You Can Now Chose Which Quality Streets To Get In Your Tin

Goodbye, Toffee Penny. Hello, Strawberry Delight!

Simon Belcher / imageBROKER/Shutterstock

Certain items are stalwarts of Yuletide snacking. Selection boxes, cheeseboards, boxes of biscuits, and of course tins of your favourite sweets. The only downside of these varied culinary treats is there are always a few unwanted stragglers left at the end that nobody seems keen on eating. Well the good news is Christmas favourites Quality Street are selling pick and mix tins meaning no chocolate will get left behind.

The tins, available online, give you the chance to choose just one of your favourites or up to six different preferred options. But considering there are 12 flavours (hit me with that Strawberry Delight), it might actually be harder than you think to pick. I mean, it's easy to know which ones routinely get ignored (Toffee Penny – sorry, I'd like to keep my teeth).

Not only can you go hog wild in personalising your selection but you can also make sure nobody gets their greasy mitts on your goodies by having your actual name printed on the box. Which will surely help to keep arguments on the lower end of the Richter scale over the Christmas holidays.

Back in 2016 it was revealed by Nestle, who make Quality Street, that the most popular of all 12 flavours was The Purple One. Which makes a lot of sense as you've been able to buy packets of them for quite a while now.

The sweets are so beloved that UK chip shop Poppies sold deep fried Quality Street over the festive season last year, although sadly you couldn't choose which ones you want battered.