Where To Buy Kopparberg Pear Gin In The UK

Who wouldn't want a pear-flavoured G&T?

A bottle of kopparberg pear gin on a wooden table next to a spirit measure and a cold glass of fizzy...

Our friends over at Kopparberg have got cider down to a fine art. But seemingly that's not enough for the Swedish brand who've decided to get involved with gin o'clock as well. After launching several flavoured versions of the tipple, they've introduced yet another limited edition gin to the market. So where can you buy Kopparberg Pear Gin in the UK?

The limited edition gin is available exclusively at Morrisons and according to their Instagram account will, "warm up chillier evenings and inspiration to see you through the autumn."

Kopparberg's Head of Marketing Rob Salvesen spoke about their brand, in a statement shared with Tyla, and how it shook up the UK's cider industry. "When we launched Kopparberg Pear Cider back in 1999, it completely transformed the way drinkers enjoyed cider and revolutionised the cider market in the UK as we know it." Discussing their signature flavour he added, "pear was the flavour that made this brand famous, and as we continue to delight fans with our spirits range, we're proud to be going full circle, bringing the renowned crisp pear taste to our premium gin range."

Although the bottom heavy fruit has long since become identifiable with the brand, their branching out into other alcohol ranges is a more recent pleasure. Not only have they tickled fan's fancies with multiple cider flavours, this new gin, but they've also jumped on board the hard seltzer market too.

The gin, which is available now for a limited time only, is exclusively stocked in Morrisons and costs £20 for 700ml. "We can't wait to give something back to Kopparberg fans who have been waiting for this, and gin drinkers who will love this new take on a traditional gin," says Salvesen. Pear gin and tonics anybody?