Razor's New Scooter Designs Pay Homage To Sriracha, AriZona Iced Tea, & Takis

If only your 10-year-old self could see you now.

Razor is launching a line of new collaborative designs with Takis, Sharpie, Sriracha, and AriZona Ic...

Tighten your helmets and put on your elbow pads because Razor Scooter is launching a line of new and nostalgic designs. For the first time ever, Razor has created scooter designs in collaboration with four other iconic brands: AriZona Iced Tea, Sharpie, Sriracha, and Takis.

As Razor marks its 20-year anniversary, these four new designs pay homage to the classic scooter while incorporating other cultural phenomena. Let’s start with the AriZona Iced Tea scooter. She’s cute! She’s colorful! She looks as good as AriZona Iced Tea tastes. Inspired by the iced tea’s packaging, the scooter is seafoam green with pink cherry blossoms and gold detailing. The handles and wheel spokes are bright and bold hot pink, so you’ll be impossible to miss while you’re zooming around the neighborhood with AriZona iced tea in hand.

Feeling a little saucier? Then the Sriracha Hot Sauce Razor scooter is what you seek. As an homage to the classic red and green bottle, the scooter has a bright red base, electric green handles and wheels, and Sriracha rooster logo on the T-bar. It’s spicy! It’s silly! It is exactly the quarantine purchase your childhood self would want you to make.

Razor Scooter
Razor Scooter

Not to be outdone by its spicey sauce brethren, the Takis Razor scooter is as visually delicious as Takis themselves. The design is the exactly center of the “Takis and Razor scooter” Venn diagram. It’s got a deep purple base (a la the Taki’s bag), bright yellow detailing, and the Takis logo atop the T-Bar. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is not getting too much bright red Takis dust on the purple handlebars.

Finally, there is the Sharpie Razor scooter. Lest you think Sharpies can’t live up to the same hype as Takis and Sriracha, the Sharpies design combines black graffiti-style art with a white base, making the design stand out even more. The scooter marks a first for Razor as the T-Bar features the first-ever hand-drawn design. Also, the school comes with two Sharpie Permanent Markers for you to add whatever elements your Sharpie-ing, scootering heart desires.

“We are thrilled to launch our first-ever collaboration series with AriZona Iced Tea, Sharpie, Sriracha and Takis,” Jim Wagner, President of Razor USA, said in a press release. “When Razor launched twenty years ago, our goal was, and still is, to inspire joy, excitement, and fun everywhere our riders go. To be able to collaborate with such culturally influential brands that align with these values is a testament to the breadth and ability of Razor’s influence in this space of iconic brands, and we can’t wait to see where this collaboration takes Razor in the future.” These scooters are nothing if not culturally influential. I mean, a Razor scooter inspired by a bag of Takis? To quote a well-known proverb, “The power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the access that that has, the influence that that has, the profile that that has, the international implications that that has.”

The new batch of Razor scooters will be available starting today, July 15 at select Target locations, on, and on while supplies last. In other words, if one of the scooters speaks to your nostalgic soul, you’ll want to get it ASAP.