You Can Organize The Crap Out Of Your Home With These 40 Genius Things

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Is anyone else so done with trying to cram things into drawers, closets, pantries, baskets, and everywhere else? I mean, if you dread opening the cabinet under your bathroom sink (it can be a little scary in there) — it’s probably time to tidy things up. But guess what? There are some seriously genius products that can organize the crap out of your home, and many of ‘em can be found right here.

Starting with that scary under-the-sink situation, this list has a storage shelf with adjustable panels to fit around hanging pipes. That means you could even pop a larger bottle of tub cleaner on the bottom shelf and slide the panels around until it fits and looks super clean.

If your cabinets and closets aren’t the only cluttered spots, this list also has genius solutions like a unique zig-zag corner shelving unit or clamp-style cord organizers that lock your chargers in place. There’s even a solid wood drawer with wheels to replace your flimsy plastic under-the-bed storage.

If you’re trying to finally get all of the crap in your home nice and organized, don’t worry: All of these genius things can help.


A Set Of Slim Dividers That Help Keep Your Shelves Tidy

These non-woven shelf dividers are slim, slide between stacks of clothes, and basically disappear on your closet shelves while keeping everything in order. They're also $12 for two neutral gray dividers — so for under $30, you could grab four and organize an entire shelf.


This Toiletry Organizer That Can Clip To Your Shower Curtain Rod

This bathroom organizer is super unique because it can clip to your shower curtain rod and slide with your shower curtain. You can match your shower curtain with the two color options — and if you don't want something on your shower curtain rod, use the hooks to hang it anywhere.


The Bathroom Shelf With A Unique Magnetic Soap Holder For Quick Drying

This adhesive bathroom shelf comes blue, green, pink, and black and is complete with some of the most unique features. There's a spot for your phone, a spacious shelf, hooks, and a towel bar — and the coolest part is the magnetic soap holder that helps your bar dry quicker in between each use.


An Adjustable Organizer That Fits All Of Your Reusable Water Bottles

Pop all of your water bottles and trendy travel coffee cups on this three-shelf organizer that's reinforced with a steel frame and a nonslip base. You can adjust the shelves so that it all fits — even if you enjoy buying every oversized glittery coffee cup you find.


This Tiered Utensil Organizer That Comes With A Bonus Kitchen Knife Holder

This organizational set will help you tidy up your utensil drawer in no time. There are two pieces: a tiered utensil organizer that stores your forks and spoons in labeled pockets, along with an additional organizer that lets you store your knifes so that the blades are concealed. They’re both narrow, therefore creating more space in your drawer than ever before.


The Space-Saving Hangers That Work Horizontally & Vertically

A 10-pack of these 360-degree adjustable hanging organizers is only $13. (Plus, there are three other bulk pack sizes to choose from that are super cheap.) Simply pop your regular hangers into the five slots and start organizing your clothes vertically to help create more closet space — or, you can hang them horizontally if you have room for it. One reviewer raved, “Now my closet looks organized with ample of spacing, waiting for me to buy more clothes!”


These Almost-Invisible & Non-Damaging Cord Organizers With Almost 30,000 Fans

Stick these almost-invisible cable organizers all over your home for only $8, and your cords will be so organized. They use non-damaging adhesive, and you can even pop pens in them for an extra-tidy desk. This 16-pack is also getting super close to having 30,000 five-star ratings.


This USB Outlet Extender That Can Even Prop Up Your Phone

This double-USB outlet extender is strong enough to prop up your phone or tablet and charge it while you work in your home office. It's only $15, and it’s basically perfect for every room in your home (not only next to your desk). Plus, it’s built with an automatic nightlight.


A Ready-To-Carry File Organizer For That Forgotten Pile Of Papers

This plastic file organizer is complete with two sturdy latches and a collapsible handle, so it's ready to carry. It already has reinforced hanging folders and three customizable tabs to tackle that forgotten pile of papers. One reviewer even called it "the perfect portable file box!"


The Perfectly Fitted & Ventilated Sink Organizer That’s Also A Colander

Rinse fruit and veggies or air-dry your sponge in this ventilated and rubber-accented stainless steel sink organizer that shouldn’t budge. It adjusts to the size of your sink — and one reviewer raved, “I can keep my counter clean, and the brushes and sponges are able to dry out better and not get sour.”


A Unique Zig-Zag Shelf To Tuck Things Away In The Corner

This zig-zag shelf is unique — and in my opinion, it makes things you've stuffed into the corner of your home look way better. It comes in a few minimalist and rustic finishes, including a turquoise, distressed wood tone. It can also hold up to 11 pounds, and it's also a perfect spice solution for that unused corner of your pantry.


This Over-The-Door Organizer In Trendy Light Wood & White

This steel over-the-door organizer is constructed with 14 wooden knobs that shouldn’t snag any of your hanging items (such as scarves, sweaters, bags, and more), and there are two additional options that come with bonus organizing accessories in black or white.


A Set Of Under-Bed Boxes Designed With Easy-To-Reach Handles

You won't have to try to crawl under your bed to get to these zip-up, under-bed boxes since they're designed with easy-to-reach handles. They come in six colors — including a trendy geometric pattern — and the top is easy to see through. Plus, they have over 7,000 five-star ratings.


A Simple, Yet Durable Stand For An Organized Gaming Setup

Yes — even your gaming setup can get a little more organized with this controller stand that also holds your phone, Nintendo Switch, headphones, and more. It's a simple anti-slip aluminum stand that’ll blend in with your upgraded consoles, and many customers wrote that it’s “easy to assemble.”


This 2-Tier Lazy Susan Made With Sleek Bamboo

A bamboo lazy Susan tray is a go-to organization tool, but this two-tier option has multiple reviewers filling their cabinets with them. It spins 360 degrees and shouldn’t chip — and one reviewer raved, “Have one in my kitchen cabinet for spices, and if you put your spices in alphabetical order, it makes for a real quick find of your spices. Love it.”


An Organizer That Slides To Fit Around Under Sink Pipes

The ventilated aluminum shelves on this under-sink organizer are broken up into panels that slide around to make room for hanging pipes. It comes in three metallic tones, and the sliding panels are also super handy for fitting taller cleaning supplies — even on the bottom shelf.


This Bronze-Tone Pan Organizer That Helps Prevent Piles

This bronze-tone organizer is meant to stack your pans so that they don’t get scratched or build up into unmanageable piles. It also comes in white or silver tones and is complete with five shelves (which can also be used horizontally, as pictured). Plus, one reviewer even confirmed that it can hold heavy cast iron pans.


These Stackable Bins To Organize The Food In Your Fridge

Maximize the space in your fridge by using these stackable organizer bins. A set of six includes two wide bins (ideal for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, condiments), two narrow bins (for smaller condiments, cans, yogurts, snacks, box drinks), one egg holder, and one drink holder. More than 5,000 Amazon customers give this product a five-star rating overall and a 4.9 star rating for “value for money”.


This Fabric Coupon Organizer That Fits Onto Your Shopping Cart Handle

You have all the grocery saving hacks down, so keep all your coupons organized with this fabric bag complete with dividers and labels. Plus, it's built for carrying because the super convenient strap is designed to fit on your shopping cart handle.


A Wooden Mug Tree That Holds & Displays Your Favorite Cups

This six-cup mug tree is made of wood that’ll likely match your kitchen (regardless of the decor), an it has a protective, nonslip bottom to help it stay in place on your countertop. Plus, one reviewer raved, “It is classic, sturdy, and literally took 15 seconds to assemble. The wood matches perfectly with my butcher block island.”


These Stainless Steel Clothes & Towel Hangers With A Zig-Zag Design

The tips of these stainless steel zig-zag hangers have transparent rubber covers to help stop your clothes and towels from slipping off. And thanks to that curved design, you’ll be able to secure multiple pairs of clothes at once. One reviewer raved, “I love using this for my pants and jeans. Super easy access and keeps everything wrinkle-free!”


A Long Cord Organizer That Clamps & Locks Around 11 Cables

These adhesive cord organizers clamp around 11 cables each and lock into place (which is super helpful for the side of a table). They come in gray, white, or black — and to free your cords, just press the button on the side and it’ll pop open.


A Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder With Space For Your Toothpaste

The design of this waterproof, wall-mounted toothbrush holder lets everything dry by air — including the colorful, BPA-free rinse cups (and your toothbrushes underneath those cups). There are two extra storage spots on top, and you can choose from two-cup or three-cup options.


An Adjustable Organizer For All Of Those Round & Square Meal Prep Lids

This adjustable organizer has a handle so you can pull it out and pick all of your lids for your weekly meal prep (or even that leftover takeout). The compartments are adjustable to fit various different lid sizes, and there are four sizes to choose from. Plus, the unit has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.


These Undergarment Organizers With 2 Layout Options

These undergarment organizers come with 16 or 24 sections (you can even buy a pack of both), but every option has breathable mesh dividers. They each feature a simple pop-and-zip-up assembly, and the seven color options even come in an adorable pastel pink or bright blue.


This Set Of Under-Bed Organizers For Your Shoes & Boots

Slide these shoe and boot organizers to make the space under your bed a convenient spot to store your footwear. This set comes with one organizer for shoes and one for taller boots — or you can opt for two identical shoe organizers. Choose from black or beige versions.


A Wood Entryway Organizer With So Many Hook & Hanging Options

This wood entryway organizer has a bar to hang your sunglasses, a shelf for mail, tons of metal hooks for bags or jackets, and so much more. It comes in five colors, including styles with two separate shelves. Plus, this rustic-style organizer can even fit a few small plants.


These Transparent Toiletry Jars With Labels You Can Customize

These 10-ounce plastic jars also come in three- and two-packs — but four of them are only $10, so why not? They come with labels for bathroom essentials (think cotton balls), or blank labels if you're using them somewhere else in your home.


A Set Of Magnetic Shelves For Extra Storage On Your Fridge Or Washing Machine

This two-pack of sleek magnetic shelves comes in black, white, gray, or even red to add a little color to the room. They can stick to different appliances like your fridge (for spices), or even your washing machine to hold detergent. Thanks to the hooks, you can also dry cleaning towels on them.


This Colorful Stainless Steel Utensil Holder With Plenty Of Space

There’s plenty of space to de-clutter your drawers with this extra-large stainless steel utensil holder. It comes in nine colors, and it’s complete with a weighted and nonslip base that spins 360 degrees. Plus, the utensil divider is removable if you need even more space.


A Water-Resistant Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Easily Slides & Expands

This utensil drawer organizer’s 100% bamboo construction is water resistant in case you don’t feel like drying cooking utensils before you put them away. It slides easily to expand — and one reviewer raved, “It is very, very smooth and fits my drawer perfectly. I have lived with the plastic ones for years - and I mean years - and this one is a joy to open the drawer.”


A Nostalgic & Retro Caboodle That’s Perfect For On-The-Go Organization

This nostalgic Caboodle carrying case is so on-trend with its retro style and 12 colorful options, all with a marble-like pattern. It’s complete with a mirror, a pop-up tray, and a secure latch with a geometric accent on the front. Plus, the bottom is roomy and the entire case has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This Under-Bed Storage Drawer That Doesn’t Look Flimsy Or Temporary

Replace your flimsy plastic under-the-bed storage with this wooden drawer. It’s made of solid wood and has wheels on the bottom to slide under your bed. Plus, it’s designed with a little handle cutout for easy access. You can even grab two, and they’ll fit side by side — perfect for extra bedsheets.


A Clear Snap-Lid Organizer To See All Of Your Tiny Items

This clear snap-lid organizer comes in 11 sizes and so many grid options, but don’t worry — all of the dividers are removable to customize your storage. These cleanable plastic boxes come with 112 labels, and one reviewer raved, “I love that it’s clear and that you can lock it tight. It’s also not too bulky.”


A Vertical Tree-Shaped Bookshelf For More Room On Your Desk

In my opinion, this vertical tree-shaped bookshelf honestly looks way nicer than a line of books and bookends. It also gives you more desktop room, or you can pop it on your entryway table and still have room for your keys. It comes in three wood tones along with a five- or nine-shelf option, and it even has an add-on that helps prevent it from tipping.


This Convenient Organizer For All Your Spare Batteries

Tired of all those spare batteries cluttering up your drawers? This compact organizer is perfect for wrangling them into a neat package. There are compartments for up to 93 batteries in a range of household sizes, including flat to AAA to C batteries. As a bonus, the organizer comes with a battery tester so you know which ones still have juice left.


A 6-Pack Of Fabric Storage Cubes That’s “An Absolute Winner”

You can use this six-pack of fabric cubes as drawers in certain furniture or on their own all around the house. They also fold up flat when empty — and one reviewer raved, “It’s very versatile, which I like, and the best part is that it’s cheap. But it doesn’t feel cheap. Or act cheap. That mix of low price, stylish, and durability makes this an absolute winner.”


A Unique Hanging Bag Organizer That Also Works For Folded Towels

You can hang your bags — even the larger ones — instead of cramming them into a storage box, thanks to this super unique hanging purse organizer. It has eight vinyl pockets to see which purse is which, and you can even use it to store folded towels.


A Set Of Bendable Office Accessory Cups For Your Computer

These three office accessory cups stick onto your computer, filling the space between your monitor and desk with places to keep pens, pencils, paper clips, and more. One reviewer raved, “They stick well, hold between 4-6 pens depending on the type you put in there.” Plus, one pack comes with three holders.


A 3-Tier Spinning Organizer For Your Makeup & Beauty Products

This spinning acrylic organizer is stain-resistant, and it’s complete with a vintage-looking crystal pattern. The three tiers and all of the compartments are adjustable for storing containers of different sizes — and one reviewer raved, “It looks very organized, and the design gives off such a beautiful glass look.”

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