You Can Easily Get So Effing Organized Thanks To These 40 Cheap Things

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When you think about getting organized, do visions of custom cabinetry start dancing in your head? Sure, that’s nice if you can afford it, but don’t let cabinet envy be the reason you put off getting things in order. There are plenty of cheap organizational products to inspire you (without the cost of professional installation), and I’ve put together a list of the best to get you started.

As it happens, I’m right in the middle of Marie Kondo-ing my own bedroom, and I can’t even begin to tell you what a transformative experience it has been. I went into it thinking of all the expensive storage items I would need to better organize my stuff, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once all of the unneeded items are pruned out and thanked, I’ve been using these acrylic shelf dividers and adjustable drawer organizers to keep well-folded clothes in tidy stacks. And that’s just the beginning — I could go on forever, but I’d end up writing a whole novel about how much I’m in love with my newly neat and clean bedroom.

Next, I’m moving on to the kitchen, and I have products like this space-saving silverware tray and these refrigerator organizing bins at the top of my list for turning that area into the same kind of calm oasis that my bedroom is now. So join me and get your home in tip-top shape with these genius organizational products.


A Skinny Cutlery Organizer That Saves So Much Drawer Space

From the design geniuses at Joseph Joseph comes this cutlery organizer that whips your silverware drawer into order quickly and efficiently — while giving you tons of space to store other items. Made from durable plastic, this organizer stacks the cutlery at an angle, and the icons on each compartment help you tell your spoons from your forks from your knives.


These Pants Hangers That Multiply Storage In Your Closet

Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these clothes hangers are designed with multiple S-type switchbacks that allow you to hang up to five pairs of pants on each one. The bars are rounded to prevent creases, and the nonslip caps at each end keep garments from sliding off. Each pack comes with three hangers for storing up to 15 items.


An Organizer To Hold All Your Stuff Under The Sink

Designed to be compatible with the pipe underneath your kitchen or bathroom sink, this two-tier shelf organizer can be configured for maximum storage efficiency of cleaning, bath, or beauty products. Not only does it expand sideways from 15 to 25 inches, but the shelves themselves are height-adjustable, and you can remove certain pieces if they get in the way.


This Makeup Organizer That Turns Your Vanity Into A Beauty Counter

Crafted from sturdy, shatterproof acrylic, this makeup organizer is actually composed of two parts that can be stacked on top of each other or used separately. The base has four drawers for larger makeup items, while the top organizer has all kinds of compartments for lipsticks, eyeshadows, makeup brushes, and much more.


The Wall-Mounted Holder For Brooms & Gardening Tools

Get all of your cleaning and yard tools off your garage floor with this rack that mounts easily to any flat surface with the included hardware. Along with five clamps for rakes, brooms, and mops, the rack also features an array of hooks that are perfect for small items like gloves and dust brushes. It holds up to 35 pounds and has earned a 4.5-star overall rating after 37,000 reviews.


The Calendar That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Week

Can’t quite remember what you have planned for Thursday? Just write down your appointments on this weekly calendar, and you’ll always know what your upcoming plans are. The magnetic backing lets you stick it right on your fridge — and each order even includes four dry erase markers.


A Shower Caddy With Sliding Baskets For Storing Big Bottles

Made from corrosion-resistant steel alloy, this shower caddy hangs right over your showerhead and features four sliding baskets that allow you to accommodate even the largest bulk-size shampoo and conditioner bottles. It’s fitted with suction cups and a nonslip collar so it stays put, and features several hooks for razors, washcloths, and more.


This Sliding Organizer That Makes Your Spices More Accessible

Made from steel with a chrome alloy finish, this spice organizer can be placed in any pantry to provide an easy way to access all your spices. It installs with the included hardware, and the shelf slides out smoothly on the track, so you can find the spice you’re looking for, without having to rifle through them all.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Compactly Store Bulky Items

Put away your sweaters for the winter, and compactly store towels and blankets in the linen closet with these vacuum compression bags. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic, they feature reinforced valves and double-sealed zippers for extra protection. Use the included pump to remove air, or simply use your household vacuum to shrink the bags down quickly.


A 4-Pack Of Dividers To Keep Your Shelves Orderly

When you have a variety of items stacked high on your shelves, it can be difficult to keep things from toppling over. Use these dividers to keep your closet shelves tidy and your stacks neatly stacked. Measuring 8 inches high, they’re made from sturdy acrylic and easily clip onto any shelf.


These 8 Bins That Keep Your Fridge Neat & Tidy

Made from BPA-free plastic, these organizer bins add structure to your refrigerator, providing a means to sort produce, meats and cheeses, condiments, and other items. The clear design enables you to easily see the contents of each bin, so you’ll know exactly how much of each item you have on hand.


The Organizer That Makes Short Work Of Straightening Up Your Desk

Half the problem of making sense out of a cluttered desk is finding a place to put everything — that’s why you might want to bring this organizer into the mix. Made from durable metal mesh in your choice of a gold, rose gold, black, or silver tone, if offers a place for everything, from your pens and pencils to notebooks, tablets, and much more. A sliding drawer in the base makes a great catchall for small items like sticky notes and thumb drives.

  • Available colors: 4


An Over-The-Door Organizer That’s So Versatile

Great for storing toys in your kids’ room, baby supplies, and even pantry items in the kitchen, this over-the-door organizer is versatile and convenient. Available in a range of colors, it has six pockets, and each one has clear panel, so you can easily see what’s inside. Hang it over any door or standard closet rail.

  • Available colors: 7


This Convenient Place To Store All Your Remotes

Tired of always scrambling around trying to find the remote? This catchall organizer provides a place to safely store it, so you can always find it when you want it. You can also keep your reading glasses and phone inside too — it’s basically a compact command center for TV marathons.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 10


A 5-Port Charging Station To Power Up All Your Devices

With five USB ports, this charging station lets you power up all of your smart devices simultaneously, without a mess of cords all over your desk or nightstand. It’s outfitted with adjustable dividers and comes with three iOS cables and two micro-USB cables. It’s a compact way to charge all of your devices and also gives them a convenient home base when they’re not in use.


These Drawer Organizers For Socks & Underwear

This modular drawer organizer set is the ideal tool to help keep your small items neat and tidy, including underwear, bras, socks, and belts. Made from durable non-woven fabric, the four bins are each designed for a specific purpose (the bra organizer is especially helpful for keeping bras in good shape), but you can use them in any configuration that works for you.

  • Available colors: 7


A Cord Organizer That Secures Cables With Magnets

When your electronic cables are all over the place, making your space look like a cluttered mess, this cable management system makes sense of the chaos. The base mounts to any smooth surface with the ultra-strong and removable adhesive backing, and the built-in magnets hold Lightning and MagSafe cables, while the optional clips secure 3.5-millimeter cables.


These Food Storage Containers With Color-Coded Lids

When you’re not using these food storage containers to keep leftovers fresh in the fridge, they nest together to store compactly in a drawer or cupboard. Each of the six BPA-free containers comes with its own airtight, color-coded lid, so you can always find the right fit. The set is microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe.


The Shelves That Organize Food Storage Bags & Wrap

Get your food storage game in order with this three-tier shelf that gives you a way to organize foil, wax paper, parchment paper, plastic wrap, baggies, and even trash can liners. The shelves assemble easily and are customizable to accommodate boxes of varying heights.


These Expandable Dividers For Dressers, Kitchen Drawers & More

Made from natural bamboo, these drawer dividers expand from 13 inches to 17 inches, so you can use them in just about any drawer for efficient organization. They’re ultra-versatile and ideal for organizing everything from silverware to socks to office supplies. Available in three colors, the spring-loaded dividers feature foam pads on each end to prevent damage.


A Turntable With Removable Bins For Customized Storage

Great for napkins, condiments, snacks, beauty products, and more, this turntable spins around, giving you easy access to any item — even if it’s at the back of the cabinet. Boasting a stellar 4.8-star overall rating after more than 8,000 reviews, it rotates smoothly and features three removable acrylic bins that keep items securely inside.


This Adjustable Rack That Keeps Bakeware Neat & Tidy

For use inside your cabinets or even on your countertop, this rack is ideal for organizing your bakeware, from muffin tins to jelly roll pans and more. Also ideal for all those pan and pot lids you’re scrounging around for, it features adjustable wire dividers that are coated to prevent scratching.


The Under-Bed Bags That Give You So Much Extra Storage

Making clever use of unused space, these under-bed bags give you so much added storage. Perfect for off-season clothes, towels, linens, holiday decorations, and lots more, the breathable zippered bags feature transparent top windows so you can see what’s inside, as well as handles that make them easy to pull out.

  • Available colors: 6


A Toiletries Holder That Mounts To Any Flat Surface

Made from water-resistant silicone, this toiletry holder uses silicone-grip technology to secure to flat surfaces, like your shower wall or bathroom mirror. Available in three colors, it has a hook for your razor — and a shelf for an extra blade — along with a compartment for your toothpaste and toothbrush.

  • Available colors: 3


These Canisters That Add A Polished Touch To The Kitchen

Ideal for panty items like flour, sugar, beans, oats, and nuts, this canister set is crafted from chic and durable stainless steel — and it’ll instantly upgrade the look of your kitchen. Each canister features a clear viewing window, so you can easily see the contents, and the airtight lids ensure your food stays fresh.


A Wooden Shelf To Collect Your Keys & Mail

Perfect for holding your keys and collecting small things as you come in the door, this wall-mounted shelf is made from real pine and comes in a variety of finishes, including dark brown, weathered gray, and washed white. The small shelf can hold mail, sunglasses, and other small items, while the hooks below are great for keys, gloves, and dog leashes.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 4


This Cabinet Door Rack That’s Great For Cutting Boards & Bakeware

Need a place for cutting boards, pans, muffin tins, and more? This organizer has hooks, so you can hang it over your cabinet door to provide instant, easy-to-access storage. The organizer is made from sturdy steel with foam-padded hooks that won’t scratch the wood of your cabinet.


The 2-Tier Shelf That’ll Organize Your Shoes

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this two-level shelf can be used inside your closet to organize your shoes, or in the front entryway, so you have a place to stow your kicks and other items the minute you walk in the door. Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating, it holds up to eight pairs of adult-size shoes. It’s easy to assemble, moisture-resistant, and can be wiped clean.


The Monitor Stand With Built-In Storage Drawers

Made from sturdy metal mesh, this monitor stand can hold up to 33 pounds and has two drawers to keep all of your office supplies close at hand. This stand raises your monitor up by 4.7 inches to alleviate neck strain, and the ventilated mesh helps keep everything running cool.

  • Available colors: 2


The Cloth Storage Bins That Make Storage More Stylish

With an understated design and faux leather handles, these two-tone cloth storage bins are as good-looking as they are functional. They’re great for magazines and extra pillows in the living room, but pivot seamlessly to hold toys and blankets in the baby’s room. Use them together or separately them for multipurpose storage success.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors and styles: 18


A Sink Caddy With A Drain Tray That Keeps Everything Dry

Made from sleek stainless steel, this nonslip sink caddy has room for sponges, steel wool, soap, and scrub brushes — everything you need to do the dishes. The stainless steel is fingerprint-proof, and the base is sloped to allow water to drain directly into the sink, keeping your sponges dry and mildew-free.


This Bedside Organizer That Holds All The Essentials

With pockets galore for your smartphone, remote, tablet, reading glasses, and much more, this bedside organizer is just what you need to keep everything close at hand without junking up the bed. The top panel slides right under your mattress, so it’s stable and has plenty of holding power.

  • Available colors: 14


These Wire Baskets For Industrial-Chic Storage

With a cool industrial look, these wire baskets can be used as a decor piece, but they also provide stylish storage for pantry items, gardening supplies, and lots more. Made from powder-coated metal in a bronze tone, they feature flip-down handles on either end for portability.


The Drawer Organizer That Expands To Contain All Your Utensils

Made from bamboo, this drawer organizer expands sideways from 13 inches to 17 inches to suit a variety of drawers and maximize storage space. Use it for silverware and cooking utensils, or stash it in your desk drawer to keep office supplies in order. Plus, it even has an impressive 4.7-star overall rating.


This Lid Organizer That Makes Food Storage A Breeze

My food storage cabinet looks like a snarled jumble of containers, but you don’t have to live like that. This BPA-free food storage lid holder has five adjustable dividers that let you organize lids by size and shape so that putting away leftovers is fast and easy.


An Ottoman That Stores All Those Overflow Items

Tidy up your living room in a jiffy with this storage ottoman that gives you a place to throw any stray items that don’t have a permanent home. The padded, tufted top does double-duty as extra seating for your guests and even can serve as a coffee table when you add a tray to the top. Plus, you can use this in your bedroom, too — it’s a great place to store extra linens.

  • Available colors: 3


This Organizer That Stores Tea Bags & Condiment Packets

With eight compartments to store a variety of bags, this tea organizer is a must for the tea lover in your life. It makes it easy to see the selection on offer and to keep track of how much is in stock. It’s also great for organizing all of those condiments that collect in the kitchen from takeout and delivery meals.


A Double Hamper That Sorts Your Laundry For You

Sort your darks from your lights as you take them off with this double laundry hamper that makes doing the wash a breeze. The lid on the hamper keeps dirty clothes out of sight, and each bin is lined with its own laundry bag, so you can easily remove it and tote it to the washing machine.

  • Available colors: 7


These Stackable Wine Racks That Increase Fridge Space

Great for use inside your refrigerator, or on a buffet or countertop, these wine racks stack on top of each other for compact storage. The clear plastic makes the labels easy to see, and since the racks store the wine horizontally, you won’t have to worry about the corks drying out.


The Over-Door Hooks That Offer Instant Storage Anywhere

Made from sturdy steel and available in a variety of finishes, these hooks attach over the top of your door and give you a place to hang extra towels, your robe, pajamas, and much more. It’s perfect for use in your bathroom or your bedroom, but also works inside your closet.

  • Available colors: 5

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