technically a gift for both of you, if you live together and ever find yourselves in dire need of fixing something, fast.


All The Food

If we're being honest with ourselves, one of the best parts of the holidays is the food anyway. Why not cut to the chase and make it all about the eats?


Lots Of Attention

Even if some of them don't admit it, men love attention and affection just like any human being. Make the holidays extra special with tons of cuddles, head scratches, and other touchy-feely stuff, whatever that may mean. *ahem*.


Alone Time

Well, every couple is different... and sometimes, you both need a little space. This holiday season, get out of each other's hair for awhile. The reunion will be that much sweeter.


Tons Of Stuff To Open

Let's get real: opening stuff truly is half — if not more — the fun. Tearing the paper open is so dang climactic; after that, it's just like, "Oh, a pair of socks. Thanks so much!" or "Nice, a new cell phone case. Thanks, honey." Heck, just give them a bunch of empty boxes. As long as they get to unwrap them, they'll probably be satisfied.


Something You Made Yourself

Nothing says, "I love you" like a handmade gift. Buying presents isn't bad; but putting the thought and energy into making one with your own two hands? That's just beautiful.