This Weird $10 Eye Mask Changed The Way I Sleep — & It’s SO Comfy

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As a lifelong insomniac, I've always been on the hunt for the perfect eye mask. I've tried all the fancy ones; silk eye masks, weighted eye masks, contoured eye masks ... you name it. But ironically, the best sleep mask I've found thus far is decidedly unglamorous — and it costs just $10 on Amazon.

You're probably wondering what, exactly, makes this sleep mask so special. Well, I'd be inclined to suggest that it's precisely the lack of special features that makes it so great. You'll find no contoured cups, weighted filling, decorative embellishments, or clips, buckles, and straps here; the Sysrion sleep mask is basically one large, super-plush piece of fabric that wraps around your head and stays securely put using an adjustable Velcro strap. That means you can make it as tight or as loose as you like — and I haven't had any issues with the Velcro snagging my (very) long hair.

Now onto what is arguably the most important feature of any sleep mask — its light-blocking capabilities. Unlike most other sleep masks I've tried, the Sysrion sleep mask truly blocks out all light. That's thanks to the unique, V-shaped cut above the nose and the interior, padded flap, which you can fold up or let hang down, depending on what feels best to you. For all the light-sensitive sleepers out there, this thing is truly revolutionary.

As for the general feel of this mask? The material is soft, plush, and comfortable (the brand says it's made of the same type of fiber fabric used for athletic wear, and it's stuffed with cotton). I actually find it to be softer and more breathable than silk or satin. In the past, my expensive silk eye masks have felt sweaty on my face, and they also acquired stains much more easily. For more context, Amazon reviewers have compared the material of this mask to an Under Armour T-shirt and soft, silky bamboo.

Other highlights, aside from the mask's $10 price tag: It can be washed in the machine, it covers some of your ears (a plus if you, like me, have an irrational fear of bugs crawling into your ears at night), and it won't slip off, even if you toss and turn a lot in your sleep. It also doesn't leave any lines or creases on your face.

And I'm not the only one who's obsessed with this sleep mask. Check out what some Amazon shoppers had to say:

"This mask is perfect. It’s silky smooth, adjustable, and not tight on my eyes. Also, it doesn’t get hot. It stays cool on your face all night. No issues with it slipping off during the night for those rough sleepers. It stays right in place. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has trouble falling asleep or my fellow night shifters." — Latrelle C., United States

"For someone who often has severe migraines this is the only thing that has helped them go away! no light comes through even sitting in a sunny room. lightweight and comfortable. also i have a long of hair and the type of [Velcro] it has wont get stuck in your hair! i cannot say enough good things about this product." — Hannah, United States

"I was a bit worried it would be uncomfortable to wear over my ears as I have several types of piercings in each one with stretched lobes. It doesn't snag or put pressure on any of them! I also braid my hair at night and this doesn't have any issue holding together over the braids." — Ama, United States

"I very rarely write reviews but had to for this. I am a very light sleeper and any light wakes me up, I also can't have any pressure on my head because of pain and I also use a ventilator for breathing at night. This eye mask has meant for the first time that I have had a dark, comfortable full nights sleep and it was wonderful! Completely recommend this eye mask." — K E Watkins, United Kingdom

In short, if you've been struggling to sleep due to light sensitivity, this is undoubtedly the best eye mask for sleeping out there — so go ahead and give it a try.