You Can Organize So Much Crap With Any Of These 40 Genius Things From Amazon

Time to channel your inner Marie Kondo.

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You Can Organize So Much Crap With Any Of These 40 Genius Things From Amazon
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People accumulate stuff. While that’s a fact of life, the more you accrue, the more necessary organization becomes — especially if your designated storage space isn't getting any bigger. Amazon has some brilliantly designed products that you never knew existed. These items not only help maximize the space you have, but they also help ensure that all your aforementioned stuff is accessible when you need it. Whether you're looking to channel your inner Marie Kondo or just tidy up a bit, check out these 41 genius organizational items.


A Sliding Caddy That Helps You Reach Distant Appliances

Tired of dragging your coffee machine forward every morning? Just place it on this sliding caddy. Not only does it help you reach your appliances, but it can also support up to 25 pounds. Plus, it’s made from premium plastic that’s completely BPA-free.


These Genius Shelf Dividers To Control The Closet Chaos

These clear acrylic shelf dividers can help you organize your closet efficiently, keep piles from falling over, and even have clips on the bottom to keep them in place. They’re great for stacking towels, sweaters, and T-shirts, and can even help keep your purses upright and your bookshelves tidy.


These Under-Bed Organizers To Store Clothes, Bags, & Blankets

Perfectly sized for the space under your bed, these fabric organizers are a great way to store off-season clothes, shoes, and blankets, and have a clear top so you can easily see what’s inside. They have handles on the sides for easy grabbing, are made of a breathable material, and come in black, gray, and brown color options.

Colors: 3


A Smart Place To Store Your Extra Toilet Paper

The mDesign toilet paper holder ensures that a roll is always within reach — and that any extras have a home in bathrooms with minimal storage. Its over-the-tank design is super convenient and requires zero installation, while its modern metal construction is resistant to rust and can hold three jumbo toilet paper rolls at once.


This Collapsible Trunk Organizer For Your Car

Keep your things organized and in place while you drive with this trunk organizer that boasts customizable compartments for stashing cleaning products, emergency kits, and even groceries. It has pouches on the sides for smaller items, can hook onto your backseat to keep it in place while you drive, and collapses down flat when not in use.

Colors: 3


A Stylish Shower Caddy For Extra Storage

With over 30,000 ratings and an overall 4.8 stars on Amazon to boot, this matte black shower caddy is a favorite for those looking to increase their bathroom storage. The rust-resistant stainless steel rack features four sliding hooks for hanging loofahs and other accessories, and it sticks to your shower wall with its strong adhesive that can hold up to 15 pounds.

Colors: 2


A Brilliant Small Space Hack For Your Utensils Drawer

According to reviewers, the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore is the ultimate small kitchen hack. Its unique tiered design creates more space in your utensils drawer by stacking spoons, forks, and knives on top of each other instead of next to each other, which means that even the skinniest drawers can be of use. "I have a very few drawers in my small kitchen and this organizer works great," one buyer raves.


These Compression Bags That Save You A Ton Of Space

Especially when it comes to storing winter clothes, heavy blankets, and puffy pillows, these vacuum storage bags can save you a ton of space. Just stuff the reinforced bags full of whatever you want to put away; then use the included pump to suck out all the air, decreasing the bag's size by 80 percent. "These things are amazing!" one reviewer writes, while another says, "I've bought many different brands of vacuum bags and none of them stand up to these."


These Under-Shelf Baskets You Can Use In Your Closets, Refrigerator, or Office

You lose a lot of storage space when your shelves are too far apart — especially when your items aren't necessarily stackable. iSPECLE under-shelf baskets make use of that valuable space with their wire-rack design. Simply slip the baskets in your cabinets to stack more dishes, refrigerator to hold more food, linen closet to optimize your towel storage, or bookcase to organize your office supplies.


A Pack Of Rug Grips To Keep Them From Curling

Few things create a more disheveled look than crooked and curled rugs. But you can keep them flat and in place with these corner grips that adhere to the underside of your rug and securely grip your floor. The rug grips can also be easily lifted for cleaning and rinsed off when dirty for renewed sticking power.


A Set Of Stackable Organizers For Water Bottles

If you have a bunch of reusable water bottles crammed into a kitchen cabinet, this bottle organizer will help you to corral the chaos. Each tier cradles up to three water bottles to keep them from rolling around, and it positions them horizontally for easier grabbing. The racks can be stacked on top of one another or used side by side as needed.


A Brilliant, Multi-Purpose Shelf Unit That You Can Mount Anywhere

Unlike your average shelf unit, this one from iHEBE uses a super-strong adhesive that sticks to glass, metal, tiles, and smooth wood. As a result, you instantly gain a shelf, two towel rods, five drying hooks, a phone mount, and a magnetic soap rack anywhere you need it. This awesome bathroom addition can support up to 26 pounds and, according to reviewers, is "worth every penny."


These Versatile Bins To Make The Most Out Of Your Fridge Space

Optimize the space in your refrigerator with these smart, BPA-free organizer bins. They come in six different designs to give you designated homes for your eggs, cans, snacks, produce, and vegetables — but since they're washable, durable, and made with built-in handles, you can feel free to rearrange them and re-purpose them as time goes on.


This Velcro Organizer That Condenses Your Cap Collection

If you or your closet-mate wears a ton of hats, the XJunion cap organizer keeps them off the floor and all in the same spot. It attaches onto basically any hanger and features 10 clips that grip the brims or buttons without damaging them. "One of my favorite space saving items," one reviewer says. "Super easy to install and use."


These Fabric Inserts That Make Your Drawers Way More Organized

Organize your bras, underwear, socks, and shirts into neat little compartments with these Sorbus drawer inserts. Each one has a different multi-sectional design to suit all types of clothing, and they're made from a mold-proof, moisture-resistant fabric that folds up for easy storage when not in use. One fan wrote: “These handy dividers saved my dresser drawers from being a total mess.”

Colors: 6


These Stackable, Airtight Jars For Pin-Worthy Open Shelving

In my opinion, open shelving is one of the nicest new design trends — but when everything's visible, there's a fine line between cute and cluttered. These storage containers ensure that your food (or art supplies, bathroom essentials, and pet treats) are fresh, organized, and easy to store. The locking mechanism creates an airtight seal that even resists liquid leaks, and the six various-sized jars are stackable to save space.


This Above-The-Sink Shelf That's "Invaluable" For A Small Kitchen

Make use of that dead space around the sink with the Whitmor Supreme sink shelf. This well-designed storage solution is made from birch wood and chrome and features a slim profile that maximizes your counter space without getting in the way. Its 9-inch elevation is great for herbs, hand soap, rags, and sponges, but still allows any rogue water droplets to dry. "Best thing I've bought for the kitchen in a long time," one reviewer says. "I have a small kitchen and I need to make good use of every inch of countertop space. This shelf has proved invaluable."


This Hanging Organizer Made Specifically For Your Handbags

If your handbags are shoved into a bin or drawer, they're likely hard to reach and indented in weird places. This organizer from ZOBER fixes that — it has six sizable slots to hold bags of all shapes and sizes, and they’re totally transparent for easy finding. The hook at the top is designed to slide over standard doors for hanging.


This Horizontal Rack That Organizes All Those Hard-To-Stack Trays

Thanks to its seven adjustable wire dividers, the YouCopia StoreMore rack condenses all your bakeware, pans, lids, and cutting boards into a section of the cabinet — and since it splays them out horizontally, you can see and grab whatever you need. "Fantastic in every way," one reviewer raves, while another says, "My kitchen cabinet has never looked more organized."


These Smart Racks So You Can Stack A Shoe On Top Of Its Match

Rather than placing shoes side-by-side, you can double your storage space by stacking them on top of each other. These shoe racks feature a simple but brilliant design that allows you to store one pair of shoes within a four-inch space. They even have an adjustable snap-lock mechanism that you can change depending on the height of the shoe.


A Rack That Also Dispenses Foil, Plastic Wrap, And Paper Towels

The Leifheit four-in-one kitchen dispenser mounts on your wall to display your spices and hold your paper towel roll — but it also has two additional built-in dispensers that you can load with your most-used materials. Bakers can load it with parchment paper, leftover-lovers can put in some plastic wrap, and barbecuers can throw in a roll of aluminum foil; it even has sliders to cut the piece at the ideal length.


A Weather-Resistant Tool Rack To Free Up Floor Space

Made of weather-resistant materials, this tool organizer can be kept in the basement or even outside. It has five spring-loaded clamps and six hooks so that equipment of various shapes can be stored. In total, it can hold up to 35 pounds and it takes just a few minutes to set it up.


This Over-The-Cabinet Dispenser For Plastic Bags

Condense and tame that gargantuan plastic bag collection with this functional storage basket from mDesign. It hangs over your cabinet door and holds up to 50 bags at once so you can reuse them as you see fit. The open top allows you to add more without hassle, and the easy-access cut-out means that you can grab one with a single hand. Get it in black, bronze, champagne, or five other metal finishes.


A Charging Hub, Night Light, And Phone Mount All In One

If you're trying to create a neat, functional charging station, the Tessan Multi-Plug does all that and then some. This power strip fits over a single outlet, but offers three additional AC plugs and two new USB ports. It also has a built-in night light that automatically turns on when the room gets dark, plus the top is beveled to create a stand for your phone or tablet.


These Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers

Swap out your old plastic food containers for this matching glass set that stacks easily in your fridge. Each container has a 32-ounce capacity, a leakproof lid, and is oven and microwave-safe for easy reheating. The clear glass makes it easy to see what’s inside, and since the lids and containers are all the same size, they’ll be easier to store and find in your cabinet.


This Over-The-Door Styling Station For Hot Tools And Hair Supplies

Give your curling iron a safe place to cool, display your go-to brushes like a pro stylist, and ensure that your favorite hairspray is within arm's reach. The Home Intuition styling station hangs over your cabinet door and offers you two brush or tool compartments, a slot for your hair dryer, and a shelf for bottles and sprays. Best of all, the whole thing is made from durable steel wire, so it's heat-safe and rust-resistant.


A Lint Roller With 133,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Even the smallest pieces of fur will be picked up by this reusable lint roller. It’s safe to use on all clothes and upholstery so that everything in your home is left spotless. It won’t snag at any fabric as it rolls quickly and gets the job done. To empty, all you have to do is pop open the back chamber.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Shoes

Keep your shoe collection in check with this hanging organizer that can neatly fit up to 12 pairs of shoes. Clear pockets let you quickly find the footwear you need, sturdy hooks keep the organizer securely in place, and it comes in three colors to choose from. You could even use it to store toiletries, hair and makeup products, and craft supplies.

Colors: 3


A Stainless Steel Utensil Holder To Keep Them Neat & Easily Accessible

Pull your kitchen utensils out of their drawer and put them into this stainless steel utensil holder that will keep them organized and easily accessible when you need them. The holder features a removable divider to keep small utensils separate, a grippy bottom to keep it in place, and a fingerprint-resistant brushed finish.

Colors: 6


These Microfiber Dishcloths That Can Be Reused Over 100 Times Each

No spill will be too much for these reusable dishcloths to handle. They can absorb 20 times their weight in liquid and are safe to use on all surfaces, including glass and stainless steel. Each can take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels so you’ll be saving a ton of cash after making the switch.


Some Packing Cubes So Your Suitcase Stays Neat The Whole Trip

Pack more and dig through less with these OEE packing cubes. The various shapes fit together like blocks in your suitcase and the built-in buckles compress your clothing so you can fit more — but the mesh panels and side handles ensure that you can grab what you need without upsetting everything else. Get this set in your choice of several different colors.


These Plastic Storage Bins That Won’t Shatter

You can never have enough plastic storage bins. These two can be kept anywhere from the garage to underneath your bathroom sink. They have plenty of space and built-in handles so that they’re easy to access no matter where you put them. They can also be stacked on top of one another.


A Genius Pot & Pan Organizer That Fits In Your Cabinet

Not only does this pan organizer keep your pots and pans easily accessible in your cabinet, but it’s also great for stacking your cast iron skillets without getting oil on the bottom of the pans. It has a customizable design that lets you adjust the spacing, can be used vertically or horizontally, and is useful for storing cutting boards, too.

Colors: 2


A Quick-Drying Organizer That Hangs Over Your Shower Curtain

If your tub corners and built-ins are overflowing with bottles, the KIMBORA organizer gives you eight new pockets for your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, loofahs, razors, and more. This convenient caddy is made from self-draining, quick-drying mesh that resists mildew, and it mounts on your curtain rod using three rust-resistant metal hooks so your essentials are always within reach.


This Airtight Dry Pet Food Container — On Wheels

Pet owners rave about this food storage container because of its ample 47-quart size and rolling capabilities, with one fan writing, “I love this container [...] I can pull it out and feed the dogs and roll it back in the pantry where it's out of the way.” It has a locking lid to keep curious noses at bay and can hold a 35-pound bag of dog food.

Sizes: 3


These Clips That Let You Hang Up Your Mugs

Slide these clips onto any standard-sized shelf, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to store mugs, utensils, rags, and more. They’re made from heavy-duty iron that’s resistant to rust — and they even come in two colors to match any kitchen: black, or white.


An Adjustable Bamboo Divider Tray For Utensils, Tools, Or Office Supplies

As per the above picture, you can keep your utensils neat and tidy with the Bamboo expandable tray — but you can also organize your office supplies, tools, or junk drawer. Thanks to its sliding compartments, this divider fits almost all standard drawer sizes ranging from 14 to 18.9 inches in width. (It's also water-resistant, eco-friendly, and easily wipes clean thanks to the pure bamboo construction).


This Set Of Storage Straps That Comes With Several Sizes

Reduce the clutter that has slowly but surely taken up your floor space by hanging everything up with these storage straps. They come in a pack of nine that range between four different sizes. Each can hold up to 50 pounds and is completely weatherproof.


A 2-Tier Stainless Steel Turntable That Turns Smoothly

Because this two-tier turntable has raised rims, you won’t have to worry about any bottles or jars falling off. All will be able to be easily reached while cooking since it turns 360 degrees. And no fingerprints or smudges will collect since its made of brushed stainless steel.


This Battery Organizer That Comes With A Tester

Transform your junk drawer with this battery organizer that will keep all loose pieces in one place and separate them by type. It has space for 93 batteries and an included tester so that you don’t keep any duds. All will be protected by the waterproof and shockproof cover.


A Miniature Vacuum That Reaches Into Tight Spaces

Whether you’ve got crumbs in your car or under your keyboard, this little vacuum can clean them out with ease. The attachments are thin, allowing you to easily reach into tight spaces — and each order even comes with three different ones to help you tackle a variety of jobs.


This Versatile Silicone Tray That’s Heat Resistant

This silicone tray can be used in a ton of different ways. Place it by your sink to catch drips, use it as a utensil rest since it can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, or place it under planters to catch any dirt. The nonslip grooves will keep everything in place.


A Plastic Bag Holder For Your Best Chance At Containing The Collection

When you’re trying to improve the organization of your home, this plastic bag holder is a must-have. It has a wide opening at the top for adding bags, and the long front opening is the perfect size to pull one out without them all falling to the floor. Plus, it comes with all of the hardware needed to mount it neatly on a wall or inside a cabinet.

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